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Found 10 results

  1. I received the I-797C Rejection Notices with all I-30/I-30A and I-485 supporting docs/money orders on both i-797C it stated that "The payment amount is incorrect, or has not been provided." I sent the money orders I-485 1,140$ as I had done my biometrics with DACA in the passed I did NOT send the 85$. I-30/I-30A 535$ The fees seem to be correct, unless I have to re-do the biometrics, any advice? I read online that if you once had biometrics done there was no need to re-do them, might be wrong, but it doesnt hurt to ask.😩 Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I want to share my timeline for my J1 waiver process under No objection statement Timeline: May 11 ---- All documents sent May 20 ---- Package was delivered May 24 ---- J1 Waiver cashed the cashier check for the process fee May 27 ---- No Objection letter sent from Mexico's consulate June 20 --- E-maill from J1- Waiver "THERE IS NO RECORD OF HAVING RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION" July 12 ---- No status on webpage July 13 ---- J1 Waiver respond "PLEASE REDO OR RESEND APPLICATION PACKAGE. REMEMBER TO CANCEL CHECK FROM THE FIRST PACKAGE AND SEND A NEW PAYMENT FOR THE PROCESSING FEE" July 14 ---- Resent package July 15 ---- Package was delivered July 19 ---J1 Waiver visa specialist sent an e-mail: "WE HAVE NOT LOCATED YOUR WAIVER PACKAGE AS OF YET. YOUR PACKAGE MUST FIRST GO THROUGH PROCESSING AT THE WAVIER DEPARTMENT IN ST. LOUIS, BEFORE BEING SENT TO WASHINGTON, DC. FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE PROCESS. ONCE IN WASHINGTON, DC, THE INFORMATION WILL BE ENTER ONTO THE SYSTEM SO YOU CAN CHECK THE STATUS. . PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY CHECK YOUR CASE STATUS ONLINE BY VISITING WRD’S WEBSITE AT " July 25 --- Web page update Fee Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-3035 Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-2019 Received July 25, 2016 Statement Of Reason Received July 25, 2016 No Objection Statement Received July 25, 2016 Passport Data Page Received July 25, 2016 September 9 --- Web status: Favorable Recommendation September 19 --- Form I-797C Received. Form I-612 is filed and waiting for approval Current status --- Waiting for I-612
  3. So we sent off our i129f, and got back our entire packet (original docs, intent forms, travel docs, everything etc.) with the notice that we must resubmit our forms with the correct fee. I sent in 540$, just in case anything went wrong with the payment. “I don’t know, extra money couldn’t hurt” was what was going through my mind, but it seems they want EXACTLY $535. It says in the notice to send the correct fee, everything else seems to be perfectly fine with the forms thankfully, except they wrote on the bottom of every single document of what I sent in, even our supporting documentation. My question: Am I supposed to redo this entire i129f, with original signatures (i.e., signatures from my fiancé across the world for the letter of intent), or just redo and resubmit the i129f forms since they wrote on them with the correct payment? Thank you for reading this far if you did! I’m so sorry, could never be too safe. Thank you again everyone.
  4. Linda Tadir


    I've successfully submitted applications for 3 grandchildren in the past- all of whom are now USA citizens. # 4 was rejected ..see the picture of the rejection notice removed by VJ Moderation. I can't find anything wrong with the current paperwork. It is all the same type of documents and info as my previous 3 grandchildren. There is no email contact for USCIS that I can find and no option to leave a question on their website. Hoping to find someone who knows of a way to contact USCIS before I resubmit the whole package (with $1,170!) and start all over again so that I can understand the SPECIFIC reason for the rejection not just the line that they wrote "information about your Eligibility" which is very vague. THANKS in advance
  5. My husband is an LPR and he filed i-130 for me. FILING DATE: January 18, 2018 PRIORITY DATE: January 19, 2018 I-797c RECEIPT (NOA1): January 23, 2018 I am quite worried since we haven’t gotten the approval notice (NOA2) yet and the priority date for July 2018 for my country is already 01-Dec-2017. My question is, if my priority date is current but the i-130 is not yet approved. Can concurrent Filing be an option for us? Please advise. Thank you! https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/concurrent-filing-form-i-485
  6. Hi Friends, We filed for my ROC in August 2017. I received a letter I-797c from USCIS yesterday stating that USCIS does not requires my Bio-metric and will be using my existing Bio-metric for back ground check, which were taken during Adjustment of status Bio-metric appointment. Also the letter has my case number on it. I have few question and It would be really nice if I can get answers to them. 1. As per USCIS letter I do not need to do anything at this time. So should really just relax and not do any thing or am I required to send some paper work. 2. Does letter means that someone is looking into my file now? 3. As I mentioned I sent my ROC last year August 2017 but when I check the case status online with the case number provided on letter, it shows Following content. " Case Was Received At My Local Office On March 4, 2018, we received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Receipt Number WACXXXXXXXXXX, at your local office. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address." I was wondering why is there this date difference. I received my NOA1 from USCIS for receiving my Petition Letter in September 2017 itself. Do I need to call them or get an attorney help. 4. Also Does "Case was received at my local office" mean that it is in San Jose now as I reside in San Jose with my wife? 5. Does it means that I would be going for the interview for sure(I don't have any problem with interview)? Your replies would be highly appreciated.
  7. Hello guys. I recently filed all the forms for GC the beginning of the month. 2 weeks later, I have received 3 emails and texts with 3 different receipt numbers from USCIS. One is about accepting I-130 and the check is cashed out by the government. One is about accepting I-131, and the last one is about accepting the fingerprint fee for I-485. however the check for I-485 isn't cashed out. However I haven't received any letters in mail for these 3 documents. A few days later, I have received I-797C / notice of action, a rejection notice about I-765/ Employment Authorization due to incorrect payment amount or unprovided payment. I am confused here, Because I thought if you file I-765 with I-485, the fee for I-765 will be free. I also sent the check $1225 for I-485 correctly. please help me. what is the problem here. why they didn't cash out the check for I-485 but the email said they received the fingerprint fee for it. Also what should I do for next step to fix this problem. Thank you
  8. Hi All, I just received my stepson's I-797-C (it took a year). We moved back in July from AZ to IL and I updated my address on the USCIS website with the new information. Apparently it was ignored because the I-797C was sent to the old address and then forwarded to my current address. However, the Interview is scheduled back in AZ. I just tried calling USCIS but looks like their day is over so I will have to attempt tomorrow. Any idea 1.) if they will reschedule here in Chicago and 2.) how long of a delay would it add? Thanks, Charles
  9. Hi We sent our AOS, AP & EAD (k1 and k2) on 10th feb and they received on 13 th feb. But on 27th Feb uscis sent all our aos forms and documents sent back with this is "rejection notice" of my k2 son. I signed in the "signature of person preparing form, if other than above" instead of "signature of applicant" thinking I am the preparer . But I dont understand what is priority date as it is mentioned in this form i-797c -"based on the information you provided, your priority date couldnt be established" i dont understand what does it mean. And also there is mentioned so many forms. i.e. i-130, i-140, i-360, i-526 in his i-797c .it made me even more confused. Do anyone know here which form should we send for the AOS of k2? I sent was i-485, i-131 , i-765 and his biometric. Plz help. Thankx
  10. Hi. I had some quick questions about a rejection notice. It was rejected for incorrect fees, but on the I-485 I have the correct amount on the check for 1225. Was it rejected because I did not have the entire "Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services," or maybe that I didn't have "and biometric services" along with what the check is for? Also, can I resend the same package that I was sent back from USCIS? They reorganized and stapled things together. Is it okay to resend the forms like that or would I have to reprint everything from scratch? Thank you so much! Jeff and Argelia Broadbelt