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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. Anyone doing AoS through 245i using I-485 Supplement A in USA that is also in the FB1 Category? What questions are asked in the interview and does the petitioner has to be there for an approved I-130?
  2. We had our medical last september 20. My mom is the principal applicant on a petition under fb1, we're her derivatives. The night before I already prepared every required documents. There's 5 of us so I organized it by names. Were thinking about booking a hotel near st lukes but it was hella expensive so we decided to just wake up early and book an Uber insted. Were from cavite so the uber costed us P270 (including toll) which is more practical than booking a hotel. Tips in using Uber: use promocode you can use mine. Use code 'katier13377ui' to sign up. Enjoy! Details: https://www.uber.com/invite/katier13377ui, and leave early as in 3am or 4am. DAY 1 we left cavite around 3:50 pm and arrived around 4:40. There were two lines one for sputum and one for day 1 applicants. Dont worry as theres some vendor who will assist you. They even have chairs for rent. The line wasn't that long when we arrived. Around 5:00 am they are already letting people in. You will present the documents in the entrance. They will arrange it for you including the photos. They will also stamp something on your hand. ALSO!! Pre register beforehand!! This will make the process faster. Ground flr Counters A-M We entered the bldg and we have numbers 31-35. After about 20 mins of waiting they already called out numbers and only Mama fell in line. You will have to wait in a small line (about 8 persons long) and wait for your turn. There are many counters (letters A to M) you will go to the one that flashes a red light). Me and my family shared one counter. The employee will ask for some details about that was written in the documents you provided and in the pre registration form as well. You also have to declare if you have previously had a medical in slmec. They'll know anyways. They will also have you double check the details in their record. they will give you a slip that serves as your check list. They will also scan your index finger. That took about 1 hour for the 5 of us. After this you can now go to the cashier in 5th flr. 5th flr Cashier The lady guard will get your slip once you arrive in that floor. You will be asked to sit down and wait for your name to be called. This took about 30 mins to an hour of waiting. Then you will line up about 10-15 mins on the cashier to pay. Do not worry if you came in a group they will only ask one to line up and do the payment. Rates: As of september 2017 16042.50 adult 8600 pedia Note: rates will increase starting October 1 2017. 17k for adults and 9k for pedia. After the payment. You can now proceed to 2nd floor for your immunization interview. Do not worry as the employees will let you know the next steps and where you would go next. 2ND flr Present the slip in the reception area. They will attach a form on your receipt that you will have to fill out. Afterward, give back the receipt to the reception. They will also ask you to present your immunization record but know that not all are going to be accept. Ours was not accepted but it wasnt a big deal. Then wait for your name to be called. We waited for about 1.5-2 hours for our name to be called. If you have someone with you, you can sleep and they can just wake you up once your name was called. In this part of the medical, if you have kids under 14 they will do a skin test instead of the chest xray. What they do is that they inject a dead bacteria and see if it'll develop in the next 48 hours. Once they call your name, proceed to the reception and they'll assist you to the room for your interview. The doctor will for your passport and receipt. You will also scan your finger in every step for this medical. He/she will ask about your medical history, last menstrual period, if you have chicken pox scar, traveled out of the country, and other questions. This took about 10 mins. Then the doctor said that i can now proceed to 5th floor for my physical exam. I waited for my other siblings to finish the interview since we werent called at the same time, only the two kids and our mom. We still havent had anything to eat so after the interview we went out. There's a mcdonald nearby. About a 3-5 mins walk. We went back after we ate. 5th flr Present your receipt to the nurse. They will take your weight and your bp. Then you will proceed to the room nearby for your height and your eye test. Note: you will be ask to present the receipt and the slip, as well as your passport so make sure you have those. After the eye test, you will have to wait again for your name to be called for the physical exam. Lucky for me I was called right away. I moved to a chair outside room #8. The nurse will also give you a number. Then the doctor will call your number when it's your turn. You will be asked to enter the room. Then the doctor would ask for your passport and your receipt and will have your finger scanned. The doctor will again ask for your medical history. Mostly were 'yes or no' questions. Just be honest. The doctor will ask you to remove your clothes but not your undergarments. You will be asked to wear a hospital gown. The doctor will check your hands and some parts of your body for scars. After the physical exam, you will be ask to proceed to 4th floor. My siblings were still in queue for the physical exam. I think the doctor took their break that time. I went ahead to 4th floor to have urine and my blood tested. You will present the receipt again and your passport to the nurses. They will ask you to sign a waiver. They will call you again when its your turn. Once the nurse calls you they will usually ask for your name and your date of birth and scan your finger again. The nurse told me to proceed with the blood extraction but i ask to do the urine first as I already needed to take a leak. Also, they will ask for the time you last peed. It should be an hour before the urinalysis. After the urinalysis, i then proceed to the blood extraction area. The med tech will ask for your name and dob, the finger scan. Then extract blood. Then you can now proceed to the dreaded xray on the 3 rd floor. Again present passport, name, dob, finger scan. The nurse will give you something to sign. Then she will give you a folder that you will have to take on the x-ray room. Then you will go to the x-ray room there is a small waiting area where you will be asked to change to a hospital gown. You will have to remove your shirt and your bra if you are a girl. you will wait for your number to be called. Then you will proceed to the actual xray room. The nurse will assist you and ask you to take deep breath and then exhale. After this, you can now change to your clothes. At this point, I'm already finished with Day one. So i brought the slip to the US check out counter in the same floor. The employee asked to me to come back tomorrow at 9am for the results. I was done by 11 am. While my family are still upstairs waiting for their physical. I waited for them to finish. They finished at 2PM. sorry if this is allover the place. Im still a little bit under the weather. I think this is the side effect of the vaccines. I will update this with more details and also the day 2.