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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Anyone here from Guatemala City looking into the Spouse visa for the U.S. or from another non LGBTQ rights country? I am from Guatemala City and my partner is from the U.S. and I am very lost and overwhelmed with the process of it all. My partner will move to Guatemala for a while because we are tired of the distance. We are a part of the lgbtq community, me being from a country that does not support gay rights, so in order to get married we would need to either go to the U.S. or marry in a third country, which is what we would want, however, if we go for the third country option, my partner would need to go back to the U.S. and live there, while we file for the spouse visa and I stay in Guatemala, correct? is there a way we could file for it, while we both live in Guatemala? Someone I know from here, visited her at the time boyfriend in the U.S. bought a return plane ticket that showed at customs (3 months length) stayed there for 3 months and then married her husband as a lawyer advice. But, I don't even know if that is a good way to go about this? I want to keep everything fair and well done, and I worry if I buy a plane ticket for 3 months, they won't let me in or think it's sketchy (even if I were just visiting because I do work from home). I am lost as to what to do and so any advice would help! Thank you!
  2. Hello all! Hope to receive some help...First off, im petitioning my husband who is here in the US. He has an approved i601a waiver, on January 22nd we mailed our supporting documents for ds260 to NVC and last Friday we received an email saying they need the Police Certificate, because the one we sent they can not accept. (im including what the email says) ______10 - GUATEMALA POLICE CERTIFICATE:___________________________ We cannot accept the police certificate document you sent. You must send us the correct document so we can continue to process your case. To see the guidelines for your document, go to our website at nvc.state.gov/find. Select your country from the menu on the left side of the page. The next page will be your country's "Reciprocity Schedule." Click on "Police, Court, Prison Records" on the bottom. This will take you to a page with the exact requirements for the type of police certificate you must submit to NVC. We sent Antecedentes Penales and Antecedentes policiacos. We have a lawyer and they were sure everything was correct. We look at the website it shows and it says this... Police Certificates Available Fees: Free service Document Name: Antecedentes Issuing Authority: Ministerio Publico (Public Ministry) Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: White sheet with authentication code at the bottom. Issuing Authority Personnel Title: Minister of the Public Ministry Registration Criteria: See registration requirements here Procedure for Obtaining: Application is made online. The applicant may pick up the report in person or send a representative with a signed consent letter and a copy of the applicant’s identity document. Certified Copies Available: Certified copies are not available Alternate Documents: There are no alternate documents I went on the website and it's the Ministerio Publico de Guatemala. Has anyone else had to get this document from this institution? Our lawyer says its the first they here of this and from everyone else I hadn't seen NVC ask for this different document. Since my husband is here in the US he has a lawyer in Guatemala get his documents then he sends it to us here in the US. But even that lawyer has never heard of this. If any one has had this experience, I would really appreciate to hear from you all. Thanks and good luck to all!!
  3. Hellos all, I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten an interview appointment yet from the US embassy?
  4. Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has gotten a schedule for an interview appointment yet at the Guatemala consulate , embassy?
  5. Has anyone gotten their civil documents approved without translations? My wife case is being handled in Guatemala (spanish speaking country) I am at the point where I will be submitting her civil documents though CEAC. All her documents are in spanish. I called NVC and asked if I had to translate her documents and the representative told me if documents are in the language of the country where the case is being handled then no need to translate them. So I am wondering if I am safe to submit without translation?
  6. How will my fiance, who lives oversees, receive information from the embassy? Specifically in Guatemala. There is no national mailing system (postal mail) so how will he receive communication from the Guatemalan embassy? I've been searching for an answer to this questions for a couple of weeks now and I want it to be cleared up before I sent in the I129F form...
  7. Hello all! We are waiting for my husband's interview date at this time and are looking to prep for the final step of this process! What kinds of questions can he expect? Do we need to provide proof of our relationship even though our I-130 was approved? Will they be examining our relationship? What kinds of things should he expect and prep for during the interview? Anyone who has gone through this process specifically in Guatemala able to offer any insight? Thanks!
  8. Hello all- I am new to this forum and I was looking for some guidance prior to filing an F2A petition for my (future) spouse. I am a legal permanent resident and I will get married next month with my 7-year-boyfriend who is from Belize. He is not currently in the US. My story is a bit different because I became an LPR in 2013 but I’ve always gone back and forth to Guatemala (where I am from) first because I was finishing my college degree and then because I started working for an international organization, in order to no affect status I requested and got approved (twice) for a reentry permit. I’ve finally stop travelling back and forth and settled back in the US (Florida). My boyfriend remains in his country but because he has a B2 visa, I wanted him to come and get married here so that he could wait here with me until his green card got approved but I was told that because I am not a US citizen yet he wouldn’t be able to adjust status (and also because a B2 Visa is only for visiting purposes not to come and get married and stay in the country) so I was told that we should get married ASAP but that he would have to wait overseas during processing of his immigration visa. Can anyone here please provide guidance about what would be the best (and fastest) way to bring him to the US. We don’t want to spend so much time apart. Appreciate it so much!
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