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  1. Moved to the states with a CR1 visa to live with my husband Feb 2017, made that common tedious mistake and forgot that filing my i-751was in the 90 days prior to green card expiry dates. After we did our fair share of panicking and some self-loathing ( considering ourselves a bit too aware to make such mistake ) we decided to research it as quickly as possible and all results pointed towards sending the form ASAP. And so we had a call with an immigration lawyer for quick advice and we ended up writing a well-structured explanation/apology letter for our tardiness lacking a "good cause" and if you're familiar with the problem you'd know that a "good cause" is crucial for them to excuse a late filing of that damn petition. Luckily we have some good evidence of our marriage in good faith, so we included them, highlighted our names in the documents and left post-its on each group of files to make it easy for the officer to process it and show a good intention of collaboration. I've also included a G-1145 ( e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance ) to be notified as soon as they can. We sent the package today Feb Sunday 3rd which is my expiration date. We were hoping sending it overnight should get it there only one day late with the excuse of the first weekday after the weekend deadline. But the FedEx office which we had to drive 3 hours to get to ( being in a small town ) can only deliver it by Tuesday 4th making it 2 days late. So we included an additional letter in the package explaining our intention to get it there sooner including our FedEd receipt to support it. I'm well aware of the possible complications and of the possible outcomes which evoke great anxiety in me and my husband, but we're trying to calm down and be practical. So as we're awaiting either a 1. Denial 2. Request for more evidence 3. proceeding removal from the country 4. petition receipt which should include a conditional residency for a year during the processing and that would just be a huge relief and unexpected luck. My plan is to search for an attorney and have my documents ready, and a well-written brief ready in case we get the first three possibilities. We are also planning to call USCIS tomorrow to ask for more information on how to go about this. Today i decided to join VisaJourney since it has been great help for me starting my process from the very beginning, but mainly for two reasons; - Any input from previous experiences or an attorney that can add up and can be helpful - Share our experience so it'll help others understand this kind of situations as much as it helped me reading about other people's journeys. I'm also genuinely curious about; What's The success rates of these situations and how often do people actually get deported. What's a good method to find a good attorney in your area? ( i will not pay attention to ADs, so don't bother ) If you actually do get reported is it possible to be back to the states? Thank you for reading and please be kind.
  2. My DACA expired October 2018 and a lawyer is telling me that I am able to renew it. He wants $1500 and the $495 for the application fee. My husband and I dont want to lose that money and we've been reading online that it is not possible to renew your DACA after it expired.
  3. USCIS made an error for "Country of Birth" on my Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), it says "USA" but I was born in a foreign country. Caught the error late and never had it corrected/replaced. My PRC expires on June 20, 2019. Here is my dilemma: There will be important things I need to do within the next 8 months that requires me to prove valid resident status. The instructions on USCIS website for filing I-90 says, "If you are a permanent resident whose 10-year green card has expired or will expire within the next 6 months, you may begin the renewal process" AND "Additionally, if you applied for naturalization at least six months before your Green Card expired, you may be able to receive an ADIT stamp instead of filing a Form I-90." Today is January 12, 2019. The Green Card expires on June 20, 2019, is "within 6 months" between the period of 01/29/2019-06/29/2019? And is "at least 6 months before" before 01/29/2019? I'm trying to figure out if I qualify to skip filing I-90, file N-400 instead, and get a temporary stamp to prove legal status considering it takes almost a year to process N-400 where I am located. The other issue is my Green Card contains an error made by USCIS/DHS. If it is necessary to file I-90, should I put the reason as "My existing card has incorrect data because of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) error. (Attach your existing card with incorrect data along with this application." or simply choosing the renewal option for soon to be expired Green Card and attach a letter explaining that there is an error on the card to avoid delays/rejection. Chances are if I choose that reason and send in my Green Card with the application, I won't get it back for a while considering the processing times. Currently, InfoPass appointment is not available because "This office is not accepting walk-in requests or scheduling InfoPass appointments." Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  4. My husband file a I-90 instead of the I-751 within the 90 days in March 2017 in order replace ny green card on a CR1 visa entry. I did the Biometrics in May and in November USCIS asked for a copy of the green card. Every month later we received an email stating USCIS is still reviewing our case. It is only by the USCIS Denial letter of December, 2018 that we realized that I was supposed to submit Form I-751 for the Replacement. Preparing to file the I-751 as soon as possible with an explanation letter of my 17 month expired green card but as I see it, a mistake like this is not consider a "good cause". We have a 10 year old child (IR2 10 year visa) that joined us 3 years ago from Vietnam from my previous marriage. Any advice? Thank you H.
  5. Hi. My temporary green card was expired on AUG 2018 and I went to a local USCIS office to get a stamp and got 1 year additional. ( My previous Green card was taken by an officer). A few days later, I got a letter from the USCIS that extends 1year and half of extension of my conditional resident which has to be along with my previous green card. But the issues are, 1. I don't have the previous green card that can have 1year and half extended time( the stamp on my passport will be expired 8 months earlier than the letter approved) 2. I also got a letter from USCIS that requires additional documents which evidence good faith of my marriage. My question is 1. How I can use the allowed 1year and half extended time without a previous green card? 2. Can I get another stamp on my passport if I can't get a permanent resident card within expired date on my stamp which is July 2019.( I just submitted additional documents) Please help
  6. My boyfriend came here on a student visa when he was 17, his visa was to expire before his 18th birthday. So his sister's husband adopted him around that time,(his mom had no way of taking care of him) his sister told him his renewal for the visa was denied, come to found out she never reapplied for him. Fast forward its been 10 years since that happened. We tried filing before but its hard to know what we can or can't do. We want to get married. I just need advise badly. Thanks for all your time.
  7. My husband and I want to travel to Vegas from Texas and back for SEMA next week. The 90 days have passed and we have submitted AOS. We have received a text confirming they have received but haven’t received the physical letter (NOA1) in the mail. Would it be safe to fly or would we run into issues? I’ve read mixed reviews and do not want there to be any issue or doubt before purchasing a ticket.
  8. Hello, I’m in need of some help and thank you in advance. This whole process has been stressful and I can’t wait for the resolution. I recently got a rejection letter (i797c) on my i140 application. The checks were written out to USCIS not Homeland Security so they sent the whole package back. Stating that the payments were missing or incorrect. Please resubmit. My DOL perm cert expired on Sept 15, 2018. My rejection letter states that the USCIS received my application on Sept 9th. Am I still okay or is USCIS going to count the application as received once the proper checks are submitted? Thanks in advance.
  9. So I completed a I190 to replace my dad expired green-card on July 10th, by July 13th I received the receipt notice in mail and on the same day online I saw that his bio-metrics appointment was set for August 2nd. Wow......didn't know it would move this fast....anywho... We live in NY and my dad did not received his renewed new Jamaican passport as of yet, I was hoping to bring to the biometrics Appt. My question is which forms of ID is acceptable.... He has his old expired green-card along withe IDNYC ID which is municipal ID (IDNYC is the new, free identification card for all New York City residents, which gives all of us the opportunity to show who we are—New Yorkers. As a government-issued photo identification card) So basically the ID my dad as is a local city government issued ID. do you think this would be acceptable for biometrics appt. He does not have any other form of ID just this one and his expired Greencard.
  10. Hi there, I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if i'm not doing this correctly. 2 years ago, while on a condition green card I noticed a mistake in the expiration date. It stated that my card expired one year earlier than it should. I sent the card off with an i-90 to be corrected and 9 months later it was time to have my conditions removed! I hadn't heard anything from USCIS after attending a biometrics appointment regarding the card correction. I didn't have the card to send back with my i-751 because I had sent if off 9 months earlier but that hasn't caused a problem with my condition removal as of yet. I received a letter saying they are processing my case to have conditions removed and cannot correct the incorrect card because it was a conditional card. I had no idea they couldn't correct conditional cards. The real issue here is that now I have the i-751 extension letter granting me the 1 year extension but no expired green card to accompany it. I believe this makes travel very hard, if not impossible. I haven't been back to the UK in a long time and am eager to see family. What steps should I take to get my old expired green card back so that I can travel this year. I sent of the i-751 in October 2017 so potentially have another 10 months when I cannot travel. I got myself in a bit of pickle, any suggestions?
  11. Hello. This has probably being asked tons of times, but I can’t find a clear answer. My extension letter expires on 08/07/18, a year later after the expiration of my greencard which is 08/07/17. When should I request the appointment to get the stamp? Can I get request this month or a month before the expiration of my extension letter? Thanks
  12. Hi everyone!! I want to apply for a citizenship but I have an expired Green Card. I know the requirements and I also don't have criminal records. I have been a Permanent Resident for over 10 years now. I grew up here and I consider it my home. I really want to become a US citizen. Please help thank you, guys!!
  13. Hello, again guys, Thank you so much for answering my question last time guys. I really appreciate it. I have another question about changing address. I know that I can only change addresses 3 times. I already changed my address twice this month. The first time I made a mistake, so I changed it again but I found out you did not have to change your address if you know you are temporarily staying. So, my question is: Can I still change it again without getting into trouble? Should I call Customer Service instead of changing it online? Thank you for your time guys.
  14. i got married within the 90 days, but my i-94 expired and i havent filed for an AOS. Ive read some post from years ago where apparently you dont need to also file the I-130 form, but in recent post from other sites, some lawyers agree to the premise that as the beneficiary is now on a visa overstay, therefore with an unlawful status, the petitioner (my husband) has to file the already mentioned form. Has anybody dealt with this issue in recent years or know how to proceed? thanks a lot in advance.
  15. Hi all, My parents have(had) a permanent residency status here in the US. Due to old age, family business being in the Philippines, and a granddaughter in the Philippines as well, my parents decided to just stay in the Philippines and let their green card expired. They haven't entered the US in the past 5 years and their green card expired 4 years ago. They currently don't have any plans on going back to the US, but just wanted to ask a few questions in case something comes up in the future. My first question is, are they still considered as a US resident even though their green card have expired and they haven't entered the US in the past 5 years? Second, if for some reason I need to bring them back to the US few years from now, will I need to file a new petition for them to get them back here? Thanks
  16. Hello, I just found out that my sister over seas is pregnant and due in October! Because I'm so excited I decided to go home to meet the new baby in November or December and stay there for about a month! However, my K1 based Green card expires on December 30th, 2018 so I'm going to be filing to remove conditions on my residency about early October. My question is will my travel plans be interfered with because of this fact? Am I gonna be able to leave for that long and reenter on an almost expired Green card? For example entering on December 29th, a day before it expires. Looking forward to hear from you guys! Thank you
  17. I'm a Canadian citizen with a US Green Card (through Marriage, still married), I am living in Canada now. The question is, if I wish to move back to the US in the future, and at that time my green card is expired, will I have problems of any kind? Will I have to go through the application process again (start over)?
  18. I can't seem to find any recent cases where a NOA2 petition has expired at Montreal. Ours is expiring beginning of March and no Packet 4 received yet, no interview date in sight. Has anyone heard of a petition expiring recently? Will they let it expire with the petition being so close to an interview date?
  19. Hello! I came to the US on a K-1. Due to finances we have not been able to apply for Adjustment of status right away. During this time, my overseas medical exam expired in December 2017. We are about to apply very soon. My question is, should I renew my medical before sending in my application and include the papers, or would it be better to wait until I have an interview date and bring the results there? The reason I am asking is because many people have said differently, and I would love to hear your opinion.
  20. Hello Hoping someone else had this experience or can help me out.. So I filed my i751 February 2017, my card expired April 27th 2017. I received the one year extension letter which I have traveled with several times with out any problems. Here is the issue though, I will be leaving the country with my husband February 27th and come back end of May.... and I pray i get my new card BEFORE i leave but if I dont then my letter will be expired will I not be able to get back in the country? I understand I could get the 551 stamp to extend another year BUT the lady at uscis told me they ONLY give it 30 days before expiration and i wont be here at that time.... That would be march 27th... We have to leave march 19th. Please help. Also what if I get my new card mailed to me while im out of the country? Will i have issues getting in? There is really no way i could be denied while away, because my marriage is legit (5 years) and I moved from Canada (Canadian citizen) , my case and interview everything has been pretty easy this far. Thanks sooo much for all your help I appreciate it!
  21. There's been a couple of threads here and there about the issue of coming to the interview with an expired passport, and overall, sounds like the general conclusion is that an expired passport is no biggie. However, my situation is slightly different because I lost my now-expired passport several years ago and never replaced it. That said, I didn't leave the country in the last 7 years at least, so I'm guessing it shouldn't be an issue since it sounds like the passport's main use is to verify entry/exit dates. I do have a copy of the main pages in the old passport, but not of the stamp pages. Has someone been in a similar situation of coming to the interview without a passport and can share their experience? As a little more background, I'm applying under the 3 year clause having been married to a US citizen.
  22. Hello! I don't know if anyone have had this situation/experience. so my fiancé and I had some difficulties the past months and we weren't ready to use the K1 visa. so it is going to expire in less than a month and we decided is too soon and we want to wait. so at this point where the visa was never used because I never traveled to the U.S. what can be done? can it be extended or are we going to have to do the whole process all over again from step 1? if so is a whole new process? thank you so much I'd really like and appreciate your help and legit answers! has anyone gone through this? I read somewhere I believe another forum that you can write a letter to be extended but not sure if that's after USCIS approved it and before the interview or it could be once the visa been granted.
  23. Hi! I'm trying to gather documents for my Immediate Relative's interview and we are required to send photocopies of our birth certificates. So I have the original birth certificates that I obtained two years ago, but for some reason Dominican birth certificates expire after 6 months. Can I use the expired birth certificate to submit to NVC and then renew before the interview? or must I present the new birth certificate to NVC AND at the consulate?
  24. Filed K1 Visa for my Nigerian fiance on 9/20/2016 and everything went smoothly but right before interview I realized that I typed his birth year incorrectly as 1976 but is 1975. I contact the USCIS and told to make appointment and bring copy of any birth certificate and passport. I go in and everything seems fine. 2/9/2016 my fiance has interview and receives RFE and we turn everything in as requested. End of February, I received notice from USCIS that this was incorrect place to correct birth year since it was already sent to Consulate, fix it with Department of State. I make contact and I do as told but several weeks later I am told this incorrect place. I contact Consulate by email and send them information about correction and copies of passport/BC and am just told case is under review. I watch and watch for something to happen but case remains under "Administrative Review" for months. I send emails for status updates and told to wait. Seems exceptionally long so I write again and told case has been sent back to USCIS. Well it takes 4 months or so to reach USCIS. Get update from online telling me to wait for a notice. Wait 60 days and email for status only to be told today THAT OUR VISA VALIDITY EXPIRED PLEASE FILE AGAIN. No reason why! I'm so dazed and confused right because it looks like it was expired by March. Why no contact and explanation? Have not even told my fiance..he has already been talking suicide since the long wait. I don't want to tell him the bad news!!!
  25. Hey every one!! Please could someone point me in the direction of a thread that could answer this question (I can't find one) or if you have the answer that would be awesome! My green card will expire on the 18th Aug 2017 and as of that day so will all of my government ID's (drivers license, state ID). Is there any way to renew these IDs with the extension letter? I don't really want to carry my passport around with me as I have a tendency to loose things and getting a new one would be rather annoying. Thank you so much in advance!! Helene xx