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  1. Hi, my fiancé has her K-1 visa interview next week. When we started this process, she was here visiting when we decided we wanted to see what we could do so she could eventually be here with me. We hired a lawyer. Long story short, he lied to us, took advantage of us knowing we were young and uneducated on immigration and such. He told us she could stay in the U.S with me while we filed. She overstayed 120 days, but she left as soon as we talked to another lawyer and found out she’s WASNT allowed to be here. The lawyer stopped contacting us, and wouldn’t admit his lies and manipulation. Has anyone dealt with overstaying and still been approved and do you think she will be approved or denied? Her interview is in Montreal, Canada and she was here in the U.S. just with her passport.
  2. Hi, my fiancé has her K-1 visa interview next week. When we started this process, she was here visiting when we decided we wanted to see what we could do so she could eventually be here with me. We hired a lawyer. Long story short, he lied to us, took advantage of us knowing we were young and uneducated on immigration and such. He told us she could stay in the U.S with me while we filed. She overstayed 120 days, but she left as soon as we talked to another lawyer and found out she’s WASNT allowed to be here. The lawyer stopped contacting us, and wouldn’t admit his lies and manipulation. Has anyone dealt with overstaying and still been approved and do you think she will be approved or denied? Her interview is in Montreal, Canada and she was here in the U.S. just with her passport.
  3. Wondering if anyone has had any recent experiences with having their fiancé(e) join them for their K1 interview? When we called the contact number for the Mumbai Consulate, the agent couldn't understand why we were asking the question or why the petitioner would even want to join. The last thing she stated was, "A decision will be made real-time before the interview they can join or not." Seems a bit silly there's no information or planned procedures in place. Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. Hello Everyone!!! It's getting close to the time when we'll be submitting our interview packet to the embassy/consulate and I am getting a bit nervous. I was hoping some of the more seasoned users on here could provide any insight or comments on what we will be submitting. I will provide a little summary of all the items we will be submitting. If you could review them and let me know what you think, I would be very thankful and appreciative. The embassy is requesting that we mail in our documents. Here is what we are submitting and how the packet will flow (Total of about 100 to 120 pages; is this a typical number of pages?): Cover Letter (1 Page Total) Letters Reaffirming Intent to Marry - Signed and Dated by both me and her (1 Page Total) NOA1 & NO2 & First Page of K-1 Packet 3 Instructions (3 Pages Total) DS-160 Confirmation Page - With barcode (1 Page Total) MRV Fee - Copy of the Receipt (1 Page Total) Fiancee's Birth Certificate - A certified original and a photocopy of the original, translated by a certified translator (2 Pages Total) Packet 3 Instructions state to include an original & copy, is the original and a photocopy of the original we are sending in sufficient? Also, is it okay to send our only original by mail to the embassy prior to the interview and my fiancee will only bring a photocopy with her to the interview? Fiancee's Police Clearances - Certified originals of police clearances from all required countries, translated by a certified translator (6 Pages Total) Should we send in the originals by mail to the embassy and my fiancee will only bring a photocopy of the originals with her to the interview? Passport Style Photos - Including 2 passport style photos in a zip-lock stapled to a sheet of paper (1 Page Total) Medical Form - Still unsure what to send in for this because my fiancee still hasn't received her results or any paperwork back yet (? Pages Total) Affidavit of Support / Evidence of Financial Support - (40 Pages Total) ??? Do I need to include a letter stating that my income is above 100% and 125% of the FPL ??? Form I-134 - Without checking either box "intend" or "do not intend" and with a response of "N/A (Filing for my fiancee for a K1 Visa Process for Permanent Residence)" response to Page 4 - Part 3 - Item Number 38 (8 Pages) Letter from my Bank - Stating the total amount deposited and the average balance over the past 12 months, the date the account was opened, and the current balance (1 Page) Bank Statements - I included the first page of each statement only and included the following statements: February 2016, December 2016, January 2017, December 2017, January 2018, December 2018, January 2019 (7 Pages) Letter from my Employer - On their stationary/letterhead stating my name, my title, the date of my employment, my current annual salary (and monthly salary), and that I am a permanent employee with them (1 Page) Pay Stubs - Last 3 months' pay stubs from my employer (8 Pages) W-2 Forms - From 2016 to 2018 (4 Pages) Tax Return Transcripts - For the 2016 and 2017 tax years (11 Pages) Evidence of Relationship - (45 Pages Total) Text Messages - Starting from just after we filed the I-129F up until February 2019 for a total of 8 samples (31 Pages) Voice Call Logs - Starting from just after we filed the I-129F up until February 2019 for a total of 5 samples (7 Pages) Visit Pictures - I visited my fiancee once this November of 2018 since we filed the I-129F and I have included 2 pictures from that visit, one picture with me and my fiancee and the other with me, my fiancee, and my sister and I have included a brief description next to each picture(1 Page) Boarding Passes & Itinerary - To prove that I visited (6 Pages) My Passport Visa Page - Showing I landed in her City (2 Pages) Passport - Do we need to submit a photocopy of all her passport pages??? I apologize again if this post is overboard but I just don't want anything to go wrong and I'm hoping to have everything go as smoothly as possible. Thank you all in advance for your time and help. It is greatly appreciated. Kindest Regards
  5. Does anyone know whether it would help or hurt to call the military line and ask for an expedite? Do you have to be going on deployment? I'm active duty Navy currently on shore duty in kind of a limbo and it's possible I could get orders back to a boat, but like everything in the military who knows. I've read the list of expedite criteria on the USCIS website, but it's pretty vague. Has anyone here got things expedited under some of those criteria. I don't want to waste my time or shoot myself in the foot and have it take longer by calling and mucking it up. Thanks.
  6. Good Morning/Noon, I am trying my luck and see if someone can best advice me as to what I can do to petition my wife here in U.S. To start off, I am a Active Duty Military serving in the Navy. We just got married last September 27,2018 we've been together since June 27, 2016 and we've seen each other in person already and that was in Dec 20, 2017 for 11 days as I went back to the Philippines. We are married through double proxy marriage that is currently being done in Montana. I already went to the JAG Legal office and the guy was somewhat not helpful because he even just used google for my situation which I could've done my self. He advised us to just apply for the K-1 Visa, however I will be going to the Philippines this coming February 2019 and will spend a month with her which will technically make our marriage "CONSUMMATED" and will become recognized for a I-130 petition. My issue is, I will change my duty station in Dec 2019 and I do not know if I will be attached to a ship or actually sent overseas. I wanted to file as soon as I can. Do you think it will be a problem if I file a K-1 Visa now (December 2018) but our marriage is actually going to be consummated in (Feb 2019)? I really don't want to wait until it gets "consummated" because it'll also take some time off on the actual processing. In addition, If I file a I-130 we don't even have any joint accounts yet because we just got married. I hope you can advice me. Thank you!
  7. I came to US with K-1 fiancée visa. I have been waiting for a green card interview since July 2017 and my 1-year Advance Parole and Employment Authorization document is expiring this August ( 2018 ). I need to renew my combination card just in case. My question is - what is my Class of Admission now? Is it still K-1 with what I entered with?
  8. We are both from the Philippines, same sex partner. He will then move to NY as he will be based there for his works as Physical Therapists having his H1B visa. While me, I will be staying here in the Philippines working in IT industry. I dont know how long do I need to wait for us to be together again like living in the same roof. We have plans to create family there because that is what we have dreamed together. I feel sad knowing that it may take more years to achieve that dream together. We dont know what to do. Please let us know if there is something that we can do for us to be together again in a short period of time. We need your advise guys. Thank you.
  9. Sorry for the title gore, but we only recently found out that USCIS has never even received the paperwork we submitted. We ended up getting Married in September when she arrived, and we're worried she might have to go back to her home country since her visa states it expires November 11th. What should we do in this case? Is there an expedition process? Is there anything we should prepare for? We're about to send another batch of paperwork and money order with an overnight ( as well with all the same verification we used before ). Just a little shaken up and worried about what's to happen- we don't want to interfere with anything and we certainly don't want ICE banging down our door..
  10. When I recently visited my fiancee in Albania, I forgot to have her write out her letter of intention and sign it. Is a scan of her letter with the signature sufficient? Or do I need her to mail her letter to me, with ink on it, which may add a couple of weeks before I could send it in?
  11. Hello. My fiance and I were gathering all the necessary documents and getting ready to file the i129f packet Last Aug to officially start our K1 journey but we have read somewhere that you need to use the latest i129f form when filing. The latest one they have on the uscis website expired last Aug 31, 2018 and so we thought we should just wait for the new edition of i129f form to be released and just focus more on working on the intent letter and other docs. But it's been more than a month now and they haven't released anything yet. I was reading through the forums earlier and I saw people posting about how they are about to file for the i129f packet this week so I'm kinda confused now, how come they're filing this week when the new i129f form hasn't been released? Please help!
  12. Hi all, So my fiancee and I are debating on whether or not she should come to Brazil to attend the K-1 visa interview with me. Can anyone give us some insight on the benefits and drawbacks of her attending the interview with me? I would like to believe that they'll see that it's an ongoing relationship and not give us too much of a hard time lol. I'd be nice to hear experiences from people who had their fiance(e) with them and from those who didn't. Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. Hi Guys, I have been stressing out for such a long time, I feel so tired now. Here is the situation: 10 years ago my family and I left Iraq & arrived to States. We stayed here ever since, and after graduating high school, I finally traveled to Egypt to meet my Iraqi born boyfriend at the time. Prior to the meeting, we knew each other on Facebook for a looooooooong time. We then, out of nowhere, found each other, and fell in love, like hard. He graduated from dentistry school in Egypt, currently 24 years old. I visited him in Cairo twice, we got engaged, and we decided to live in the States since it will not help me a lot if I moved to Egypt or Iraq. He lived in Egypt since he was 12 and returned to Iraq at 24. I applied for k1 on January 2018, and USCIS received the application on January 23, 2018. According to their website, they are processing January applications right now. I am not sure when the wait will be over, but considering what's going on, I am so scared. I turned 20 on the 15th of this month and I can't believe the stress I am under. Do you guys think we will be fine? I mean, I don't even make enough money, I am part time employee and full time college student (BUT I DO HAVE CO-SPONSORS WHO ARE WILLING TO HELP LIKE FAMILY FRIENDS). Please give me any info, advice, heads up. Anything will appreciated. I have not heard back from USCIS so is no news good news at this stage? Will our background effect our life together? It is so stressful, I want to get on with our life together already I have been thinking about this everyday for the past two years!! I check the website everyday...sometimes even three to four times a day! I am going mad I think. Please help.
  14. Hi all, This is my first time visiting/posting on VisaJourney. The i-129f process actually seems pretty simple; but I'm nervous, as I would hate to wait 4-6 months only to be declined or to get requests for more evidence. I am the petitioner and my fiancee (the beneficiary) is from Indonesia. I'll offer a checklist below to let you know what I have completed and prepared to offer the U.S. Department of Homeland Security: * I've purchased a very slim binder of clear sleeves to send all my forms, check, and evidence. Inside this binder I will include the following... * Payment in the amount of $525 * The G-1145 form * i-129f form * Proof of U.S. Citizenship - Photocopies of my birth certificate, as well as every page from my passport * Passport style photo of myself and my fiancee * Proof of having met in person within the last two years (Here I have written statements from both myself and my fiancee, with many pictures to correspond with everything from the written statement) * Proof of travel (Here I have plane ticket stubs and itinerary/receipt) Here are some of my main questions and concerns: 1. Do I need to include a copy of my fiancee's birth certificate as well? 2. I am not including the G-325A - as I understand that form is no longer necessary... right? 3. Probably my biggest concern: What exactly does my fiancee need to sign? The instructions says to print names on the back of passport style photos... because this is not seeking a signature, is it ok if I print her photo here where I'l get my passport style photo and I write our names on the back of our photos? She had her passport style photo taken yesterday, and I'm very nervous about having her photo and anything else she needs to sign being snail-mails from me - because when I send a gift or letter to her it usually takes a month, and the instructions requires the photo be taken within 30 days of filing the i-129f. Anyway, that's about it. I've very excited to marry my fiancee and get this bright future started; but I'm very nervous about the rigamarole leading up to it. I think/hope I'm almost finished with the first step (the i-129f) and taking the time to join a couple groups/forums to see if anyone has any advice. Thank you very much for your help and time, Lee Wanner
  15. HI all! I'm finalizing my from I-129F for a K-1 visa for my fiancee who is in Colombia. I have a couple of quick questions for those in the know: - For the evidence of intent to marry, what to most people submit? The form's instructions state that a written statement signed by each of the parties, stating their intent to marry within 90 days of the beneficiary's arriaival in the States, can count here. My question is, Have people sent this in as a formal affidavit or declaration, or simply a written statement signed by each person? Does that alone suffice in most cases? All of our text message communications are in spanish, so I imagine that submitting that wouldn't be very helpful without some kind of certified translation, which seems time- and cost-prohibitive. Any thoughts? - For evidence of having met in person in the last two years: Is there anything here that is considered quick and easy proof, which would alleviate sending several pages of documents, evidence, etc? We have spent a week together each month since we met in September last year, but I didn't keep baggage claim tickets, actual boarding passes, etc., and our photos are not time stamped... but obviously I have proof that I've traveled to Colombia (where my fiance lives) as well as that we both traveled to Mexico where we spent the new years holidays, and plenty of pictures together at those locations. But what is the best evidence that people have submitted which tends to be accepted without a further need for delay to submit more evidence? I'm probably overthinking all of this because we clearly have a legitimate relationship and have spent lots of time together, but I just want to make sure I submit everything correctly the first time so hopefully she can move her by the end of this year. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated - thanks!
  16. Hi and good evening or day to you, My fiancée will be moving from Mexico to the United States, under her K1 visa in august. We are struggling to understand the best way to transfer her money to the US. She will probably be receiving a retirement bonus from her company, and she will also be selling her car. We are maybe expecting $5,000 USD, maybe a max of about $10,000 USD. Our question is this, what is the best way to transfer her money to my bank account? Once she arrives to the US, I will add her to my bank account as a joint account. However my fiancée was informed by her bank that the US could seize the money during a money transfer, until we prove that the money belongs to her, and was obtained legally. Thank you for any suggestions and information you may offer. God bless and have a great rest of your day or evening.
  17. Overall, my experience with Knightsbridge was pleasant, but with a little more waiting than I'd have liked! My appointment was at 10:10, so I arrived at 09:50 - the location is quite tucked away, and it took me about 5 mins to figure out where I was going, even with the help of Google Maps! The streets on Google maps aren't connected, as the surrounding area has a lot of shops, so it can be hard to see where you are going but use the landmarks as best as you can! The building itself looks like a residential building, but has a plaque reading "Knightsbridge" on the door. Inside the building, you need to take the first door on your left. Reception was busy, so I had to wait 15 minutes to be seen. Then, the receptionist took my paperwork from me (including passport and passport pictures) and scanned it all in, before giving me the original copies back (minus the passport and passport picture). She then gave me a urine cup and a clipboard with a couple more forms to sign. I went to the toilet and completed the urine sample, which I returned to reception, and then sat in the waiting room and filled out my forms before returning them. 15 minutes after returning my forms (10:35 appx), a friendly gentleman called my name. He took me to the back room and explained that he would be taking my chest x-ray. He gave me a gown and directed me to the corner of the room, which had a medical curtain to pull across. He asked me to remove all items on my upper body (t-shirt, jacket, bra and necklace) and put my hair up on top of my head (in a bun) - there was a mirror with a shelf on it to keep my necklace and a hair clamp (the kind that you squeeze to open) for my hair. Luckily I had a hairband to use. Then, he asked me to stand in front of the x-ray machine with my chest pressed against it, chin resting on top and moved my arms into a strange position (like your hands ar on your hips, but not quite). He asked me to hold my breathe, then it was over and I could change back into my clothes as he developed the x-ray. He showed me my x-ray on his computer and told me it looked okay and that I could go to the waiting room again. He was really friendly and pleasant, and the experience took around 5-10 minutes. I was in the waiting room until 11:20, when I enquired at reception as I had been waiting for a while. I was told that the doctor was looking at my file and that I was next. I believe I saw Doctor Fong, and she was very pleasant. She apologised for the delay, and explained that she was having problems drawing blood samples due to the cold weather. She went through my paperwork with me and enquired in more detail about my history of mental illness (depression, anxiety and self harm) which I explained to her. She told me I'd need a letter from my GP but said I'd get more info after my test. We moved to the bed where I stood as she asked me to cover one eye and perform an eye test (simple, reading letters off the wall). Before sitting on the bed. She looked in my ears and mouth, and then asked me to change into my gown. Then, she then tested my blood pressure and my heartbeat (front of my chest and back). Then she asked me to stand up and she checked the back of my legs (unsure why), and said we'd be moving to the blood test. She asked how I was with needles and I told her that I wasn't very good with them. I was offered the opportunity to lay down or sit up on the bed (I chose to lay). She tried to draw from my left arm, but was unable to. She asked if she could try in the other arm with me sitting, which I agreed to. She drew the blood and went to write a label. When she came back, I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy, and she said I looked pale. She then moved the pillow to the bottom of the bed (so my feet were elevated above my head) and asked me to lay down for a bit. After a few minutes, she said I looked better and could slowly sit up and get dressed in my own time. Then it was explained that I would see the vaccination nurse next, and that they cannot send off the papers to the embassy until they get my letter from the GP. I returned to the waiting room for another 10 minutes, and was called by the vaccination nurse (12:00). She was very friendly and went through my papers with me. She explained that I'd need 1x MMR booster and 1x influenza vaccines and said that I can get these done at my GP or when I arrive, OR at Knightsbridge for a fee (MMR booster - £50, Influenza - £12). I asked for the vaccinations there, to get it out of the way, and again was asked how I was with needles. She was very helpful in preparing me, and explained the symptoms (achiness and tenderness, feeling hot, headaches) and how to deal with them (lots of fluid, paracetamol if needed) before performing one injection in each arm. She told me when she was going to do something ("I'm just going to touch your arm here now") and told me to take a deep breathe before the injections. Overall, she was very gentle and I had no problems. I returned to the waiting room for another 5 minutes and was called to reception at 12:25. I was given back my passport, and vaccination details and asked for a payment (£365 total). She gave me a letter to give to my GP for the mental illness check, which basically explains that I am seeking to immigrate and that the surgery need information on my general well-being, any treatments and a final ruling with regards to my mental health. She said I need to get the letter from my GP emailed or faxed over, and only after they receive that can they send my papers to the Embassy. She also explained that my blood, urine and x-ray results would come back in around 48 hours, and if there were any issues, they'd get in contact with me/ And that was it! Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be glad to answer Melodie (UK K1 filer)
  18. Hello, just wanted to make sure I was filling out our visa journey timeline correctly on the K1 side of things and to verify we’re on the right track. Apologies in advance, as I’m on mobile. We started our K1 Visa Process back on September 14th, it arrived at USCIS on September 21st. We then received an NOA2 March 19th. April 2nd is when we received an email from the NVC stating our case was expedited. After filling out the DS160, isn’t fiancee was requested to fill out information on April 3rd to http://cdn.ustraveldocs.com/au/ I paid the fee, and got the receipt. Currently waiting to find out more. I’m not sure if we’re currently waiting for anything to come to her door, or if we’re waiting for an email confirmation? The consulate requested an email as well once we were done. I was also unsure about certain forms such as the affidavit of support and if that need some to be sent to her for the interview with all of my pay stubs, or if that’ll be used for something else? We have also run into the issue of being unsure of where to get her medical done within Australia as the form she presented to her doctor was expired and couldn’t be filled out by him. Not to mention it was requiring information by a physician? Not sure if it’s going to happen at the embassy or if it needs to be done before. Thanks in advance for the help!
  19. Hello! I am looking into filing a K1 Visa for my fiancee in the UK very soon. I am a bit anxious about the whole procedure, and would just like some opinions and advice on my progress before I mail my submission out. So far, I have accumulated: > Completed I-129F > Letters of Intent from myself and my fiancee > Evidence of an ongoing relationship with us for the duration of our relationship (nearly 4 years) ie. photos, travel receipts > G-1145 > Cover letter for I-129F > Passport-style photos of the both of us > My US Birth Certificate > $535 Payment (no check/money order written as of yet) Neither of us have been married prior or had our names changed since birth. My questions are: > What would be the most secured way to mail the payment? I am scared if I mail a money order or check along with the packet that it will get lost in the mail, what would be the best way to secure my money? > Are there any other forms that should be submitted? I noticed in other forums that said that G-325A needed to be filed in the packet as well, but I am unsure if it still applies. > How long would it take if I were to file within this week? We are thinking it may take til about October/November, but I am unsure if it will be that soon, just would be nice to get an approximate time to look forward to > Would he be able to travel to the US on an ESTA to visit while our petition is being reviewed? We haven't seen each other since November of last year, and we were looking into him coming back out into the US for a small visit since we miss each other dearly. If there is any other helpful advice you guys could offer me, I would greatly appreciate it. We are both fairly young (early 20's) and would like any help we can get. Thank you all so much in advance!
  20. Hi All, I've been doing a lot of reading on this forum and finally decided to sign up. I need some help and advice: Background: I moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in late 2010 and have been here ever since, with a few trips back home (California). I have not filed Taxes since 2011 (filed for 2010 was the last time). At the time i was involved with a local girl and we had a son together. My son's mother and I never got engaged or married. In 2014, his mother and I split up and it was agreed with a mutual decision that I take 100% custody. In 2017, I brought my son to America for school. He is currently in America and I have returned to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. *my mistake on not filing taxes, I was under the assumption if you do not work in America, where they deduct tax from your paycheck, you do not need to file. New Relationship: in 2016, I met a local khmer girl, dated for months and I finally asked her to marry me. We got engaged and had a ceremony and have been living together. Our relationship is very genuine, it was not traditionally arranged. (we had one of those meant to be stories) Concerns (here is where i need advice) Financially, I can prove my employment and income here in Cambodia (which is over the 125% poverty guideline) but I have not filed taxes since 2011. She has her interview at the embassy in a month and we are gathering the paperwork and supporting documents for her interview. I will fill out the affidavit but I will not have any tax forms to submit with it. Altho, my mom will be a co-sponsor, she makes just above the 125% poverty guideline and can provide the past 3 years taxes..so my question below: What determines the family member/household guideline? Currently at my mother's address there are 4 people; Her BF(been living together for over 10 years), My Mother, My brother and my son. When me and my fiancee first arrive we will stay there for about a month, or until we find a place, which is aimed to be less than a month. The only dependent my mom has is my son, she just claimed him as a dependent for 2018 taxes. No one else in the household is dependent on her. My fiancee and I will not be dependent on her either, she will just help us get situated when we first arrive, by providing a place to stay and well home cooked meals :). So according to the guideline, with her salary, does the 3 family members apply or only who she claims as a dependent? If 4 members apply to her salary, then she will not meet the 125% poverty guideline. Next questions: Since I have a co-sponsor, and me being the primary sponsor, do I need to show tax forms, when my co-sponsor will be able to show theirs? Goal: Move back to America with my fiancee, with the intentions to Marry within the given 90days, apply for AOS. Situate ourselves for the future; me getting a job and our own place with my son and build a family and future together. Summary: US Embassy in Cambodia clearly states that I need to provide tax documents but only my co-sponsor can provide it for the i134 affidavit. Would this issue be setting us back? I'm very worried about this and have been stressing. Any advice are very welcomed and those who have experienced a similar situation, especially here in Phnom Penh, please do share. Thanks in advanced for taking the time to read and reply back.
  21. So, I recently filed my I-129F, and it was received on February 1, 2018. From what I've seen on the internet, there are multiple service centers across the country, that service certain states. Here's the problem: my case file was forwarded from the Lockbox in Texas to the California Service Center. However, I live in Maryland, which means (according to what I've seen) it should've been sent to Vermont!!! Should I be freaking out? Did the USCIS screw me? Is this normal? Am I wrong?? I don't know what to do! Any insight would be very much appreciated!
  22. Hi all, I got a question if I can relocate and live in the US under my b1/b2 visa rules up to 180 days and then fly back to my home country for an interview? I understand that theoretically I can do so but in this case, it will be better to interview somewhere in the US or at least Canada. Is it possible? Because it's around 1k USD to fly back home and then return to the US. Also same question about medical the US or Canada? Also can I clarify a list of vaccines required for K-1 medical exam!? Maybe somebody already know... Country of application: Ukraine Application date: 20OCT17 NOA1 date: 24OCT17
  23. Hi there! I am a US citizen that is in the throes of love with a German tourist. We are now engaged and I am wondering what forms and other information he/we might need to stay and work with me in the States as he has now overstayed his tourist visa in trying to figure our plans together. When we get married, will he lose his German nationality? I have done a little reading on the i-130 and I-485, what other info might I need to make sure all bases are covered? Thanks in advance! -Elwyn
  24. I'm about to petition for my fiancée using a K-1 Visa I-129F form. I noticed that they used to require a form G-325A (Biographic Information) for both the petioner and beneficiary. However, the G-325A form is no longer listed in the government's I-129F page: https://www.uscis.gov/i-129f Nor on the I-129F checklist: https://www.uscis.gov/system/files_force/files/form/m-1151.pdf?download=1 Does this mean it's no longer required for a K-1 Visa application? It appears that's the case but I just want to make sure before I mail the packet so I don't get it returned.
  25. Eight years ago, I requested a K-1 Visa and was approved. I married that woman and we remained married for seven years. We divorced in the middle of last year. Since then, an aunt introduced me to a different woman whom I've discovered to be my true soul mate and love of my life. I proposed to her at the start of this year and want to marry before the end of the year. I've already started gathering documents and proof for the K-1 Visa, including my divorce decree. We've already met twice in person (I went once, then she came to visit me). I have tons of proof and photos of our relationship. We literally talk on the phone every single day for hours. My question is, will I have any trouble getting the K-1 Visa approved since this will be the second one I request? Albeit, my first one was eight years ago, but I was just wondering if there is a limit or something. My fiancee is from the same country as my ex-wife (Nicaragua). Thanks for any help.