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  1. Good Morning Everyone, I was going to use this response for another post I read this morning but felt it needed it’s own post. I know that this may not be the case with all couples but counseling is an option when you notice the relationship going downhill. The divorce rate in this country is partly due to finances but in my opinion also due to people not working out their differences. I have been married 7 years this past April and the truth of the matter is that: 1. Immigration is stressful in the best of times, let alone now with the pandemic. 2. When two people get to know each other and want to live together you find out each others quirks and that is not always fun. 3. Every person has gone through some type of trauma, whether it be due to fractured relationships growing up, living in poverty, or living in a war torn country. I will share of my woes in my relationship over the years. When my now wife and I started this immigration process it was long and stressful. I was the detailed passive person and she had/has a strong personality. Suffice it to say this did not help during the process from K-1 submission to point of entry (POE). Once I entered the United States and got married, this is when the hard work started. We lived together and we found out each others quirks. I was still the detailed person who stressed getting my Adjustment of Status (AOS) in on time and this put a strain on our marriage as we had the finances, it was just a matter of putting it into our budget, but I still worried about getting it in on time. Oh, and not to mention I could not work from April to September 2013, that did not help the bottom line, hence more stress for her as she was sole bread winner, but also stress for me as I did not have a driver’s license and did not like being cooped up in the apartment. We kept trudging along and trying to work things out, me and my anger (I’ll get to that later). We went through some rocky time during AOS. Before getting married my wife knew that I had children from a previous relationship but this would not hit her in the face till my son came to visit for a summer. We have dIfferent parenting styles still to this day but are working through things. When my son came to visit ####### hit the fan and this had to be worked out. My son’s grandmother, also s strong personality, had made my wife to be out to be the bad guy. Naturally, being passive, I did not stick up for my wife, so there are still issues there to this day that I am working through. Fast forward to 6 months after receiving citizenship. Wife and I were going through some very rough times and my anger had really resurfaced and become uncontrollable. It got to a point where I had to take 2 weeks to think outside of what was going on in my own home due to the chaos that I felt as I had my issues and my wife had her own issues. I took two weeks and continued working but also went to see family in Canada. In that two weeks I made a decision that my wife and I needed to do counseling because our issues are more than we can handle on our own. We are currently in counseling and doing much better. I say all this to say, before you even put in a petition for a fiance(e) or spouse, get to know the person, who they are, and their family dynamics as much as humanly possibly. If it turns out that you notice quirks before or after they arrive in the US I would encourage you to seek out counseling. This will look different depending on whether you are in the US together or separated. In my time of getting counseling so far here is what I have learned: 1. I cannot control other people, I can only control myself. 2. If left unresolved, my past hurts will spill over into my relationships (familial, friendship, and professional). 3. Marriage takes a lot of work (active listening, embracing others strengths, knowing that my spouse and I may say different things but both be right and that there is healthy conflict). My hope is that this post may help one person to think through the fact that maybe its not your spouse that bothers you, but the memories of your past. If you have read this long, I wish you all the best on your immigration journey and marriage. 😁
  2. We all know that non US citizens can’t fly directly from the U.K. to the US. Has anyone travelled to a non travel banned country to remain for at least 14 days before entering the US from the said country? I can’t see anything in the proclamation that prevents this. The proclamation says nothing about U.K. citizens being barred. It simply says anyone who has been present in the U.K. 14 days prior to entry.
  3. Considering the hardship family members, fiancés included, have been enduring during the last months due to COVID-19, we have decided to start a petition to provide equality and solidarity to family members that haven't been considered and therefore excluded from the Coronavirus related bans. Please, sign so we can make the difference! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/process-k1-visas-immediate-family-visas-are-exempt-covid-related-travel-bans
  4. Hi. Does anyone have any news about US embassies potentially using video conferencing to clear backlogs on various Visa applications (e.g. K-1, spouse)? In light of the precautions necessary moving forward with COVID, this seems to be a strategy worth exploring to help clear backlogs. I am sure there are some instances of consular officers already knowing if they are going to approve or deny a case before the applicant appears in person. Many applicants only get asked a few questions and interviews lasting only a few minutes, but having to travel long distances for their consular interview. Cases that appear suspicious could be flagged for in-person interviews, while other clear legitimate cases be cleared remotely. Just thinking out loud.
  5. I have sent money via PayPal to my foreign fiance overseas to help out here and there over the last year. Are those transactions something I should print off and bring with me to the interview? Or will that hurt our case? I've seen people mention having receipts for it, but didn't know what was the best decision.
  6. I am an American, and my fiancé is Senegalese. There's all of these official documents that he has in French - I"m assuming I don't have to translate his passport info or that kind of stuff - but what about all of our conversations in French on messenger? I was going to print some screenshots of our messaging and a letter that I wrote him, but do we have to translate all of that? How do I make it an "official" translation? Can I translate it myself? Also, for the declaration of how we met as well as the letter for intent to marry, can I just write the intent to marry in English and then have him tell me what to write for the declaration of how he met me, and he can sign it? Or will they realize at his interview that his English isn't that great and that he probably wasn't the one who did they typing? Thanks!!!
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have been doing my research on the US Immigration process, hoping to understand whether the K1 or the CR-1 (I-130) is a better option for us. All of this is separate to the COVID-19 situation and the recent Immigration Ban. Some background: Boyfriend: US citizen by birth; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA Myself (Female): naturalized Canadian Citizen (2011) (original citizenship: Pakistani - no longer valid). Born, lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have been dating for about a year now (we met in LA while I was on vacation) and we are planning on getting married ASAP to live in LA. We see each other once a month either in the US or in other parts of the world (minus during the COVID-19 period). We were last together in Feb 2020 in LA. We aren't picky on where in the world we get married, as long as we are able to live together in LA as soon as possible, with the possibility of me working in the US sooner rather than later. I have a steady job in Dubai, and would not like to quit and move just to 'wait around' for the right to work, hence, the need to be able to work is crucial. If we were to categorize, priorities are as follows: 1) working in the US sooner rather than later 2) being together full-time 3) funds. i.e. OK to proceed with a process that allows me to work sooner than later, but which could take longer to enable me living there full-time (as long as we can continue our once a month visits globally - separate to COVID) vs. something that allows me to move quicker, but idle in terms of work. I have seen the below advice floating around on other topics within this forum. Is a lawyer recommended for either of these processes, or are these manageable on our own? It seems that the CR-1 option is better for us, however, once I apply, am I allowed in the US as a visitor just to meet him? Or do I need to wait until approval of this process? How long does the CR-1 usually take? Does my living/citizenship arrangement make it more complicated? If we decide on the K-1 route, how soon can I receive the EAD to work? (I know the below has timing guidelines, but we all know these aren't always the reality!) Thank you so much! I know this post is lengthy/detailed, but makes it easier to have the facts laid out to navigate the process!
  8. Hello, sorry if I post this in the wrong forum. I very new here. Snapchat became our main app for talking ever since we met and now that our relationship has flourished and decided to take it to the next level (ending the LDR with K1 visa), we spotted our biggest mistake when we read the requirements: conversation screenshots. The thing with Snapchat is it delete the chat after 24 hours, as well as our call logs. Any tips? 😔
  9. Currently, my fiance and I are waiting for the consulate to open back up to finish her fingerprint appointment and final interview for the K1 Visa. However, while we are waiting I would love to visit her, but our concern has always been, what happens if she were to become pregnant while we are still waiting for the K1 visa? Would she be able to obtain a B2 visa for her medical appointments for her pregnancy? I know the US has tighten down on this particular subject with "birth tourism", However, that only targets individuals who are looking to obtain this visa so their child can gain US citizenship. That wouldn't apply in our case because since I am a US citizen, my child would be as well anyways. The main reason we would want to do this would be for financial reasons anyways,
  10. Hello, I live in Ohio , im about to submit my I129F K1 my beneficiary lives in Monterrey Mexico. Does anyone know which service center represents Ohio residents typically for K1? and also which consulate will my beneficiary go too for the medical exam the Monterrey or is it always Juarez Mexico?
  11. Hi all, I am from Aruba with a Dutch nationality, my fiancee is a US citizen. We are just starting to apply for a K1 visa for me to move to the US. Has anyone with a dutch nationality done this before? How long did this take? Also, is there a embassy in venezuela only or in curacao as well? Also, any tips for beginners on all of this? Thanks
  12. Hello, My mother just got married with and american, she is brazilian and i am too. I was being covered by her application for my visa, because I was under 21. But by accident her boyfriend called the bank and canceled the check he had sent to USCIS, they canceled my case and returned all documents. Now I am 21 years old and I cannot be part of my mother's wedding case to get the greencard. What I wanted to know is if I can resend the same documents to the same case with a new check, and if there is a chance that they will accept. Thanks.
  13. found this interesting read while doing some digging :- https://fam.state.gov/fam/09FAM/09FAM050207.html#M502_7 9 FAM 502.7-3(C)(4) K Visa Interview (CT:VISA-579; 04-27-2018) a. The Alien is to be Invited for an Interview When: (1) The alien has reported that all of the necessary documents have been collected; and (2) The medical examination has been completed and the report is or will be available before the interview. b. You must direct the interview to determine eligibility as if the alien were applying for an immigrant visa in the immediate relative category. You must also: (1) Inform the K-1 or K-3 visa applicant of any protection orders or criminal background information regarding the petitioner that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has reported with an approved K petition. After informing the applicant, give the applicant time to decide whether he or she wishes to proceed with the K visa application, and, in the case of an applicant for a K-1 visa, whether he or she still intends to marry the petitioner within 90 days of entering the United States. Enter appropriate case notes into the IVO system to indicate that the applicant received notice of the petitioner's criminal background information (see 9 FAM 502.7-3(D)(1) for more specifics); (2) Inform the K-1 or K-3 visa applicant of any previously approved Form I-129F petitions filed by the petitioner. You will find this information on the approved Form I-129F as USCIS annotates approved Form I-129F petitions to indicate multiple filings. (Note: Under IMBRA, if a U.S. citizen already has had two fiancé(e) or spousal petitions approved less than ten years prior to the filing of a subsequent petition, the K-1 or K-3 applicant who is the beneficiary of the subsequent petition is to be notified. Absent an IMBRA waiver, USCIS may not approve a petition filed by an individual who (1) has filed two or more previous fiancé(e) or spousal petitions; or (2) has had such a petition that was filed within the previous two years approved. USCIS indicates these waivers by noting "IMBRA waiver approved" in the approved petition's Remarks block. Aside from informing the beneficiary of the previous petitions, no additional steps are required of you.) Make appropriate case notes in IVO; (3) Ask the applicant whether an international marriage broker (IMB) facilitated the relationship with the petitioner and if so, identify the IMB, and then ask if the IMB complied with the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) by providing the applicant with the required disclosures and information (see 9 FAM 502.7-3(D)(1)) If the IMB did not provide the required disclosures and information, make case notes in IVO on the failure of the IMB to comply with IMBRA and provide that information to CA/VO/F/IE by email. Proceed with case processing; do not wait for clearance to proceed; (4) Provide to each K-1 or K-3 visa applicant another copy of the USCIS pamphlet, "Information on the Legal Rights Available to Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence in the United States and Facts about Immigrating on a Marriage-Based Visa," which they already should have received when the instruction packet was first mailed to them (see 9 FAM 502.7-3(C)(2) paragraph d(3)), in English or another appropriate language; (5) Orally review with the applicant, in his or her primary language, if feasible, or otherwise in either the language spoken in the country of application or English, the synopsis of the points contained in the pamphlet (found at 9 FAM 502.7-3(E)); (6) Add case notes in IVO that the pamphlet was received, read, and understood by the applicant; and (7) In K-1 cases, obtain the applicant’s oath and biometric signature within IVO. This certifies the applicant’s legal capacity and intent to marry.
  14. Hi. My name is Greg, and i live in Los Angeles, California USA. I've sent in my application on January 15, 2020 for my fiance that lives in Armenia. Its a K1 Fiance visa. My question is because of the Corona virus, are processing times still the same for K1 Visas? I want to know when I will get our approval letter and our Case Number? Thank you in advance!
  15. My fiance and i just got outi-797 notice of action approved on 3/27/2020 and the valid date ends 7/26/2020. We applied for the visa way before covid 19 ever came up but now with borders closed and no sign of it being opened any time soon and i heard a vaccine wont be here till 2022. What are we sapose to do? Why did the goverment approved the visa and not just hold it till this is all over? Am i going to have to reapply for a new visa if its not opened back up in time? All if the time and money we spent on this is it going to be wasted? My fiance is panicking and our agency is still trying to figure out everything.
  16. Hi all, My fiancé’s interview is tomorrow in her time at the US Embassy in Bishkek and I have a concern on language that will be used for the interview. Will it be conducted in English or Russian? If she speaks Russian during the interview, will it hurt her chance of getting the visa?
  17. Hello! I have been struggling to fill out the I-129F because I do not understand Cuban addresses at all. If for example the address is: Calle XX #XXXXX E/ Calle x y Calle x Reparto Magdalena Cotorro La Habana (this is how it appears on my fiance's ID) Where does each section fill into on the form? Also, does Cuba have a postal code? If anyone could help. Thank you!
  18. Approval Notice Valid from 8/23/2019 to 12/22/2019 Actual Received Date in Mail: 9/3/2019 Case Type: I129F - Petition for Fiance(e) Petitioner: Citizen from U.S. Beneficiary: Santiago, Chile Hello, My fiance and I have received our NOA2 (I-797), after 4 weeks he called NVC like the letter stated in case we didn't hear anything back. My fiance called the NVC to ask about the case number, but they said to wait 6 weeks instead in hope of some mail/email. After 6 weeks have passed he called once again and they still didn't have my receipt number on file. This time they told him to email nvcresearch@state.gov and the response time is for an undetermined amount of time. He sent the NVC Research team an email with my receipt number in the title and attached our NOA2 letter that we received from USCIS. My questions are as follows: -Should he receive an email reply from the NVC regarding his research team email just to indicate they have received it? -Can he contact the USCIS to send a copy of the approval to NVC if possible? -Is there a way to call the NVC Research team directly in regards to finding my case? -I’m worried about the approval valid time period I have left considering the research team could take months and we only have until 12/22/2019. Is this date a deadline to schedule an interview or to complete the interview? Best regards, Claudina R.
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm becoming very impatient! I have a job offer and I need to start working from 22nd January. Can you guys help me to get an idea when my EAD should be approved by? Case is with National Benefit Center (MSC). 08/30/17 -- Filed I-765 and I-485 09/25/17 -- BIO Completed // 11/15/17 -- Called USCIS, got a referral number, no feedback received 12/05/17 -- Called USCIS, got a referral number, no feedback received 01/08/18 -- Called USCIS, escalated case to Tier 2, then escalated to Tier 2 Supervisor who told me she would call back in a few days, still waiting... On the USCIS tracker it only shows "Fingerprint Fee was received" since 09/12/17 for I-485; and "Case was received" since 09/07/17 for I-765. Its been 134 days!
  20. Hi guys! How can I find the link of registration form for cfo so I can fill it up? I already have an scheduled appointment made but i haven’t seen the link. Can someone help me. Thank you! Please see photo for reference
  21. Hi, Greetings fellow VJs! Has anyone extended (or try to request extension) on theirs (or partner's) K-1 Visa? I have a special situation that may need to extend my fiancee's K-1 Visa. She lives in China and as of today, because of Coronavirus, there's level 4 (Do Not Travel) travel notice for China. Also, many flights to / from China have been cancelled and US government may take another measure to prevent the spread of the virus by blocking any flight from China. She has her visa approved and ready to travel, but her visa is expiring soon (next month) and I'm afraid the situation may be getting worse there. She has done a check-up and clean from the virus. Does anyone have advice on requesting K-1 visa extended? Thanks!
  22. Hi there I'm from the UK and I'm planning on accepting a job on the Disney Cruise ship very soon and the contract is around 4 months. The ship would be travelling to and from orlando and Bahamas and I will be on a C-1/d visa. My boyfriend is American living in Orlando and we were wanting to do the K1 visa this year so I am able to live out there and be with him. Now the K1 process time can be up to 9 months so I was wondering if I was able to start the k1 process and apply for one while I am working on the ship for the 4 months so when I'm back we would only have to wait a few more months for it to be accepted or would I have to wait till my contract with Disney cruise ends and then apply?
  23. Hello! Please help. We have been waiting a year and a half for our interview. We are finally here, as our interview was scheduled for yesterday. We had to travel super far and spend everything we have to get here. My fiancé is Cuban and we had to travel to Guyana for our interview. We have been here over a week already since we had to be here early for the medical exam. I have already taken 2 weeks off work (1 unpaid). When we showed up to our interview yesterday they had us waiting an agonizing 3 hours before they told us the NVC never sent the approved copy of our I-129 and then told us that we’d have to come back and they’d be in touch via phone or email in the next few days. I haven’t stopped crying. We have all required documents and more and have done our due diligence, waited forever and spent more than we have, only to be told they screwed up on their end. I have no idea where to go from here or what to do. We are going to show up early at the embassy tomorrow and try to get some answers, but I’m terrified they won’t help us. What can we do?
  24. Hey guys, I’m going through some supposed delay on my NOA2. We’ve applied in September 2019, got our NOA1 on the 23rd and nothing till now. Is there anyone else going through the same? Is so nerve wrenching! please share your experiences! ❤️
  25. Hi! Just want to ask how long does it take to get your marriage certificate? Because my 90days will expire on January 10,2020 and our wedding is on January 5,2020. How many days till I get the marriage cert so I can submit it along with other forms. thank you in advance
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