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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, I got my K-1 medical done in April, moved here in May and filed the I-485 in August. My interview is next month and I have a question about the validity of my medical exam. My understanding is that I just need to take the DS-3025, which I also mailed in with the application. The DS-3025 has the box checked “K1 Vis Applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements” - however I didn’t get the flu shot because it was April not available in the UK. I also didn’t get another Td shot because I had just had one prior. Question is, do I need to update this DS-3025 into a I-693 and get a flu shot and another tetanus shot now it’s flu season and have a civil surgeon update this, or not? Thanks!
  2. I will schedule a medical exam for my GC interview that’s coming soon and have insurance. Is it okay to use it to cover the cost of the medical? Somebody told me it’s illegal to do so and need to pay it myself (not to bill the insurance company) but that doesn’t make much sense to me if I am covered. Would appreciate any experience you share.
  3. Hello all, I had my overseas medical examination in my country (Malaysia) last August 2019. I rejected all vaccinations when filing for K1 Visa due to pregnancy. I arrived in USA on Sept 2019, and currently filing for Adjustment of Status. Do I still have to go through another medical examination with civil surgeon in USA? I can't have any vaccinations done until I am due in February 2020. What should I do with my I-693? Do i still file it? It says on the website that you don't have to file another medical examination for K1 applicant since a medical examination was already done overseas. Thank you in advanced!
  4. Hi, and thank you in advance. I submitted my i485 adjustment of status on March 25 2019 without form i693. I only received a courtesy letter from USCIS, and no RFE about my i693. On July 17 2019 i decided to get my i693 done. My interview has now been scheduled on October 2019. I will bring my medical result in the interview. Is my i693 still valid for my interview date? I was just confused with the updated validity date. Because it says its only valid for 60 days after the civil surgeon's signature?
  5. Hi, and thank you in advance. I submitted my i485 adjustment of status on March 25 2019 without form i693. I only received a courtesy letter from USCIS, and no RFE about my i693. On July 17 2019 i decided to get my i693 done. My interview has now been scheduled on October 2019. I will bring my medical result in the interview. Is my i693 still valid for my interview date? I was just confused with the updated validity date. Because it says its only valid for 60 days after the civil surgeon's signature?
  6. A general tip for people AOSing. Check the processing times for your field office before getting the medical exam (I693) done. NYC is at 12-19 months for family-based AOS and 9-21.5 months for employment-based. I've had several clients get an RFE and have to pay for another exam because their first expired. The rule is that the exam must have been received by USCIS within one year of adjudication of the case. When received, the exam can't be older than a year old. Policy Alert - Validity of I-693 You can always get the exam done at a later date and submit at the interview, reducing the chances you'll have to spend double on those not so cheap exams.
  7. My husband is doing an AOS via a K1 visa. I've read through the forums and can't seem to find this exact answer, so please forgive me if this is a repeat question. He has an appointment Wednesday with an approved civil surgeon to transcribe his vaccination record onto the I-693 form an administer any missing vaccinations. He had his medical exam in London in March and deferred getting his missing vaccinations until he entered the United States. It took me a lot of calls to get to an approved civil surgeon that would transcribe the vaccinations (+ give missing ones) without making him do another full medical exam. He does not need one since his medical exam was only done a few months ago and it is valid if done within a year, so I've read. My question is: Since it was technically flu season when he got his medical done in London (and he elected to NOT get a flu shot at that time), what do we do? I called around to a bunch of additional doctor's offices and no one has flu vaccines since they it's not in season now that we're getting to filing the AOS paperwork. Will he get an RFE for this? How can we avoid it? I'm trying to sort it out before his appointment Wednesday so we know what to ask of the civil surgeon. Thanks!
  8. We are applying for my husband's adjustment of status from a K-1 visa. He immigrated on the K-1 in late April 2019 from the United Kingdom. He got the pre-K1 interview medical exam in London and was missing 2 required vaccinations (flu shot and tetanus shot). Everything else about his medical was clean/approved. He booked in to the NHS doctor a few days later and got the tetanus shot, but he could not get the flu shot at the same appointment for administrative reasons. What is our best approach for getting the necessary paperwork for the I-693? Do we need to submit the DS-3025 that shows everything he has that's in good standing + having a civil surgeon administer the flu shot + review the confirmation paperwork for the tetanus shot given by the NHS doctor? Any advice appreciated. Let me know if I left out any information that would be useful.
  9. Hello, I was reviewing my AOS packet and while giving a second read to the I-693 instructions something caught my attention. I did my medical in March 2018 and I received a completed Form DS-3025 to include in the application. My vaccinations record show that I only have one MMR shot, which I received one year after my birth. I never received other MMR shots. On the day of the medical back in Italy, the Panel Physician determined that I did not need a second one. However, the blanket waiver section on DS-3025 was left blank. I read experiences from other applicants getting an RFE for missing vaccinations - would that be my case as well? I also have with me the results of immunoglobulin blood tests for measles, mumps, and rubella that I took in Italy during my yearly checkup. They show that my immunity levels are high, but I now understand that any test or result from foreign countries will not be valid. What are my next steps? Do I really have to contact a civil surgeon and have the medical exam again? Is it possible to visit a civil surgeon only to have a second shot and avoid to do the same medical ($$$) test I did 3 months ago? Thanks
  10. We recently received our AOS interview notice in the mail, so we have recently began getting everything together for our interview, which will occur in a little under a month. While getting everything together, we have found ourselves uncertain on a few of the items that are requested. The biggest source of confusion, that I have yet to find a concise answer to looking through the VJ forums, is whether we should have another medical examination done for my wife (I-693) prior to the interview? My wife was a K-1 holder, prior to marrying me and applying for AOS a little over a year ago. When we submitted the AOS package, we included a copy of her DS-3025 from the medical interview she had overseas, which had the "US vaccination requirements complete (requesting blanket waiver)" boxed checked. We did not submit an I-693 at the time we submitted the AOS package, because we were under the impression that if you filed for AOS within 1 year of having your overseas medical complete with all US vaccination requirements as a K-1 holder, it was not necessary to file an I-693. I have never seen any documentation from USCIS stating that you still have to provide an I-693 at a later time online (if you file AOS under this status) or received an RFE related to that matter up to this point. Some people are claiming that the overseas medical is only valid for a year, but I have yet to find anything pointing to that being true. Ultimately, we are trying to understand whether individuals that were previously K-1 holders adjusting status need to bring an I-693 to the interview or if the original DS-3025 from the overseas medical will be adequate for the IO? Fortunately, we still have a little time, so I can call to get an I-693 exam scheduled tomorrow if it really is necessary to avoid any RFE delays post-interview. Here are all of her important date's: Overseas Medical Exam: 10/27/2017 Enter on K-1 (Pass Documents at POE): 01/12/2018 I-485 Receipt Notice: 04/03/2018 (DS-3025 submitted with package) I-485 Interview Notice: 04/10/2019 I-485 Interview Date: 05/15/2019 The second question we have is related to whether USCIS would want a new affidavit of support, despite us having submitted one with the original I-485 package. Interview notice says "unless previously submitted," but I'm worried if the IO will feel that a new affidavit of support is needed to reflect the 2018 tax year and the increase in my annual income. I am still working in the same job, but have received a raise between when I filed the affidavit of support and when we will be going to the interview. We have filed our taxes for the last year (wife has not started working since entering the U.S.), so it is only me providing for our household, but it is still new information that could be included in the affidavit of support potentially. I am considering either redoing the affidavit of support, or just bringing a new employer letter reflecting my new salary and status as well as about 8 pay stubs. We were planning on bringing our tax return from last year anyway, since we filed jointly, as evidence of our relationship as well. If I go with the 2nd option, I'd of course still bringing a copy of the original affidavit of support I submitted, but I wanted to see if the community may have some insight on whether it's worth updating the affidavit of support prior to the interview as well. Thanks for the insight. I don't where we'd be without the community at VJ.
  11. Hi there, I'm prepping my AoS package, going from an F1 status. I have my DS-3025 filled out and stamped by the Dept. of Health where I live so now I need to complete the I-693 form and the doctor's office told me that I should wait on this form, and do it when I get an interview date. Should I do that or should I just get it done now? I will be submitting my package by the end of this month, March so it's within the 60 day period mentioned by USCIS (The updated policy, which goes into effect on Nov. 1, 2018, will require applicants to submit a Form I-693 that is signed by a civil surgeon no more than 60 days before filing the underlying application for an immigration benefit. The Form I-693 would remain valid for a two-year period following the date the civil surgeon signed it.) I would love to know when you submitted yours?
  12. Hi all, I am trying to submit my i485 and need a public surgeon to sign off on my exams that were done on my home country in September of this year. Now, when I called the clinic I found on the USCIS website they told me I would have to do all the exams again and that just doesn't sound right to me. It was my understanding that I would have to just take my records so the doctor verifies them. Is that correct? Do I actually have to remake ally exams again?
  13. I was wondering what will happen if you don't have your I693 ready before the AOS interview. Let's say you have sent in all other required documents and the only thing left required to send is I693. My lawyer told me I don't need to send it as long as you can take it with you on the interview date. What will happen if my doctor cannot give me the I693 on time because he is on a long vacation or something and the interview date arrives first... Does this mean an instant denial without having any choice? Or will the interview still take place and you will be asked to send the I693 immediately once ready, until which you cannot get the result of the interview?
  14. I am trying to AOS from F1 through marriage to a US citizen. We have our interview scheduled in about a month, and I am looking for a good civil surgeon near me. Now, I called this civil surgeon and she sent me a list of vaccines and checkups I need to take for immigration purposes, and the total cost is about $1100. Did everyone really have to pay this much? I am already pretty broke from the application fees and lawyer fee,,, and I didn't expect I-693 would cost this much!! Did anyone know a better way to do this, to make it as cheap as possible? This pricing assumes that I have no vaccination history and have to take ALL required vaccinations. How much did yours cost for a total? Some rough breakdown of the charge was below: Adult Exam (15+ years, includes Physical, Blood work and Urine collection/testing, TB Skin test) = $270 Vaccines: 1) MMR Vaccine = $90 2) MMR Titer = $180 3) Varicella Vaccine = $180 4) Varicella titer = $120 5) The flu Shot $40 (during Oct1 - Mar31) 6) Chest X-ray = $60 7) TDAP = $100 8 ) Hepatitis B Injection = $100 9) T Spot TB Test = $180 I feel like I am overcharged... Everyone seems to have paid only $300-500 range.
  15. How long is I-693 form (filled by a doctor/civil surgeon in a sealed envelop) valid? I am on F1 working under OPT, and I got married to a US citizen more than a year ago. We have applied for AOS through a lawyer, and he submitted all documents except for I-693, saying I can just get the medical check done by the time of the AOS interview. A few days ago, we got a courtesy letter from USCIS saying I-693 is missing, and we need to bring it with us to the interview. I have not completed the medical checkup because I wasn't sure how soon the interview will take place. We have not even received an interview date notice. But I am thinking receiving this letter from USCIS means I might have the interview coming up soon? and I want to get done with the medical test and have the I-693 ready. HOWEVER, I am also worried that if I get the I-693 completed, and have it ready now, and say I won't get the interview date for half a year from now. Does that make my I-693 invalid? How long is it valid? I don't wanna do it too soon if it has expiration.
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