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  1. Hello, Anyone had their I-751 transferred to National Benefits Center in Lee Summit, MO without filing N-400? The letter says the case was transferred for a standard processing. No RFE or interview mentioned. Can anyone tell me what to expect?! Totally losing sleep here. 😢
  2. We will be mailing our ROC package next Monday, March 5th; been eligible since Feb 5th, I was waiting for our tax return which I got today. Happy 2018 to all and best of luck to us on our journey. **** I did not see a March 2018 thread, if there's one please merge ***** Please copy and complete the latest version of this table. VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— Vermont Service Center (1 applicants, 0 approved - 0%) VJName I-751 Date (submission) NOA 1 Date NOA 1 Received Biometrics Interview Approved Notes —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/— —/—/—
  3. Let's do it. Working on my documents to send out mid Jan 2018. Happy ROC!!!
  4. I didn't see a August 2018 I-751 topic so I thought I'd start one. Preparing to send mine in less than a week! It might be quite a number of pages... Anyone else filing in August 2018 and is getting their packet ready?
  5. Hi everyone. Just wanted to start this thread for all of us filling for ROC in May 2019. Welcome to the group!!!
  6. Hello fellow ROC filers, Just spent the whole day prepping our docs...ROC ready to go in the mail on April 1st! Thread is started for April 2019 ROC filers. Let the waiting begin!
  7. Hi guys, I have very strange N-400 and I-751 case status on USCIS.gov site. I filed my I-751 in December 2017 and filed my N-400 in December 2018. Last Saturday I went for my N-400 Interview/test, I passed the test, and they approved my N-400 application on next Monday. The status for my N-400 changed to below, Now, what interesting is that the status of my I-751 changed twice after my N-400 has been approved. First, it changed to "New card is being produced" (which is weird, why would they produce my green card while my N-400 has already been approved?). Second, the status changed to "Case transferred and new office has jurisdiction". Why are they transfering my I-751 case while the new green card is being produced? Should I be worried? I'm so confused with their case status tracking. Thanks in advance for your answers, BKKDEN
  8. Hi can anyone please help me out, I got a question about Form G-1450 Do I have to submit two different G-1450 one for i-741 application ($595) and other for Bio-metric fee ($85). Or can I fill out a single one with a collective payment of $680? Thank you
  9. Let's use this Google-Sheet to share our timelines processed in Nebraska Service Center (LIN-xxxxxxx): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Buo_drIy4zaCFZUULdT_L9JrA6YZgrVtt7Cj6nUsvv0/edit?usp=sharing 👆👆👆
  10. Hi Everyone! Well, we are back! Now its time to file for Removal of Conditions for my wife's Green Card. It expires on October 30. Just sent the Packet out to the AZ office since we are in CA. Should arrive by Monday Aug. 3.
  11. My husband was denied entry on his plane last night by Air Canada in the Lima, Peru airport. He had his passport, expired green card, and his I-797 notice of action showing that his green card is extended a year and he is authorized for travel while we wait for the removal of conditions on his green card. He also had an ETA (electronic travel authorization), which as far as I can tell, is all that is needed for a US permanent resident to travel to/through Canada. His flight goes through Toronto before entering the US. He was told that the I-797 was not a valid travel document. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions about what we can do to get him home? All Air Canada agents on the phone are very unhelpful, and they no agents arrive in the airport until 10pm, so he wasn't able to speak with anyone this afternoon. We're looking at other airlines, but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for a new ticket when there's no valid reason he's being denied entry.
  12. Hi all, I know it's a week away from July, though due to some hold ups at my end, I won't be filing my I-751 ROC until the very beginning of July. My conditional Green Card expires at the beginning of August and I could have filed back in May. Well, had we not been away from home until mid June and dealing with all manner of other things (a fractured Achilles Tendon being one of them!) I would have been on the case quicker. I've already completed the I-751 PDF, so other than being signed and dated, that's ready to go. What is taking a while is getting all the evidence together. I did manage to put certain things to one side since the date that we were married in view of the ROC, though there is still much I feel I need to find. Reading the USCIS guidelines it seemed pretty simple and it didn't appear that a huge amount of evidence is required. Then I read through this ROC section of the forum and saw some of the packages people had sent - how much stuff were they sending?!!! Got me all nervous when I started looking at how little I appeared to have. However, I have been gathering various items and already the "pack" is thickening up. I will be glad to get the pack completed and sent so that everything is back in the system so to speak. Then it will be a waiting game again. Those memories of the K1 visa and Adjustment of Status come flooding back! Good luck to all July 2018 filers. May your journey be smooth and timely, and that you'll very soon have your conditions removed. Let the July 2018 games begin!
  13. We used an immigration attorney and spent a lot of money to get initial green card a few years ago. Now it's time to file form i-751 and we feel we can do it by ourselves and avoid this $2,000 attorney fee. Is this too risky? I know there is a lot at risk with this one. We have actually been collecting all the documents needed and working on the form /paperwork for a few months now off and on. We finally have everything ready to file but I am second guessing and wondering if we should pay the attorney after all to make sure it all looks good. Also, with all the lists I've seen for what to provide, none of these included marriage certificate, pictures, affidavit from 2 people who know you......(but i found one website that suggested you send these things). Is it better to send more than what they ask for? We already submitted a ton of pictures and our marriage certificate a few years ago when we filed for green card, so wasn't sure if it was necessary to submit those again. Any tips greatly appreciated, thank you
  14. Hello guys ! I have an important question. Although have seen similar questions from other forum but still confused with the different answers. My question is, can I travel outside US in December with my 18months extension letter and my expired GC or do I need to get my passport stamped at my local USCIS. Please, anyone with recent travel experience on this. I will appreciate any positive response.
  15. Hello, VJ community! Been a long time since I’ve been around. It’s almost my time to file for ROC. Actually I’m a little late in starting to gather everything but it’s been a busy summer. Anyways, I’m in a bit of a pickle trying to decide how to handle (lack of) evidence. Do I explain all of the issues below or do I just omit all that and submit what I do have? Lack of joint lease/utilities - ever since we got married 2 years ago, we have been living in employee provided housing with the exception of 6 months. We have a lease for those 6 months but even then, we weren’t paying utilities so no bills in both of our names. Lack of healthcare insurance - truly, we haven’t been able to comfortably spend that much money each month so far so we have gone without. We’re young adults still trying to figure things out. 🤷‍♀️ Lack of retirement accounts - we both have only worked service industry jobs so far hence no retirement accounts whatsoever. We both had different phone service providers at time of marriage (I was in the United States on a work visa) so we just kept them separate. We had a joint bank account for a while but since we don’t have any joint bills each month and I didn’t like that bank anymore (he was on my account) I closed it. He can add me to his current account but obviously that will be very recent. Husband’s DL still lists his address as his parents house as he never changed it when he moved to the city where we met and currently live. His DL didn’t expire yet so he hasn’t bothered to change it. And one last thing for the nice person still reading this - I lost my green card in May and got the stamp in my passport instead. I know that’s a lot of information and a lot of explaining to do. I’m not sure if it would be beneficial bringing up all of that myself. I can provide evidence such: tax documents showing we filed jointly lease for 6 months from last winter w2s from same company note from company stating we have lived together on their property joint car insurance trip he took to my home country trip we took to Vegas with friends wedding we were invited to together plenty of photos affidavits from mutual friends
  16. Couple of weeks ago, my wife's application form i-751 got rejected because we sent it early before the 90 day period. Attached was letter from USCIS to re-submitted the application and related documents. When we received the application and documents back on the bottom of each paper it had a time stamp on it. Wanted to know when i re-submit the form again and fill out a new form, can i re-send it with the previous documents that got returned to me with the time stamp or need to re-make copies of all the documents again?
  17. Hello buddies I wanted to create this topic on I-751 (petition to remove condition on residence) for New York filer. A lots of people getting MSC receipt number which is believed to end up with an interview in the local office, but there’s no specific processing time for New York field office, please feel free share your processing experience here
  18. The past few weeks been so eventful. I posted before below about my marriage and the struggles we been going through. After attempting counseling twice, my wife declared that she don't want to be married anymore, and that she loves me so much, and she doesn't mind us working on our relationship in the future, but she just don't want to be married to anyone, period. She want to be independent, and the marriage counseling ended up revealing a lot about her feelings. We love each others, but in different ways at this point. The decision of divorce been so hard that the past 6 months we talked and re-talked about it like 20 times. At this point, it is 100% clear that divorce is happening no matter what I do. I need to file I-751 within the next 10 weeks, and divorce once filed, will take 2.5 to 4 months to finalize. Despite our great relationship, I am not comfortable with filing together as we are clearly getting divorced (despite it being a legal option), so I am taking my chances here. we just need to sort of some joint finances before we file, and hopefully I will have the decree within 3 months of sending the forms Now, I don't want to give up on my wife even after the divorce, and I want to keep trying to fix our relationship, maybe starting over down the road; however, I am scared that will look bad for USCIS? I understand that people usually don't get divorced to date each others again, but I don't want to give up on the love of my life, and I want to keep trying to win her back even after the divorce as she is open for us trying to fix our relationship outside the marriage. I honestly not sure what to do at this point. Outside being married couple, we are best friends, and I don't want to give all up and pretend we never happened, but I also understand that is not traditional to keep talking to your ex wife and be close after divorce? I thought divorce is easy, but it turned out to be more complicated than our marriage... Our divorce is not due to lack of commitment, or lack of love, or communication. It just we can never live together, and we can't live without each others. We can't deal with our strong differences, but we can't stop being together. I'd appreciate any advice really
  19. Hi everyone, been a while since i visited the site but our 90 day window to file the I-751 for my wife has opened and we are trying to prepare all of our evidence. I had some questions that I would be really grateful if someone could help me with! 1. Currently we have leases from the first place we moved into together about 8 months after she had arrived in the US, since we lived in a place that I was already on a lease on until that time and the rental company didn't require us to get a new lease when she moved in. We also have bank statements, but they are not detailed and mostly just show that we have joint accounts together. My wife could not open her own bank account until about 9 months after arrival so the earliest date on the banking documents we have is around that time. We also have pictures from trips we've taken together, and a summary of our tax returns from an accountant for the last 3 years showing that we have filed jointly since 2017, she arrived in December of 2016. Is this enough evidence, or should we be getting more detailed bank statements, more official tax return documentation, or something from the place we lived together for the first 8 months? 2. Should we include the full tax returns for the last 2 years, or is just the summary page from our accountant enough? Are the W2s also helpful even if they each show our individual information? 3. I also saw on the USCIS I-751 page something saying not to submit the checklist of evidence with the initial filing, but they do want us to send the form and the evidence all at once right? 4. I did not see anywhere on the USCIS I-751 page about a cover letter, but I have read here in a few places that it is required. No problem to do that but was looking to clarify. If anyone can help us out with these questions that would be amazing!
  20. Hi all, looking for some help... I just received notice that my I-751 has been deemed abandoned because I did not reply to a request for evidence that I did not receive. I filed my I-751 in May 2018 and received and extension until November 2019. In January my Green Card was stolen (along with my Canadian Passport) and I went through the process of getting a I-551 in February 2019. When I got the I-551 the agent told me everything was really backed up and extended my status until February 2020. I have also been following along with the I-751 timeline posted on VisaJourney website which showed me that my wait didn't seem out of the ordinary. I was shocked to see my I-751 was denied. My wife and I are indeed married and in good faith. We live together, share bank accounts and car leases, all of which I provided as evidence in my removal of conditions application. I now work as a teacher and coach but may loose out on my job because we didn't receive one mailed notice?!?! This seems surreal. Any advice on my situation would be greatly appreciated, we are trying to figure out how to fill I-290b (do we appeal the decision or motion to reconsider?) and are seeking out an immigration lawyer. Thank you in advance!
  21. Hello, everyone. My attorney from Holly Cross Ministries filed I-751 under VAWA for me in August 2017. Case has been received on September 15 of 2017. Since that time I gave my fingerprints around February of 2018. Then no updates from USCIS up until early March of 2019 - Request for evidence, where they said, that according to evidences I provided, I don't qualify neither for my bona fide marriage approval, nor for being emotionally abused. I gathered a lot more additional documents and witness letters and sent it over. My main issue was: because of controlling behavior of my ex-spouse, he intentionally didn't want to have my name on official papers(no bank accounts in both names, no utility bills), only on filed Tax return for the year 2015 (that USCIS thought wasn't enough). USCIS received my additional documents on May 6 of 2019 and till now I haven't heard from them yet. I understand that I need to wait. From arriving to the US in 2015 until March 2019 I lived in Salt Lake City. Since March of 2019 I am in school in New Jersey. My extension is soon to be expired (in February of 2020). If I don't hear from USCIS till then, I need my passport stamped to extend my legal documents. For that I need to go to local field office. Now, being in school in NJ it will be very expensive and I'll have to miss several days of school (which better not to do) in order to go to Salt Lake City field office, because now they give Info Pass appointment by request of a phone call and schedule for the following week. My question is: will it hurt my case if I change my address to NJ to stamp my passport locally. If not, how it should be done better (I suspect by mail only), as VAWA cases are isolated from all other USCIS departments. My second question: if anyone here had similar to mine time lines on similar to my case, where any of them recently approved? Just want to have a general idea. Third question. Does anyone have a story of trying to enforce I-864? Thank you in advance.
  22. Hi there, I really appreciate the knowledge I've gotten on this forum. Thank you all. I was looking for a lawyer to file our up-coming i-751 Removal of Conditions form. We could probably do it ourselves, but just don't want to mess anything up. Found a lawyer on Avvo because of a comment he wrote a couple of years back that "he has never in 20 years seen an i-751 client of his have an interview request" . . . I then called his office and the receptionist there told me that ALL I-751 applicants since 2017 now have mandatory interviews -- ever since Trump got in power. According to her, waiving the interview is a thing of the past and we can be 100% sure we'll have one too. Is this your experience too? My wife and I have a completely legit marriage with tons of paperwork and documents to back it up, so either way I'm sure we'll be fine. But I would rather have avoided the interview. After all we already did one 2 years ago and it was stressful. Would truly appreciate your feedback!
  23. I was responsible for managing the bills and my spouse used to transfer me money during the month for our expenses (That is basically why we opened a joint account). Sometimes when she transfer money, she would write me a note. Those notes could be sometime a little inappropriate. We both had dirty sense of humor, we never really assumed anyone will take a look at the statements, so I am wondering is it okay to just conceal those notes with the sharpie like the president? I will not touch the amount or the transaction info tho. Also, I am not keen that the USCIS IO keen of Zelle and such money transfer, do I need to explain to them how Zelle works? I can ask my soon to be ex wife for a bank statement to prove that she is the one transferred the money; other than that, the statement usually shows her first and last name, bank name and #, and amount
  24. About a month before my CGC approved (Two months after Interview), my wife and I had some problems due to our strong personalities, and we did split for about 1.5 months (We didn't get separated or anything), it is just my wife went back to school out of the state and we were talking everyday, it is just we were not sure about our future. During her 5 months enrollment, we were able to amend our relationship, but never discussed our problems. After her graduation, she received a great job opportunity (her dream job), and we therefore decided to have two apartments and do long distance since our marriage never better while my wife come back home every 5-6 weeks for a week. Distance just helped us sweep all our problem under the rug, and it worked for a year, up until early this year where we had a serious conversations about our future. Our first conversation ended up with talking divorce, but since we love each others, and we are more or less like best friends and soulmates, before lovers, we decided to start marriage counseling first, and I pledged to make some changes to make sure our marriage work. As a result, we are now on our way to make a move to my wife's work state, so she can keep her job, and at this point, I'll be working remotely from home to support her fulfill her dreams. We plan to make the move in the next two months since we have to make some arrangements first. Now, I am wondering what is the best way to address our situation in the cover letter? I know it doesn't look good, but it is what it is, we lived apart most of time after CGC was approved due to school then employment. Marriage is REALLY hard in early 20s and I think we struggled a lot to adjust to each others, and that is why distance helped us to keep our marriage going until we had to admit that we need a professional help, which I know is is not ideal for USCIS As far as evidence goes: We have 3 joints leases (but were living apart most of them) 2 Joint State and Federal Taxes W/ W2s at the same address Bills with both names ID with same address Multiple Credit Cards since engagement Joint checking and savings since engagement (They are active, but we are so financially independent so we use checking account for my wife to transfer money to me to pay the credit card and insurance bills) Multiple trips w/ photos Healthcare, dental, life, vision, and 401k with my wife as beneficiary Joint Brokerage Phone records for daily interaction past 18 months Receipts for gifts we sent each others for anniversary Recent flight boarding passes to see my wife I am honestly so stressed out, and I have a bad feelings about the whole process since I am so skeptical and cynical by nature. 2019 wasn't really nice between the martial problems to the immigration process now, and I am starting to lose my mind, and I am not sure if the evidence are enough, and I am pretty that living apart for year and half will raise FLAGS
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