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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, this is regarding the medical exam that takes place before the interview. As you may know, there were only 3 doctors who are authorized by the consulate to perform these exams, 2 in Casablanca, 1 in Rabat. I saw someone mention on the Moroccan visa journey Facebook page that the doctor in Rabat had been removed from that list. I went and checked the Dept of State website myself and do see he is no longer listed. I told my husband because he planned to go to this doctor for his exam. My husband called that doctor this morning and the doctor told him he was on vacation...now I don't know if I believe that or not. How long was he on vacation that they had to remove his name from the website?? I just don't want my husband to go to him, pay 2500-2800 dirhams for an exam and it be rejected by the CO because that doctor is no longer authorized by them to do the medical. Basically I don't want him tricking my husband out of money. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? Anyone know if he's still working for the consulate or not? Thank you
  2. Hi, We are more than a little confused about some items for my husband's upcoming Medial Exam and Visa Interview in Paris, France. I am a US citizen, and the petitioner, and we have done everything ourselves up to this point. Can anyone definitively assist us in determining the following: 1) Which vaccines are absolutely required to be current (within the last 10 years) at the time of the Medical Exam for an applicant that is in their 50's? 1A) My husband has lost his MMR and other vaccination records, will a report of blood tests for specific vaccines be enough for the Exam? 2) Does an applicant need to disclose their HIV status to the civil surgeon at the medical exam? It says in the instructions to be prepared to discuss current medications and conditions the applicant has, but that HIV is not a disqualifying condition anymore, but we are more concerned for the sake of medical privacy to not provide unnecessary medical information if we don't need to. 3) Where is the Medical Questionnaire for the medical exam located? Or is it form I-693 that we just print and bring with us? 4) Any moral support or words of comfort to ease the nervousness of this pending ordeal would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Humsafar

    My Medical Exam with Dr. Ian Zatzman

    Hi everyone, I would just like to say, I am so thankful to everyone who posts here on VJ, it has helped my husband and I a lot. Here are my 2 cents! Background I recommend booking online through their website or even calling to find a date that works for you if online you can't find a suitable time. I called initially, since I did not know about the online booking process. The secretary is very sweet and she was going to give me Dec 5, because that was the most recent availability but then she said a spot opened up for Dec 3. Therefore it doesn't hurt to call and ask as well for an appointment. Note I booked my appointment as soon as I received my appointment letter which was Nov 9 and thats the earliest opening I got. Before arriving make sure you have: Passport Immunization record (yellow card, if u don't have yellow card call ur local municipality health department and pick it up. Go to your family dr to review if u are up to date on vaccines) Case # (Appointment Letter) - email printout will suffice anything that is mentioned on their website debit/cash of approx $360 (you pay separately at each step of the exam i.e., x-ray, blood lab, dr's office) The Exam Process I had my medical exam today in Maple, ON (Vaughan /Richmond Hill) with Dr. Ian. My appointment time was 11:15 am. In the morning's the parking lot is full (it is free) and i circled around for about 5 mins after i decided to park outside the plaza on side road. The waiting room was already filled and I was there by 10:45 am. The secretary called me up at 11:15am, asked for the items I was required to bring and scanned them. She did not take the passport photos I brought even though I asked about them. Instead she took a photo of me on the office camera and uploaded it. She asked for a payment of $260. She also asked about my intended US address, so make sure you know that. I recommend confirming your phone number, so u can be notified of your package. I entered Dr. Ian's office at 11:45am, and it was quick from there. He is a very nice man. He had a light conversation with me about where I am going in the States, if I have family there. He checked my immunization record, asked about any medication I am on, any major surgeries and then he checked my vitals (Blood pressure and heart). That was it and then it just took time for him to enter all the vaccine data into the computer. He then told me to pick up my package in 1 week. Dr then gave me papers and directed me to the x-ray lab and blood lab which are both on the first floor. By 12:05pm, I went to the blood lab to get that done and the urine sample. That costed around $30. I was called in for blood work at 12:25pm. The nurse drew 1 tiny tube of blood and then I went to give the urine sample. (Note: I asked for you all wondering, because I was curious too; for women on their period, you can still give a urine sample, supposedly Dr's can tell that its mensuration blood, so it doesn't interfere with the results. But perhaps it may be better to book around your cycle anyway if you don't want to deal with that.) At 12:39 pm, I was waiting in the x-ray office (it was not packed, thank God). That costed about $70. I was called to go change in the dressing room. I asked to confirm for a female technician (because I am a practicing Muslim). She took one pose and that was it. I was done for the day at 1pm. Let me know if you have any questions and Good luck!
  4. HELP! Idk what to do. My brother and family went in for their medical exam. Dr. suspects my brother has tb because of a spot on x-ray. My brother has never been diagnosed with anything, he's never even been suspected to have absolutely anything. Anyway, he was scheduled to have 3-day sputum test, wait 6-8 weeks for results and a month to do another x-ray. He was given a CD containing his x-rays. My brother, worried and devastated, decides to take it to three different clinics and ALL doctors don't see absolutely no spots, run more tests and conclude that he's as healthy as a "12 year old." My brother believes that it's either a scam or they confused his x-rays with someone else's. Coincidentally, that same day, there was someone else with his name. We dk if we should confront the clinic, ask them to retake the x-rays or go to the embassy and ask for another clinic. Your input would truly be appreciated. 😭
  5. Good pm, my girlfrnd who is a us citizen currently studying here in ph. Can she sponsor me for a k1 visa? Does she needs to be there in the US physically in order for her to sponsor me? If does, who long she needs to stay? And I'am currently applying for NCLEX application in texas, can it be a problem later on for the approval of k1 visa? Ty
  6. I have my (now) wife’s DS2035 from the Philippines. However, I think people have said that even WITH that (was just given in September), we still have to have a civil surgeon fill out the I-635... When I called the civil surgeon, we made an appointment... However, she asked if my wife needed a physical. I said “she for sure had a physical with her vaccines because it was part of the required medical”, and my wife remembers them checking her over. However, it doesn’t actually say anywhere “physical, complete” etc. Are we supposed to just tell the doctor to just complete any missing vaccines (if any), and hope USCIS has her sealed original medical taken at POE? I hope that makes sense. I was delighted to realize my wife DOES have her photocopy/hospital copy of her vaccines - though a lot of it says “B” for “not age appropriate (for some reason). I saw t-dap, flu days “on record” from the past etc.. Hoping this won’t cost a fortune/her DS2035 for her K-1 will be enough... The doctor even wrote as like a comment “completed all needed for K-1 visa”. Should I just tell the doctor ‘yes we know she had a physical’ and have him only give missing vaccines? Again, her DS sheet really only shows vaccines and nothing regarding her physical.
  7. One document on the list to be brought to the medical examination is a medical history form. How do I get this form? I recall filling one out and sending it to the NVC which would mean they are going to send it to the embassy so how do I get this form on the day of my medical exam?