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Found 5 results

  1. Since I couldn't find a Philadelphia field office specific topic, I figured I create one and give it a shot! Filed AOS in September 2018, have been ready for interview since October 2018, so we still have a good wait in front of us! Any Philly filers that filed in 2017/2018, please chime in so we can get an idea of the processing times (besides the processing times chart on VJ) and for some Philly support. Happy Sunday everyone!
  2. Hello buddies I wanted to create this topic on I-751 (petition to remove condition on residence) for New York filer. A lots of people getting MSC receipt number which is believed to end up with an interview in the local office, but there’s no specific processing time for New York field office, please feel free share your processing experience here
  3. Hello VJ's I am not sure, if any one has gone through this. I filed my n-400 application in July 2018 with i-751 pending. Everything went fine with Bio-metrics and felt like process was going smooth. In March 2019 I got the USCIS notice that my N-400 Interview was scheduled for today at San Jose field office ie. 04/09/2019. I reach to Field Office on time and go through security checks as normal. After getting my Token I wait with my wife for our Token number to be called for the Interview. After waiting few hours an officer calls my Token Number and calls me on the window. She said that as my i-751 was pending she will have to reschedule my Interview. This time it will be a combo interview. She took the N-400 interview letter from me and when I asked how much time it will take for USCIS to reschedule my interview she said they will put my case in a queue and I will be notified. She apologized for all this and left the window. I am confused as I have Not seen any case on VJ or anywhere (At least I have not seen any case of VJ) where you are sent back from N-400 Interview for i-751 pending. What does this means. Do I file another application, as literally after officer taking away my Interview letter I do not have any proof of attending interview. I mean how hard is it for USCIS to lie and say that I never showed for Interview. Should I get an attorney's help? If USCIS does reschedule my interview what might be the timeline for the new interview (Any Guestimate would be helpful as I am planning a trip to India). Is this kind of scenario normal?
  4. Hi, While i prepare for AOS filing(F2A category) ,i learned that i should apply to USCIS Chicago Lock-box as per the below USCIS link. https://www.uscis.gov/i-485-addresses I understand/believe that from there it will go to appropriate local office(in my case it is Detroit office.) I will apply i-765/AP along with i-485.So does those documents also get processed there.? I am trying to estimate the wait time for EAD(based on AOS). Any correction/suggestions.
  5. Hi Everyone! I AM FINISHED!! I would like to share my entire process for the Philly FO since I barely saw any here when I first started. I attached my timeline taken from USCIS.gov but I also have a few pointers and a little more detail that it doesn't show. I filed by mail (because I didn't know you could do it online at the time). My GC had expired about 3 months before I started the application. I sought advice from some online lawyers about whether I should have my GC renewed since I already started the citizenship process & they all said yes. SO, June 20, 2018, I applied for a GC and the lady automatically put in a 1-year extension when I went for my 2nd set of fingerprints (1st set of prints was for n400 in March). My N400 interview was originally scheduled for October but for some reason, they canceled it and automatically rescheduled me for November. I went for my interview on November 20th. Now, this is IMPORTANT! this is a different location then the fingerprints you go through security like you're at an airport (take off shoes, jackets, belts, etc.) check in at the desk so they can put in the system that you are present. The staff will tell you which door you'll need to go to The interview is on the second floor and there are 3 doors. Sit as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO YOUR DOOR or you will NOT hear them call your name! (a lot of people talking!) Someone comes out of the door you are assigned to and calls out (apparently I was called 3 separate times but I sat too far and couldn't hear). Fingerprinted again, another photo, and then the staff goes through your application to make sure everything is correct and there are no changes. Finally, the test begins: civic first, reading, then writing. Passed! YAY! Given paper stating, I passed and left.😁 Literally hours later I received a notification online that my oath Ceremony is scheduled to be in 10 days! Got my letter by mail. you have to fill out the back with the date of the ceremony. Ceremony Time!!! (52 people, 33 countries) 😎 Same building as interview except now you're on the first floor The staff hosting it was very friendly and funny Line up row by row to surrender your GC (FOREVER!), verify name spelling and birth date on the certificate (but you don't get it yet!) Watch a couple of videos, sing the national anthem, say the oath, and voila! you're officially sworn in! Row by row we stand and wait for our names to be called to receive our certificates (Like graduation). Watch about 2 more videos and THE END! 💃 You get to register to vote right there also and it takes less than 1 minute to complete. Still, haven't heard anything about my GC but it's useless now! TOTAL TIME: 9 Months
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