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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows if I can be on an F1 visa to study in the US and after sometime, file for the K1 visa while studying? If anyone has done that, please do let me know your experience! :)
  2. Hey everyone! So thankful I have found this site, so many listing have given me great advice for the journey I am about to embark on. However I was wondering if someone would be able to help with my personal situation. I entered the US on a J1 visa in 2013, which I remained on for two years. I then switched to an F1 visa when my Au Pair family offered to help me complete college here knowing it was a dream of mine. During my first semester of college I met a guy (not a student), who is now my very best friend and fiancé! We have been together 3 years, and are now getting married in September of this year which is so exciting!! However some questions I have include: 1) Throughout my education I haven't worked as it is a visa requirement of the F1, I was lucky enough that my sponsors are able to support me so that I can live and study comfortably without the need for employment. For that reason, I have lived with them for most of my education besides the past year (since my engagement) where I have lived with my fiancé - however due to the fact that I am not working I wasn't able to go on the lease and I was also very conscious on following the regulations of my visa. My sponsors simply provided me with a small amount each week to cover the cost of food, books and travel with my city. But now in looking at the AOS paperwork, what address should I put as my own? Does it have to match my visa? Do I have to be on the lease of the address I give or can it be the address of my fiancé? 2) Also we don't have any joint accounts, such as savings etc. I am a card holder on his credit cards but I haven't opened my own credit card here only a debit card. I do have a social security number so should I try to open a joint savings account with him? I am slightly concerned that despite us sharing finances, and living together we have no paperwork to prove that as I was trying to be very compliant with the F1 visa. What would you suggest? 3) We have so many photos from the past three years, from our travels with each others family etc. Is that sufficient to take to the GC interview? Thankyou so much in advance, court.simmy
  3. Hey everyone, I'm an F1 student, I got my associates in May 2017, doing OPT right now and planning on getting into an undergraduate program in Fall 2018 to get a Bachelors. As you guys know tuition is really expensive and I've been thinking of ways to reduce college costs. Concurrent enrollment seems like a good idea; take some classes at the university and take whichever class is transferable at a community college for a lower price. Only thing is I'm not sure how that works.. Will I need to get 2 separate I-20s? Do I need to apply to both institutions? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm a musician, singer/songwriter and recently released my first song on all platforms (Spotify, iTunes, apple music, youtube...). As an F1 student am I allowed to receive any royalties? I read somewhere that I can own a business as F1, since I'm funding my own music production and I'm basically my own label, would that allow me to earn money from my music (royalties from writing rights, publishing rights, ad revenue...) Thank you.
  5. Hello, I need some help in understanding this situation and what plan of action to take. My F-1 status was terminated back in September of 2014, I transferred to a new school and was prompted to file my reinstatement procedure the October of 2014. USCIS reinstatement was filed in Jan 2015. I received a denial notice on October 2016 that my case was denied due to a delay in filing my reinstatement within the 5 months period and that I should leave the united states promptly as to not acquire unlawful presence (180 days max). I filed in an I290-B, a motion to appeal the decision, presenting new evidence that I had been in an accident that prevented me from filing my case on time, also stating that my case was actually filed within the 5 months period according to the date I have from my DSO. A notice on USCIS website under case status states that my case was denied on February 10th 2017. I have not received any letter yet. Please, any advice on what I can do now? I am planning on returning back to my home country Nigeria to reapply. What is the risk involved that the consular office will grant me a new visa? As my visa is currently expired. Help is appreciated. Thank you
  6. Good Evening, I have a few questions! I am currently on a student visa and this is my last semester. I got married last February with my husband and we recently managed to file the Adjustment of Status package. In fact, we just received my I-797C Notice of Action! Now, I have applied for an Advanced Parole and a Work Permit, but I am about to incur in a few issues due to tuition and private things at home. To keep the long story short, my grandma back in Italy is quite sick and old (80 years old as of today, actually) and I didn't visit home in over a year due to school being extremely busy and having been offered free classes during the summer. Now, I am eagerly waiting my AP so i can go back and visit for a while but... that means I won't be able to finish this semester ( I can pay the first 2 rates of the tuition, not the last one). So, I was wondering... WHEN exactly during the whole process, is safe for me to drop from college? If it's safe at all that is. Thank you all so much and sorry for being lengthy, and sharing a private situation that sounds like it's out of a cheesy movie or something lol.
  7. Hello guys! I went on exchange last year on a J1 Visa and of course my silly self fell in love and got a boyfriend. Thing is, I really want to attend the local community college in 2018, but I've heard being young and having a boyfriend would be a problem to get the student visa. I am from Brazil (a high fraud country), I am young, I don't have kids or property in my name and my job would never hold my position with me being away for the four year program I plan on attending. I know my case doesn't look good but I really don't plan on getting married or staying illegally. What can I do to higher my chances?