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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Everyone, can anybody share the details with the following: for Copia Certificado de Folio de Nacimiento Copia Certificada de Libro de Matrimonio will a copy of the folio And signature and stamp of registrar suffice? Or Does it need to be certfied in tegucigalpa? thank you!
  2. Hello, My husband is from Honduras. We requested for his birth certificate ( Folio del Libro de Nacimiento) to send to NVC; however, it is hand written. On the travel.state.gov website it shows n example of how this folio should look. Where my husband is registered they said since he was born in 1981 it is handwritten. Has anyone come across this? Will NVC close our case if we send this in?
  3. We just got the email stating that we are in line/ queue for our my husband's appointment in tegucigalpa but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long after you got that email did you recieve the consulate appointment and how far ahead was the appointment. His priority date is April 1st 2016. Also how far ahead dis you make the doctors appointment? Do you have any suggestions on which doctor was best? Thanks .
  4. My husband’s interview is coming up on 8/21 in the capital of Honduras. We have been married for five years and have a one year old daughter. He currently has DACA but we are trying to get his “green card”. He has no criminal record, he is currently going to school, we pay taxes, he has never received welfare or any cash assistance but he does have Medicaid the only reason we have it was because of the penalty we use to have in our taxes if we didn’t have health insurance. But now with all the talk about the Trump Adminstration using this as an obstacle for citizenship. I am getting super nervous, has anyone had this be the cause for getting their visa denied?!
  5. I have a CR1/R1 immigrant visa I’m traveling to New York, I have a connection flight in Houston this will be the port of entry and I only have 1 hour and 25 minutes to my next flight I am wondering is that enough time and how long this process with the customs takes.
  6. I've been waiting to receive an interview appointment since Sept.25... I know there are others of you out there who are too so I created this forum so we can specifically talk about it here. Since Honduras has been waiting as well a long time they are welcome here as well.
  7. I’m doing the medical exam now and they asked me for the embassy interview confirmation letter, is a physical document that I never received that have petitioner and applicant information, also the interview date/hour and TGG Number, we only received an email and nothing else. The recepcionist told me that I will need that document for our interview and is very important, the interview is in 10 days so I don’t know what to do. We filled all the documents online via NVC, I also ask my lawyer about it but he is useless, thank you so much in advance.
  8. I recently called NVC to get status of my husband 's and step-daughter's visa interview in Honduras. We had received notification via email on Feb 14, 2018 from the NVC that my husband's case completed (official CC date is Feb 6) and was now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment, awesome news. Now for my step-daughter a different scenario. Back in November 2017 we received an email requesting to re-submit an approved police report from DPI in Honduras. The police report submitted is the exactly the same police report we submitted for my husbands case whos case has been completed. Our attorney followed up with NVC and advised us that everything is ok not to worry. Since my husband's case is completed, I decided to call NVC to see if he has been assigned an interview and to check the status of my step-daughters case. Well per NVC call center, no interview for him yet and for her they are still waiting for the acceptable police record. OMG!!! Called our attorney, who doesn't like me calling NVC but I don't care, and asked him what's going on. He told me he doesn't know what NVC call center is talking about because he has the email/letter confirmation that her case is also completed. My attorney forwarded the email to me and it's the same exact letter that we received for my husband stating that she is in queue for an interview. The email/confirmation was issued Feb 1, 2018 before my husband''s letter. So I called again this morning the NVC Call Center letting them know that we received the letter for her dating Feb 1 and that she is in queue and they say to disregard that letter that the police record is still pending. How is this possible? What should we do??
  9. Hi, Im new to Visa journey, please bear with me. I'm a U.S. citizen filling for my Honduran husband. Our priority date is August 18, 2016. Our case with nvc was completed on January 23, 2018. My question is how long is it currently taking for nvc to appoint an appointment at the US embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I really need to know because I want to go to school but can't because we don't know when the appointment may be and how long we would be in Honduras for. It has just been a very long waiting game for us. Also can the past presidential election in Honduras have any delay or effect on how they fill appointment dates over there?
  10. My husband had his initial interview on March 14th at the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Unfortunately, due to doctor's not being available at that time, he was not able to have his medical exam done before his interview. After the interview he was given 221(g) form for missing documents, (medical). Once he completed his medical we sent it in and he was placed in administrative processing on April 18th. On June 11th he was called to go for a follow-up interview for the following day June 12th. He attended the interview and we found out he was placed in administrative processing due to his tattoos. The interview was primarily focused on his tattoos, he does not have any gang related tattoos. He was also asked about his work history and very little about us (his family). He was told we would have a decision in two weeks. I know it's been only 2 weeks now but I am just very anxious to hear anything. Has anybody experienced anything similar? I would like to hear other experiences. We have been married for 6 years and have a 7 year old son who has been asking non-stop about his daddy. It's been 4 months since he's been away from home. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  11. Is anyone processing an IR-1 Visa in Tegucigalpa? If So, how are the processing times working at the Embassy for the Interview. I'm a little concern with everything that is going on with the Government in Honduras. Is this delaying the process?
  12. Hello. I'm new in this page and I'm so happy that this website exist is so helpful, I got married on April 12 of 2017 New York, our priority date is 01-MAY-2017 the last email that we received from NVC about our case was in Feb 21 of 2018 telling us that they has received all of the fees, forms, and documents that are required, today is the second month and we still waiting for the U.S. Embassy in TEGUCIGALPA, HOND to schedule an interview appointment any information I'm very desperate and anxious about it any information or personal experience can be very helpful thank you so much in advance. The Visa Status is At NVC
  13. My wife and I are currently living in Honduras. I work at a US military installation here. We recently received her appointment for her embassy interview but because we had planned on staying here for a few more years, we had the embassy postpone it indefinitely. As luck would have it, about a week after postponing the interview I was told that my job will be ending next month, so since there aren't any other realistic employment possibilities here I need to return to the US. My wife is in the process of rescheduling her embassy interview, and we should have a new date this week. My company is talking about moving me to another position in Florida, but I have not received a formal offer yet. If I were to get proof of employment from my company right now does anyone know if that would be sufficient for evidence of income for my wife's interview? I also have well over 100k equity in a property I own in the US. Should I maybe have her bring evidence of that? What about maybe having my parents sign an affidavit of support? Whether or not my company really offers me the job in Florida, I should be employed soon. We just need evidence of income for her interview which will probably be pretty soon, possibly sooner than I have a formal offer.
  14. I sent our I-864EZ packet to the NVC quite a while ago and they replied asking for a "copia de folio" for both our marriage certificate and my wife's birth certificate. We finally have those documents and we're ready to send them to the NVC. One question, how does the embassy contact my wife in Honduras for her interview? I'm including a sheet with her current phone number (it's changed since I submitted the I-864EZ) and email address. They don't really have physical addresses in Honduras, just landmarks, and she was having trouble describing how to find her family's house, so decided not to include a physical address. I remember something about a Cargo Expresso service, but neither my wife or I were able to find any information tonight. Does anyone know? Thanks again for all the awesome and very generous help I've gotten on this forum.
  15. Hi everyone Me and my 3 year old son are desperately waiting for my husband to be in the US with us. We have been waiting 2 years , his interview date was October 20 2017 in Tegucigalpa, they told him congrats your visa is approved . They kept his passport but he was missing his medical exams because he admitted trying marijuana as a teenager during medical exam . The doctor then had him come back for 3 random drug test November , December and January. On January 23 the doctor handed him his medical exams since he passed all 3 tests and he then submitted the medical exams to cargo expreso and they told him to come back in 7 days to pick up his passport. it has now been 7 days passport tracker says “ your passport is being delivered to post”and nvc case status says “administrative processing “ last updated Jan 25 has anyone experienced anything similar ? please help
  16. My Honduran wife came to the US in April of 2016 on a tourist visa and had our baby a few months later. In Septemeber of 2016, I paid the fees and sent in our documentation to the NVC, however I got notice from the NVC a few weeks later that the birth certificate and marriage certificates we submitted were not of the correct type. Shortly thereafter, my wife decided that she wanted to return to Honduras, so I returned with her and got a job with the US military as a civilian DOD contractor. We were planning on staying here for a few years, but now due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be returning to the US in January (my wife on her tourist visa again). I have the correct documents for the NVC now. I wanted to ask the forum's opinion on whether I should mail them from Honduras now, or if it would probably be better to wait and mail them from the US in a few months. The nightmare scenario if I mail them now would be the that embassy contacts my wife and schedules her interview for a few days or weeks after we fly back to the US in January. It seems to me that maybe it would be best to submit the documents to the NVC in January or Feburary, then send my wife back to Honduras when the embassy schedules her interview. She was hoping to come back sometime in 2018 to visit family anyway. Please let me know your opinions.
  17. Hey Guys, So I have been observing a lot of different opinions about the income requirement for a k1 visa. I am nervous because I do not know if its the 100% poverty line or the 125% poverty line for 2 people? My concern is last year I made $16,767 and this year I am going to end up making $20,864 by December. Our interview probably won't be till January or February due to us being k1-July2017-Filers. Should I be concerned or look for a Co-Sponser? I would ask when going to our interview what supporting documents other than the I-134 affidaviate of support should I give her? (paycheck slips, 2016 taxes) she is from Honduras if that makes a difference. thanks you in advanced i-864p.pdf