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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, My Change of status from H4 to F1 was denied 4 years back, stating unauthorized employment (which is incorrect as I had not involved in any unauthorized employment and I had to update my I-20 with the dates I stopped working due to my undergoing divorce). I'm now applying for a K1 fiance visa and my question is - 1) Will this previous denial of Change of status affect my K1 Visa? 2) Do I have to mention this in DS160?
  2. Hello friends. I am going to be the beneficiary(We have not yet filed) and I am a lady. My fiance who is a US citizen and the petitioner is 10 years older than me. I know it would probably be a 'redder flag' if I was a Nigerian male about to marry an older woman but reverse is the case and it is normal in the Nigerian culture for the man to be older. Still, I would love to get answers from y'all. Is 10 years age gap too much for a USC male filing a K1 visa for a Nigerian female. Thank you
  3. Hi, my fiancé has her K-1 visa interview next week. When we started this process, she was here visiting when we decided we wanted to see what we could do so she could eventually be here with me. We hired a lawyer. Long story short, he lied to us, took advantage of us knowing we were young and uneducated on immigration and such. He told us she could stay in the U.S with me while we filed. She overstayed 120 days, but she left as soon as we talked to another lawyer and found out she’s WASNT allowed to be here. The lawyer stopped contacting us, and wouldn’t admit his lies and manipulation. Has anyone dealt with overstaying and still been approved and do you think she will be approved or denied? Her interview is in Montreal, Canada and she was here in the U.S. just with her passport.
  4. Hey all, My fiancee and I are facing a choice - spouse visa or fiancee visa. What process seems easier? Here is our story to give you a little context: I am a Russian citizen. I got my bachelors in the US (2011-2016), and have been dating my American fiancee since 2012. After I finished my bachelor in summer 2016, I did an OPT on my H1B in the US. We were able to both live in the same city and date until summer 2017 when I had to go back to Russia as my OPT expired. The company I was working for during my OPT offered to sponsor my H1B visa application twice in 2017 and 2018, but unfortunately both times my application got denied. Since I returned home my fiancee and I have been in a long-distance relationship and took 2 trips to spend time with each other: one trip in December 2017 and a second trip in January 2019. We are both young professionals and don't have a ton of money to pay legal fees. What is the most cost- and time-effective way for us to proceed: K-1 or IR-1/CR-1 visa? Thanks, Vica
  5. Jack29

    Question about CR-1

    Sorry you are correct. It's more the situation that she would need an extension to stay longer than 6 months. How would we determine if she has those rights if I may ask?
  6. WeGuyGal

    Question about CR-1

    She can live with you in Canada assuming she has the right to live there and she has the right to work while in Canada. US Citizens do not need a travel visa for Canada.
  7. Hi There, My Fiancee and I just got our NOA2 from the California Service Center, which was received on 4/30/18 and approved on 10/22/18. (Funny, though, the USCIS site still says "received" only!) I live in Hawaii, and she is a Japanese citizen who lives in the UK and has Permanent Resident status there. I have a few questions about the next step paperwork to fill out, the I-134, which I believe is the sponsorship form. I am a business owner, self-employed. I do have a business partner with the business as well, but partner only joined after the 2017 tax year. Prior to that, I was sole proprietor. With the I-134, I see that I need to provide my most recent tax return and a statement from my banker about my bank account, as well as a rating from a commercial rating concern. Question 1) It says in the instructions that this statement must include "total amount deposited for the last year"; does this mean a) 365 days from the date of the statement; b) Year-to-Date; c) or the total amount from 2017? Question 2) What is a commercial rating concern, and how do I get a rating from it? Does the BBB count? I do have an A+ rating with them. Does it help if I have it in addition to the tax return, or will the tax return be enough? Question 3) It asks for my annual income. Do I put what my annual income was on my 2017 tax return, or what I estimate it to be for the 2018 tax return? Question 4) For my personal property value, since I am in a partnership that owns my business, does that mean half of the value of the inventory I count as personal property? Question 5) On 8.b., it asks for my other debts. I heard that I don't actually need to fill that in for the fiancée visa, is that correct? Also, it is under "real estate" debt and my debt is not real estate related. Thank you for any and all help you can give! We are very excited! E & Y (Apologies for duplicating a post. I don't know if I should have posted in the other forum I was in or start a new one... so I will try both! And if this one isn't necessary, then please, admin, feel free to delete this one)
  8. HI all! I'm finalizing my from I-129F for a K-1 visa for my fiancee who is in Colombia. I have a couple of quick questions for those in the know: - For the evidence of intent to marry, what to most people submit? The form's instructions state that a written statement signed by each of the parties, stating their intent to marry within 90 days of the beneficiary's arriaival in the States, can count here. My question is, Have people sent this in as a formal affidavit or declaration, or simply a written statement signed by each person? Does that alone suffice in most cases? All of our text message communications are in spanish, so I imagine that submitting that wouldn't be very helpful without some kind of certified translation, which seems time- and cost-prohibitive. Any thoughts? - For evidence of having met in person in the last two years: Is there anything here that is considered quick and easy proof, which would alleviate sending several pages of documents, evidence, etc? We have spent a week together each month since we met in September last year, but I didn't keep baggage claim tickets, actual boarding passes, etc., and our photos are not time stamped... but obviously I have proof that I've traveled to Colombia (where my fiance lives) as well as that we both traveled to Mexico where we spent the new years holidays, and plenty of pictures together at those locations. But what is the best evidence that people have submitted which tends to be accepted without a further need for delay to submit more evidence? I'm probably overthinking all of this because we clearly have a legitimate relationship and have spent lots of time together, but I just want to make sure I submit everything correctly the first time so hopefully she can move her by the end of this year. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated - thanks!
  9. Hello, My fiance is in the USA and was approve. Thank God. We are getting married in 1 month. I know all the paperwork to do the change of status. My question does someone know how long until the interview for him getting his papers? I will appreciate any help. Thank you
  10. Overall, my experience with Knightsbridge was pleasant, but with a little more waiting than I'd have liked! My appointment was at 10:10, so I arrived at 09:50 - the location is quite tucked away, and it took me about 5 mins to figure out where I was going, even with the help of Google Maps! The streets on Google maps aren't connected, as the surrounding area has a lot of shops, so it can be hard to see where you are going but use the landmarks as best as you can! The building itself looks like a residential building, but has a plaque reading "Knightsbridge" on the door. Inside the building, you need to take the first door on your left. Reception was busy, so I had to wait 15 minutes to be seen. Then, the receptionist took my paperwork from me (including passport and passport pictures) and scanned it all in, before giving me the original copies back (minus the passport and passport picture). She then gave me a urine cup and a clipboard with a couple more forms to sign. I went to the toilet and completed the urine sample, which I returned to reception, and then sat in the waiting room and filled out my forms before returning them. 15 minutes after returning my forms (10:35 appx), a friendly gentleman called my name. He took me to the back room and explained that he would be taking my chest x-ray. He gave me a gown and directed me to the corner of the room, which had a medical curtain to pull across. He asked me to remove all items on my upper body (t-shirt, jacket, bra and necklace) and put my hair up on top of my head (in a bun) - there was a mirror with a shelf on it to keep my necklace and a hair clamp (the kind that you squeeze to open) for my hair. Luckily I had a hairband to use. Then, he asked me to stand in front of the x-ray machine with my chest pressed against it, chin resting on top and moved my arms into a strange position (like your hands ar on your hips, but not quite). He asked me to hold my breathe, then it was over and I could change back into my clothes as he developed the x-ray. He showed me my x-ray on his computer and told me it looked okay and that I could go to the waiting room again. He was really friendly and pleasant, and the experience took around 5-10 minutes. I was in the waiting room until 11:20, when I enquired at reception as I had been waiting for a while. I was told that the doctor was looking at my file and that I was next. I believe I saw Doctor Fong, and she was very pleasant. She apologised for the delay, and explained that she was having problems drawing blood samples due to the cold weather. She went through my paperwork with me and enquired in more detail about my history of mental illness (depression, anxiety and self harm) which I explained to her. She told me I'd need a letter from my GP but said I'd get more info after my test. We moved to the bed where I stood as she asked me to cover one eye and perform an eye test (simple, reading letters off the wall). Before sitting on the bed. She looked in my ears and mouth, and then asked me to change into my gown. Then, she then tested my blood pressure and my heartbeat (front of my chest and back). Then she asked me to stand up and she checked the back of my legs (unsure why), and said we'd be moving to the blood test. She asked how I was with needles and I told her that I wasn't very good with them. I was offered the opportunity to lay down or sit up on the bed (I chose to lay). She tried to draw from my left arm, but was unable to. She asked if she could try in the other arm with me sitting, which I agreed to. She drew the blood and went to write a label. When she came back, I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy, and she said I looked pale. She then moved the pillow to the bottom of the bed (so my feet were elevated above my head) and asked me to lay down for a bit. After a few minutes, she said I looked better and could slowly sit up and get dressed in my own time. Then it was explained that I would see the vaccination nurse next, and that they cannot send off the papers to the embassy until they get my letter from the GP. I returned to the waiting room for another 10 minutes, and was called by the vaccination nurse (12:00). She was very friendly and went through my papers with me. She explained that I'd need 1x MMR booster and 1x influenza vaccines and said that I can get these done at my GP or when I arrive, OR at Knightsbridge for a fee (MMR booster - £50, Influenza - £12). I asked for the vaccinations there, to get it out of the way, and again was asked how I was with needles. She was very helpful in preparing me, and explained the symptoms (achiness and tenderness, feeling hot, headaches) and how to deal with them (lots of fluid, paracetamol if needed) before performing one injection in each arm. She told me when she was going to do something ("I'm just going to touch your arm here now") and told me to take a deep breathe before the injections. Overall, she was very gentle and I had no problems. I returned to the waiting room for another 5 minutes and was called to reception at 12:25. I was given back my passport, and vaccination details and asked for a payment (£365 total). She gave me a letter to give to my GP for the mental illness check, which basically explains that I am seeking to immigrate and that the surgery need information on my general well-being, any treatments and a final ruling with regards to my mental health. She said I need to get the letter from my GP emailed or faxed over, and only after they receive that can they send my papers to the Embassy. She also explained that my blood, urine and x-ray results would come back in around 48 hours, and if there were any issues, they'd get in contact with me/ And that was it! Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be glad to answer Melodie (UK K1 filer)
  11. Hello Everyone, I am a beneficiary of I-730, my wife has applied for me. I had my Follow To Join Refugee visa interview at the Islamabad embassy on 1st June 2016. the interview went well and the CO told me I will get my passport next month. its been 2 years now and the case is still stuck in AP. my question is while my I-730 Petition is pending, can I apply for Fiancée Visa? or maybe a tourist Visa. if Yes, what are the chances of getting a Visa? your suggestions would be highly appreciated. Regards. Peterson
  12. So I mailed off my I-129F packet and thought I was being METICULOUS about submitting a super orgainzed packet, with everything neatly put together and complete, really good evidence of my most recent two trips to visit my fiancee in Colombia, etc. Only to look at the checklist after the fact and realize that I forgot to send in the G-1145 form with my text number and email address.... I know it's an optional form so at least I didn't leave out anything that might cause a delay, but does anyone know whether it's possible to send this form in later, to be added to my application? Or if it's not possible, how will I receive notificiations - simply by snail mail, I presume? Ugh, oh well... At least the application is in and the wait time officially begins!
  13. I'm filing out my I-134 Affidavit of Support for a K-1 Fiancee Visa. Question 8.b. states, "I have mortgages or other debts amounting to ____". The header for this section is "Real Estate Information". Must I report student loan debt, as it may fall under "other debts"? Bonus question: Do I need to mail the original bank documents (date account opened, deposits year-to-date, current balance) to my fiancee or will a pdf/photocopy suffice?
  14. Greetings all! First ever post here - so glad to have found this forum! I'm a US citizen, born and raised. My Colombian fiancee and I have been researching the immigration process and I have to admit it's a little overwhelming. I'm a lawyer, but unfortunately not an immigration lawyer, and even for someone like me who is accustomed to reading laws and regulations and procedures, the multiple step processes and forms can be difficult to keep track of and daunting, and we obviously want to do everything right in order to allow us to be together as soon as possible. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and she lives in Medellin, Colombia. While we are fortunate that I am able to spend a week a month there for work, we hope the process moves quickly so that she can move to the states and live with me and get married and live together in the US as soon as possible. As my initial post, I'd like to throw out a question as well as a general request for comments from anyone who have gone through or are going through one of the two options we are considering. Apologies if I'm posting this to the wrong forum, but here goes: First of all, our goal is for her to be able to move to the US and live with me ASAP. She's a licensed professional in the field of special education and would like to work here as soon as possible as well. We have decided that we are going to submit an I-129F to apply for a K-1 Visa, and I'm familiar with all of the steps and forms, etc. I spoke with an immigration attorney at length last week, and there was some suggestion that we might be better off and the process would be faster for her to get to the states and work here if we were to instead get married now and then submit an I-130 form to apply for a IR-1/CR-1 Visa (we have no reason to wait and would like to marry as soon as possible so long as the goal of her moving here isn't delayed). So, my questions are: From what I'm seeing on this site regarding processing times, it would appear that the 1-129F / K-1 Visa processing times are overall faster from start to finish than the average times for the I-130 IR-1/CR-1 Visa processing times from start to finish. Is that an accurate generalization? I realize that it's impossible to know exactly what's going to happen in the future and anything can happen to make either application take longer than expected. But based on the current processing times, it seems that the I-130 application takes longer if the goal is simply to get the visa allowing her to enter the country and live here. She finishes her current work contract at the end of 2018, and ideally we would like for her to move here at the end of 2018/start of 2019. So I guess my question is really: will it be more likely for her to be able to move to the US by us filing the Fiancee Visa forms now (Mid March), or would her ability to move here likely be faster if we get married in Colombia at the start of April 2018 and then submit an I-130 immediately after I return (that would be sometime in mid-April)? I'd appreciate any comments from anyone who has specifically looked into this choice, or has experience with the current wait times on an I-130 form for spouses. I've read a lot of different things and I think that maybe the longer average processing times for the I-130 might be due to the fact that they are not separating out spouses from other family members...so I'm not sure. What we really want to avoid is getting to the end of 2018 and into 2019 and still be waiting around with her unable to move here. Another question I have is whether there's a way to have the I-129F form routed to the Vermont Service Center? Based on the processing times, those applications are being processed about 100 days faster than the TSC and CSC. I know that the applications is required to be delivered to the dropbox in Texas, but for the life of me I can't figure out how it is determined which service center the application gets sent to. Obviously if we are able to submit it to the VSC and hope for continued quick(er) processing times there, we want to do that. Finally, any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I'd be especially interested in hearing from anyone who has gone through the process with a Colombian fiancee/spouse. By way of background, we are compiling all of the evidence and documents we need, and I don't think it should be a problem at all to prove any of the things we need to prove. We first met in September 2017 in Medellin. I have traveled throughout South America for many years for work and pleasure, and after meeting my fiancee we have spent time together in person in Medellin every month (I have an office I am able to work from there) and another month she traveled to Mexico and we spent time together there before returning to our respective home countries. Any suggestions, tips, comments, answers to the above questions, etc., would be greatly appreciated as we embark on this journey.
  15. Hi VJ members! Just a quick question, my fiance(petitioner) in the US has sent our packet to the Texas lockbox but no acknowledgment from their part yet (texts or mail). How long is the usual waiting time? Thanks in advance!
  16. My husband and I got married in good faith 2014 and filed for a CR1 Spousal visa 2015 .Everything is good until consular asked me to present CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage in Philippines) , just when i found out that i have a registered marriage with my EX (which i did not consent) so since i cannot produce the CENOMAR, we just Withdraw the whole visa application and filed annulment to my EX instead Me and my husband have 2 US CITIZEN kids and we filed for their report of birth using our marriage contract Few Questions : 1. Once my annulment is granted , do i need to re-marry my husband to be able to file a spousal visa again? Or US Embassy will accept and consider my marriage as valid since we hve 2 kids and first one will be null and void? 2. Can i apply for Tourist visa now while waiting for annulment? 3. Me and my husband faced alot of marital issues because I can't go to US. Now he took my 2 kids with him and i dont know if he will be interested in helping me. Can i get tourist visa for that? 4. If ever can i apply fiancee visa after annulment?