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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, my case is under F4 category. My priority date is 5 May 2005. After submitting embassy fees and all the required documents, I got mail on 4 November 2019 that my file reached at NVC and now they will schedule my interview. It's been over 11 months still I haven't recieved any letter for my interview. What should I do now.. Please if anyone can guide me about this matter..I will be very thankful to you 🙌
  2. Hi everybody, my case falls in the F4 category; my Form I-130 was filed on November 19, 2007 and it was approved on February 28, 2012 (meaning, it took 4 years, 3 months to approve my case; this is my pending time). Currently I’m 20 years old and I turn 21 July next year. As far as I know once I turn 21 I’m no longer elegible for a Green Card if our priority date ever becomes current after July 2021. However, the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) prevents what I’ve just mentioned above from happening using the following formula: Age at Time of Visa Availability - Pending Time = CSPA Age This means that I'll have to subtract the pending time minus my current age once my priority date becomes current. Essentially 4 years, 3 months will be subtracted to my age. (According to this calculations, I have until October 2025 before I age out) But I read that if I want to benefit from the CSPA I must fulfill the "Seek-to-acquire" requirement, and this is the part that I don't completely understand: "The USCIS implies that in order to benefit from CSPA as a family preference you must seek to acquire lawful permanent resident status within 1 year of a visa becoming available to you". What I understand out of that is, if I want to benefit from the CSPA I must fill one of the following forms within 1 year of the immigrant visa becoming available to my family and I: Form I-485 (while in the US) Form DS-260 (while outside the US) Form I-824 (while in the US) So I'll appreciate if someone can confirm if I'm right, and what form(s) do I have to fill if I want to benefit from the CSPA. Thank you all of you in advance.
  3. My dad was primary applicant and my brother, mom and me are derivative beneficiary. We got our visa granted on 13th of Jan 2020. My dad,me and my mom entered US and got admitted. Now what should we do to get SSN and green card? Do we have to pay any fees to get greencard or are we going to get it as we paid all immigrant free to USCIS before our interview? Can anyone please help me with this?
  4. Hi all! I am a US citizen residing in Russia for several years now. I still have a driver’s license, credit cards, my husband has a home in the US. I want to file for my married sister (F4). I plan to return to the US with my sister. Am I eligible to file for a sibling visa F4 while residing abroad? Can my sister come to the US with a tourist visa and then as soon as she enters the country I could file I-130 as well as Adjustment of Status I-485? Can she then stay legally in the US and wait for her GC? Would it be quicker to file for my mother, then she would file for my sister once she becomes a US citizen? Do I indicate my Russian mailing address or the US one on I-130? Can my I-130 be declined because my physical address is abroad? Is the opnline application the quickest route? Thank you for your help!
  5. Good afternoon, I was wondering if anybody else is having issues to get an appointment on the US Embassy of Tegucigalpa? I have been checking on the ustraveldocs website (CGI Federal) and I always get the same message "There are no appointments available". If anybody knows when is the best time check or the tentative dates on which new appointment slots are released please tell me your experience. I will appreciate your help.
  6. hi there please can anyone help me out, my sister priority date is 04 May 2007 and case category is f4. NVC case number is ISL2009*****. when she can expect to get the visa/interview? thanks
  7. How long does petitions under f4 visa(brothers and sisters of us citizens) get approved for applicants in the philippines? Not how long case was pending(waiting time of priority date to become current) but time between petition applied and approved. I am curious to know if there are cases that got approved after 20plus years. Thank you.
  8. Hi there . I am a f4 derivative beneficiary. My dad is the principal applicant/beneficiary. We just received a letter from NVC to pay invoice and submit documents last April 2019 . The petition was filed February 1997 and got approved June 1997. Our names are still reflected on the site or case they provided but I had obviously aged out since I'm 27 now but petition was filed when I was still 5 . Should we pursue the payment ? What can we do ? Any advice is highly appreciated .
  9. Hi All, Here are my details for the F4 visa filed by my maternal uncle. Petition Filed: 29th April 2004 Case Approved : 16th October 2009 Priority Date : 9th September 2005. My DOB : 14th September 1993 The current Visa bulletin had date as 15th April 2005(Priority date available). I want to know if i will issued a visa provided the i get a welcome letter in next 4-5 months. Thanks in advance
  10. I had F4 visa interview along with My family Mumbai embassy ... During interview CO asked us to show IRS Transcript of main and joint sponsers ,,But we had only Tax returns and we showed up But CO refused to accept and printed 221g letter and Requesting us to submitted IRS transcript and W2 forum ...But problem is sponsers having IRS extension they had taken extension to pay tax ,, so how we will show to embassy above documents..Could anyone can reply?? I will be thankful for same
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