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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I've been looking online for visitor health insurance for while I'm on the K1 visa but I have a few questions. Firstly, what kind of coverage should I be looking for? Inpatient, outpatient, urgent care coverage with co-payments? What kind of policy maximum and deductible? I don't understand the majority of the terminology used for this since I've never had to purchase health insurance before. Is there a minimum amount of coverage I need to get in order to get through the port of entry? Do I even technically NEED it to be allowed through? What kind of proof would I need to show? Secondly, how long should I be getting coverage for? I understand that I will have to change from a vistors plan to a standard one at some point - will that be after the K1 90 days runs out or after I receive a green card? If it's the latter, how long will AOS take? Will 6 months of coverage be too much or not enough? Sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm very new to this! Thanks!
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/health/us-judge-blocks-trumps-health-insurance-rule-for-immigrants/%3famp=1
  3. Hi, Not sure where to post this. I just got my green card in the mail (through marriage) and since health insurance open enrollment starts today I need to get a plan soon. My question is: Does getting Obamacare or any other government aided plan jeopardize removing conditions on my green card later on? As you know, when a US citizen sponsors you, he needs to show proof that he can financially support you so that you are not asking anything from the government. So will me getting government aided health insurance affect my future immigration proceedings? Thank you in advance for the help!
  4. Greetings. Hoping to get some tips and/or advice on an immigration/health insurance predicament. My wife and I are looking to sponsor her mother’s immigration from the Philippines to come live with us. She is approaching 86 y.o., her lease agreement is running out on her apartment, doesn’t have any family over there in a position to take care of her, and reaching an age where she’s no longer a good candidate for living alone. The thing that concerns us is her health care options once she arrives. I called Kaiser to see if she can be included in our family coverage and they said we’d have to go through Covered Ca. I went to Covered Ca. and they said there was nothing she qualified for (because of her age an pending immigration status) and that we’d have to talk with Social Services. Social Services doesn’t return phone calls. Taking the risk of NOT insuring her, with her potentially needing some complicated procedure, could very well wipe out the little we have saved for our own retirement. I’ve looked at some expensive “Bridge” policies but they’re pretty brutal in regard to pre-existing conditions and excluding anyone with diabetes. We are really in the dark with this and hoping someone might have gone through this themselves or might have some insights into these circumstances. Thanks!!
  5. Whitehouse.gov says the health insurance qualification does not apply to; (i) any alien holding a valid immigrant visa issued before the effective date of this proclamation; But Travel.state.gov website says : "Individuals who are holding (or who held) a valid immigrant visa as of November 3, 2019" So my wife held a valid resident visa until 2014. Dose she need to qualify with health insurance? I know someone else who also had a resident visa before and is waiting for the NVC process. So a solid answer can help.
  6. Hi there, im currently waiting while applying for a green card through a spousal visa, however while applying it for it here in the states I’ve realised I desperately need health insurance. Has anyone been in the same situation and needed to find health insurance so they can be seen by a medical doctor? I’ve recently been married who is a US citizen but I am struggling to get onto my husband’s health insurance. Advice or help would be hugely appreciated.
  7. Hello, I am adjusting status from F1 Student to Green Card through marriage (filed in May 2019) and would like to get health insurance while I wait for my green card (fingerprints approved - waiting on work permit). I would like to get health insurance but unfortunately open enrollment closed and I do not qualify for any of the special events so I would have to wait until November 2019. My husband has private insurance but adding me is not an option. 1. Is there a way to get health insurance now? 2. If so, where? Thank you!
  8. Hi guys, wanted to see if anyone could offer me some advice. I'm currently on my parents' health insurance, until I turn 26 in Feb 2020. My fiancee is coming here in late July and we'll be marrying a couple weeks later. I'd like to get him health insurance, but I want to stay on mine until February. I live in WA state. From what I've read online, we have a special enrollment period after marrying, but since I don't want to switch policies, and since mine will have to change in just a few months, what would you advise us to do? Sign him up for a temporary plan and then in the enrollment period in 2020 add him to mine? Just not sure exactly how this works... Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm getting confused to when I need to purchase my health insurance. My official visa interview is next week and I'm worried I'm meant to have proof of health insurance at that interview. I know I need proof for my university that I have health insurance for the length of my visa stay but they said I have 30 days to enroll once I arrive in the country on my J1. So do I need health insurance proof BEFORE or AFTER I enter the country? If the answer is AFTER, how long do I have to enroll in a insurance package.
  10. I am married to a US citizen and I have a conditional green card. Unfortunately, I lost my job and the health insurance I had through my employer, which was covering myself (the immigrant) and my US spouse. Now we are both not covered by any insurance, and I know this is bad. Since we need to look for and get a job, and most likely have to wait for the first 3 months after getting a job for employer-based insurance to kick in, we have to purchase a plan on our own. But my concern is, does buying a cheap insurance (ACA???) affect my immigration status? I am aware that USCIS doesn't want immigrants to rely on the governmental aid, like they dont want us to be a public charge. So I am lost. I don't know what kind of insurance is considered governmental aid. I don't want to spend a lot of money on insurance because I am jobless now, and I want to keep the saving I have for as long as possible until I can get a new job and the employer-based insurance. My another question is, do I have to get the same insurance plan that I had through my employer? I read about COBRA, and it was very confusing too.
  11. Hi, I am an F1 student in the process of AOS (sending package in March). What are my options when it comes to health insurance? What is the most affordable insurance I can get? Can I get for example ObamaCare? Is it good? Thank you.
  12. Hi, all! I'm trying to plan ahead and hope you all can offer some advice. My fiance and I applied for our K-1 visa back in December and now we're waiting. Also, I got a new job! This is really exciting and I'll have great health insurance BUT, I noticed when looking over the paperwork, it would cost an extra $400 a month to add my (future) spouse to my plan! Yikes! I thought this would mean that my spouse could instead purchase health insurance on the Marketplace but, because my plan is considered "affordable" we're caught in the "family glitch" meaning he wouldn't receive any subsidies and again, would be looking at around $400 a month. Any advice? Can we purchase him a plan on the Marketplace before we get married so he can get subsidies that lower the cost significantly? Is it wise to go with a temporary short term insurance plan or travel insurance plan for him until he's green card-ed and can work? Has anyone else experienced this very stressful intersection of health insurance mess and immigration mess? Help! I would love to hear how some other people managed health insurance for their significant others - especially if their work plans had crazy high premiums that made it near impossible to add a spouse. Thanks! :)
  13. Hi all (I hope this is the right forum) I am a little lost about health insurance - in relation to - tax return time, and I wonder if anyone could help please. I have arrived in the US on 08/15/2018. I have started work on 09/11/2018. I have just now learnt that I am obliged by law to have a health insurance, and since I am seemingly also obliged to report for tax return and that I don't yet have a health insurance, I may be financially penalized heavily..... that's as far as I understand it....... now, when my eligibility to apply for health insurance through my job, the enrolment period, I was told, was over, unless I pay extra to compensate for the missed time. At the time I didn't quite understand, so I said I would be thinking about it. Today, visiting the VJ forum, I thought it a good idea to check out the healthcare.org to apply there, but also there, after answering all their questions, I got a screen telling me that "the open enrolment is over" and that "I don't qualify for special enrollment period at this time" Besides that, I am not ready, or even able, to pay 300 bucks per month for whatever "offer" I am receiving..... my pay may be considered too high for help but it certainly isn't enough for that much money. I am so confused about the whole health care thing, especially since I have learnt that I may be penalized on my tax return for not having one. Could you advise please? Many thanks!
  14. Hello Friends! Does anyone know how a health insurance works for the parents brought to the USA by a US Citizen? My brother, a US Citizen, has started the process of bringing our parents to the USA for a family reunion. Our only worry is the medical service. Is buying a health insurance the only way for them to get a medical care in America? If so, what health insurance is the best in this case? If some of you have an experience of bringing your parents to the USA for a family reunion, and you were able to find the best way to manage how to provide them with a medical care in America, please, share your information. Thank you all in advance!
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