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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Friends! Does anyone know how a health insurance works for the parents brought to the USA by a US Citizen? My brother, a US Citizen, has started the process of bringing our parents to the USA for a family reunion. Our only worry is the medical service. Is buying a health insurance the only way for them to get a medical care in America? If so, what health insurance is the best in this case? If some of you have an experience of bringing your parents to the USA for a family reunion, and you were able to find the best way to manage how to provide them with a medical care in America, please, share your information. Thank you all in advance!
  2. Hello, I wanted to see if anyone has any tips on how to apply for health insurance. My wife has been sponsored with an affidavit of support by my family (father+mother+me). My father+mother live+work in California. We (I and wife) live in Nevada. I want to have her apply for health insurance in our living home state of Nevada. When applying, which income would she have to use? Is it the sponsor's income that was stated in the affidavit? Or the current income of the sponsors. All other application which requires income, will she always have to put the CURRENT (future years) income of my family+me? Thanks in advance. -Andrei
  3. Hi everyone, So I've been issued my K1 visa and I'm moving to the states next month, yay! But I'm getting hopelessly confused with health insurance. My fiance is self-employed so he doesn't have a work-based insurance plan that I can join once we're married. So I was planning on getting a 6-month plan for new immigrants for myself to cover the gap until I get employment authorisation and hopefully I can then get insured through my employer once I get a job (any recommendations or tips for a provider for new immigrant insurance appreciated!) However, I was reading about how immigrants have to get cover with an insurance provider as a requirement of the affordable care act, or they get fined - but I'm not sure I understand if/when this applies to me. Does this only apply once I get my green card, or does it apply as soon as I arrive in the US? Does it matter what state I'll be living in (Washington, for the record). Can anyone explain this to me in plain English, I'm getting rather stressed! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I am in the process of moving my husband to the US. I have a question about health insurance upon his arrival. He will be searching for a job in his field (Software Engineering) and will hopefully get insurance benefits through that while I finish my graduate studies. I am in my mid-20s and on the last year of my parent's health insurance I am eligible for before I age out, which luckily overlaps with the last year of my studies before I can get a job. My question is, my husband has German health insurance but will not be eligible to get on my parent's plan when he moves here and I will not have my own plan until next year. What is the best course of action of getting him covered while he is finding a job and settling in? I don't want him to go uninsured. He is healthy, but obviously we can't guarantee anything won't happen to him in the first month or two of his arrival. I looked into this plan for him, does anyone have any experience with this company? Thank you!
  5. Hello all! Finally glad to say I have my green card, SSN, and one way ticket to the states (haven't moved yet due to no cover for my work until April in the U.K.) So I'll be living with my husband in Colorado from April. My husband is doing his Masters and technically a student right now. I am also doing my MSc online and will continue working for a British company in the U.S. i don't think i can join my husband on Obamacare as i earn too much even though my earning will be coming from the U.K.? I also can't get health insurance from a US company as I'm working for a U.K. Company over there. Any idea on what the best thing is to do? Should I just simply look online? Roughly how expensive I can expect this to be? Any recommended health insurance companies in Colorado much appreciated!
  6. Hi folks! I'm a Canadian immigrant to the USA, I moved here in 2015 on a K-1 Fiancee visa and got my SSN in May 2016. Since then I've been working, doing my thing, enjoying life with my wife without having to worry about my plane ticket home. Recently we stumbled into a situation whereby it's going to be prohibitively expensive to keep me on her health insurance for her work. My place of work is a brand new business that just opened up last year, and doesn't offer health insurance or benefits just yet ... we're working towards that but it had been fine that we didn't since I was covered under my wife. As always, I'm paranoid about my immigration status. If I don't have health insurance, is that in any way grounds for deportation? If that sounds silly I apologize, I just wanted to be sure. Thank you everyone! <3
  7. I have a tricky question for us citizens that are in the process of bringing their loved ones (finally!) over here with the K1 visa. We are still waiting for the NOA2 like A LOT of us in this website (it has been exactly 4 months now and no sign of anything) and we are expecting that my fiancee will be coming to the US with the visa in hands around April 2018. However, nothing is guaranteed, especially with these waits we are having. The issue i'm writing here is the following: I need renew/update my health insurance status in the next 10 days for the year of 2018. And events such as getting married affects health insurance directly. Should I state to the health insurance provider that I will be getting married even though nothing is confirmed in the sense of her physically being in the country (USCIS could finish everything up by January 2018 as well as January 2019), or should I not mention this 'family size change' as in fact it hasn't happened yet and there is truly no expected date for it? I'm very uncertain how to deal with this, and any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks! Victor
  8. Hi Everyone, I am a US Citizen and my German husband and I are planning on moving back June 2018. We've already been approved through phase 1 and need to start phase 2 soon. HOWEVER, my biggest concern with moving back to the US is bridging the time to make sure I am always medically insured. I have a chronic condition that requires extensive 24/7/365 medication. Does anyone have any resources, etc, that may help me make sure I am immediately insured in the US? I'm sure this topic isn't new for those moving back to the US...*sarcastic undertone included. Thank you in advance, Mrs.W
  9. Hey all, These will hopefully be the last questions I have to ask before finally sending our I-751 package. Sadly, this is also our most difficult issue in the process so far. Sorry this is such a long story, but please bear with me: We have had a lot of problems with Health Insurance Marketplace (aka Healthcare.gov) since 2015. At first, there was the issue with them not allowing me to get on my husband's health insurance plan. I received my Green Card in September of 2015, but in order to get on the same health insurance plan, they made us sign up for a brand new one. This process took a while and we weren't officially covered jointly until March of 2016. From that point onward, we had to switch insurances twice as not all the information on our choices was disclosed right away and we ended up with plans that did not work for us. We finally settled on the plan that we are on now in July of 2016 and have had the same health insurance plan ever since. We have had to wait for the overdue correct paperwork for a long time, but Health Insurance Marketplace has now finally given us three consecutive 1095a documents for 2016, showing all the times so far that we have been covered jointly. They are having trouble producing paperwork saying that we have been covered for 2017 as well, but Florida Blue, our actual health insurance provider, has that covered. The evidence that we have from them, however, still has our previous address on them (we moved in November of last year), since address changes have to go through Health Insurance Marketplace and...let's just say they are having problems getting that to work as well. We have tried our best, called them almost every other day, but we are at a point right now where we are running out of time, have to just send what we have in health insurance-related documents with our I-751 and hope for the best. My questions are: 1) Could USCIS take issue with the fact that we were not jointly insured until March of 2016, considering I arrived in 2015? 2) Should we send those 1095a forms as proof and explain the circumstances in a letter? Should we send all of them, or only the ones that show both of us insured? Or will that just raise more questions? 3) I don't drive, so can't be on my husband's car insurance and the only other joint insurance plan we have proof of is renter's insurance, which we signed up for merely a month ago. Will it be enough if we can prove that we have had health insurance since the beginning of the year, even if the address information is outdated? Thank you very much for your help in advance!
  10. I see there are many threads about this so I apologize in advance if this has been addressed- I see a lot about the marketplace but not employer-based. I was recently offered insurance through my job and my old insurance will lapse August 1. My husband hasn't received a SSN yet. How does it work? Our marriage is the qualifying event but the insured period antedates our marriage. Is getting a green card a qualifying event? Thanks <3
  11. Hi, I know this information is out there it is just scattered across different forums. I moved to Orlando, FL on May 30th 2017 on a K1 visa, I have already gotten married and will be filling for AOS this week. My question is where do I stand with health insurance? My husband does not have insurance at the moment, we have to wait until November to enrol onto his work insurance. I understand he will have to pay a fine. Are temporary insurances worth it, they don't appear to be ACA accredited? Am i entitled to Obamacare? Will i also have to pay a fine if I do not get insured until November? since I will only be working for for a few months before filing taxes. thanks.