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  1. Hi all, I filed the I-130, I-485 and I-765 concurrently on February 3rd along with all evidence including the I-693 that was one month old when I filed. I got a Courtesy Letter that said " a complete and signed I-693 was not submitted" and said to bring it to the interview. Then 4 days later got an update that my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. Now I am 100% sure that the I-693 was correctly filled and signed and it was sent in a sealed packet in the same envelope as the AOS packet. Is this courtesy letter generic to everyone or is it possible the I-693 was lost/incomplete somehow? A lawyer said to go to the interview without it and tell the officer that I think a mistake has been made and that they do have the medical. If it turns out they don't, then I can mail a new one after the interview. Does anyone have experience with this?
  2. Hi, Is anyone else having issues uploading to the CEAC portal. Im getting this error: Security Exception Description: The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy. To grant this application the required permission please contact your system administrator or change the application's trust level in the configuration file. Exception Details: System.Security.SecurityException: The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched. Inaccessible logs: Security. I made sure the file type is what is accepted and also the file size is below 2MB. Thanks for your replies!
  3. Hi guys. I got my green card in the mail this morning and I have a concern with the name on it. I am totally confused on what to do now because I changed my name when I get here in the US and I've been using the new name ever since. I got the new name on every identification card that I have. To make it more understandable, here is how and when I changed my name. FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES, I WILL NOT USE MY OWN NAME AND JUST MAKE UP A NEW ONE. Any name similarities is not intended. > Before I got to the US and got married, the legal name from the foreign country is: "Michael Douglas, Alexander, Smith" (First name, Middle, Surname) > When I got married, I decided to drop the other name (Douglas) from the first name, use my surname as my new middle name, and get my spouse's last name as my last name as well. New name is: "Michael Smith Stiller" > I used "Michael Smith Stiller" as the new legal name for every identification card I applied for in the US including the application for AOS I-485 as the new legal name. > When we got to my AOS interview, the person who interviewed us said that the name on the green card can only be the name on the birth certificate (Michael Douglas Alexander Smith). But because of marriage they can change only the surname. Hence, they can go with Michael Douglas Alexander Stiller. This is the name written on my green card right now. I need some advice from you guys for this. I am happy that I got my spouse's last name in my green card but I am worried that all my other identification cards will not be in the same name as the green card. I understand that the green card is the main identification for getting a job and all that. Even my EAD card before I got my green card is in "Michael Smith Stiller." I want my green card to be the same name as my other cards and I find out that only birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, and court name change document are the only documentations allowed with the form I-90. I don't have a court name change document but all the other documents are all in my original full name. Any advice for me out there? Will the court allow me to change my name even though it's been almost 9 months since I have been using my new name after marriage? I just don't like sitting this one out and leave it like that because I may be committing something unlawful for having two different names in different federal IDs. Thank you for the advice.
  4. I have been trying to make payment online for affidavit fees $12O.00 .. I am using USA bank account and also i tried different internet browser. please anyone facing same problem ? let me know. i have been get DB error before.. and now i am receiving "this page cant displayed " i called NVC and they said to me to email them screenshots.. i did and they replied that use internet explore... i did internet explore too but still cant make payment..
  5. Hello all, This is our first post here but I was curious if you could help us with a couple of concerns of ours. In preparing for the interview my fiancee noticed a discrepancy in the information we gave for work history in the I-129F form. In the original form, which we submitted last June of 2019, we gave approximate dates for work history and residence history (e.g. 11/15/2017-present for current employment). Since that time, and in preparing the DS-160 form, we now have more accurate work history information (i.e. 11/06/2017-present for the same example). Our question is what would be the best way to handle this during the interview? I assume we will have to put the most accurate dates that we have on the DS-160 form, but is there a proper way to handle the correction? Also, given the rest of our relationship and financial evidence is fairly robust, will this cause a significant delay in obtaining an approval for the K-1 visa? Also, we were notified that our petition was received by the U.S. embassy in her country on 11/29/19. Today is 1/25/20 and we have spent the past two months collecting the rest of our evidence and records required for the interview. We are planning to schedule the interview for sometime mid-February. Is 2-3 months between reception by the embassy and the date of interview still an acceptable time-frame? Thank you so much in advance for your help. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. Hi, Did anyone get a status update that says "fingerprints review was completed" on their I-485 without doing biometrics? Is that an error?
  7. HI, I am trying to access my DS260 application today, but it is returning an "Application Error" message. Anyone having the same issues? How can I rectify it. Please help. Thanks.
  8. Let me preface by saying that I have a fair amount of experience dealing with the USCIS in my own past journeys and am currently managing several outstanding petitions including five I-130's cases (2 for my parents, 2 my parents in law, 1 my brother) and two I-485's. In all my time, I have never found the online USCIS case status to be incorrect in anyway and my experience has been that the online information always matches up with the information the L1 call center USCIS reps have. However oddly as of late, I have seen 3 cases as of late that have proven that the USCIS online case status to be inaccurate and is inconsistent with the status which L1 and L2 reps have. This seems to be only affecting I-130's and not for cases like I-765, I-131, N-400, or I-485 from my experience. For both of the I-130 cases for my in-laws, we received Notice of Action of approval by mail stating both petitions were Approved on August 9. I have also verified with an L1 and L2 call center rep that the cases were indeed approved. However the USCIS online case tracker status today still shows it is still pending adjudication and the status has not been changed since January after the NOA1 receipt date. The same thing is also true of one of my other parent's case I-130 case status. We received the Notice of Action of approval by mail on August 26 and the approval has also been validated by an L1 and L2 call center rep. What's odd is that I had re-sent the service center (Texas service center thru email) evidence supporting an expedite service request I opened on August 26 not knowing it was already approved behind the scenes. The online status changed on August 28- two days after receiving the paper NOA2 approval letters- that they have accepted my expedite documentation and are working on processing the adjudication. I mean how in the world can one start processing an adjudication when the case was already approved 2 days ago??? Anyone want to share similar discrepancies they have seen as well?
  9. Hi all, Our CR1 case has been complete for a couple of a month and we have been waiting get an interview date for ages. 2 days ago, we got two notifications from NVC in our CEAC: (1) Appointment Cancellation Email that says " We previously notified you of the date and time of your immigrant visa interview at the U.S.Embassy/Consulate General in SINGAPORE, SING. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel this interview. We will schedule a new interview appointment as soon as possible and notify you of the date and time. There is no need for you to take action at this time." The weird thing is that we NEVER got a notification for any interview being scheduled for us. (2) We got another notification soon after mentioning that our case has been documentarily qualified - which is the SAME message we got when our case got completed back in February. All our documents have been received and approved for ages. Why this mail again? Has this happened with anyone before? We changed our embassy location from Mumbai to Singapore on 3rd July - could this be because of that? Thoroughly confused. (2)
  10. Hi everyone, I am a U.S. citizen and my spouses' green card got denied because CBP incorrectly admitted him as an F1 visa student instead of a (DA )advance parolee. Since USCIS thought he abandoned his case, it got terminated. We filed a motion to reopen his case with USCIS and got his I-94 corrected by a CBP officer. His I-94 has the correct class of admission and the reason for the denial has now been fixed. But now, his F1 Visa and I-94 are expired, which would not have occurred if I-94 was corrected in the first place. Instead they would've granted him the green card. Now we are waiting for the Motion to Reopen but he is currently in a "Limbo" status unable to do anything until the case is adjudicated. USCIS said all we can do is a file a motion to reopen and expedite the case, which we did. So now we are just waiting. We are both afraid that USCIS will say we fixed CBP's error too late.... I really hope this error , which has now been fixed, will not cause him to get deported or have our motion denied :(. Anyone have any helpful information ? All is appreciated.
  11. Hi all, My husband and I received our noa2 recently. However on the letter it said that the petition indicates that I (the beneficiary) am in the US and we are filing for AOS. I’m not in the US and am in the UK. I then figured out that my husband must have gotten onfused when filling out the mountain of forms because, when I looked at photocopies of what we sent, in Part 4 Section 61a-61b where it asks for details for those applying for AOS within the USA he put his location/city. Then in the next section (62a-62c) which is for those who are applying for a visa from outside the US (which we are doing) he left it blank. Is there any way we can sort this and get it sent to NVC without having to file form i824? I looked online and it says the wait for i824 approval is up to 11 months and we can’t wait that long! I know it’s our error but the last thing we want is it to be delayed or to file our i130 again and wait another 6 months... I’m devastated by this and so embarrassed that we made such a stupid mistake on our form. What can we do?
  12. USCIS made an error for "Country of Birth" on my Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), it says "USA" but I was born in a foreign country. Caught the error late and never had it corrected/replaced. My PRC expires on June 20, 2019. Here is my dilemma: There will be important things I need to do within the next 8 months that requires me to prove valid resident status. The instructions on USCIS website for filing I-90 says, "If you are a permanent resident whose 10-year green card has expired or will expire within the next 6 months, you may begin the renewal process" AND "Additionally, if you applied for naturalization at least six months before your Green Card expired, you may be able to receive an ADIT stamp instead of filing a Form I-90." Today is January 12, 2019. The Green Card expires on June 20, 2019, is "within 6 months" between the period of 01/29/2019-06/29/2019? And is "at least 6 months before" before 01/29/2019? I'm trying to figure out if I qualify to skip filing I-90, file N-400 instead, and get a temporary stamp to prove legal status considering it takes almost a year to process N-400 where I am located. The other issue is my Green Card contains an error made by USCIS/DHS. If it is necessary to file I-90, should I put the reason as "My existing card has incorrect data because of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) error. (Attach your existing card with incorrect data along with this application." or simply choosing the renewal option for soon to be expired Green Card and attach a letter explaining that there is an error on the card to avoid delays/rejection. Chances are if I choose that reason and send in my Green Card with the application, I won't get it back for a while considering the processing times. Currently, InfoPass appointment is not available because "This office is not accepting walk-in requests or scheduling InfoPass appointments." Any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  13. Hello everybody, I am not sure if I am posting in the right place. I filed for ROC and was approved, I received my GC but it has the wrong "resident since" date on it. It is off by 10 days. I entered the country on the 17th but the date says the 7th. I am planning to file N400 as if I entered on the 17th and not the 7th. Will this typo be a problem during N400? Will it cause my petition to be denied for any reason? Should I go through the hassle of filing I-90 and wait like 8 months for this to be fixed? I also don't want to give away y GC and wait forever to get a new one. Please let me know if someone went through this. Thank you
  14. Hello! I'm currently putting my I-90 together so I can replace my 2 year conditional green card that has the wrong "Resident Since" date. I read the instructions for I-90 and it doesn't mention anything about the supporting evidence I need to send in the case like mine. The instructions just mention that I need to send proof of biographical data (e.g, copies of passport, birth certificate etc.). I understand that those are the documents you'd need to send if they got your DOB or name wrong but I'm not sure if I need to send those in my case. As of right now, I'm planning to send my I-485 approval notice and my original green card and that's it as far as the evidence goes. My question is do I need to send my passport, birth certificate or marriage license if I need USCIS to correct the "Resident Since" date and the "Card Expires" date or would my approval notice be enough? Should I maybe send copies of my passport and birth certificate just in case? I just don't want to get a RFE so I'm making sure I'm doing everything right. Thank you all so much! I'd really appreciate all the help I can get!
  15. Hello guys! Just want to ask if how long does it take to process Visa correction? I got my Visa last July 20, and booked our flight on November 7. My brother finish his Thesis before we leave the country) while we’re at Airport, It’s our mistake that we didn’t attend CFO so we went there the other day and cancelled our flight. The staff at CFO informed me that my Visa is incorrect and it should be E-35 not E-32. I submitted my passport and visa pocket last November 8. On November 16, I went to US EMBASSY for updates and they told me that the Visa is already printed but they’re still waiting for it to delivered to them and they told me that I should not worry because they’re sure that my visa will be deliver next week (which is today’s week). And I already follow up them through calls and upon checking today November 22, the case status is READY for almost 1 week, and the last update was November 15. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m getting anxious because the expiration of our visa is on December 5. So anyone here know how long did it take to process visa correction?
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