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Found 10 results

  1. As much information as there is on the state.gov site, it is SO confusing. Can anyone explain how they paid for the K1 visa so that the interview could be scheduled? I am specifically talking about Cuban applicants that have to go to Guyana for the K1 visa interview. The instructions on the US Embassy in Guyana site state to pay cash to an account at a Scotiabank Guyana. There are no retail Scotiabanks in the US so how is this fee paid? I just want to schedule the visa interview and it seems there isn't a single answer. I've emailed the consulate already; waiting for a response but hoping someone could enlighten me on this process during the interim. Am I supposed to wire money (which I feel is completely unsafe)? do I email the embassy for an appointment? What's the protocol here? Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the link to the State Department's guide for Cubans applying for immigrant visas in Guyana: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/Havana-GEO.pdf#page5 From reading the timelines and discussion board, it looks like the timeline for an interview in Havana is 12 months, and in Guyana 7 months. Is that right? Should we put Georgetown, Guyana in question 62 of the I-129f, "Your beneficiary will apply for a visa abroad at the U.S. Embassy at..." Is there any reason not to interview in Guyana?
  3. Hello, My Cuban fiance received a letter from the US Embassy in Georgetown to schedule his interview. We are so excited!! However, to be able to schedule an interview, we need to pay the $265 visa fee in cash at a local bank. I contacted Georgetown because this makes zero sense to me (We cannot travel to Guyana to make a payment with no interview scheduled!). I also contacted the bank asking if I could do a wire transfer (which you cannot do). Anyone have to make this payment? And if so, how did you do it? Gracias mil!
  4. Good Morning Just sharing my experience. My husband already had his interview in Guyana on September. I know you may have many questions however everything was good. If you follow all the steps that you receive from NVC on the interview's letter you will be fine. About Guyana, we went to a hotel, you should be prepared, everything you will need is expensive (Food and hotel ) transportation is not expensive. We went to a hotel that I booked online. People are nice they do not speak a lot you will need to approach them if you need something. The food is veryyyyy spicy you need to make sure that you order everything ( Original ) and not spicy. The taxis are cheap you can ask the hotel front desk to arrange them for you at any time needed. We got the food from a hostal ( Cuban people who sale food ). You need to buy bottles of water because it is not potable. Before landing fill a immigration form for each person who is traveling even if you are a family, they do not accept immigration form per family, it should be filled personally even if you travel with children which I found really weird because children had to sign them. An important advise for the medical exam is to be there as earlier as possible the same for the interview, they do not follow the hours schedule for them, they attend people on the same order they reach the place. For the interview you will see a long line but you don't have to wait on this line, this line is for local people , just go with the officer in the entrance door and show her your interview letter and your passport. Last advise is that you should be relaxed, our interview was nice and most of the people there said that it was nice to them too , just answer clearly everything they ask for, they know you are nervous so you don't have to hide that lol . Good luck for everyone who is still waiting.
  5. Hi everyone. Someone in another forum just got an interview date in early January 2019. She said that was the first available date. Has anyone who is petitioning their fiance from Cuba through the Guyana embassy received an interview date lately? If so, what date did they give you? I'm wondering what happened to all of the November and December interview dates.
  6. Good Morning. This is the last info I got from some friends that already got their interview completed in USA embassy in Guyana. They got their interview done on last June 26, 2018. They are 3 couples with CR-1 Visa. What I believe is most important for all of us following this process is the TIME that it will take to get completed. All of them have their cases completed by NVC on DECEMBER 2017 all of them have different priority dates on their processes in USCIS what makes me think that NVC completed case date is the one that counts for an interview date to be given to each of us. These all couples got the same date for their interview JUNE 26 of 2018 and for some reason I think NVC is only assigning only one day of the month for all the CR-1 visas. I called NVC yesterday and the agent told me they are already scheduling August interviews and I believe that those interviews assigned will be for those people that got their processes completed on January 2018. So make your own math and get an estimate date for your interviews. It could be that some months have less cases completed than others and probably it will help to move the list further. I hope this help you. I am waiting for my friends, as soon as they return I will post everything about how was the full process ( so far I know the interview was really fast, well organized and short ( 4 question or so only )). Feliz dia
  7. Hi there everyone , Below I’m going to leave the link , with all the information regarding the U.S Embassy in Guyana. There you can register your appointment , make your Medical Exam appointment. As well as the checklist for all the documents requiered at the interview. Hope this helps. I’m still very far away from that moment. Currently haven’t even received my approval from USCIS. But I’ve found the information and would like to share with all of you. ☺️ P.S the information is in English and Spanish! Hope it helps!
  8. Seems US is easing advisory on travelling to Cuba. Perhaps first step to restoring US embassy operations in Havana? https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article217215960.html
  9. Hi Visa Journey Community I am inquiring about the new change for Cubans (National Cubans getting an interview to get a Visa to enter USA) outside Cuba. Many of you probably already know that these interviews will take place in Georgetown, Guyana. I want to open this thread to have all of the people from Cuba that are on the same situation we are just updating and sharing their info if possible about this matter. The last update I got from NVC was via e-mail which explains the change imposed to Cubans to travel outside Cuba in this case to Guyana to get their visa to enter USA. My case was updated at the beginning of March 2018 and I am still waiting for them to give us any new update about it. Last time I called NVC was like around two weeks ago and the agent who took my call told me to call every week to check on our case since many times they already assigned an interview's date for a case and the petitioner/ and or beneficiary does not get the email about it until 2 weeks later or so. Please anyone that knows or has an interview's date already please let us now just to have an idea of what dates/cases they are processing now, or at the moment you let us know. Please share, share, share .............................. Thank you all Let's praying to have our loved ones with us as soon as possible .
  10. I filed my I129F petition for my fiancé who’s a Cuban national. Because interviews were being conducted in Bogota, I entered Bogota as the US embassy location for our interview. However- we just found out that all cases will be processed to the US embassy in Guyana. But we want to try and have our interview in Dominican Republic. Does anyone know how I can request to transfer our case once approved from the US embassy in Bogota to the US embassy in Dominican Republic? I think it might be automatically transferred once it’s approved and sent to the NVC.. but is there any specific request? My fiancé and I are already working on applying for a visa for him to travel to the Dominican Republic. Any information or ideas will be highly appreciated!
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