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  1. I am a F1 student. I was doing my opt after i graduate on December 2018. My ead card expired on January 01 2020. I got married on September 2019 with my husband which he is a citizen of the US. We sent I-130, I-1485, I-765, I-131 all the forms to USCIS. USCIS sent us mails to notice us they received our forms on December. already finished the finger print on January 2020 and USCIS updated about that on my account too. My manager told me my ead card expired so I called USCUS to explain the situation if there is a way I can still legally working. They told me I am on c9: “adjustments of status”, which I can extend my card 180 days. They told me tell my manager about that and then it should be fine. However, my manager asked me to see if USCIS can give me a official letter to prove it. So, I called them again and they said they will not give me anything to show that. Everything I need is on the website.I asked if I can have a chance to expedited my ead card then I can still keep my position. They told me it’s just two months now so it’s not necessary to do that. I want to keep my job because I love that job so much. What I can do now? Should I apply expedited the ead card still? Thank you
  2. Hi all, my husband is a US citizen and I’m his spouse we are currently stationed in Germany. He works as a contractor for the US Military in Aviation. I work for the same company but I’m on the German system at the moment, I’m from England. So the company has offered me a promotion in America in their Corporate office which will be a pay rise but they can only hold the job for so long so if my visa takes longer than about four months the position won’t be there. also, my husbands contract ends in August and his job will be moved to the states. This will mean he will be separated from me and his son as he is not able to stay in Germany without a SOFA agreement. So we would have to pay for two homes another car etc. so you think this would qualify our visa to be expedited? thank you in advance!
  3. I applied for an Ir1 visa for my wife. Our case have been expedited through USCIS and NVC due to our sons medical condition who is in the US. We just had our interview at the embassy on January 6th 2019, and the officer told us that that all documents are complete and he doesn’t need anything else at the moment. He also said that my case will be rejected due to the travel ban (my wife the applicant is from Yemen) but they will review if she qualifies for a waiver. I said thank you for your help and left the embassy. On that same day I checked the case on CEAC and it said REFUSED the next day it swiched to ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. It’s been 6 days since the interview and they’ve updated the “ Case Last Updated ” a few times as shown below. Janurary 2019 6th: REFUSED casE last updated— 06-JAN-2019 7th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—07-JAN-2019 8th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—08-JAN-2019 9th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—09-JAN-2019 10th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING Case last updatd—10-JAN-2019 11th: ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING case last updated—10-JAN-2019 I need your your guyses help on how long does it normally take for an EXPEDITED case due to medical condition take to get through AP, and if there’s anyone going through this or has gone through it?
  4. I was searching on this forum about this information and didn’t find anything so I want to shortly tell you about my experience about this type of case because even my lawyer didn’t had any type of information about this situation. I am talking about IR2 Visa Category (U.S citizen filling for child under 21) as you know sometimes Visa process mostly gets stuck at NVC or even USCIS and this info probably will be helpful for this category to expedite their case. If your children are 17 years old and they are about to turn 18 , they can’t use U.S citizenship act of 2000 benefits When they enter united states ,This means that they lose chance to derive citizenship from you when they enter united states.(they will get green card and will naturalize after 5 years) but you can help to change this situation for your good + win some time on NVC stage with expedite. If your child will turn 18 years old in 3 month (120 days) you can fill expedite request in NVC and you will get accepted. This means your case will be Immediately sent to U.S embassy without NVC reviews ( you will win about 3-4 month of NVC stage) and you will get your interview date really soon. But you should have paperwork (documents ready)for the interview . After your interview your child(en) can enter united states and they will get green card and derive citizenship without waiting 5 years... p.s I’m not sure if you can expedite your case from uscis stage but I’m definitely sure that you can expedite your case from NVC stage. You should be biological parent and must be U.S citizen by birth or Naturalization Information about child citizenship act of 2000 :https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/Intercountry-Adoption/adopt_ref/adoption-FAQs/child-citizenship-act-of-2000.html I hope this information will help some kind of categories, good luck and if you have any questions I will be happy to answer.
  5. We expedited request approved due to aging out and long uscis process. I received email today that NVC sent application to embassy and they will call for interview. How much time it will take for embassy to schedule interview in expedited request? ISLAMABD- Pakistan Embassy
  6. Hi, Long story short, we're trying to get my sister-in-law an expedited appointment at the Jamaica Embassy for a non-immigrant visa so she can come to the memorial service for her mom. As I understand in order to do that she has to fill out form DS-160 here and then make an appointment at the embassy site here . At some point we know we have to pay an fee for the expedited appointment, that's fine. Problem is Sister-in-law says she can't fill out the DS-160 form, keeps getting kicked from the site, I don't know why. She wants to use an agency to do the forms and arrange the appointment. Does anyone have experience with an agency in Jamaica that does this legitimately? Long story, I'm a U.S. citizen my wife is from Jamaica and immigrated over on a spouse visa. it took 2 years, will update Visa Journey profile eventually, this site was immensely helpful. Her mom was in the U.S. on H2B Visa when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and eventually died in the U.S. We're trying to get her sister over for the service. She, the sister-in-law, has been denied a tourist visa several times. This time is different because she has a full-time job and we have the correct letter from the funeral home saying they are doing the service. We don't have the death certificate yet because state bureaucracy takes time. All we need is for her to fill out the DS-160 and get an appointment at the embassy.
  7. We have been waiting for an interview date for more than a month but last week I recieved an email that said that our case has been expedited and embassy will contact soon for interview.When I checked the ceac stat tracker today it showed this , does this mean that interview date has been decided and appointment letter is sent or something else?
  8. My husbad got orders, PCS. I have filied for I-30 and I-485 and I have a biometrics appt next week. I just want to know what category would the expedited request for a green card will fall under. Severe financial loss to company or person; Emergency situation; Humanitarian reasons; Nonprofit organization whose request is in furtherance of the cultural and social interests of the United States; Department of Defense or national interest situation (These particular expedite requests must come from an official U.S. government entity and state that delay will be detrimental to the government.); USCIS error; or Compelling interest of USCIS
  9. Hi all, I am waiting for the EAD for 206 days now. I got a job offer and contacted the congressman for help. The person from the congressman's office told me to send her the Privacy Release Form and the Job Offer Letter (with a starting date). I sent her all the documents two weeks ago. She emails me every week saying that she is following up with USCIS but no updates at all. The only good news I heard from her is that she received a confirmation that the request was received and undergoing processing. Now, after reading some posts, I don't know if I did the expedited the right way (calling USCIS, request expedited based on financial loss and fax them the Job offer letter). I'm hoping that the congressman's office faxed USCIS the job offer letter and made the request on my behalf. Do you guys have any recommendations for me? Should I just wait? Should I contact the Ombudsman? Or call USCIS and request expedited myself? My start date on this job is August 6th. I know I still have a month but I'm really worried I'm gonna loose this job because I don't have the EAD. This is my dream job in the company I always wanted to work for. Thanks in advance
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