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  1. Hey everyone! Any July 2018 filers around? We sent ours on July 5th, waiting for NOA1 Good like and happy waiting!
  2. When my fiancée arrives on the K1 visa and after marriage, can he go on a cruise to the mexico with me (Petitioner)? Will he be allowed back to the US? If yes, what documents aside from his Nigerian passport will he need? If not, when can he go, after which documents are submitted. Thanks!
  3. I am planning to fill out the paper work for the k-1 visa next month. We have a religious(catholic) ceremony planned for August of this year in Mexico and we want to have the legal one here in the United States after. I talked to a lawyer and he stated that a religious wedding would not hinder the visa process because it is not legal, he said that it would actually help because we would have pictures.Catholic weddings are not legal weddings in Mexico or in the United States. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and what the outcome was ?
  4. Has anyone tried getting their Fiancé their SSN BEFORE the wedding? I’m trying to get everything gathered quickly so we can get rolling with the adjustment of status before our honeymoon.
  5. Has anyone completed their interview in Jordan for K1 and willing to share the check off sheet that the Embassy in Jordan hands to the beneficiary upon entering with the order of documents they need? I heard from another person in a FB group that it would save so much time if we know in advance the order to how they want the packet arranged. Thank you! NOA1 - OCT. 4TH (waiting for approval soon God willing!)
  6. My fiancé and I have our interview in April, but our I-129F will be expiring on March 18th. Will this be a problem? We emailed the US Embassy in Montreal and they said the I-129F can only be extended at the time of the interview, so we are worried. At the time of our interview our I-129F will already be expired.
  7. I'm from US (Suburbs outside Detroit, MI) and my Fiance (Beneficiary) is in Colombia, we applied via a law firm and I reviewed all forms up front for our K1 Fiance visa. I will be going to see my fiance over Christmas and New Years and I think it would be a good time to overview some things together. RE: prep steps for NOA2 / Consulate meeting - If anyone has any Bogota / Colombia specific tips they are much appreciated (especially anything I need to prep for the meeting) My fiance and I are awaiting the NOA2 (at 141 days), and I have seen some get there in 163 days. Best guess is somewhere by 1/12/19 through 2/12/19 would be the earliest to hear something back on NOA2 or more info needed; I hope and pray...with some luck a case approval a case# and moving to next steps happens fairly early in the new year. I appreciate any insight on preparing for the meeting at the Consulate. She will fly there from another city in Colombia with her daughter. (I assume this needs to be some days ahead for anything that can be prepared early.... if they allow medical a certain number of days ahead, etc) Are there any updated guides? I had seen some guides where they say to start calling the Colombian embassy about a week or so after NOA2 to verify the Consulate has received the case package; then to call 2 days after receipt to get the "beneficiary/fiance packet" as it was stated it will not be mailed to the beneficiary. I'd like to stay on top of this to avoid delays. On those guides they list links to the packet 3 / 4 / DAS but they are broken links now. See below: https://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php?title=Colombia_Club_Guide_%26_Tips If anyone has a links or Bogota / Colombia specific tips are much appreciated. I just found this link when researching the medical items.... in case this is all I should need:> https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/BGT - Bogota.pdf and https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7hB3bl9Snfkb0NiMVFUd2JsVjA/view but appreciate any other heads-up items outside the box that I should be aware of. I still need to put together my package of papers for the meeting as we have had 2 more trips to see each other between mailing the application and the consulate meeting. All of our text, voice, video chat communication is 99.5% on Whatsapp (some on facebook), so I'm not exactly sure how I will show that in the meeting hah... maybe print a bible of chat dialog from whatsapp? Thanks so much for any help or insight, Happy Holidays and best of luck to all! Don_aka_Arturo & Aura
  8. Wondering if anyone has had any recent experiences with having their fiancé(e) join them for their K1 interview? When we called the contact number for the Mumbai Consulate, the agent couldn't understand why we were asking the question or why the petitioner would even want to join. The last thing she stated was, "A decision will be made real-time before the interview they can join or not." Seems a bit silly there's no information or planned procedures in place. Thanks in advance for the help!
  9. Hi! How long does it take for a Fiance Visa here in the Philippines? Also, would my existing Tourist visa be revoked? Thank you.
  10. Hello Everyone!!! It's getting close to the time when we'll be submitting our interview packet to the embassy/consulate and I am getting a bit nervous. I was hoping some of the more seasoned users on here could provide any insight or comments on what we will be submitting. I will provide a little summary of all the items we will be submitting. If you could review them and let me know what you think, I would be very thankful and appreciative. The embassy is requesting that we mail in our documents. Here is what we are submitting and how the packet will flow (Total of about 100 to 120 pages; is this a typical number of pages?): Cover Letter (1 Page Total) Letters Reaffirming Intent to Marry - Signed and Dated by both me and her (1 Page Total) NOA1 & NO2 & First Page of K-1 Packet 3 Instructions (3 Pages Total) DS-160 Confirmation Page - With barcode (1 Page Total) MRV Fee - Copy of the Receipt (1 Page Total) Fiancee's Birth Certificate - A certified original and a photocopy of the original, translated by a certified translator (2 Pages Total) Packet 3 Instructions state to include an original & copy, is the original and a photocopy of the original we are sending in sufficient? Also, is it okay to send our only original by mail to the embassy prior to the interview and my fiancee will only bring a photocopy with her to the interview? Fiancee's Police Clearances - Certified originals of police clearances from all required countries, translated by a certified translator (6 Pages Total) Should we send in the originals by mail to the embassy and my fiancee will only bring a photocopy of the originals with her to the interview? Passport Style Photos - Including 2 passport style photos in a zip-lock stapled to a sheet of paper (1 Page Total) Medical Form - Still unsure what to send in for this because my fiancee still hasn't received her results or any paperwork back yet (? Pages Total) Affidavit of Support / Evidence of Financial Support - (40 Pages Total) ??? Do I need to include a letter stating that my income is above 100% and 125% of the FPL ??? Form I-134 - Without checking either box "intend" or "do not intend" and with a response of "N/A (Filing for my fiancee for a K1 Visa Process for Permanent Residence)" response to Page 4 - Part 3 - Item Number 38 (8 Pages) Letter from my Bank - Stating the total amount deposited and the average balance over the past 12 months, the date the account was opened, and the current balance (1 Page) Bank Statements - I included the first page of each statement only and included the following statements: February 2016, December 2016, January 2017, December 2017, January 2018, December 2018, January 2019 (7 Pages) Letter from my Employer - On their stationary/letterhead stating my name, my title, the date of my employment, my current annual salary (and monthly salary), and that I am a permanent employee with them (1 Page) Pay Stubs - Last 3 months' pay stubs from my employer (8 Pages) W-2 Forms - From 2016 to 2018 (4 Pages) Tax Return Transcripts - For the 2016 and 2017 tax years (11 Pages) Evidence of Relationship - (45 Pages Total) Text Messages - Starting from just after we filed the I-129F up until February 2019 for a total of 8 samples (31 Pages) Voice Call Logs - Starting from just after we filed the I-129F up until February 2019 for a total of 5 samples (7 Pages) Visit Pictures - I visited my fiancee once this November of 2018 since we filed the I-129F and I have included 2 pictures from that visit, one picture with me and my fiancee and the other with me, my fiancee, and my sister and I have included a brief description next to each picture(1 Page) Boarding Passes & Itinerary - To prove that I visited (6 Pages) My Passport Visa Page - Showing I landed in her City (2 Pages) Passport - Do we need to submit a photocopy of all her passport pages??? I apologize again if this post is overboard but I just don't want anything to go wrong and I'm hoping to have everything go as smoothly as possible. Thank you all in advance for your time and help. It is greatly appreciated. Kindest Regards
  11. Hello guys, about 10 years ago I met an amazing guy in Mexico. Despite being so far away and young, we’ve always shared a connection. we both just recently turned 19 and wanna start a life together in the US. We are not married. We have no criminal background and no kids. Im a US citizen. I also have a ton of photos/evidence of us together these past 10 years. My question is this, would it be better to get married in mexico and then file? To be honest im not sure what that form is called? OR file the I-129f and then get married here in the US? I also know Im going to need a co-sponsor ($$) because I alone dont meet the poverty line..another question is does the co-sponsor have to be part of my household?for example my mom? My parents are divorced and I really dont get along with my mom nor her husband that well and dont think she would sign the affidavit...
  12. Hi everybody! I'm preparing to send my packet 3. Do I need to include the original I-129 F that came in packet 3 when I send it back? Or is it for my records? Thank you
  13. Got my K-1 approved the other day and leaving for the USA in a few weeks. Very excited for this new chapter in life and just wanted to come say thanks to everyone on this forum who helped answer all the dumb nervous questions I had on every little thing, even the ones who were jerks to me 😂 Let's be honest, there are quite a few know-it-alls on this forum but most people are really helpful and empathetic so thanks for all the advice/info. Also, I have a YouTube channel as a hobby and I made a short video on the K-1 process to hopefully help other people thinking about this route. Feel free to check it out/share it with other K-1 applicants (and no doubt leave me tons of snarky comments about how I got all the facts wrong! 😀):
  14. Hi everyone! I got a J1 with the years home requirement, my fiance which is an American and I are ready to send all the documents to uscis to start our process but we are worried because my time will be up till December. could they deny our petition because of that or the time just count till the interview day? I really appreciate if you guys have advice about his. thanks Sully
  15. Hello All, My fiance went to school in the US. She graduated and used her OPT as a volunteer while applying for other positions. She went back to her own country recently. Does that OPT experience count as "Employment History" when filling out the I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)? She technically was not paid, and there is little documentation of volunteer work outside the information she has to submit for her OPT. Any form of guidance or way to look at the question would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  16. Hi everyone. On Jan. 8th I had my interview at the US Consulate in Naples. I was told that we provided all the needed documents and that our case was approved 😍 The Consul said to expect my passport in the mail in few days. CEAC showed Application Received on the same day of the interview and the header changed to Non Immigrant. Startin from the day after the interview (Jan. 9th) CEAC shows ADMIN PROCESSING and it’s never been updated since then. Anyone has any idea on why my visa hasn’t been issued yet? Previous experiences with the Consulate in Italy show that it shouldn’t take more than 3 days to get the passport in the mail. I’m a little upset, I really thought I would have spent this weekend with my fiancé but no, I’m still stuck here in Italy 😢
  17. Is anyone else at the stage of scheduling their interview appointment online with the Ghanaian embassy? I log on the site at least 20 times a day, every single day. Not counting the times that my fiance is also checking. And each time, it says "There are currently no appointments available at this time". Have you guys notice a time frame that they are releasing new dates? Like should I be looking around the first week of the month or the last? I am so frustrated. So close, yet so far!
  18. Hi, I am new in this community. I was reading a lot. My couple is from Texas, he wants to apply for the k-1. We want to get married in USA. We are not sure when to apply, because we are so worried about know if our story is enought to apply. If we have the enought provements. I was my boyfriend's Au Pair, he was married. After four months living with his family, we start to fall in love (December 017, it was the last February when we were seriously. We went out together but he was still married. In July i left the country because he need be focus in his divorce which is was long and difficult. We were stil, talking everyday by Hangout and WhatsApp. Once he got the divorce,, that happened the last December, we decided to travel to Toronto, Canada to meet each other. I can't go to USA because in October i applied to get the B-2 and i was rejected because i couldn't show ties to Spain. We took a pictures together when i was in USA with him. Once i left the country we sent some emails also. Our relation started one year ago, but he got his divorce in December. I was reading about what we need to show to prove our relation. I think we have all. He surprise me in our trip with a ring, he kept the receipt. Are we ready to apply? Should we wait more time? He is thinking in come to Spain in February or March. For him is hard travel because he has a full custody of his kids.
  19. Hey guys! How is everyone? I am having problem getting social here in the US. I arrived here last Nov 11 and applied for ssn Nov 15. And then I got married Dec 22, 2018. And after more than a month of patiently waiting, today, January 4th, my husband and I decided to go to SSA office to ask for update since we havent received anything in the mail at all. And I read blogs about how ssa staff doesnt know what they are doing sometimes and I think the one we went to is one of them. 😔 They kept telling me they are having issues on the system and it kept saying “Alien Mismatch”. they said they've been trying to do it over and over since I applied and contact DHS but they havent gotten anything really. And then they also said that maybe the reason why is because I am on k1 visa and not allowed to work in the US that’s why SSA cannot issue me a number. (i didnt correct them here since I know I’m not gonna win.) but they said the bottom line is the “Alien Mismatch” they are getting. I am so confused right now cuz my i-94 is only valid until Feb 2. And we are just starting to file for aos. anyone has experience about this? any answer will be appreciated. Thank you!
  20. Hello everyone, this isn't the first time on here but now I am here because I am very desperate for help. Let me tell you guys my story, I fell in love with my current BF who is also my ex husband in 2015, we were together but because of distance and other problems we broke up in 2016, we had gotten married that year. Filed divorced in 2017. Recently we have rekindled our relationship and want to get back together... the distance is a problem. He is in DR and I am in the USA. He has gone to apply for B1/B2 visa but was denied. I am a US citizen and want him to come stay with me. What is the best and route you guys reccomend me taking. We were already married, should we get married again and go for an I-130, or go for K-1? Will him applying for B2 and also us being divorced affect either of these processes? We do not have any kids... but want to get pregnant very soon.
  21. Hey, So my Hubby and I received our NOA 1 on July 6th. When looking on the USCIS Site it says 5.5-7 months as of now. Has anybody else submitted around the same time and heard any update yet?
  22. Nice_Try_Einstein

    DACA to K1 Visa

    Hey Guys, I am planning to marry my long time girlfriend and she has DACA while I am a US citizen. She entered US without inspection and had DACA before she turned 18 -- renewed ever two years without lapse (0 Days for unlawful presence). Since DACA might be killed soon by the supreme court, we were thinking of starting her green card process. Her DACA expires in 1.5 years so we do have some time before she is out of status. What would be the best/fastest option for her to obtain a green card? We would like to minimize her stay outside of US as she is currently in the Medical school. I heard K1 visa is an option. Am I allowed to file her K1 while she is in the US and fly back to home country for the interview? Any other option? Thank you so much for your help!!!
  23. I came to US with K-1 fiancée visa. I have been waiting for a green card interview since July 2017 and my 1-year Advance Parole and Employment Authorization document is expiring this August ( 2018 ). I need to renew my combination card just in case. My question is - what is my Class of Admission now? Is it still K-1 with what I entered with?
  24. Hi all, I just wanted to share this article for our Canadian friends and their SOs. Canadians who work in the marijuana industry — and those who invest in the booming pot sector — risk a lifetime ban on travel to the U.S., according to a senior official overseeing U.S border operations. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/09/13/canada-weed-pot-border-783260
  25. Hello! My fiancé and I are filling out the I-129f to petition for a K-1 Visa for him. He is from Chile, and the name of his town (Coyhaique) is the same as the name of his province (also Coyhaique). However, he thinks that the region (Region de Aysen) in which he lives is crucial for his mailing address. Should I put his region in the blank for province? Thank you! Katie & Benja