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Found 9 results

  1. I got my green card through marriage, I became a LPR on 9/5/2012, we applied to remove my 2 year conditions on 8/26/14, after 9 month, I finally received my 10 year greencard on 6/5/2015. I am 43 years old and I have been in the States since I was 20 ( overstayed visa). We waited longer than the 6 months, by the time the greencard came in the mail, we had the N-400 package ready to be sent. I sent my N-400 today 6/11/2015 (I am married to a US Citizen, LPR for 3 years), my concern is that I had two DUI's. The first one back in October 1993 ( got a citation, I did not get arrested), 6 months later I got arrested for violation of probation ( could not afford the fees), the probation was reinstated and I as able to complete everything that was required.. Then I had another one in August of 2000, they were "regular" DUI's, no crashed or severe intoxication. In the last one I did not blow, went to trial, was found guilty, I completed all the requirements. I have the original arrests, the certificate of disposition for both, the DUI school completion and the certificate of treatment completion ( I was sent to treatment in the last one). Other than that I have 3 speeding tickets, on in 1992, one in 2006 and 2007 and a ticket for not stopping all the way at a stop sign in 2011. I am doing this by myself (can't afford a lawyer), the DUI's are 9 years apart and the second one (last one) was almost 15 years ago, do you think these can be a reason for USCIS to deny my application? We have paid all our taxes and I sent almost 300 pages of information to them. Can you please advise. Thanks I let me just say that I have learned my lesson and I have not had a drink in more than 10 years (for those that like to judge others). Thank you guys Tico.
  2. Hey guys, we finally sent in our I-129f after 5 months of preparation and hesitation. Our problem was the following: My fiance (petitioner) had 3 DUIs and 1 MIP charges (young and stupid, 10 years ago). They occured in different states. The I-129f asks for certified court records for all these charges. He was able to get the certified court records from 2 DUI and the MIP. Whats missing is one DUI record. It happened in Colorado and he is currently in Michigan. He talked to Colorado several times and had it sent to his correct address multiple times, but the records never arrived there. So we just decided to send it in without that one missing record and wrote a letter stating the circumstances. What do you guys think, will this cause a RFE? Of course we know it CAN trigger a RFE. Do you have experiences with that topic? Anything you could share? x Anne
  3. Hi everyone, I am applying for Citizenship & I need some help on part 12 number 29. I got a DUI in 2013 and don't know what to put on that section. Do I just put charged for DUI /PROBATION / DISMISSAL ??? Anyone else here that filled out their own N400 application with a DUI and got their Citizenship??
  4. A permanent resident with 2 DUIs in california. Both DUIs are misdemeanors. 1st one occured in 2013 and 2nd one happened in 2015. I am on probation for the 2nd one which ends in 2019. When can i apply for citizenship? Can I apply in 2019 after my probation expires since it will have been 4 years since conviction (The statutory period to show GMC is 3 years is you are married to a citizen) OR do i need to wait till 2022 which is 3 years after my probation ends? I am getting missed messages even from immigration attorneys on this one. I consulted with 2 immigration attorneys. 1st immigration attorney said you can apply as soon as your probation ends as long as it has been 3 years since conviction. The other one says its 3 years after your probation ends. I am confused because everyone says consult with an immigration attorney and I did just that. However, they both have different answers. Also, I want to know if 2 DUIs make me deportable or inadmissible. Both attorneys said they don't make me deportable/inadmissible but USCIS can decide i am inadmissible due to alcoholism aka habitual drunkard. What steps can i take to prove I am not a drunkard?
  5. mushroomspore

    American Spouse w/ DUI Flying to Canada

    Hey guys, so my American husband has a DUI from 2011. He completed his AA meetings around then. He finished his community service hours in 2016. We know he can't drive across the border. But we're wondering what we need to do for him to fly. I was reading about the Temporary Resident Permit and Criminal Rehabilitation. But I'm wondering if someone with more experience can point us to the right option. Thanks!!
  6. Has anyone had experience with a visa being denied for 2 DUI's? My husband has 2 DUI's on his record last one over 5 years ago. Not an alcoholic, no medical issue. Just bad choices on weekends. I am worried that his visa will be denied. Anybody else out there dealing with this or gone through this?
  7. Hello folks, I am filing Form N-400. I got a DUI in 2013. I was placed on Three years of informal court probation that I was done with in 2015. It was a criminal misdemeanor conviction in July 2013. Here is the list of questions I am having confusion filling Yes/No.What would be appropriate answers.Please advice : Q 22: Have you Ever committed, assisted in committing, or attempted to commit , a crime or offense for which you were NOT arrested? Y/N Q 23: Have you ever been arrested, cited or detained by any law enforcement officer for any reason? Y/N Q 24: Have you ever been charged with committing, attempting to commit, or assisting in committing a crime or offense ? Y/N Q 25: HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME OR OFFENSE? Y/N Q26: Have you ever been placed in an alternative sentencing or a rehabilitative program? Y/N Q27: Have you ever received a suspended sentence, been placed on probation, or been paroled? In addition, what additional documents I need to provide as evidence of support along with N-400.
  8. Hi there, my partner has some prior court convictions and has been to the court and received the appropriate stamps etc., for the paperwork, as required with the submission with the I-129F. Since these are copies that are being submitted, and I am seeing my partner over the next few weeks, should I bring the original documents back to the UK with me and take to the embassy interview when required? Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, So shortly I got stopped and charged with DUI mid October 2014 ( I will regret it forever and know it will never happen again). Case has been going on till April 2015 with conviction date of April 30th 2015 and my 3 year probation started which should end in April 2018 if no action taken. On April 30th 2017 time to send paperwork for n-400 came and I sent my package being uninformed that I can not be naturalized while being on probation. On October 27th I got email stating that my interview was scheduled (guessing it will happen by the end of November). Since I got an information that I can't be on probation I have started working with my dui lawyer to terminate probation earlier and now I will have some news about that on November 17th (so slight chance that it will be done right before interview if I have good luck with timing) but my lawyer is saying that it is low chance because it is very conservative court and Judge will not grant early termination. So here comes a question, if still on probation on a time of interview should I just give a try and maybe interviewing officer will accept my case? (heard situations like this that people were passing interview while still on probation and everything was good, I am guessing it is a discretion of officer and probably probation must be almost over and everything must be ok but this is exackly how it looks like with my case!) Or should I just try to reschedule? Problem is that I heard if I reschedule it only gives me 1 or 1,5 month time and I need 5 months of this being postponed to have interview being end of April or May (which is exackly 1 year after sending my n400 package) What happens in a case when I appear on interview while on probation and will be denied? Do I have to start all over again with new documents or can use old ones, any parts which I pass during interview will be accepted and I just need to send paperwork that I am done with probation? Or it is just completely start from blank page, new docs, fingerprints, months of waiting and interview like nothing happened before? Please let me know if there is somebody out there who had similar experience and could give me some advice or just somebody who has some good verified info In advance Thank You All for you time and help! Best Wishes!