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Found 9 results

  1. Hello-- I did a search for this topic, and didn't find anything. So please forgive me if this question has already been asked. We are August 2019 filers. Unfortunately, the embassy closed the day following our medical screening in March 2020. We have been waiting to be able to schedule an interview ever since. I noticed in March of this year, that our CEAC status had changed to Expired. Now, today (3.9.21) our status changed to Refused. Everything that I can find addresses this status with administrative processing following the interview. But we have not interviewed yet. I did find a couple of posts on FB that stated that this was part of the expedited process, but we haven't applied for an expedite. I did ask the embassy a couple of months ago about escalating our case, but have not heard anything besides the 2 changes in CEAC status. At this point, Expired and Refused are very stress inducing words. (I wish the embassy would just answer the simple inquiries!). I am hoping (as I have read in a few places) that this is part of the process?? Is there anyone that can shed light on this? Thank you.
  2. After receiving no response from the US Embassy in Philippines, I emailed them again through a different support link. I assume that it's an automated response; however, I'm at a lost, I don't have any idea how to advance from here. Is someone going through the same issue? Manila is back lockdown again but I did not see any announcement regarding their position. I screenshot the response I received but it basically says I have to file again and start case from scratch, unless, I can prove that it was out of my control. How do I do that precisely? Thank you for any kind of response!
  3. Hello, A friend of mine and his wife filed i130, i131, i765, i485 in October 2019. Interview was postponed in April 2020 due to COVID, and was rescheduled in January 2021, in Holtsville, NY Field Office. Following the interview, they received an RFE for 2020 IRS transcripts, 1040 and unemployment insurance benefits and end dates. They sent this on February 17th via UPS, and was signed for on February 18th. Since then, there has been no movement on his case. He has contacted both tier 1 and tier 2 agents, and been in touch with his congressperson, but has been stonewalled. He has been told that none of the RFE has been applied to his case, and that he can re submit the documents at this time. His EAD card has expired as of March 2021, and he did not file an extension, as he was told by his lawyer that, due to the AOS interview, it could potentially complicate the process. He is undergoing extreme financial hardship at the moment, as he is unable to work, and his wife is still on a low UI benefit. Can anyone please provide me with any potential avenues to pursue in assisting my friend? Thanks
  4. Recently found my petition case had expired; After receiving our NOA2 in 2020, the pandemic was quickly spreading. Travel restrictions made it difficult to pay the fees through the recommended bank by the consulate for the NVC. As a result my case expired without getting scheduled for medical and interview. I emailed the US Embassy in Philippine requesting for an extension of the case and awaiting for their reply. Is there anything else I can do? Please advise. Thank you.
  5. Hello Everyone i am so relieved that i have found visajourney and wish i knew about it years ago already. My fiance and I are Going through the K1 visa process since around march 2019 and we are currently at the 8th step according to (https://rapidvisa.com/k1-visa-process/) "Step 8. Medical Exam The fiance must have a medical exam. The package sent to the fiance by the U.S. Embassy will explain how to schedule the medical exam. You must pay a fee for the medical exam. The fee is usually paid in the local currency and varies depending on the location. You (the U.S. citizen) do nothing at this step. This fee can’t be paid from the United States." But I had not scheduled an appointment because of personal reasons and The global pandemic starting in 2020. My question is if I have to start From step1 again (USC IS Filing) since it's been almost 2 years when I have received the Letter to go get a medical examination. OR if I still have the chance/possibility to schedule an appointment for a medical exam and continue with an interview after receiving the exam Letter. I have not found any information if there is some sort of expiration date for the k1 process if it takes me too long to get all my documents together which are required for the interview, all i found was that the medical exam expires 6 months AFTER taking it but not BEFORE. OR is there maybe a way to "extend" the K1 visa so i dont have to start from step1 again ? PLEASE free to ask me any further questions if something is not clear i am really hoping that somebody has an ansquer to my questions.
  6. Timeline Dec 2018 - submitted I751 to remove conditions on green card and received 18 months extension Jan 2019 - Biometrics Jan 2020 - Ready to schedule an interview No update after that. April, May 2020 - multiple calls to USCIS to get an infopass appointment, but they asked me to wait until last week of the expiration. June 2020 - Extension letter expired After it was expired, USCIS say due to covid19, only emergency appointments are allowed and a medical reason (surgery, death or similar), new employment offer or a employee termination letter will serve as an emergency that will allow to schedule an infopass appointment for ADIT stamping. Recently, my disaster loan was denied because the small business administration couldn't verify me as a qualified alien. Due to covid19, business is very slow and it is very important for me to get the loan to keep my business afloat. Tier 2 is going to call me this week and I want to know if mortgage denial letter from sba.gov is sufficient to qualify for an infopass appointment. (not important) - Also, I'm eligible for N400 naturalization. I'm planning to submit N400 while I751 is also in process. Will there be any affect on either of it if I do that? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I hope you are all having a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. My fiancee (from Nepal) was unable to use her approved K1 visa to travel earlier this year due to the lockdowns, and it has since expired in August. We have been in contact with the US embassy in Nepal via emails in order to have her visa reissued. One officer from the consular section called my fiancee and asked her to visit the embassy within two days to make the payment for the reissuance with cash. She met with the Embassy on October 6th. While submitting her passport and Visa package and making the payment, she was told she would receive her documents with the reissued Visa within 2-3 weeks of completing her medical exam. Her medical exam was completed on October 9th and the report was sent by the medical center to the embassy on October 13th of this year. It has since been over seven weeks since she completed her medical exam and there has been no indication on the part of the embassy where her visa is along in the process. We have called and emailed the embassy support team several times but they refuse or are unable to give us any update. Lately they have not been responding at all to our requests for a status update over emails. We understand that the whole COVID19 situation has severely affected workloads, however the simple lack of communication on the part of the embassy is very frustrating. Is there any way for us to find out when we can expect her visa to be reissued or what the hold up is specifically on our case? The fact that my fiancee was asked to visit the embassy urgently back in early October and no response from them after the formalities on the part of my fiancee was completed (payment of reissuance fee, submitting of documents and retaking the medical examination and vaccination) is something we are simply unable to understand. Also, we have heard that K1 visa processing has been routinely suspended since March or so this year, but can't find any concrete evidence of this. Is this class of visas no longer being processed? If so, what are our legal options at this point? Thank you for any and all responses in advance.
  8. My K-1 and K-2 had medical exams in January 2019, and entered USA in July 2019 just in time, one day before the visa expired. Now we are filing for AOS in May 2020, but the medical exam is over 1 year old. Our previous two attempts were rejected in February and April because of the change in the 485 form, and for only including one 864 the second time. Has anyone been in this situation where the medical exam was over one year old? Is it possible they won't ask for another one?
  9. Hi all, My wife and I are concerned about her cousin’s F11 immigrant visa and he still remains in Kazakhstan. Due to Covid-19, he cannot use his visa to see his mother and the expiration date is May 13th. Does anyone know if there is a way to renew the F11 visa or any word from Immigration about waiving any expired visas or such?
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