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  1. Hey there VJers, I'm a Singaporean, 28th June K1-Visa Beneficiary. Just got NOA2, any advice for the interview or medical? ❤
  2. Hi, Back in January of this year, my fiance and I submitted our K1 application. It should be a pretty straight forward case, we knew I wouldn't be working right away because of it, etc. In May, the company I work for informed me they want to keep me working for them in the US, because the people they have in their US office don't currently have my skillset, and have said they are willing to pay the expedite fee to get me my L1 asap. There was no reason at the time I applied for K1 for me to believe they would be willing to keep me on full time but there's been a small restructuring of the management due to the Managing Director retiring in February. I'm looking for some advice, really, as I'm torn between staying on the K1 (I won't get that money back, and we're nearly at the finish line!), and taking them up on their offer, as it would allow me to be self sufficient almost from the get go. The biggest concern I have, is if there are likely to be any issues if I were to apply for the L1; in the application stage, the interview stage, or after. From what I understand, the L1 is similar to the K1 in that it is a non-immigrant visa with immigration intent, however designed for work rather than marriage. Would my getting married within a month of entering the US cause me any issues? Would entering on an L1 be considered misrepresentation/visa fraud? The last thing I want to do is jeopardise my ability to stay in the US with my fiance. I know the adjustment of status is supposed to be "forgiving" for overstay, but I really don't want to mess it up. I'm also considering getting legal advice; but I'm hoping there's someone here with experience or more expert knowledge than I can claim! Thank you
  3. There we go, August filers congratulations on your decision to pursue this amazing relationship with your fiancee. This will be a fun journey so like @missileman say buckle your seat belt and prepare for the ride. Feel free to post your questions and share experiences during your K1 application process.
  4. Hi! we just noticed that we missed a checkbox on our I-129F and we were wondering if we can correct that thru the "typographic error" service option on the USCIC website even tho we haven't received an RFE yet? Thank you
  5. Hello friends. I am going to be the beneficiary(We have not yet filed) and I am a lady. My fiance who is a US citizen and the petitioner is 10 years older than me. I know it would probably be a 'redder flag' if I was a Nigerian male about to marry an older woman but reverse is the case and it is normal in the Nigerian culture for the man to be older. Still, I would love to get answers from y'all. Is 10 years age gap too much for a USC male filing a K1 visa for a Nigerian female. Thank you
  6. Has anyone heard of a man getting a fiancé visa from Afghanistan recently? My fiancé is there now and has been waiting 6 months since his interview. Our case is in AP. Has anyone heard of AP taking less than a year for a man from Afghanistan in 2018/2019? I know 2 women who were only in AP for less than 2 months. But I haven’t heard of any men getting visas.
  7. Very excited! We just mailed everything to the embassy they should have everything on Monday! For those who have filed in Thailand how many weeks does it take to get an interview? Do they email you about when your appointment is? Can I email them and ask? Or do I just look on the PDF they have on their webpage? If it’s the last thing then do I check that periodically or is it uploaded one time for one month?
  8. So does anyone did Online change of address after wedding but before AOS application? I enter US through K1 visa and then we moved out of my Fiance's parents house to an apartment after the wedding. The address indicated in K-1 (I-129F) petition is his parent's house. Do I need to change address online before AOS application?
  9. If I’m visiting my fiancé! Can I go to the embassy and ask them regarding my fiancé’ Visa? We’ve been in ap since April 26 which is interview date. They also asked us for the forms-5355 and we emailed it to them back. Thanks for the in advance
  10. Hello! I am currently waiting for my fiance visa and was not clear if they're gonna issue me a fiance visa already or if I need to go to another interview Our story goes like this. I went to my fiance visa interview last December 6 at the US Embasssy in Manila, I was already having my interview then I mentioned that my fiance and I have a baby together, so the consul said that I should get a CRBA and passport for my child before we continue on with my interview. So the consul directed me to the releasing window and the staff there directed me on what to do, after directing me on what to do, he mentioned that if my child gets approved for a CRBA and passport, they will issue me a visa right away but if not then I would have to show them the notice that I got denied and we will continue on with the visa interview. January 7, 2019 we had our CRBA and passport interview and was asked to send additional documents that my fiance has been living in the US for at least 5 years (they did not state that it has to be 5 years on the list of requirements they gave me), so after like a month of giving evidences and my fiance talking to the embassy to prove that he has lived for more than 5 years, we finally got approved on February. A few days after the CRBA and passport got approved, a representative of the US Embassy (or visa center, I'm not really sure because I forgot to ask) said that I should send my passport to the Embassy for visa issuance. I know the representative said issuance because I asked how many days it would take to have my passport returned back to me after I send it, she just said as soon as I send them my passport, the sooner it will get returned. I sent my passport to them the next day and got a call the next day after that to confirm if I have sent them the passport already and they also asked for the tracking number so they can forward it to the consul, but the caller also said that it will be forwarded so that the consul can review my papers for the fiance visa. So I'm really confused because I know they said that they'll issue me a visa right after my child gets approved for a CRBA and passport but then the last call I had said the consul will still review my papers. Has anyone had this same situation? Did they still require you to have another fiance interview or did they issue a fiance visa without interview after approval of the CRBA and passport (like one of the staff and the first call I had said). Please inform me because the waiting is killing me and my fiance
  11. Is there any way to get the interview quicker? Is there an expedited request there? What reasons would they accept? Any help would be great. Thanks!
  12. Hi, What is best option to apply from Pakistan K1 or Spouse ? I know spouse takes time as compared to K1 but which one is easy? and If we are go with spouse so how many days we need to stay together ?
  13. Hello everyone,it’s been six months after my interview and our case had updates in first week after my interview mostly and other updates happened when embassy replies our emails,and they don’t answering emails that much now,being separated from loved ones is so hard and it’s not mentally healthy at all especially when we have to wait for unknown timeline,I know timeline is different based on every case circumstances but I was wonder if anyone has news or get visa recently,hope and wish best of luck to all of us
  14. I checked online and the Bangkok Embassy has received my packet (they have 2 case files which is weird). Either way I want to know: Can we get order the police certificate and medical exam now or do we have to wait for the actual packet 3 letter? I want to do the medical ASAP because it takes 2 weeks to get all the results when you do it in Chiang Mai. Also for the vaccinations, is my fiance required to get all of them or as many as she can? Is there a test to see which ones she has? Other than recently her 'medical records' are spotty. Thanks!! P.S. Looking for Thailand specific answers please.
  15. i would like to ask if an ofw fiance left his/her employer(not finishing contract of employment) and went back to home country( where he/she wants to have interview) while K1 visa on process will affect K1 visa approval?
  16. Hi! Does anyone know or have an experience with regards to providing police clearance from a foreign country when you applied for the K1 visa? I stayed for a total of 6 months in Australia as a tourist only. I've read here that people who worked and lived in foreign countries for 6 months or more needs to provide a police clearance. Does this directive apply to tourists? Thank you.
  17. Ok, so long story short, due to some issue, I wasn't able to book the appointment-date for our k1 visa today but here's the thing, like 12 hours ago, I was seeing "First Available Appointment Is Friday February 1, 2019", & now, I'm seeing "First Available Appointment Is Friday February 22, 2019". Is this for real? I mean how is that all of those slots got filled so rapidly within hours? And, if this is how fast they typically get filled, then how in the world was I possibly able to see the date that I did earlier in the day? Can anybody clue me in on what's going on here? Is this "normal" somehow? At first, I was so happy that I was going to get a date about 3 weeks out but now, it's 6 weeks, & who knows what it will be when I actually get down to booking my appointment tomorrow.
  18. My application for removal of condition is processing for my Fiance Visa. It is past my 3rd year here in US. I understand that I can apply for citizenship as early as 3rd year but one of the requirements is a copy of the permanent resident card and I dont have the new one yet. My old green card was surrendered in the immigration when they stamped my passport/ infopass. Can I still apply for naturalization without any permanent resident card, and if so, what should I present in its absence? Thanks
  19. TennantFamily

    No Letter? Murky next steps?

    Hi there! In a nutshell: application was approved October 11th, flash forward and case was sent from NVC to U.S. Embassy in London on November 28th. Its December 13th and we are apparently waiting on a letter that allows us to book the medical, and then the interview? This letter has still not arrived. Should we be concerned? Do we reach out to the embassy, or the NVC for the letter? The procedure is unclear as it says that we should start making all appointments, but that we need this letter (thats never come) to do so. A little lost - thanks for any guidance here!
  20. Hi, I am new in this community. I was reading a lot. My couple is from Texas, he wants to apply for the k-1. We want to get married in USA. We are not sure when to apply, because we are so worried about know if our story is enought to apply. If we have the enought provements. I was my boyfriend's Au Pair, he was married. After four months living with his family, we start to fall in love (December 017, it was the last February when we were seriously. We went out together but he was still married. In July i left the country because he need be focus in his divorce which is was long and difficult. We were stil, talking everyday by Hangout and WhatsApp. Once he got the divorce,, that happened the last December, we decided to travel to Toronto, Canada to meet each other. I can't go to USA because in October i applied to get the B-2 and i was rejected because i couldn't show ties to Spain. We took a pictures together when i was in USA with him. Once i left the country we sent some emails also. Our relation started one year ago, but he got his divorce in December. I was reading about what we need to show to prove our relation. I think we have all. He surprise me in our trip with a ring, he kept the receipt. Are we ready to apply? Should we wait more time? He is thinking in come to Spain in February or March. For him is hard travel because he has a full custody of his kids.
  21. I haven't been able to find a thread of how often the Consulate at Madrid hosts Fiance visa interviews so I wanted to know if anyone whose gone through the process or going through it now, how often do they conduct the interviews? I've seen some VJ members post (From other countries) that their interview appointments aren't until mid January. My fiancé and I have just gotten our case from the NVC and will be sent out to the embassy in the next week, I wanted to get an idea of how long until he is able to come back. Also if anyone could let me know how long it took for a case to ship from NVC to Madrid that'd be great and how long it took to receive the P4 after sending the P3 back? Any answer to any of my questions would be tremendous help. Thanks all!
  22. Anyone out there know if on the I29F form 38a-38h is it necessary to fill out this section if my fiance was in the US before I file the I29F.
  23. Hi everyone! I want to ask, does my fiancé really needs to send me an original copy of i134 or is scanned copy okay? Will only need this as part of the packet 3. Not sure if consulate in PH would even ask for it since it’s part of the requirement we submitted in 1st stage of petitioning.. Thanks!
  24. babybabycakes

    PHILIPPINES - Middle Name?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering what my name will turn out to be after marrying my fiancé here in the US? I mean for some of you who might not know, in Philippines “middle name” is our mother’s maiden surname. And for females, once married, our maiden surname will become our middle name. For example: Maiden name: Maria Castro Gomez once married: Maria Gomez Kidman That’s how it’ll be (traditionally) in the Philippines. And I don’t feel like using it here in the US. Any ideas how I will deal with this? Can I leave my middle name blank? or do I have to stick with the middle name used in my k1 visa? ooooor, do I need to follow Philippines tradition? Your reply will be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance!!
  25. Hello! I am petitioning (K-1) for my Cuban fiance who is a refugee in Brazil. The embassy is asking for all police certificates/"antecedentes penales" from all countries he has resided in. I am wondering how other folks were able to get police certificates/records from Cuba. Also, does anyone know of online translating services? Thanks in advance