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Found 10 results

  1. My K-1 and K-2 had medical exams in January 2019, and entered USA in July 2019 just in time, one day before the visa expired. Now we are filing for AOS in May 2020, but the medical exam is over 1 year old. Our previous two attempts were rejected in February and April because of the change in the 485 form, and for only including one 864 the second time. Has anyone been in this situation where the medical exam was over one year old? Is it possible they won't ask for another one?
  2. Hi all, My wife and I are concerned about her cousin’s F11 immigrant visa and he still remains in Kazakhstan. Due to Covid-19, he cannot use his visa to see his mother and the expiration date is May 13th. Does anyone know if there is a way to renew the F11 visa or any word from Immigration about waiving any expired visas or such?
  3. can anyone please tell me what to do if u have expired greencard for 8 years and my greencard ID was stolen? can anyone please help me .. thank you for reading .
  4. My DACA expired October 2018 and a lawyer is telling me that I am able to renew it. He wants $1500 and the $495 for the application fee. My husband and I dont want to lose that money and we've been reading online that it is not possible to renew your DACA after it expired.
  5. TSS6


    I've filed online to renew my 10 year green card. Already have my biometrics taken like 7 days ago. Since then the online status says "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS" and under case history tab it says biometrics were reviewed on the same day they were taken. So from here on how long will it take to get my actual greencard in the mail. On the day of my biometrics, they added an extension for one year to my expired greencard. But I'm trying to buy a home. The underwriters are asking for valid or new greencard and would not issue the Closing disclosures until then. We have to close the home by 23rd October. Will I get my green card by then? Any help is much appreciated!
  6. Hi Guys, I had my GC interview for conditional green card (based on I-485 K1 visa) last week. During my interview, the immigration officer was really nice and calming. He asked the usual questions and said that everything looks fine and that he will approve us. At some point he asked for a new medical exam because the original that i took overseas was 'expired', obviously it wasn't since I filed my i-485 in less than 1 year after my medical exam. The good thing is that I was expecting him to tackle me on this since I was reading this forum, and saw in multiple posts that they don't really know all the rules. Anyway, I showed him the instruction page on form I-693 indicating it's not expired. He was convinced and thanked me for reading all rules and details. He asked me to make a copy of the instruction page and that he'll need to double-check that before finally approving us, as we were about to finish the interview. Then we realized he barely asked us any personal questions and didn't really take any document for bona-fide marriage from us, so we started to give him all of them at once (while joking that we put a lot of effort into assembling everything). (We gave him- joint apartment lease, joint credit card, joint health insurance, joint bank account, hundreds of pictures from over the years and wedding.... and more) At some point he stopped us and said - "i have to be honest, we only ask for more documents from people we feel that they need to prove to have a real marriage...." Then he said he'll approve us within a couple of days and gave us a letter stating- "USCIS is unable to complete your case at this time....." (and said right after we shouldn't worry. he will approve us but he needed to check the medical exam's validity with someone else in the office...) The whole interview took under 20 minutes. My wife and I shook his hands and left. A week after, we didn't hear anything. My questions are- 1. Am I suppose to see any change to our case status online? It's still says "Interview Was Scheduled" 2. Am I suppose to get a letter from USCIS? (NOA?) 3. What is the waiting time for getting the actual green card? Thanks, Dave
  7. Hi all, I'm currently waiting for my AOS to be "approved" and in the meantime my Green Card has already expired. I received a letter that states my status has been extended for 16 months and I can work and travel but I'm wondering if it's safe to do so? I'm planning on traveling out of the country for vacation but I also need to travel for work. I would appreciate any feedback or experience anyone's had with this :) Regards,
  8. Hi team! Does anyone have any experience with traveling abroad while they are processing the removal of conditions and the current permanent resident card w/ conditions has (or will be) expired. Doing my research and bringing my current (expired) card + the letter notice of extension + a I-551 stamp should do the trick, but wondering if anyone has any experience . I travel frequently outside the US - for work and leisure, but did get a little worried once I saw the processing times. Based on the information I find, as long as I take the expired card, stamp AND the letter I should be fine. But would love to hear any experiences from people who are/have been in the same boat. My card expires end of January - and my next travel to Europe will be in March. I751 was sent in back in November, Bio taken in December, now just waiting Any feedback/experiences will be appreciated Thanks team!
  9. Hello everyone. I have an expired passport, it's the e-passport version, it expired in 2017, one of the requirements to renew a passport is what are other proof can i use besides a green card? If any have other important input regarding this topic, please comment too. Thank you.
  10. Moved to the states with a CR1 visa to live with my husband Feb 2017, made that common tedious mistake and forgot that filing my i-751was in the 90 days prior to green card expiry dates. After we did our fair share of panicking and some self-loathing ( considering ourselves a bit too aware to make such mistake ) we decided to research it as quickly as possible and all results pointed towards sending the form ASAP. And so we had a call with an immigration lawyer for quick advice and we ended up writing a well-structured explanation/apology letter for our tardiness lacking a "good cause" and if you're familiar with the problem you'd know that a "good cause" is crucial for them to excuse a late filing of that damn petition. Luckily we have some good evidence of our marriage in good faith, so we included them, highlighted our names in the documents and left post-its on each group of files to make it easy for the officer to process it and show a good intention of collaboration. I've also included a G-1145 ( e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance ) to be notified as soon as they can. We sent the package today Feb Sunday 3rd which is my expiration date. We were hoping sending it overnight should get it there only one day late with the excuse of the first weekday after the weekend deadline. But the FedEx office which we had to drive 3 hours to get to ( being in a small town ) can only deliver it by Tuesday 4th making it 2 days late. So we included an additional letter in the package explaining our intention to get it there sooner including our FedEd receipt to support it. I'm well aware of the possible complications and of the possible outcomes which evoke great anxiety in me and my husband, but we're trying to calm down and be practical. So as we're awaiting either a 1. Denial 2. Request for more evidence 3. proceeding removal from the country 4. petition receipt which should include a conditional residency for a year during the processing and that would just be a huge relief and unexpected luck. My plan is to search for an attorney and have my documents ready, and a well-written brief ready in case we get the first three possibilities. We are also planning to call USCIS tomorrow to ask for more information on how to go about this. Today i decided to join VisaJourney since it has been great help for me starting my process from the very beginning, but mainly for two reasons; - Any input from previous experiences or an attorney that can add up and can be helpful - Share our experience so it'll help others understand this kind of situations as much as it helped me reading about other people's journeys. I'm also genuinely curious about; What's The success rates of these situations and how often do people actually get deported. What's a good method to find a good attorney in your area? ( i will not pay attention to ADs, so don't bother ) If you actually do get reported is it possible to be back to the states? Thank you for reading and please be kind.
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