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Found 10 results

  1. Hello I have a question about the I 864 form affidavit of support Household size I'm currently waiting for our NVC case number has anyone done this before like recently ????? It's only me and my wife however I do have 2 children with my x she has them and I do pay a current order for support for them one is 19 he will Graduate in June of this year the case worker has confirmed this with the school it does say on the fore that dependents may not live in the home with you so to me that means I have to include them as in the house but I don't claim them on my taxes as dependents she does but my Attorney's paralegal keeps saying your household size is 2 if you don't claim them as dependents on your taxes I'm not letting him do my I 864 form cause I don't understand why their telling me confusing information compared to the actual form has anyone done this ???????
  2. Hi, I'm sorry for all the questions but I am in the process of petitioning both my parents for adjustment of status and I am a little stressed out and over thinking lol Any help would be appreciated! So, I am petitioning both my parents so I am filling 2 applications separately. They are here in the U.S. on an overstayed visa. The income requirement is based off household size. How would I calculated it? Me+husband+son+daughter(4)+dad(1)=. Hosehold of 5 for my dad's application? Me+husband+son+daughter(4)+mom(1)=Household of 5 for my mom's application? Or Me+husband+son+daughter(4)+dad+mom(2)= Household of 6 for both applications? The reason that I'm asking is because the income requirement is based off family size and I'm trying to figure it out. Thank you!!
  3. Hello, I have a slight problem and need help, please. Backstory first though: My husband currently lives with his parents and we asked his father to be a joint sponsor. He happily agreed - so did his wife. I know that if we are using a joint sponsor, he and his wife need to gather all the supporting documents and everything but the problem is that up till next month they have one more household member - adopted daughter that is currently 19. Since this is Florida technically she reached the age of majority now. She will be out by September 1st. So the problem is that my father in law claimed her on the tax forms. Does it mean she will have to gather all the supporting documents and file I-864A as well? Even though she will not live with them anymore next month. Please help me because I am not sure what to do. I cannot count on her getting these documents because she is very irresponsible and immature. Any ideas? Tips?
  4. I may need a joint sponsor since I may not be living in US during this CR1 process. The joint sponsor is a married head of household with a son over 21. He is not claimed as a dependent. He has his own job, car, etc but lives at home w parents. So would this be considered a household of 4 or 5? (Including the beneficiary and myself) On the other hand, if that same adult son were my joint sponsor would the household be considered 3? TIA
  5. Hi there! So after a lot of research we’ve come to the conclusion that we will need a joint sponsor to make our journey to the USA from Canada possible. I am a Canadian citizen, my husband is an American citizen, and we have 3 children who will soon have their Reports of Consular Birth Abroad and American passports. We are expecting another child in December. 1. When calculating our household size on the I-864 the number should be 6, yes? (My husband, me (the beneficiary) and our children (4)). 2. We have not found a joint sponsor yet but we have a couple people who may be willing to take it on. I’m both cases the sponsors are single. In that case, their household size is 1, plus 1 for me, the beneficiary =2? 3. What I want to be certain of is whether or not the sponsor is required to include my husband or children, who are American citizens. They are not immigrating after all. It’s just the single sponsor plus me =2, not the single sponsor (1) plus our household (6) = 7, right? Thanks for any help you can provide on this! I have seen conflicting opinions on this which make an enormous difference financially for the sponsor.
  6. Hi all, I'm filing for IR-1 through London (DCF). I130 just in post/mail so working on understanding what I need for next stage. My husband is not able to financially sponsor me so my mother-in-law has agreed to be a joint sponsor. I need some help making sure I advise her how to get 'household size' correct on the form. This is our situation: MIL (working) lives with her husband (my father-in-law, retired) and their adult son (my brother in law, working). Additionally, on i130 we indicated that my husband and I would be living with them when we enter the USA. We have no kids. From what I understand but want to double-check, her two adult children do not count toward her family size, even though one of them lives with her, and the other (my husband) may be living with her when I have my interview, unless she claims them as such on her taxes. Therefore, assuming BIL is not a dependant on her taxes, her family size is 3 (her, me, and father in law). This means that working BIL does not have to be mentioned at all on i864 and does not have to file an i864a. Is this right? If he is a dependant on her taxes, her family size is 4, right? In this case, must we get BIL to fill out an i864a? MIL would be able to show income of over 125% of poverty line for 4, so can BIL skip i864a? My husband's family size on his i864 is 2, regardless of where we intend to live or do live in the US, right? 3 years tax returns vs 1 year tax returns for both husband and MIL -- what's the benefit of providing 3 years? I'm sure we could get 3 years if we had to, is there any benefit? Other evidence -- what should I be including to prove MIL's income? I know proof of employment is necessary but I just want to make sure I'm really clear with her to get the right thing. Should this be a letter from her employer, and is that enough?
  7. My US daughter, after living in the UK for 10 years and married to a UK citizen for the last 4, is bringing her husband and 2 children (with US passports) back to the US. Her husband will be working in a family business once they arrive. She is in the process of filling out the Affidavit of Support and need help: 1. Since their income from UK jobs will not continue once they leave the UK, how does she fill in the income - she is employed until they depart the UK, not retired, not unemployed (check boxes). Does she fill it in? Does she leave it blank? Put in N/A? 2.How does she count her household? Is it 4 even though she and their 2 children are US citizens? 3. Finally, would it be beneficial for them to include the US employment confirmation and terms as supporting documentation? I have filled out the Affidavit of Support as a joint sponsor for the immigrant, my son-in-law. I want to be sure my form is correct so they have no glitches. 1. I am retired and using my pension and Social Security to meet the support requirements. Do I count my household as 3? Me, my spouse, and the immigrant, my son in law. Or, do I include my daughter and two children who are also coming - but are US Citizens and, therefore, not immigrating. 2. With the form, I am including our most recent tax return. Since the income I am reporting is mine - does my husband have to fill out a I864a? I am not using his social security or pension to meet support.
  8. Hi everyone, Just a (relatively) quick question! I am a UK citizen applying for a CR1 visa in the UK and will have to use my mother in law as a joint sponsor with my wife. Currently my wife lives with my father in law and his wife, my mother in law lives with her husband and daughter. My question is, do my wife and mother have to account for my father in law and step mother in law when it comes to household size? It doesn't matter as she earns enough, just want to know what to put on the I-864 when it gets to it. EDIT: I will also be living with my father in law when I move until my wife and I get off our feet Thanks in advance! Stephen
  9. Hi everyone, a few days ago we got an RFE regarding the i 864. On it it stated I (the petitioner) am supposed to file the i 864 as well even if we have a joint sponsor (which we do). Then it said the joint sponsor'd income wasn't meeting the requirements for the 125% poverty guidelines, which he makes way above the required minimum . And finally it said that the household number was calculated incorrect "The joint sponsor must correct the and/or complete page 4 of the form I-864." My questions are: 1. I wont be able to qualify for sponsor, do I still have to try to meet the required minimum (using assets) even if we will get a joint sponsor or it doesn't matter? 2. Could the miscalculated household size trigger the system to say that the joint sponsor doesn't meet the requirements 125% Poverty Guidelines? 3. When calculating the household size does the principal immigrant count in as well? (For example: joint sponsor has a wife and three children and will be sponsoring my spouse)
  10. Hi Everyone, I am filling out the I-864 for my joint sponsor. They ask for his household size. He is single and only claims himself but when I fill in the form it lists 2 for his household size-himself and my wife. Is that correct? Even though we don't live with him and he only claims one on his tax returns? Im assuming it just means he is now financially responsible for her. Please let me know! Thank you!!!