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Found 27 results

  1. Will losing a job affect my conditional green card status, if my income was used for I-864 purposes? I was an international student, and I was working with the OPT program. My US spouse's income was low, and did not meet 125% of the poverty guideline, but I was making a few times more alone, so my lawyer said I could use my income for I-864 purposes. We did not get questioned at all during the interview, and I got a conditional green card last year. Unfortunately, I lost my job a few months AFTER I got my conditional green card. My US spouse still does not make enough income to meet 125% poverty guideline. Will me losing my job after I used my income for I-864 purposes affect my immigration status negatively? I ask because the instruction of I-864 says: If certain conditions are met, an intending immigrant’s income can help you meet the income requirement. If the intending immigrant is your spouse, his or her income can be included if it will continue from the same source after he or she obtains lawful permanent resident status. What does this mean? Since my income has stopped after losing my job, and it is not continuing from the same source, will I lose my conditional green card??
  2. Edgar Sousa272

    Currently filing in Tampa-FL

    I am on AOS processing in Tampa-FL. From visa B1/B2. My NO1 is late December/2018. I have seen the processing time on uscis and Visajourney about the entire process and also to get the ”combo card”. I noticed that on my case the processing time to biometric was early that shown on Visajourney (10 days). It made me happy 😄😊 I was wondering if the processing time in general for this location are spending or not. Therefore, I would like know if is there anyone here who filled recently case in Tampa area in order to exchange information.
  3. Hello guys, I hope all of you guys are ok and having a blessed day! - We just got our appointment letter for march 2019, we're excited and kind of nervous but I guess it's ok to feel like that, hope you guys can help us and guide us through this, every little piece of advise(what kind of questions they ask, how is it, whatever) would be gladly GLADLY appreciate it. We just want to be prepared. Btw: I sent everything they're asking me on the letter already but when it comes to taxes should I get the 2018 ones? or just use the one they got on file already? Thank you so much! Blessings
  4. Hello everyone! Need some answers to those who have experienced this. I just had my biometrics done and they put it under my maiden name cause I didn't get to bring my marriage certificate with me to my appointment. So now i'm assuming my ead/ap and gc will have my maiden name on it though I know I can still change my gc into my married name by the time of the interview. My question is, can I call USCIS now to change my name even before the interview? So that my ead/ap will already have my married name? cause when I filed for my aos I did included a copy of my marriage certificate anyway. TIA.
  5. Hello everybody, I am not sure if I am posting in the right place. I filed for ROC and was approved, I received my GC but it has the wrong "resident since" date on it. It is off by 10 days. I entered the country on the 17th but the date says the 7th. I am planning to file N400 as if I entered on the 17th and not the 7th. Will this typo be a problem during N400? Will it cause my petition to be denied for any reason? Should I go through the hassle of filing I-90 and wait like 8 months for this to be fixed? I also don't want to give away y GC and wait forever to get a new one. Please let me know if someone went through this. Thank you
  6. After entering USA , throu CR1 visa , I still have not received green card after 30 days of POE , and nor are there any status updates on the same on USCIS case status online . Should I be worried ? . Also I changed my address talking with cbp officer at the airport while POE . Does that affect my gc status ? . Nb :Poe was at chicago : O'Hare
  7. I have my interview tomorrow and I am a bit nervous. I got everything to the T but still. Anyone who recently had their interview there? I already read the reviews for the office on there. Thanks!
  8. Hello everybody! Last year I got my AP in order to attend my exams in January of 2018. This next January of 2019 I will have exams again and I would clearly like to attend them. My parole, as it states on my passport, was given until the begining of January 2019 (I believe until the first week of 2019) so, if I send the documents to attend the exams on January, will they give it? It has been soon over 12 months since I applied for AOS and still waiting on interview and the waiting for Seattle is up to 23 months (which means that January would still be around 17 months and who knows if they will call me before that). Thank you!!
  9. So my wife (petitioner) USC been born thru a midwife. She has a birth certificate and a passport. She was born in the US. She renewed her passport 2 times before and never had a problem. We had our interview today and the IO said that everything is fine but he can't approve it because they have to investigate my wife's citizenship because she was born thru a midwife and not a hospital. They are going to contact governments of her parents origin to make sure there is not a birth certificate for her there. So, my question is -give the fact that she has a passport and have always had one- was what he did was the standard? Is that something serious? Should we hire a lawyer to expedite the process? Thank you.
  10. 1) After getting conditional GC, does my sponsor (wife) has to keep her job? 2) If she switches jobs, does her new job have to meet poverty-line requirement? 3) Do we ever have to submit Affidavit of Support again (after we already filed it and again re-submitted it during the first interview)? If so, when? 4) During the 2 years between conditional and removing conditions interviews, does my sponsor have to be employed or only during the time of interview? Thank you!
  11. Hello Friends, I am US Citizen. I want to file Green Card for my Parents. So, what is the process and how long will it take ? Also, my parents are in India currently. So, filling for them while they are in India or once they come to USA on Visitor visa , which one is better and faster? Lastly, I would like to know form numbers needs to fill out for the process and how much is the filling fees. Thank you in advance!!
  12. Hi, My completed my fingerprint was on July 16,2018. I got following mail today - Title : Document was mailed to me On July 21, 2018, we mailed your document for Receipt Number MSCXXXXXXX, directly to the address you gave us. What does this mean?
  13. Hello, I wasnt sure under which topic to post this query. I have a GC with my employer, which automatically provides GC to my spouse and kids. However I am not happy with my employer. Is there any possibility my spouse can apply for a GC through his present employer? Will him already having a GC affect his GC application? What are the options of applying a GC for him through his company? Any information highly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I was a n international female student on F1, and I got married to a US citizen. We applied for AOS through marriage, and we are waiting for our interview in a few months. Since we were in a relationship for 3 years before marriage, and we have been married for more than a year, we have lots of texts, photos, etc. We are both poor, so we didn't get to travel though. But we also have a joint bank account, joint health insurances, joint car insurance, a rental agreement with both of our names on it, and also all the bills we got in mail with both of our names on them. However, the problem is, I haven't told my family (except my sister) that I am married. This is because I am lesbian and my spouse is a girl too, and I know my family would hate me if they ever found out that I married a woman. One time, I couldn't keep a secret from my mother, who lives in my home country, so I told her on the phone that I am thinking about marrying someone of the same sex and that I am lesbian, and she said "Please don't. It is just a phase. You will eventually start liking men, so wait until then. Homosexuality doesn't exist. " She sounded very disappointed and I could tell she was crying on the other line of the phone. Now I can never tell my family that I am now married... My USC spouse's family all know that we are married and they are okay with it, but it is just my family who is not accepting of this kind of marriage and relationship.. I know myself and I know I won't change my sexuality, so I decided to marry the girl I love. Because of all this, my family doesn't know I am married, and they have not met my spouse's family either. I have some photos with my spouse's family, but my spouse does not have a photo with my family. They cannot even travel all the way here either. Does this lead to an immediate rejection of GC application at the interview? I am scared we might get separated solely because we cannot provide them with family photos with both sides of families in them..
  15. Hello, I wasnt sure under which topic to post this query. I have a GC with my employer, which automatically provides GC to my spouse and kids. However I am not happy with my employer. Is there any possibility my spouse can apply for a GC through his present employer? Will him already having a GC affect his GC application? What are the options of applying a GC for him through his company? Any information highly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Hi! I just wanted to ask if anyone received a letter about GC interview when your spouse was deployed? Did you go alone to the interview? And what did you bring?
  17. I am just going to share my timeline thus far since I am in the process of waiting on a letter for my Marriage-Based GC Interview. September 29th, 2017 - Sent of Package (I-130, I-1485, I-765, I-131) October 2, 2017 - Package was received by USCIS October 4, 2017 - Confirmation letters (i-797) received for I-130, I-1485, I-765, I-131 October 20, 2017 - ASC Appointment Letter received for Biometrics December 14, 2017 - Letter Received for Address Change December 28, 2017 -Letter sent for Request for Initial Evidence (I-485) January 19, 2018 - Mailed additional evidence which was spouse 2016 tax Transcript January 19, 2018 - Received letter of receipt for evidence sent February 7, 2018 - Action of Notice sent for approved EAD (I-765), AP (I-131) February 9, 2018 - EAD and AP Combo received ???????? - No letter of Interview date yet and status on USCIS is still as follows: I-130 We will review your request for a data change. If needed, we will make the change. I-485 We received your response to our Request for Evidence for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSCXXXXXXXXXX. Our National Benefits Center office will begin working on your case again. We will mail you a decision or notify you if we need something from you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Let me know if anyone who applied and lives in the state of Maryland having the same issue or similar issue.
  18. So this just came through my thoughts as my husband mentioned he might look into a government job e.g. in germany. How is this with the greencard, is the permit still valid when living abroad but the spouse working for the government? Anybody experienced this?
  19. Hey guys, how are you? I hope everyone is ok! I'm sorry if my post is off topic, if so just delete it. I'm really anxious to start my life in USA and get a college to start my routine and I graduate. I'm from Brazil and I would like to know what it is required for someone to start a college when it is a GC holder? Is there any test or something like this? Thank you very much!
  20. Hey guys, Was anyone here able to join the USAF or any other branch with their Conditional Green card? My husband serves and I would like to make it a career as well. I have a bachelors degree but since I’m not a US citizen I would have to join enlisted first and then switch over to be an officer. I will go and talk to a recruiter as well but I was just curious if anyone here joined the military. Thanks in advance.
  21. faithful12

    Anyone with E 34 visa?

    Hello, Could someone with an E34 shed some light on E34 work privileges? Does one require to file for EAD? Or the GC would do to apply for jobs? Kindly throw in some light. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi everyone, has anyone needed to reschedule their interview and how did you do that and were you able to pick a date or they just send you a random date again? How far do they postpone it? Can you get a date maybe a week or two later or you need to wait another god knows how long? Thank you
  23. Hey VJers !! Soooo my journey timeline in dot form and maybe a little bit extra... October 2015 - entered Diversity Visa Program 5th May 2016 - I checked the DV site and was notified that I was randomly selected for further processing. Filed ds-206 form 5 or so days later. 21st November - Checked the DV site and got the official notice to pursue my application for DV-2017. Where an appointment was scheduled at the U.S. Consulate. So I applied from Melbourne, Australia. They do not hold DV interviews at the U.S. Embassy in Melbourne so I was scheduled for an interview appointment for the 10th of January 2017. 30th Nov 2016 - I had received my police check, so I would have gotten this done maybe the 21st Nov when I found out my interview time. December 1st 2016 - roughly around that time I had booked my medical exam for the 4th of January. 4th of January 2017 - Went in for my medical exam and cost me around $600aud At this point I was stressing out because my interview was for the 10th and didn't know if my medical results would be completed in time and I'm one of those who need to have everything in my hand and ready! The 4th of Jan was a Wednesday and unfortunately my examiner wasn't back til the following Monday which fell on the 9th of Jan. Soo the stress was piling on cause on top of that my flight to Sydney was on the 9th and 12pmish. The reason for me risking this was cause I needed a longer validation before I could enter the US due to work and other commitments so that's why I did the medical real close to the interview date. 9th of January 2017 - went into the city and thankfully as I arrived the examiner was going through my results. Picked up and took my medical envelope that you DO NOT open. 10th of January 2017 - went to the U.S. Consulate in Sydney Australia for appointment at 10.45am. I arrived a little earlier like got there at 10 but didn't get into the building 10 mins later cause I was lost and there wasn't much signage and I probably was stressing myself out so was lost haha. Some what of my interview process - walked in and handed everything to the 'receptionist' (handed everything as in, my passport, education certificates, birth cert, medical exam, confirm application of ds-206, police check, the address of my U.S. Address) Went through security, they took my phone, watch and returned all my documents back. they told me to walk through some doors and to take a number and then take a seat (there literally only me and another person waiting) i got called up ( hello how are you, handed over paper work, been to the US before? A little silence, okay you have been approved for your visa we will mail your passport back with your visa congrats!) honestly they didn't ask much about anything, I'm pretty sure the 'interview' is just to make sure all documents are correct and completed. 16th of January 2017 - my brown/yellow envelope that you DO NOT open with my passport and visa arrived in the mail!! The visa in passport expires 3rd July 2017. So at this point I had booked flights for the 15th of June 2017. 15th June 2017 - POE Houston Texas 12.30pm flight landed 12.50 got into customs line (luckily came at the time I did, it started to get busy with all the other flights arriving.) 1pm got to the counter and the lady went over my documents and then put them aside and called up another agent who took me through to a room where other agents go through visa stuff and what not (I was the first one in that room 2 others arrived shortly after.) 1.10pm the agent that was going over my case called me up and notified that it was all completed. Double checked my address, I told him that I was changing addresses so gave him the correct one and he fixed it for me. Told me GC would arrive 30-60 days in mail. I mentioned SSN and he said to just go into an office and apply. 1.20pm was out and at baggage claim! yay grabbed all my stuff And went to the hotel ! Same day 15th of June I wondered around Houston and came across Chase Bank my preferred banking option... unfortunately they did not open an account for me because I did not have proof of address and SSN and Physical GC. 16th June 2017 - went to Bank Of America and opened up a bank account with them and voila, I am now a BOA customer! I was pretty sure I clicked the whole send me a SSN so I did not worry about going to an office to apply and what not and decided to wait the 2 weeks for it and hope for the best. I also had a SSN before from a previous trip and work program I did so was hoping the system picked that up. 26th June 2017 - I flew to Florida where I am basing myself and will be calling home !! 28th June 2017 - checked my, myuscis account and excitedly it was 'Last updated: 06/28/2017 to Card produced - (NON-DACA) USCIS has produced your Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and mailed it to the address you provided.' 29th June 2017 - I received a letter in the mail from the Social Security Administration notifying me that my SSN couldn't be processed and to visit a SSO to sort it out in other words. So sadly no SSN but a trip to the SSO. 30th June 2017 - I arrived at the SSO at 8.15am and there was a line already I knew this so that's why I came early, i got in and got a ticket for a replacement card at 9.03a. I got called up at 9.35am, They found my old SSN and The issue was that the names of my parents were wrong so they just needed to check my birth certificate and fix that up, told me my SSN will be mailed out in 2 weeks! 30th June 2017 - decided I would try my chances at getting a FL drivers license!! I went to a DMV and brought my documents, Passport, proof of address and the letter of receipt for SSN. With my AUS DL they don't have a partnership thing so was told I had to take a test (multiple choice) and then a driving test. So i was like sure why not take the test today!!! I passed the multiple choice test (YAY) and booked my drivers test in 2 weeks!! 30th of June - It really is my lucky day!!! I get home and check my mail and what's in it?? MY GC!!! Yep I was a lucky person my GC has arrived in the mail at 2 days after the 'Last Updated' and at 15 days after POE! That brings me to the end of my journey so far... now all I have to wait for is SSN in mail and for me to pass my drivers test and I'm ready!!! Also flying back to Australia on the 30th of July to settle things and make money to support myself for my official move sometime in April! im just really happy that I fly back home with the physical GC In my possession and hope that I can take my SSC and DL with me too!! Thank you to all those who helped me out especially SusieQQQ!!!!! And thanks for reading I know it's a massive post but I just thought I'd give some insight to my experience as that's what I was looking for when I first applied !! Goodluck to all and thanks again !!!
  24. Hello, I'm currently finish up my bachelors overseas and am on a 2 year reentry permit. However my permit expires in Nov 18 but my education will end in March 19, basically 4 months after my permit expires. After getting my degree, I intend to permanently reallocate to the USA. Does any1 have any advice on how should i go about handling this? Would it be ok if i flew in Nov18 and stayed for a week before flying back? Thanks
  25. hi visa journey, Me and my husband are planning to have a vacation on my home country. I just renewed my passport using my MARRIED name but my GC is MAIDEN name. My ticket is under mg married name since thats tge on my my passport. My question is, will i have a problem coming back to the US with my PASSPORT having my MARRIED NAME and GC having my MAIDEN NAME? Thank you