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  1. Hi, I am eligible to file for citizenship under the 3 year rule with a pending 1-751 (since August 2022) and I wanted to check with others if my evidence list would be sufficient or if there would be anything else I should include in N400 application. I have recently filed 1040X with IRS to amend my status on the past 2 tax returns and I scanned a copy of the signed 1040X’s so I can include that in the evidence also. I was advised it could potentially take up to 20 weeks for IRS to complete amendments, so I was hoping I can send the proof of amendment in my application. Current list of evidence: -Marriage certificate -Copy of front and back of green card -Husband’s birth certificate -2022 tax transcript -Tax returns and 1040X amended forms for both 2021 and 2020 -Lease agreements for past 3 years -Renters insurance -Health insurance (for me and my husband through employer) -PDF document comprised of photos of us over the past 3 years, including with friends and family (with dates and locations) I have bank statements, internet bills, phone bills and utility statements that I can send if extra evidence is recommended, although I have them printed so I can bring them to the interview. Lastly, I worked remotely for most of the past 3 years and I was confused on the application question that requires the location we worked at for each employer. From my understanding, would it be best to include the employer address listed on my W2’s and specify in my job role that I was a remote worker?
  2. @Mike E mentioned that it's best to use the Employer address on the W-2. I'm also a remote worker and my working location is my home address. On the W-2, my company uses a PO box, but on the Form 1095-C, they use the street address of my company. Can I use the street address instead?
  3. I apologize for the length. I am currently petitioning/filing form i-130 for my spouse living Egypt. Background: My spouse lives in Egypt and I live in the US I was born in Egypt and immigrated to the US when I was 4. My entire family is Egyptian. Me and my husband met in 2019. We are both 28 years old. I have traveled to Egypt 4 times since meeting my husband. On my last visit, I was there for a month and we had a civil marriage on 1/15/2023. I traveled back to the US January 20, 2023 because of my job. I have 3 more visits planned. 1 of those visits is for our Wedding ceremony in 2024. We got legally married earlier this year because of religion/Egypt laws regarding cohabitation of opposite sexes and because my husband has not fulfilled his military conscription which prevents him to travel until he turns 30. Egypt law states that men aged between 18 and 30 are required to undertake military service in the armed forces and they can not travel abroad without travel permit from the ministry of defense. Males cannot be enlisted when they turn 30 because they are considered unfit for the service and can receive exemption by paying a penalty when they turn 30. Getting married would now allow us to stay together when I visit and be able to start the paperwork for his Green Card and hopefully have it approved by the time he turns 30/is finally able to get his exemption to travel. (My husband turns 30 in July 2024 and plans to pay the penalty to the ministry of defense then Concern/Question: As of now we have only been married for 5 months and have not lived together. Because of this my concern is USCIS questioning why we got married instead of going the fiance visa route or waiting until I am able actually take time off from work to get married and live with him (which would be in 2024). Should i include the reasoning/explanation in the evidence for when I go to submit the i-130 Petition or just submit the evidence I listed below without the explanation? The evidence I currently have and will provide: Stamps on my passport of my visits to Egypt Hotel Iten of my stays when I visited -my name only. He was not able to stay with me until after our Civil marriage. I was only in Egypt for 5 days after so it's not much time spent after the marriage. Flight purchases to egypt for my 4 visits Prior to Civil Marriage: Photos of us together and friends/fam. during my visits to Egypt Photos of when My husband proposed to me/ The Proposal Photos of us with family at our Engagement party. After Civil Marriage: Proof he is my primary beneficiary on for my Life insurance/retirement Chat/call logs of our calls after our marriage (we communicate regularly) Additional: Gift receipts from 2019 to current A quick timeline of our relationship and the explanation above regarding why we chose marriage. THANK YOU AGAIN!
  4. I am in a situation which I cannot figure out. I have tried to ask other forums, but I haven't gotten a straight answer or the question was completely ignored. I hope that I have better luck here. I am the USC, filing for my Colombian spouse. I am currently at the NVC stage and preparing my I-864. My situation is that I earn non-taxable monies throughout the year from the Social Security Administrations and Veterans Affairs. Between those two, I make way over the minimum that is needed to sponsor, household of 2. (Only me and my wife) The monies are considered permanent for the rest of my life. I have been collecting for 11 years so far. Between reading the I-864 itself and also the I-864 instructions. It is not very clear on what I should include as evidence. When you have taxable monies then you submit your tax transcripts, 1040s or W-2s. Simple. When you have non-taxable monies. There is nothing showing what clear evidence is needed. I do have a joint sponsor setup just incase it falls through. I want to submit one I-864, first, on my own merits. I do not want the joint sponsor to sign a contract if they don't have to. If I were to get an RFE for the I-864. Then, that is when I would add the joint sponsor. As a last resort. I know that will cause a delay in my case, but that is okay. I am trying to push my case out a little. Documents and Evidence that I will include with the I-864. 1. VA Card, Medicare Card, and Military ID Card 2. Award letters showing how much I will make per month for the year 2023, SSA and VA. 3. I also have a letter showing how much I made in the last 10 years, each year. VA also showing my wife added as a dependent. 4. DD214 5. Bank Statements of where the deposits go. I will supply one year of statements. I do have up to three years, if needed. I hope that someone can help me and shine some light on this subject. Thank You, Kevin
  5. I'm new here, so let me say Hello first. My husband (US citizen) is in the US military so we met and became a couple while he was stationed here in Germany. We just got married in February and he's doing the application now. I'm a lil bit worried if the additional evidence of our marriage isn't enough and I can't live with my love. Because we weren't apart until he got stationed back in the states end of 2022 we weren't traveling to visit each other so there's maybe 2 boarding passes he could upload. The other thing because he lived in the barracks we never lived together. The additional evidence to our marriage certificate we put online so far: -Joint lease for the apartment in the states -Docoument I'm on his health insurance -Document I'm on his life insurance -Statement of our joint bank account in Germany even if it's more for savings for our future. -Verification he has a financial power of attorney -Verification of my pregnancy from my Obgyn -My dependent military ID card -Screenshot of the information system I'm his dependent and contact person -a few pictures of us -affidavits from our family and friends What y'all think we could upload or is it enough? I hope someone can help Thank you :)
  6. Hey guys, So we’re currently working on gathering all the documents and evidences for my I-751 but I have a concern I need clarification on. I recieved my conditional green card in March 2021. We moved in in our apartment on February 2021 and we have lived in my spouse’s parent’s home before moving in to our own place. I have a lot of evidence to provide(lease, banks statements, bills, etc) using our current address but for other evidences, like our car insurance, we completely forgot to change the address right away and it wasnt changed till late last year so some statements have our old address. I guess my questions would be: 1. Is it okay to keep those evidences and submit it anyway? Maybe add a copy of our old licenses with the old address and include an explanation that we didn’t get to update the address right away? 2. Should I add that said previous address on Question 22 of the I-751 “Have you resided at any other address since you became a permanent resident”? I’m really doubting on this one since we’re already in our new place since I got my green card. 3. Or should I just ignore those evidences with old address and settle with all the other evidences? It’s really hard doing all these without a lawyer/professional to work with so I would really appreciate all your suggestions and thoughts on these!
  7. Helping mother-in-law apply for US citizenship. However, it is asking for evidence regarding her grown adult children. Do I really need to submit this evidence? * her daughter (my wife) is already a US citizen * her other children are adults and they either are US citizens or live abroad And if so, what evidence do they need? Getting copies of birth certificates may be a hassle.
  8. Hey, I just received and RFE from local FO saying "Submit evidence [my name] and [my wife's name] share a marital life together. It should cover the time period from [Marriage Date] to the present etc." But the thing is we have been married for over 2.5 years and also submitted bunch of evidence when we filed in December 2021, such as lease, credit card statement, bank account statement, renters insurance, photos, jointly filed tax return and such. So, I am not sure why would USCIS will need evidence from the day we got married rather than the day after we filed which was a year ago. Should I resubmit all the documents already sent again and just add updated bank statement and leases and stuff? Thanks for your help
  9. We are using a lawyer to prepare our forms/package and it's been a bit of a (removed) the whole way. Now that the package is finally ready to go and we've reviewed it, we are at our wits end with asking them to correct their mistakes. We provided about 15 photos of us together and w/ others and included the date taken and a description of the event/names of others. We assumed they'd do the work to prepare it for presentation. They put one photo per page w/out a date or description, just the picture by itself. Since there is already been several back and forth's to fix errors, I'm just done with all of this and want to get this damn thing out the door. If the photos don't have any corresponding information, is that going to be a problem? I've read various opposing things such as "you should date and caption all the photos" to "I didn't send any, just provided at interview, no problems." So can we send this as is or what?
  10. My husband received the dreaded yellow paper at the interview im Egypt today. Terrible experience. First, they argued with him about ourdate of marriage. He told them the correct date 3 times and the officer said it wasn't correct. Like, it's on the marriage certificate 🙄 Then he was saying it's not right our relationship began while I was legally separated from my ex husband (we were married a year and a half after). They only focused on my previous marriages and not much else. Then they said they need us to upload more proof. If anyone can give me an idea as to what else to upload I would appreciate it. Here is was I already uploaded: Both previous lease and current lease with both our names, about 200 photos with us and friends/family over the past 3 years, chat logs from the very beginning with us, me and his mother, sister and father and him with my mother, affidavits from my mother and his parents, proof from the 6 trips I've taken (I'm in Egypt now, was hoping he could fly back with me) proof of contacting the congressman and Whitehouse for assistance, shared bank account. We've never emailed each other because we communicate via messenger. And phone bill? We call via messenger so there are no charges. I'm just not sure what else I have to upload 🤷‍♀️
  11. Hi all. First time caller here 🤪. I (USC) and spouse (F1) are about to send this i130 (and all the other forms concurrently). Can you tell me if this list of evidence looks adequate for proof of relationship? Contains both our names at the same address: -Rent bill -Internet bill -Renters insurance policy -2 months joint bank account statements (this account is new but it has plenty of activity) -2 pieces of misc mail -A letter from our apartment management company noting my husbands move in date (I signed the lease long before we lived together and they say can't add anyone to an existing lease, only allow for "occupants") Note I did include the rent bill above which does have both our names on it. Additional: -Printouts of all my financial accounts w/ him listed as a beneficiary -Copy of marriage license -A couple photos from the courthouse wedding -About 15 photos of us together doing stuff out and about (incl. a couple w/ friends/family) w/ captions -About a dozen pages of text message exchanges -2 affidavits from family -a couple of tickets from plays/events we went to -a few postcards I mailed him from trips I took w/out him Things we don't have: -Life insurance -Shared health insurance (this won't happen until beginning of next year but it can be provided at interview) -Travel evidence (we haven't gone anywhere b/c Covid and we don't have a lot of time/money to go places). I did include 2 photos of us on different camping trips if that means anything. -Additional wedding stuff (invitations, receipts, etc). We just went to the courthouse b/c we didn't want an elaborate affair. Only 1 witness was allowed. There was no reception or other party after. -Social media evidence as we don't use it. Is there anything you think is missing? Thank you!
  12. So I had leverage over my wife from Gerogia compelling her to pay for our divorce, after I collected screenshots from her two phones showing that she cheated on me. She has already received her two year conditional greencard and work authorization and SS # from around August-October, 2022. I kicked her out of my apartment, she’s never been on the lease and is not on the lease, but she would receive mail here since we’ve been married since August 2021. I’ve since demanded that she change her mailing address, I don’t know if she has. There’s still mail coming here for her as of 11/28/2022, we filed for divorce 11/14/2022. So how can I redraw my sponsorship of her without being held liable? I’m in NYC by the way, and according to the divorce attorney, the divorce will be final in June or July 2023. Also her belongings are still in the apartment, she only took what she could carry when I kicked her out on 11/13/2022.
  13. Hello! 😊 I received an RFE in May. I went ahead and uploaded the documents and also mailed in. The RFE letter said to mail in, nothing about uploading. The upload was done one day before the tracking number for the envelope said delivered. So, on my portal it says “RFE Recieved” for the uploaded documents I uploaded. However, there is no indication (other than a FedEx tracking number) that the physical documents was delivered to USCIS. There is no upload of physical documents (same set as the documents I uploaded, just a printed version). What do you guys think I should do? It’s been more than a month. Vermont service center. Anyone with a similar experience? Advice? thanks!!
  14. Hello all, this is everything we have so far regarding evidence. Does this cover letter look acceptable (besides the removed names and personal info) and is there anything of key importance missing? Annoyingly, we took a vacation and paid for everything on a credit card we no longer have so are unable to include photos/ boarding passes from that trip, although we do have several photos. But we included everything else we could think of. Utilities only in one of our names as well, so couldnt include that. --- USCIS Attn: I-751 P.O. Box 21200 Phoenix, AZ 85036-1200 RE: I-751 PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS OF STATUS ON: NAME. A# Dear USCIS examiner: Enclosed please find our joint I-751 petition for the removal of conditions on residence. Please also find a cashiers check for $680, which includes the $595 filing fee and the $85 biometrics service fee. My wife, )USC NAME) and I, are happily living together and request that this petition be accepted for removal of conditions on my residence. Enclosed, please find the following documents to verify the status of our marriage and evidence of our ongoing relationship: Form G-1145 E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance for I-751 form. Check for $680: includes the $595 I-751 filing fee and $85 biometrics service fee. Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. Copy of immigrant spouses (NAME) passport (now expired) Copy of immigrant spouses (NAME) new passport Copy of immigrant spouses (NAME) green card: Front and Back Copy of our joint IRS tax return transcripts for years 2020 and 2021 Copy of lease agreement with joint occupancy for dates ranging Jan 2020 - Jan 2021 Copy of lease agreement with joint occupancy for dates ranging Nov 2020 - Oct 2021 Copy of lease agreement with joint occupancy for dates ranging Oct 2021 - Oct 2022 Copy of Health Insurance confirmation of Benefits which also lists USC NAME as primary beneficiary for life insurance policy (May 2021) Copy of Health Insurance Confirmation of Benefits which also lists USC NAME as primary beneficiary for life insurance policy (Jan 2022) Copy of Health Insurance Confirmation of Benefits which also lists USC NAME as primary beneficiary for life insurance policy (August 2022) Copy of our current health insurance cards showing a joint policy Copy of emergency contacts page listing USC NAME as my emergency contact Copy of beneficiary page listing USC NAME as primary beneficiary for workplace savings plans including 401(k) Summary of health care claims for delta dental during May 2022 Copy of the car loan agreement with NAME (sister-in-law) listed as cosigner Copy of the car loan agreement with USC NAME listed as cosigner (we removed SISTER-IN-LAW NAME as cosigner as she had to finance her own car and was no longer needed as a cosign) State Employees Credit Union summary of accounts for joint personal loan (car loan) June - July 2022 State Employees Credit Union summary of accounts for joint personal loan (car loan) July - Aug 2022 Copy of Verification of car insurance with both names listed as insured drivers on NAME (Mother-in-laws policy) for policy term March 2021 - Sep 2021 Car Insurance Declaration with both names listed for policy term July 2021 - Jan 2022 Car Insurance Declaration (including insurance cards) with both names listed for policy term Jan 2022 - July 2022 Car Insurance Declaration (including insurance cards) with both names listed for policy term July 2022 - Jan 2023 Copies of statements from our joint checking account from November 2020 to present (every month included) Photographs from trips and general adventures Copy of receipt and invoice for a vet visit for our cats Lunar and Pluto (Payment made by myself NAME and invoice in name of USC) Copy of tickets and receipts from movies we watched at the cinema Change of address change confirmation from SECU listing both names and previous address Copy of receipt from a trip we took to the NC Zoo using my employers (emplyer name) membership card You may feel free to inquire at any of the sources of enclosed documentation for validity of their statements, and you are always welcome to visit our home should you ever desire to do so. Please advise me if you have any further questions or problems related to this petition. Sincerely, name USC name
  15. Hello all, in putting together the i751 packet ive noticed i have some original documents that i can submit but im wondering if this would cause any issues? For example, i have original car insurance cards that are now expired and useless at this point, can i submit those instead of making of copies? Equally i have several statements from geico for car insurance policy confirmations that im including. If i need copies in the future i can easily print them out, so again i wondered if i can just include the originals? Its probably a trivial question but i want to be sure theres no issue with submitting originals that are replaceable and no longer needed. thanks for reading
  16. Hi all, My husband finally got the citizenship interview scheduled after over 2 years pending, for his N-400 application. It says to bring his MX passport. A couple questions: - The NOA says to bring passport, green card and any other documents used for travel. Does it matter if his MX passport is expired? The USCIS document doesn’t mention validity. (We haven’t left the US since prior COVID started in 2019 and his passport expires this month which is of course the same month as his interview. 🤦🏻‍♀️) - He wants to renew his MX passport but isn’t sure the consulate will have it renewed prior to his interview. Does he need to wait to renew it? Or it needs to be valid so he has to renew it? - Does he need the original passport he traveled with for the interview or can he provide the renewed one if it’s done in time? TIA for your help!
  17. Hello, i have a question about the passport photo for submitting evidence on the CR-1 visa. it states that i would need to write my A-number in pen or pencil on the back of my passport photo and upload a photo of that. I do not have a A-number as i am a US citizen by birth here. So i’m not sure what to do ?
  18. Hello All, I am wondering how I should present our evidence for meeting two years before our file date. I feel as though I reported it wrong or unreliably because what we have should have been sufficient, but we still received an RFE. We have hotel and flight itineraries, but how should we show that? There are no physical tickets, only digital confirmations and receipts. Previously, I screencapped the entire email or page that included name, card number, and location/time and put it on a word doc with other similar captures, like the cards used to pay for it. I also highlighted parts of the pictures, like relevant passport stamps on photocopies. Should we have not marked the pictures? Is there an "official" way to turn this evidence in? I included a reference page with paragraphs for each piece, should the explanation be directly beside the evidence and not on a separate page? Any advice appreciated.
  19. Hello Everyone! We're pleased to have finally heard back, but are being asked to provide more evidence for meeting in the 2 year period before we filed. It says evidence may include but is not limited to photos and "any evidence" that would prove it. In our I-129F, we submitted evidence of three times we were able to visit each other before Covid 19 . This included boarding passes, photocopies of passport stamps, copies of flight itineraries, hotel itineraries, money spent from both of us. He visited me in the states twice, and I visited him in Canada once. The only problem is we didn't really take pictures those visits. Because of Covid, we weren't able to meet up again until Aug 2021, where we had four more trips together up until now, and this time went out and took a bunch of pictures and had more of a paper trail doing activities in the area (Before Covid we were both in school and broke haha). There are three problems for us: 1.) The RFE wants evidence from Mar2019-Mar2021, which we don't really have more evidence of 2.) The evidence we do have for meeting in that two year period only came from one of us or the other. If he flew we submitted his boarding pass, if I paid for the hotel we submitted my receipt. I'm not sure how to show that we were together, other than our itineraries matched up for our visits (lodging matched flights, bank statements matched payment for travel). Evidence was submitted as multiple photocopies or attachments of emails per page , re-printed with those pages signed and dated. This may have been a mistake. 3.) Our most solid evidence comes from a period outside those two years prior to submitting, where we have photos and more receipts. I'm wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation, especially with pandemic travel restrictions, and how they responded to it. Any and all advice would be appreciated!
  20. VAWA Topic about ALL the evidence needed. Feel free to share what you have, don't have or you're missing and trying to obtain.
  21. My wife (American, the sponsor) is a stay-at-home mom these days, while I (British, the applicant) have a well-paid job with a US company. On the DS-260 application they added a case note that says: Can I, as the applicant, fill out Form I-864 and act as the financial guarantor of my own sponsor?
  22. Hi everyone, I posted on this forum a long while ago when I was planning to submit a K-1 visa for my then fiancé. Thanks to several of you that responded and gave me incredible feedback, I was recommended that I first get married and then file. I am glad to say that I am happily married now. I am currently in the process of filing the I-130 for my husband, but I'm a little confused as to what I can submit as evidence of a bonafide marriage. I have every single conversation from the beginning until now, records of video calls, screenshots of all kinds, pictures of every time I've visited, our engagement pictures, our wedding pictures, and even evidence of when I was planning a wedding here in the US for when I wanted to submit a K1 long ago. My question is, I don't have much of a few things that are listed on the USCIS website. For example, we do not have a joint bank account but my husband is an authorized user under my credit cards. Unfortunately, the banks in Morocco did not let me open a joint account with him because I was not a resident. He also asked his bank if he could add me under his account but again, I was denied because I am not a resident. We don't own any property together and the home where we stayed living together for a few months was rented and paid for in cash. There weren't any official documents signed for renting. I have copies of money transfers between the two of us as well. Due to the pandemic and my job, I wasn't able to visit my then fiancé as much and for as long as I'd wanted. I don't have as many visits as I'd like under my belt but my job in healthcare doesn't allow for extensive or frequent stays abroad. My husband's job in his country's military also didn't allow for much visits either. I would appreciate any guidance and advice regarding this. Thank you in advance!
  23. Good Morning Everyone After 18 long months, our AOS interview is this Friday. I've compiled a binder full of the following evidence: Identity Documents USC spouse birth certificate USC spouse passport USC spouse driver's license Beneficiary birth certificate (all versions; original hand written, original shortened, and a new version that's computer printed) Beneficiary passport Beneficiary driver's license Updated Forms Updated I-864/I-864A from joint sponsors with all supporting information to reflect their current income (during/post-COVID) with all supporting evidence: 2020 tax return Proof of citizenship 6mo income statements from both joint sponsors USC Spouse is currently unemployed (was a student until May), but I have been employed full time for over a year now (was unemployed at the time of applying); should I bring an updated I-864/I-864A for us as well? Immigration Documents Interview notice Sealed I-693 envelope (not sent with original application) All original I-20's (I'm adjusting from F1) EADs related to OPT Copy if I-94 (though I haven't travelled since applying) EAD/AP from AOS My OPT journey was long and a little twisted, so I'm wondering if I should bring documents related to my various OPT applications as well? Evidence of Cohabitation Leases from our current apartment and our previous apartment with both our names Renter's insurance for current apartment with both of our names Utility bills with both of our names Evidence of Financial "Comingling"/Bonafide Marriage 6 months of joint bank statements, showing rent & utility payments and other day-to-day transactions Joint car insurance Joint health insurance Letter from immigrant's 401k indicating that the USC spouse is the sole beneficiary Letter from immigrant's life insurance that the USC spouse is the sole beneficiary Tax return transcripts for the last 3 years -- 2020 (joint), 2019 (both filed single), 2018 (both filed single) With all of this (2 copies of each, one for me and one for the IO to keep if necessary), I have a 1" binder that is absolutely stuffed. I was going to print some more photos (different to the ones we originally submitted) and some other supporting evidence -- wedding cards we received, wedding invitations we've received as a couple, etc -- but I'm thinking that it might be too much. I've also heard that it is wise to bring a complete copy of your application with you, but I'm wondering if this is actually done in practice. We front loaded our original application with quite a bit of evidence of our relationship up to that point, so together all of the forms (I-130, I-130A, I-864 (spouse), I-864/I-864A (joint sponsor), I-765, I-131) with their supporting evidence works out to about 500 pages. Add to that the OPT application files (three I-765s, one rejected package, one approved package, one replacement EAD package) and all of the supporting evidence for those applications...). Will I look like a crazy person if I bring an entire file box with me to the interview? Should I make another complete copy of my copy of the complete application package, or is it safe to bring my copy with me as the IO should have copies of everything I have submitted? Neurotic, I know, but I appreciate the wisdom and expertise here
  24. is it crazy to submit costco receipts along with the copy of joint membership cards and highlight the card number? as a proof that we actually use this membership? for bonafide evidence?
  25. Hello everyone! My husband and I are in the process of getting everything ready to apply for the CR1 Petition. We noticed that you can apply online now - Is there any difference between applying online VS through mail? IF NOT, when submitting the petition online, would we just attach all of our evidence such as photos, plane tickets, passport stamps, etc.. there? I feel like its not organized since it randomly attached; what do you think? ALSO, do I need to write any description on the photos that I would be uploading to say where they were taken and what year? Any advice with filling online and keeping things organized for the visa officer? I guess when applying online I don't need to provide a table of contents or anything like that? PLEASE HELP. Thank you in advance!
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