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  1. I guess I'll start an April thread since my package should be delivered today by 8 pm. Hurry up and wait...
  2. https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/information-employers-employees/form-i-129i-129s-pilot-program-canadian-l-1-nonimmigrants
  3. Hi, I just started to fill in the I-129 form now, and the problem I have now is while I translate my Taiwan address to English, it's too long for the column 'Street Number and Name'. (See my attachment below) I tried to search the instruction pdf for the petition, but they didn't mention about this situation. C Has anyone run into the same problem? Can you please advise the solution for this? Thanks in advance. cheers, Lulu
  4. I submitted a question to a different forum category regarding the multiple filer waiver and was also commenting that I see that things have possibly changed since I filed previously (Twice: 2008 & 2014) and it was suggested that I sent some things with the initial I-129F that altho did not delay anything they were not necessary at that point- In the past I also included with the I-129F form both (Mine, the petitioner and hers, the beneficiary) of our G-325 / Biographical Info forms as well as my I-134 / Affidavit of Support form; Are these required at this point or are they to be submitted later? As I mentioned in my previous blog, both of my cases were approved within approx 7 months with no delays or issues... Thanks again much for your input!
  5. Hi all! How easy is it to expedite the USCIS approval process for an I-129? I know there is a specific criteria but are they pretty strict with it? Do you have to have a good case?
  6. So I'm currently filing out the I-129 form and its asking for province? I live in Hackensack, NJ, what do I put? lol Oh and any tips? My fiance is in Ecuador and I'm doing everything without a lawyer here
  7. My partner and I are ready to send out our I-129F, but we are concerned because of our income. I am finishing college and still working part-time so I know I do not meet the income requirement for the I-134. My parents have agreed to be our joint-sponsor and they meet well over the income requirement. I am afraid that our I-129F will be denied due to my lack of income currently. Do I need to include the I-134 for myself along with my parent's I-134, with our I-129F in the mail to prove we can support my partner? Is income a reason for the first round of paperwork (I-129F) to be denied? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi all, My fiancé is arriving in a few days and we were wondering if anyone had recent information about the process through immigration at JFK with the K1? He is coming from the UK. Any info or tips most appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Hello and thank you to anyone that takes the time to read my message. I got engaged to my long distance boyfriend not too long ago, and we're now looking more seriously into the process of getting him moved over here with the K-1 Fiance visa. My fiance and I have been collecting evidence over the past week, and began filling out the I-129f. One thing I haven't found a clear answer to is how to write my fiances name. He is German and has an umlaut in his last name (ö). Do I spell it out as "oe" everywhere and then under the beneficiary's name in native alphabet part spell it with the ö ? Or do I use the umlauted name everywhere?
  10. I'm a September 2017 filer and am still waiting for NOA2. Well, I sent a scanned photocopy of my original birth certificate and a photocopy of a certified birth certificate with my I-129f. I only just noticed that on my certified one that it says "WARNING:IT IS ILLEGAL TO DUPLICATE THIS COPY" in small writing on the bottom. Could I get denied or in legal trouble for this mistake? Please help! I did state on my cover letter that everything was an unaltered photocopy ect. So I am not trying to pass it off as the original
  11. Just had this pop up on My case Status. Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration On January 23, 2018, we reopened your Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal to the Commissioner, Receipt Number WAC110, and are reconsidering our earlier decision. Has anyone had any experience with appeals. Haven't received the letter yet so will update if that gives me any more information.
  12. some of the evidence that i have copied are on different size papers. For instance, Some of the letters my fiance and I have sent are on like 14x10 paper and I have tickets/passes on normal 8x10 paper. Should I cut the evidence out of the paper or leave it as is?
  13. I made an earlier post about my boyfriend being denied a B-2 tourist visa. We were advised to apply for a K-1 fiance visa instead, so that’s what we’re doing! I have 2 questions, though. 1. What are the chances of an I-129 PETITION being denied by USCIS, even before the embassy interview? Not the actual visa, just the petition. My concern is that I’m currently unemployed, studying in a technical college. My mom will be a joint-sponsor on the I-134 Affidavit of Support, but that’s requested AFTER the petition is approved. That brings me to question 2... 2. Can the petition be denied based on my current unemployment? Would it help to send a joint-sponsored I-134 (+ supporting documents) WITH the I-129? I understand that updated financial documents would be needed for the interview. I just really don’t want to mess this up. Thanks in advance!
  14. I already sent my k-1 petition out but, In MY passport photo (I'm the petitioner), I am wearing my prescription glasses (that I cant see without so I wear them 24/7). Do you think I'll get an RFE and have to re-send them some without my glasses on?
  15. Hi, I searched the forum for an answer but no luck. I am filling out the i-129 form and when I get to Part 2, question 13.b...I am a little confused. If my beneficiary is presently living at her physical address, do I just leave it blank? Same with employment dates? Thanks for any advice, I assume I leave it empty?
  16. Bensimon2112

    O-1B i-129 Same Address

    Hello, When applying for an O-1B visa, will it seem strange if the petitioner and the beneficiary have the same address (same apartment), and therefore lower the chances of the application being approved? Thank you
  17. I have yet to send out my i-129f petition and my biggest worry is it expiring. how do I prevent this/keep an eye on it/ renew it? any info is appreciated.
  18. I have a few questions that hopefully people can answer... Once im finished filling out my k1 visa petition, where do I send it? I live in Michigan and sites are giving me different answers. So I’m not sure if I send it to the Place here or to the Texas lockbox. Also, when I fill out the I-134 (affidavit of support), where do I send it? I read on the website that my fiancé needs it for his visa interview. So do I send mine and my joint sponsors in the mail to the place or to my fiancé before his visa appointment? Will I receive multiple letters in the mail with instructions and information?
  19. hi everyone I have a question I havent find anything on it. My boyfriend its a US citizen, we will be fillin I-129 form, but he was born in Mexico has a mexican birth certificate but has a US passport just like any other citizen, my question is does he needs something else to prove his citizenship or ID driver licence and passport will do just fine? (sorry for any misspelling) p.s. he lives in the United States since he was 2 years old. and he says he is not naturalized or anything simply a US citizen by mother.
  20. Hello all, I read that if you assemble the packet a particular way it makes the reviewing process easier for the workers. For example, not use a 3 ring binder nor sheet protectors. Do use a two hole punch and heavy clips to hold the forms together. Have any of you done it that way? Were you approved a little faster than your peers who applied simultaneously? Thanks in advance
  21. Hi all, I’m just now really starting to research the K-1 visa process. There might be some pretty significant barriers to getting us approved. I am an American living in the US. My girlfriend is a Singaporean citizen and a permanent resident of Australia. She travels back to Singapore each year to see her family. We met in person earlier this year, and later this year we will meet in person again. If and when we get married, we would both be in our 30s, so we don’t want too long of a delay. We're talking about applying for the K-1 visa within the next 6 months, with a goal of getting married by the end of 2018. As far as my work: I am a full-time self-employed, mostly hourly freelancer with an LLC. For tax year 2016, I made just under U.S. $75,000. Earlier in 2017, I did an expensive and intensive training program for my business. I wasn’t earning much at all during that period. Client work has been slower this year too, so I am probably not turning a profit this year in my business. I probably won’t exceed $20k in revenue even though business is improving now, which puts me under poverty level. First, I have 3 questions about the K-1 visa and the I-129: The K-1 visa’s I-129 form requires her to file a form with a U.S. embassy or consulate. Does she have to file it in person, or can she mail it? Australia is big, and she doesn’t live within driving distance of a U.S. embassy or consulate. She probably won’t be able to take off from work to go to one either. Should she get her application processed in Australia or Singapore? At what points in the process would she need to travel to an embassy or consulate? Is there a way to combine these so that it doesn’t cost us too much or take too much of her time? Second, I have 4 questions about the income requirement and qualifying quarters: Can I use my return from tax year 2016 instead of tax year 2017 for my income requirement? (And does this depend on when I file the visa application?) If I have to use tax year 2017’s income, and I were to get another job soon or early next year, when would I be able to get a K-1 application for her approved? Does Singapore or Australia accept joint sponsorships? Due to layoffs and health problems, I had several gaps in my work history - some full quarters that wouldn’t have qualified. If that happens again, does that mean she would have to leave the US - even if she’s working here? Can some form of insurance keep that from happening? I’m sorry to ask so many questions at once. I’m trying to figure out what is common knowledge and what I’d need to ask a lawyer about.
  22. So I live in Alberta Canada, and he lives in Minnesota USA. I was wondering I am planning to petition to go there so where do I file? Montreal or Texas? I can't get a straight answer when I google and am I supposed to mail the i-129?
  23. Hi there, we're in the process of completing the I-129f; very exciting! I have some questions though. 1. It's asking for my passport number *and* my travel document number. I only know my passport number, and I keep getting mixed opinions online. Many are saying that they're the exact same thing, others aren't, but I'm from Australia and I'm not sure what my travel document number could possibly be. 2. I've left a lot of things blank, as I'm young and I don't need to fill anything out about any past marriages or children etc. Is 'address in the US where your beneficiary intends to live' the same as 'your beneficiary's physical address abroad?' because for now we only have one address in mind. 3. Lucky last, because it's been confusing me so much, despite the fact that I have instructions in front of me. When I don't have an answer, do I leave it blank or do I write 'NONE' '0' 'N/A?' If anyone who's been through this in recent years could help that would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  24. Hi there, I'm filing out the beneficiary (me) section of the i-129 form (Petition for the Alien Fiancee) where it asks for the beneficiary's physical address for the last 5 years. I'm a Canadian but for a few months of those 5 years, I attended a college in the U.S. I never paid taxes and I still had all my bills sent to my home in Canada. Do I still need to put down the U.S. address since I was 'physically' there for a portion of the time? Thanks!
  25. Hello! My fiance and I both are living in South Korea and are starting to apply for the K-1 visa. Will it be a problem that my address is in Korea and not the US. I am moving back to the US in November but until then my physical address will be in Korea. I have a mailing address in the US to send forms to in case they come after I move back to the US. Thank you!