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Found 18 results

  1. Hi. My temporary green card was expired on AUG 2018 and I went to a local USCIS office to get a stamp and got 1 year additional. ( My previous Green card was taken by an officer). A few days later, I got a letter from the USCIS that extends 1year and half of extension of my conditional resident which has to be along with my previous green card. But the issues are, 1. I don't have the previous green card that can have 1year and half extended time( the stamp on my passport will be expired 8 months earlier than the letter approved) 2. I also got a letter from USCIS that requires additional documents which evidence good faith of my marriage. My question is 1. How I can use the allowed 1year and half extended time without a previous green card? 2. Can I get another stamp on my passport if I can't get a permanent resident card within expired date on my stamp which is July 2019.( I just submitted additional documents) Please help
  2. Hi all, We just received the letter from the embassy saying that "the IV Unit received the Immigrant visa petition filed on your behalf. " Now we need to make the apt with the doctor and then subsequently with the embassy. We would ideally like to delay the interview with the embassy for a few more months to give us a little bit more time to prepare our exit. Our I-797 NOA has a valid date that expires on 1/13/2018. Does this mean we need to have everything done before this? Can we get some sort of extension so we could ideally plan for the interview in March or April? Has anyone done this? Thanks.
  3. Good Afternoon All, I did not find any similar Topic so I thought it would be important for people to have some sort of guidance on what they are doing from past experiences. My 2 years GC expired in September 2016, I have applied for the ROC in July 2017, received the NOA in July 2016, and received my Biometric Processing Stamp at my biometrics appointment on 8/2/2016. My questions is: When do I actually NEED/HAVE TO make a infopass appointment? We all know that info pass appointments are useless the most of the times and lengthy all the times, however there are cases that in order to stay within the rules, you have to make one but I am not sure when. Is it withing 30 days from your Biometric Stamp date or what? If anyone could share their experience and/or answer the questions, I think it would be beneficial for all the ROC applicants. Thanks!
  4. We are in Georgia and my husband was issued a driver's license that expired on the one year anniversary of his NOA1 when he received his extension letter after filing his application for lifting conditions (not his green card expiration). So his GA DL expires 7/10/18 but his green card is extended until 9/29/18. Evidently that's how they do it here. Just wanted GA filers to know "Now, any applicant whose driver’s license will expire within 30 days or has already expired can provide the Georgia Department of Driver Services an original I-797, Receipt Notice, evidencing his or her extension of status request is pending with USCIS to obtain a temporary license valid for 120 days from the date of expiration of the applicant’s current license". So he had to pay $50 and now has a paper GA DL that is valid and expires Oct 29.... not sure how they did that math but it should be enough time to get the 10 year Green Card....applying N-400 tomorrow!
  5. My O1-B visa was approved today but my extension of stay was denied. Reason: my status is F1, I took Computer Application Program at school for certificate program. USCIS thought this school is M1 school. I misclassify from F1. Now I'm out of status. I have 30 days grace period to leave US and to ask US embassy in My home country to get O1 visa stamp. My lawyer said that is hard. He suggest me to file Motion to reopen case. He said I have fair chance to do it. It's easy here to understand that is not my fault but school fault. My questions are. 1. If I file motion and I overstay in US (probably 3-4 months), after motion I get approval. Is out of status during over 30 days will be waive automatically. Will I get O1-B back? Is easy to get stamp from my home country? 2. If I file motion and I overstay in US, after motion I get deny. Can I still able to get O1 stamp from my home country? 3. I have my wife too, she is my dependent for F2 visa and she applies for O3 visa. Her case is still pending (Case was approved) Is she will be out of status too? 4. Right now. Do I still have to go to school to maintain my wife and my status during motion? Thanks for answer
  6. Hi, I have one more question regarding I-551 stamping. My extension for ROC will expire on 30 August 2018. I wanted to get I-551 stamping on my passport. Below are few of my questions regarding the stamping. Nearest USCIS office is in San Jose. 1. Even though I have 3 month before my extension get over, can I still get the i-551 stamping asap? 2. Should I wait for any specific number of days before getting i-551 stamping. eg. 90 days before extension gets over or something. 3. what is the procedure for getting i-551 stamping. Thanks for your advises, support and help. The reason why I want to get I-551 stamping is because the new employer wants the I-551 stamping and has some doubts if one year extension letter is good for proving that I am authorized. (Even though letter clearly mentions that in first paragraph) Thanks
  7. Hello Vj's I am very thankful to all of you who have provided suggestions and answers to my previously posted questions. I have a scenario, which I am sure alot of people are going through these days.It is mentioned as below. Example:. Immigrants I-751 one year extension will expire at the end of September 2018 and Immigrant is trying to get an infopass. Due to appointment slot scarcity, he/she is not able to get infopass appointment and therefore no I-551 stamping. Also the Immigrants employers have conducted a e-verification at the beginning of his/her job in March 2018 without any issues. Below are the questions. 1. On October 1st , as your one year extension has already expired on 30th September 2018, will you be considered as illegal immigrant or you are still entitled to live and work in US till the time i-751 is adjudicated. (And you do not have i-551 stamping on your passport) 2. Would the existing employer requires to do e-verification again at the end of September? 3. Would the existing job be affected by not having I-551 stamping on passport. 4. Would N-400 application be affected by not having I-551 stamping on passport. 5. When the immigrant files for N-400, would there be another automatic one year extension similar to as stated in I-751 NOA. To be honest some of the question relates to me. But I am sure there are many other people who are looking for the answers to above questions. Thanks
  8. Its really hard to get an infopass appointment in my area, is it okay to go to a different USCIS office? Also my current passport is expired and I will get a new one, but They will take my passport with my fiancee visa on it. will they look for this on infopass to stamp? or will my expired conditional green card be okay to show for proof?
  9. Our local infopass office, Denver location, has no available appointments. We need to get a visa extension, because our one year letter is almost over. And we also have a cruise at the end of May. Do we have to use the Denver office or can we actually go out of state and use another States USCIS local office? I would hate to go to another state and then find out that they won't serve us because we are coming from another state or we don't fit in their jurisdiction. But when you go to the USCIS website and try to make an infopass IT ask you to enter your ZIP code and it actually gives us Denver and Helena Montana as the two closest offices I just don't know if both offices are an option or if I have to go to Denver. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hello, I need to file for an extension (yes, very late shame on me). My husband doesn't have a ssn or an itin # and is still in the AoS process. I saw that the website for filing suggested something like a 999-98-9999. or something like that as a filler #, is that true? What do I do? Choose to file separately? My husband has not received his EAD yet either and hasn't worked in 2018. He arrived to the usa Nov 2017. We got married Dec 2017. Up until that point, he was still living and working in his home country. Any advice would be helpful! We are taking to a tax professional about our situation, but I need this extension now. Thank you!
  11. Big Red34

    B2 Visa - Medical Issue

    Greetings, I have a friend who has developed a medical condition (fibroids) who may require surgery. Can she overstay to have the surgery here? If so, how do we go about that process? Sorry if this is in another chain already but I couldn't find anything.
  12. Hello Hoping someone else had this experience or can help me out.. So I filed my i751 February 2017, my card expired April 27th 2017. I received the one year extension letter which I have traveled with several times with out any problems. Here is the issue though, I will be leaving the country with my husband February 27th and come back end of May.... and I pray i get my new card BEFORE i leave but if I dont then my letter will be expired will I not be able to get back in the country? I understand I could get the 551 stamp to extend another year BUT the lady at uscis told me they ONLY give it 30 days before expiration and i wont be here at that time.... That would be march 27th... We have to leave march 19th. Please help. Also what if I get my new card mailed to me while im out of the country? Will i have issues getting in? There is really no way i could be denied while away, because my marriage is legit (5 years) and I moved from Canada (Canadian citizen) , my case and interview everything has been pretty easy this far. Thanks sooo much for all your help I appreciate it!
  13. Question 1: Obviously we will not receive lifting of condition before the 1-year extension letter expires, how do we request an additional extension needed for overseas travel or should we just plan not to travel? Question 2: Two weeks ago we filed our join tax return after properly extending this to the Oct 15 deadline. How can I submit this additional evidence? I know I need to attach the NOA but is there any other form I should include? (I am hoping this encourages the processor to pull our file and stick it on top of his/her to do list - filed I-175 at the end of February this year)
  14. Hello, I am an opt student. I completed my masters in November 2016. My university lost its accreditation. Now Few of my friends got approved with opt extension. I applied for opt in October 2016 and received it in mid December after my university lost its accreditation. Can anyone tell me if I have any chances for approval of opt extension. Thank You in advance.
  15. I have a desperate question that kinda needs a quick answer. I need an advice weather I should submit my F1 application to USCIS even if my B2 Visa expires in exactly 2 weeks time or should I just leave and Submit it back at my home country. I have all the required documents ready for submission. If I do sumbmit, can I leave or do i have to wait for the receipt? For me personally leaving and come back is kinda costly so I hope you would understand where I'm coming from. P.S. I have not submitted yet due to some issues and also i have set up an appointment with the nearest immigration office to go submit there. Would they be able to process it? Can they? Or is it better by mail? I would really appreciate your opinions. Kind Regards, Soni.
  16. Hello there VJ folks! I have a question for anyone who may have experience with this, or who may know - due to some unexpected events we may have to request an extension on our K-1 visa processing. Our petition was approved and we've received notification that it has been received at the embassy, but we may not be able to finish the process in the 4 months until the approved petition expires. I have researched on VJ that we can request an extension from our embassy, but was wondering - before making this request, must we complete the DS-160 first? Or would we be able to do everything later if needed? I could not find the answer here, and from what I read on the DS-160 it does not have a time limit either, but was really not sure if we would have to have this filled out before requesting an extension! So far, I have all my documents gathered but we have not gone ahead with anything yet (DS-160, medical, packet 3 etc.) If anyone has any advice on this it would be much appreciated Thanks in advance + best wishes to all along their visa journeys!!
  17. my GC expired march this year, I filed the i-90 application on december 2016, and i had my biometrics taken that same month, at the biometrics office they put a sticker on the back of my green card extending it until september 2017, my question is, my Local Office in san fernando california is full, no appointments in september, and i need to travel out of the country in october, can i go somewhere elso to get an extension for my greencard like Phoenix,AZ or Tucson, until i receive my GC? thanks
  18. I sent in the I-751 for my wife. We received the noa 1-year extension... and in a few days it will have been 1 year and we haven't heard anything back, it's at the VSC. Who do we contact what do we do?