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Found 10 results

  1. There really isn't a current thread for progress updates for the I-601 waivers. I wanted to start a thread where everyone can just post their progress. If everyone could create a timeline and put it in their signature it would really be helpful. It doesn't matter when you filed. Any reported progress really helps everyone along the journey !!
  2. My Story: I came here Legally at age 4/5 on a tourist visa with my parents. We just over stayed the time we were given to stay. Fast forward to 2014, I graduated high school, started dating my now husband and went on DACA. Fast forward to 2018, I've renewed DACA about twice now, graduated college and have a steady job. I got married to my husband last year in 2017. A little info about my husband, he is a american citizen that is in the Army National Guard. Together we filed the I-130, I-485 and I-601 (recommended by someone, just in case) We sent in the paperwork together in April of 2018 and we are wondering what the process is from here on out. How long it took for others and if this is a relative simple process? Has anyone gone through something similar? What are some tips? We hope we filed the correct forms. Everyone's story is different and I respect that, I only want positive words and advice. Just trying to understand this process a little better. Thank you all.
  3. My wife was refused entry to U.S on Aug-2004 for the first time. and they put this stamp on her passport : REFUSED Per 8 CFR 217.4(b) charges: 212a7AI Then she tried to enter second time in Dec-2004 but she was refused again and they wrote in her passport like this with pen: Refused 8 CFR 217.4(a)(1) and made her sign a written statement in which stated that she lied that she was never been refused entry into the US before. This time they didn't specify any charges except this clause 8 CFR 217.4(a)(1) The biggest mistake i have ever made is haven't applied I-130 for my wife till today's date. As earlier I was a permanent resident and was told there are no waivers for your wife as she has lied/miss represented herself and she has been barred for 10 years.... and was told the only way she can be eligible for a waiver is if I became a U.S citizen. So i just became a U.S citizen and wondering if I can bring my wife and two kids ages 8 and 12 by applying to DCF (Direct consular filing) ... i read about this option at the following location "https://www.visajourney.com/content/compare/" instead of going through I-130 process..... as its been over 14 years since she was refused.... so even if she was barred for 10 years the bar should have been over now .... correct me if i am wrong…. or dose she still needs a waiver?. If I have to apply for I-130 for my wife can I include my 2 kids in the same petition or do I have to file separate I-130 for my kids…. My kids were never been refused or came to U.S. Can someone give any suggestions or help to this matter ..... thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everyone. I was curious if anyone has any experience to share regarding an expedite request for I-601 I recently found out I’m pregnany, and I have a doctors letter stating that it’s a high risk pregnancy. I’m also being laid off of my job in September. And I have a letter from HR confirming that. I submitted an expedite request on Friday July 27. On Monday July 30, I got an email stating: we are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time. Does anyone have anything to share regarding this email? Does it mean it’s actually being reviewed or is likely a denial? how long do they usually take to respond? also, has anyone had any luck getting a case expedited due to a high risk pregnancy? thank you
  5. Yesterday I went to Juarez, CDJ Consulate, for my interview which was scheduled for 9:15 a.m. I got there a bit early at 7:30. They were letting all hours in so I went in with just my papers and a lipstick. Nowadays they do not let you in with anything except for your papers, folders and wallet. Do not bring any electronics, cell phone, pen drive etc they did though let me enter with the medical CD. The Plaza Consulado which is to the right of the consulate, about a block down, has lockers that you pay $30 pesos to use. To the left of the consulate there is a kiosk store named Extra and there they will also hold your stuff for a small fee but they do not have lockers. After being let in and going for the first screening window where they make sure you have your photos, documents etc they send you to pay $325 within the consulate for the official interview. They do not except payment coming from different cards or currencies. It either as to come from one credit/or debit card in your name or from one currency in cash. No mixed payment forms, like they accept at the medical appointment. This threw me off so I was back outside trying to get my payment coming in neatly from one currency and source. And hour and a half later I get back in and the consulate was just about empty. I waited at the place to pay for about 45 minutes till someone showed. I was a little nervous while waiting thinking I had lost my opportunity, that things had already started to shut down. But I was told that once let in they won't send you out if you haven't been processed, it does not matter how long it takes. Apparently, I re showed when they were taking their lunch hour. After making my payment I went back to the same area where I had originally spoke to an official behind a glass. Place was empty, except for the guards, who were gracious I waited for about 1 hour. Then the official who was to give me my interview showed. My case was an I-601, DS 260 waiver that I had waited about 13 months to come through. He asked very simple questions, how long we've been married, how many kids birthdays...etc. Then had me sit and wait some more. Then showed again and told me my immigrant visa was approved! He gave me a green slip of paper saying my visa has been approved with instructions for it being mailed to me. The officer said I should receive my visa within two weeks. I was so sick all day from the tension that I couldn't even form a prayer... but God is faithful. Attached are some files that helped me be ready for the interview. CDJ_Ciudad-Juarez Interveiw Checklist.pdf appt letter_checklist for interview.pdf
  6. Dear All I need your feed back in the following Matter, I'm in the process of applying for a Waiver for my Husband , under Section 212(a)(9)(B)(ii) , Do I have to file the Form I-601 and I-212 together , or I can only file the form I-601 alone ? My Husband was not deported or removed from the U.S , he left the U.S while awaiting for a decision, after we left the U.S he activated the 10 Year bar , Does he need to apply for the I-121 waiver and pay the fees? In addition what are the chances of approval if both of us are living together overseas ? , I appreciate your feedback Thank You W
  7. Hello, my husband has an upcoming interview in turkey this week. We got denied for k1 because we found out that my husband was inadmissibile due to being a former daca recipient and having illegal time. We got married in turkey and filed i 130 and the 601 at the same time. Both were approved. Interview is this week and I am wondering if anyone sees a potential problem that will cause a denial. Thanks!
  8. Hello all, I'm new to the forum but have read threads here recently and in the past. I'll try to describe my situation as succinctly as possible: - In 2010, my then-boyfriend (a Dutch citizen) came to the US to visit me (I'm a US citizen born and raised). He entered on the VWP with the intention of staying for 90 days and then going home. Instead, I proposed and we wound up getting married. Although it's not how one is typically supposed to do things, we subsequently filed an i-130 and i-485 simultaneously to adjust his status (we filed all of this before his 90-days under the VWP were up). All of that went just fine and in mid-2011 my husband was approved as a 2-year permanent resident (conditional green card). - In mid-2013, we should have lifted the restrictions on his conditional green card. Unfortunately, we were in a rather dire financial situation at the time and couldn't afford the filing fee to lift restrictions. We filed to lift restrictions anyway, requesting a fee waiver, but USCIS denied the waiver due to insufficient proof of financial hardship. At that point, my husband's conditional residency expired and he became out-of-status. - In July of last year (2017), we departed the US together in order to stay with his family in Europe for a period of time. My husband was never in any trouble, did not receive orders to the leave the country, and was never subject to deportation proceedings or anything of the sort. We just weren't able to afford our living expenses anymore, so instead of becoming homeless in the US, we decided to come to Europe to stay with his family while we recuperated financially. Now, we'd like to return to the US, but from a legal perspective I believe my husband is subject to the 10-year bar on re-entry because he accrued 4 years of out-of-status presence from 2013 - 2017. An immigration lawyer I spoke with seems to concur that he would be subject to this bar, but the lawyer wanted over $10,000 to take the case and file the paperwork. That's money we don't have, and since I'm reasonably savvy and capable of following instructions (I did all the original paperwork for the i-130 and i-485 myself the first time around, with great success) we're going to file the paperwork ourselves again. I believe we need to file the i-601 form requesting a waiver of my husband's 10-year bar on re-entry. All the cases online that I have come across, including the infographic / flowchart offered by USCIS on the i-601 page (https://www.uscis.gov/i-601), involve filing for the i-601 AFTER filing for a visa and receiving a denial from the consulate on grounds of inadmissibility. So for married couples such as us, that means filing the i-130 again, receiving approval, going through the consular interview and all of that, then receiving a denial and proceeding to file the i-601. My guess is that most people do not realize or know that they (or their spouse) are subject to a bar on re-entry when they file for a visa to enter the US, which is why they go through the visa application process first and only after being denied do they realize they need to file the i-601. Since we are practically certain that my husband is subject to the 10-year bar, and thus needs the i-601 waiver in order to receive a new visa and return to the US, I don't see much point in doing the whole i-130 process first and waiting for denial before starting the i-601 filing process. It just seems kind of backward to file the i-130 without the i-601 in this case, especially since I'd like to minimize the total amount of time we have to wait. This brings to my question, and the point I'm hoping to receive some guidance and/or confirmation of: - Am I correct in thinking that we can file the i-601 and the i-130 simultaneously? My goal is to minimize total processing time, and therefore the amount of time that we have to wait, as we've already been outside the US for almost a year and I'm getting homesick + I miss my family terribly. Obviously the approval of the forms hinges on our ability to prove extreme hardship, etc., but assuming that approval is forthcoming it seems most logical to file both applications at the same time. Could someone please correct me if I am mistaken? Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read this and may respond. I'll update this post when the time comes in the hopes that others who may find themselves in a similar situation can find pertinent information that helps them. - TryingToGoHome P.S. -- If there is anyone in a similar situation to ours, but you haven't left the US, be sure to check into the i-601A! That's the waiver you can file for from within the US. Don't make the mistake we did of leaving the US and then realizing you could have filed while you were still there.
  9. I'm needing to get a little clarity, and hopefully someone here can help. In 2012 my wife was ordered removed from the USA in absentia. (We were living in the Philippines since 2009 at that time.) We filed a new IR-1 Visa request in December 2016. In August 2017, I had an interview with an immigration officer in Kansas City, where I directly asked if we needed a waiver, and was told "No, that is why you're here, so we can verify your information and forward your application to the NVC". Fast forward to yesterday.... We received a letter from the Embassy in Manila refusing our visa application, which states: 212(a)(9)(A) You were ordered removed from the USA. Further down the document it indicates we can request a waiver with form I-601. I chatted with an immigration attorney (via messenger), and he stated we need to completely restart our I-130 application process, but I was reading the letter from the Embassy to indicate we only need to file the waiver request. Which way is correct?
  10. EDIT: Just so there's no confusion, I am a US citizen. Sorry for the long paragraph ahead: My fiance came to the US on ESTA back in September. We were really stupid when it came to immigration laws and visas (and in this case, visa waivers/ESTA) and misunderstood how much time he had in the US under ESTA. Our mistake, I know. We're idiots. Moving on, we also got into some legal trouble in November 2017. It caught up to us this year in February. I won't waste time defending our actions, but I will say it was a weak moment right after we found out how much my MS infusions would cost us monthly. I'm thanking the lords every day because my fiance did not get ANY charges related to the criminal matter, but it DID cause Border Patrol to pick him up and start the deportation process. I know that since my fiance came on ESTA, he doesn't have any rights. We hired an immigration lawyer, although he's not... Well, I've been researching this for probably 48+ hours throughout the last few weeks. I'm extremely confident in the process, but there are still a few things I'm unsure of. Hopefully you guys can help, because I already know our lawyer is not worth the money we're paying him. Oh well. Basically, we're waiting for my fiance to get deported back to Slovakia. He overstayed on his ESTA by 67 days, obviously meaning he can never use ESTA again. Because he's being deported via a decision made by an immigration judge, he has the 10-year-ban on him. When he gets back to Slovakia, we plan to start the process to get him back immediately. We already confirmed that, as an engaged couple with A LOT of proof of our relationship, we can file for the K-1 Visa and then the I-212 and I-601 waivers (if the I-601 is necessary, our lawyer isn't sure yet). We have enough documentation to prove extreme hardship easily - I have Multiple Sclerosis and depended on my fiance to help me live my day to day life, along with financial support. I also suffer from Degerantive Disc Disease and can't perform basic actions like lifting heavy things, etc. We have the doctor reports and certified documents to prove all of that, as well as MRIs and psychological evaluations for depression/anxiety. Despite being very confident in proving extreme hardship, unintentional overstay, and getting approved on the waivers, I am still hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst. My question is this: do we file the I-212 and I-601 together, and if we do, when do we file them together? I'm getting the impression that we file for the K-1 Visa first, wait for the interview where he will be denied and told he can appeal via the I-212/I-601 waiver and then file those ASAP. But I've also read that you file the I-212 with the K-1 Visa and then wait for the interview where they'll deny him and he appeals with the I-601. Also, last question, what time-frame do you think we're looking at? We figured anywhere from 8 months to 1.5 years, maybe even longer depending. I'm hoping that because Slovakia is a country where not too many people are trying to get to the US, maybe it won't take as long. In the meantime, I know he is SOL when it comes to visiting on the visitor visa in the meantime because of his deportation and overstay, but are there any other options? And if not, when my legal situation is taken care of (which probably won't be for 1-1.5 years anyway), would it mess anything up in the K-1/waiver process to visit him? Thank you so much for reading, sorry again for the long post.
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