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Found 19 results

  1. Hi! I filed for AOS (based on a K1) in November and tonight my status changed to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" which is very exciting! So now I'll make sure I have everything for my interview. My question is: do I need to bring a DS-3025 to my interview? I didn't receive a copy when I did my medical. It was just put in my sealed envelope and sent to USCIS. I haven't gotten an RFIe regarding my medical, which should mean that they have my medical documents.
  2. Hi, guys! Thank you for sharing your experiences. It's very helpful. I have a couple of questions. I got to the states on a k1. The doctor seemed to mess up my i-693 ( I didn't notice at the time ) because the one she handed to me is only one page and some parts of it are missing. We know there is another one in the packet but we are not supposed to open it but when I got to the states, the immigration officer didn't open out my packet or anything. 1) Can the fact that the officer didn't open up my packet bring me problems for AOS? 2) If not, should I open the packet and take the i-693? 3) If so, what should I do?
  3. Hello there, We got married within our 90 days but have not yet filed for Adjustment (now a month past the 90 day period). We’ve been compiling paperwork and evidence etc but I was told when I did the medical in London that I should get a tetanus booster shot and noticed on a lot of the information websites for AoS that you should just go ahead and get a new medical exam anyway, especially since a civil surgeon should complete your I-693 for you. My concern is whether I need medical insurance to visit a civil surgeon for this and the tetanus jab? I have travel insurance that lasts until April but I feel like maybe I should have proper American medical insurance? Can anyone advise? Thank you so much in advance
  4. Hi all, I wanted to start a thread with general questions about my AOS process and to learn from everyone who has gone through a similar scenario. Here are a few questions as I am gathering all my documents: Q: Should I file form I-693 along with all of my initial documents? A: There is no need. Schedule an examination after the interview date is set. Q: Do I need to translate my vaccination record etc.? If so, can I translate everything myself? A: Q: My husband is filing form I-130 online. Should I also print everything and file form I-130 along with form I-485? A: Q: In Part 1 of form I-765, do I choose 1.a Initial permission to accept employment or 1.c renewal of my permission, since I have used an EAD twice before (once after undergraduate and again after graduate degree) A: Q: In Part 2 of form I-765, #12, do I select "yes" even though my employer "filed" Form i-765 for me previously? A: Q: We have a joint lease for an apartment in Raleigh, NC but I commute to work in VA and have another apartment in VA what address should I use for all my forms? A: Background information on us: I am a resident alien working under my H1B visa (since June 2019) I moved to the states 8 years ago (F1 - undergrad, OPT, F1 - graduate, OPT, H1B) I married a US citizen on Jan. 31, 2020 We are planning on submitting everything as soon as possible since we have been doing long distance for over a year and would like to live in the same place! I greatly appreciate any help on this. If you are going through the same thing, please feel free to ask your questions and I hope to be able to help out as well. Thank you so much in advance!
  5. Just getting started with this process, and one of the things that needs to be provided is a sealed envelope from the civil surgeon after a medical checkup. Does anyone know what this sealed envelope contains, besides the complete form i-693? Is it possible to request a second envelope for personal record from the surgeon?
  6. Hi, We recently just completed the K1 Visa and were married a few days ago (yay!). Now we are adjusting status. She just did her medical exam in the Philippines for the Embassy requirements not 3 months ago. Wondering if we need to do another one for the I-693? I'm seeing a lot of conflicting information on this subject. Thanks ahead of time.
  7. Hi all, I'm in the process of gathering all my documents and came across some varying information on when to file form I-693. Some people said this form can be filed at a later date and some are saying to file it when we initially file everything else. Does anyone have experience with this and know what is the best thing to do? And did you have to bring your foreign vaccination or immunization record to your doctor's appointment? Not sure if it's relevant but here is some background information on our case: I am a resident alien working under my H1B visa (since June 2019) I moved to the states 8 years ago (F1 - undergrad, OPT, F1 - graduate, OPT, H1B) I married a US citizen on Jan. 31, 2020 I greatly appreciate any insight you guys may have on this. Thank you so much in advance!
  8. Hi! I had an MMR shot but not from St. Lukes Extension Clinic in Manila. I brought a document signed by my local doctor and the doctor at SLEC acknowledged it. I noticed that on my DS-3025 there was no check mark on the MMR and only a date for when I had my MMR shot from my local doctor. There was no Blanket Waiver or code. Does this mean during AOS, I need to fill out an I-693 and have a USCIS accredited Civil Surgeon make an official form and say my MMR shot is valid?
  9. Hello, I am on H1B visa and come to US in 2016. I recently got married to US Citizen in November 2019 and am now preparing my AOS I-130 and I-485 package. I have couple of questions: 1. Does form I-693 needs to be completed and sent with I-485 package. I have been reading contradicting comments where some said it needs to filed with I-485 and some said it needs to be presented during interview? 2. Does USCIS fees for AOS increasing in 2020? If yes then by how much? Thanks for the help.
  10. Hi, I just dropped my AOS package that includes my i-485 and medical examination today (Nov 27) at Fedex. What I'm concern now is my medical exam expires Nov 29 (60 days) and my question is when is considered the date I file my application? Is it when I drop it off at Fedex or when USCIS receive it? Please help as I don't want my application to be denied because of this error!
  11. Hi everyone! i just have a quick question, my wife is scheduled for her AOS interview next month and i wanted to ask if she would need another medical exam from a civil surgeon. we filed or I-485 after one year of her medical so i assume she would need another medical since it was over a year already. just wanted to confirm if anyone here had the same experience and did take another medical exam. her medical exam was dated October 2017 and we didn’t file for AOS until February 2019. Thanks in advance!
  12. hey guys, new here about to start my aos process. In the meantime though if anyone in the atlanta area can give some info on cheap civil surgeons to get the medical exam done i'd appreciate the help!! thank you in advance.
  13. Hi everybody, It took me more than a month to get my concurrent filing i-130 and i-485 package ready. I did it entirely by myself and had my husband read everything before sending it. I sent it on 8/26/19. It arrived on 8/29/19. Today is 9/17/19, and I haven't been notified that the package is being processed and they haven't taken the money either. Something that was not clear for me was the fee. Since I'm submitting the i-130 and 1-485 together (including i-864, i-765, etc), I thought there was only one fee that I needed to submit for the amount of $1,225. Well... yesterday when I'm doing some research about how long it takes for them to process the package, I heard a lady on YouTube say that there is one payment for $1,225 and one for $535. I think the package is perfect and it is not missing anything else besides the $535 payment for form i-130. However, now I am very anxious and Idk what to expect. I would like to hear from you guys what do you think will happen. Will they contact me and ask me to submit the other payment? Will they send the entire package back? Do you think there hasn't been enough time yet for them to process my package? Attached is my table of content. I appreciate if you guys can confirm that I am not missing anything beside the $535 payment. Table of Content.pdf
  14. I've been trying to find something definitive on this about the one year expiration of a physical for K1 visa and others. Here is what I find googling and on other locations: (Quotes) "Results of medical examinations are good for one year before you file I-485. After you file I-485, they are valid forever as long as I-485 is pending." "No medical exam is necessity again as long as they apply for adjustment of status within one year from the previous medical exam". Now, to me, this means my wife had her physical in Dec 2017 in the Philippines, and arrived in the US in Jan 2018, and we married in Feb 2018, and filed for AOS with an NOA date of 3/30/18. Now I ask, is the above correct or is it not? I have not found anything on the USCIS site for this but I am chatting with a VJ member who said they were told their Medical exam passed the 1 year and had to re do it all again. Just trying to get it all figured out in advance.
  15. Hi All, My husband came here on a K-1 visa in April 2017. We filed for his adjustment of status in December 2017. My questions are: 1) He had a medical examination in Feb 2017 in his home country. Does that expire after so long? I am asking because in the letter giving us our interview date it says to make sure he has the i-693 completed. 2) I speak Spanish... do I count as the interpreter for my husband or do I need to hire a Spanish speaking interpreter for my husband's interview. 3) We rent from my mom but don't have that written down legally... Therefore we don't have anything jointly besides a savings account. Is this going to be a problem? We do have a son together but no like bills or anything. 4) Can someone (the more people the better) who has been approved send me a copy of their interview checklist? Also I don't know how to change it but I am not at the California Service Center... I am at the Seattle one. Idk if that makes a difference for the answers.. Thank you!!
  16. Hello everyone! I'd like to ask for some opinions and thoughts regarding a medical form i-693. So here's my situation - I had my medical 8th June 2018 and submitted my AOS 15th June 2018, everything went well with the procces and on 16th April 2019 we finally went for our interview. Unfortunately we were sent home and told we will receive notice telling us what they need, and so couple days later we received an RFE asking for my Visa again, my DS forms again (I was originally on J1 visa) and proof of change of my status. I am not a subject to a 2-year residency rule, but the officer clearly didn't get that correctly. And so anyways I went to an attorney and was advised to do an Advisory Opinion on my J1 from Department of State to have a strong clear statement and so then I can respond to the RFE. I sent that request to DOS and now currently still waiting for the letter back (as their processing time is around 6weeks). So I've been waiting for that and now I should hopefully be finally getting it within next week and so I will be able to send all papers and respond properly to the RFE. And back to the beginning, now my concern is the medical form. Because by the time I will be responding to the RFE, my medical will be most likely expired as it might pass 8th June 2019, so now my question is - Do I have to send a new medical even though I wasn't asked to do that from them, it would be more just me trying to avoid them possibly asking for new medical in another RFE, or I won't do a new because I wasn't asked to do so, so I just answer only the part from my RFE and wait and they will count the one J previously had and it passed our inteview? I am very unsure on what to do. If I should send it or not unless being asked. If someone has some experience or maybe someone can give me more clarity I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you all in advance!
  17. So I've been looking over my Adjustment of Status forms and I've come across form I-693, the medical examination form. Now I've read online that I do not need to complete this form as I had my medical examination prior to entering the country and my actual interview at the US Embassy in London. However during my medical I did not have two of the necessary vaccinations. At the time I didn't have my tetanus or influenza vaccine. I am 27 by the way. After getting my approval to enter the country and marry my fiance I sought out these missing vaccines in the UK before I left. I received both of them. The tetanus vaccine is documented on my NHS records and I have a receipt for the flu vaccine. I have the form from my medical exam in the UK. Form DS-3025. I suppose my question is do I need to complete form I-693 and attend another medical examination? I'm finding conflicting information online and I really want to be sure about this.
  18. I read the instructions for i-693 and it states on page 7: C.You received a medical examination prior to admission, then:(1)You are not required to have another medical examination as long as you file your Form I-485 within one year of an overseas medical examination. I called USCIS and they said the medical examination I got overseas when applied for a K1 visa is only valid for a year. I got my medical examination on May 23rd, 2017 and I applied for AOS on October 24th, 2017. I recently got my interview appointment for April 16th giving me only 30 days to get all the paperwork needed for the interview. I scheduled a medical exam just in case but I'm still unsure whether I have to get it done or not. I only have my vaccination records and chest X-rays from the last medical exam since the results of the medical exam overseas was given in a sealed envelope to an IO when going through customs after landing to the states in order to be admitted to the country (July 19th, 2017). What are your thoughts? My interview is in 18 days.
  19. Hi there, I recently got a letter stating that my interview for AOS will take place on April 16th. I was quite excited to hear from USCIS after such a long time since the last time I heard any updates about my case was over a year ago however, I read the list of all the paperwork I need to put together for the interview within a month and I just started to stress out about it. I've got so many questions and I don't know how I'll manage to get this done with such short notice (the interview is in 20 days) but I was wondering whether I had to complete the medical examination or not. As usual, I've got mixed information from the form instructions and USCIS agents. I had a medical examination before I was admitted to a K-1 visa holder. I filed my Form I-485 within one year of my overseas medical examination. The instructions for the form I-693 states that you are not required to have another medical examination if you filed within one year of your overseas medical examination however when I called USCIS, I was told on the phone by one of their agents that I still require a medical examination since it's been over a year since I applied. I'm not sure about this one and I've already scheduled the appointment. If that's the case, I wonder what the appointment is going to be like, how long, what kind of questions will the doctor ask, if it's going to be like my medical examination overseas where the doctor only saw me for like 10 minutes, did a quick q & a and everyone who went before me was like just answer what they want to hear. Then I got a vaccination record in like 5-10 minutes. Also, the day before the appointment I got a chest X-ray, blood and urine test which did not take more than 10 minutes. I have no idea what to expect from this medical examination if there are going to be unexpected screenings and tests that I am not aware of and will cost me more money than planned as well. Thanks for any further tips, details or recommendations.
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