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Found 14 results

  1. After entering USA , throu CR1 visa , I still have not received green card after 30 days of POE , and nor are there any status updates on the same on USCIS case status online . Should I be worried ? . Also I changed my address talking with cbp officer at the airport while POE . Does that affect my gc status ? . Nb :Poe was at chicago : O'Hare
  2. HI all , I am planing to buy house as i got recently married . My concern is soon( probably in 2 months ) I am going to file AOS from F1 visa and my wife is USC . If i do the 30 year mortgage before applying for adjust status , will i have trouble proving the intent during the interview as right now i am on stem opt . Can the visa officer ask me questions like why did i do 30 year loan on the temporary visa and my intent was to stay longer while applying for loan . Thank you
  3. Hey guys, Was anyone here able to join the USAF or any other branch with their Conditional Green card? My husband serves and I would like to make it a career as well. I have a bachelors degree but since I’m not a US citizen I would have to join enlisted first and then switch over to be an officer. I will go and talk to a recruiter as well but I was just curious if anyone here joined the military. Thanks in advance.
  4. I am on AOS processing in Tampa-FL. From visa B1/B2. My NO1 is late December/2018. I have seen the processing time on uscis and Visajourney about the entire process and also to get the ”combo card”. I noticed that on my case the processing time to biometric was early that shown on Visajourney (10 days). It made me happy 😄😊 I was wondering if the processing time in general for this location are spending or not. Therefore, I would like know if is there anyone here who filled recently case in Tampa area in order to exchange information.
  5. Hi Guys, I had my GC interview for conditional green card (based on I-485 K1 visa) last week. During my interview, the immigration officer was really nice and calming. He asked the usual questions and said that everything looks fine and that he will approve us. At some point he asked for a new medical exam because the original that i took overseas was 'expired', obviously it wasn't since I filed my i-485 in less than 1 year after my medical exam. The good thing is that I was expecting him to tackle me on this since I was reading this forum, and saw in multiple posts that they don't really know all the rules. Anyway, I showed him the instruction page on form I-693 indicating it's not expired. He was convinced and thanked me for reading all rules and details. He asked me to make a copy of the instruction page and that he'll need to double-check that before finally approving us, as we were about to finish the interview. Then we realized he barely asked us any personal questions and didn't really take any document for bona-fide marriage from us, so we started to give him all of them at once (while joking that we put a lot of effort into assembling everything). (We gave him- joint apartment lease, joint credit card, joint health insurance, joint bank account, hundreds of pictures from over the years and wedding.... and more) At some point he stopped us and said - "i have to be honest, we only ask for more documents from people we feel that they need to prove to have a real marriage...." Then he said he'll approve us within a couple of days and gave us a letter stating- "USCIS is unable to complete your case at this time....." (and said right after we shouldn't worry. he will approve us but he needed to check the medical exam's validity with someone else in the office...) The whole interview took under 20 minutes. My wife and I shook his hands and left. A week after, we didn't hear anything. My questions are- 1. Am I suppose to see any change to our case status online? It's still says "Interview Was Scheduled" 2. Am I suppose to get a letter from USCIS? (NOA?) 3. What is the waiting time for getting the actual green card? Thanks, Dave
  6. Hi guys, I have a question regarding this for those who went to interview alone. My Husband is stationed in Germany and couldn’t attend my AoS Interview. I will bring his official orders with me, will they require me to bring my husbands Original Birth certificate and naturalization papers? I just want to make sure so he can mail it to me ASAP before the interview.
  7. I've got my GC today but I am very frustrated that its for 2 years. I am married for 3,5 years. My lawyer said that it's supposed to be for 10 years. I have an appointment with him next week! But can't wait to get the information how long it takes to fix it. Guys please if you had that experience, let me know pls.
  8. Guys if there is anyone who has a positive result after filing this form??? I see only negative stories about this form.
  9. Hi! I just wanted to ask if anyone received a letter about GC interview when your spouse was deployed? Did you go alone to the interview? And what did you bring?
  10. Hello Friends, I am US Citizen. I want to file Green Card for my Parents. So, what is the process and how long will it take ? Also, my parents are in India currently. So, filling for them while they are in India or once they come to USA on Visitor visa , which one is better and faster? Lastly, I would like to know form numbers needs to fill out for the process and how much is the filling fees. Thank you in advance!!
  11. Will losing a job affect my conditional green card status, if my income was used for I-864 purposes? I was an international student, and I was working with the OPT program. My US spouse's income was low, and did not meet 125% of the poverty guideline, but I was making a few times more alone, so my lawyer said I could use my income for I-864 purposes. We did not get questioned at all during the interview, and I got a conditional green card last year. Unfortunately, I lost my job a few months AFTER I got my conditional green card. My US spouse still does not make enough income to meet 125% poverty guideline. Will me losing my job after I used my income for I-864 purposes affect my immigration status negatively? I ask because the instruction of I-864 says: If certain conditions are met, an intending immigrant’s income can help you meet the income requirement. If the intending immigrant is your spouse, his or her income can be included if it will continue from the same source after he or she obtains lawful permanent resident status. What does this mean? Since my income has stopped after losing my job, and it is not continuing from the same source, will I lose my conditional green card??
  12. Hello guys, I hope all of you guys are ok and having a blessed day! - We just got our appointment letter for march 2019, we're excited and kind of nervous but I guess it's ok to feel like that, hope you guys can help us and guide us through this, every little piece of advise(what kind of questions they ask, how is it, whatever) would be gladly GLADLY appreciate it. We just want to be prepared. Btw: I sent everything they're asking me on the letter already but when it comes to taxes should I get the 2018 ones? or just use the one they got on file already? Thank you so much! Blessings
  13. Hello everyone! Need some answers to those who have experienced this. I just had my biometrics done and they put it under my maiden name cause I didn't get to bring my marriage certificate with me to my appointment. So now i'm assuming my ead/ap and gc will have my maiden name on it though I know I can still change my gc into my married name by the time of the interview. My question is, can I call USCIS now to change my name even before the interview? So that my ead/ap will already have my married name? cause when I filed for my aos I did included a copy of my marriage certificate anyway. TIA.
  14. Hello everybody, I am not sure if I am posting in the right place. I filed for ROC and was approved, I received my GC but it has the wrong "resident since" date on it. It is off by 10 days. I entered the country on the 17th but the date says the 7th. I am planning to file N400 as if I entered on the 17th and not the 7th. Will this typo be a problem during N400? Will it cause my petition to be denied for any reason? Should I go through the hassle of filing I-90 and wait like 8 months for this to be fixed? I also don't want to give away y GC and wait forever to get a new one. Please let me know if someone went through this. Thank you
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