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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out whether it is possible to receive a drivers license in NJ with a K-1 visa. We have applied for social security card a week ago, so hoping that we get the card soon. I've read on here that in NJ we can't apply for drivers license until we have EAD on hand ? Is that true ? Also, my fiance had a drivers license from Ukraine, so maybe that will help somehow. Has anyone had experience with this in NJ ? Thank you !
  2. Good afternoon, I just wanted to fill you guys in on my experience renewing my MO drivers license today. I filed for EAD/AP/AOS early November and it's still pending. I took my US MO Drivers test in November using my I-94, Passport and K-1 Visa page but my license was only valid for the length of the I-94 document. Of course this expired a little while ago, and I have been unable to drive. So my wife emailed the DMV requesting information as to whether or not we'd be able to renew my license for the time being. There is very little information out there in this. I have included the e-mail below. I walked into the DMV today, and brought the following documents with me: Marriage Certificate Passport AOS Receipt (With stamped biometrics) EAD Receipt (The DMV scanned this document) Utility Bill (Something with my name on it tying me to the address I live) It took her a few tries of various numbers on the EAD receipt but it was approved for renewal of my DL. The process took about 10 minutes once I was at the desk. So those of you wondering about drivers licenses, e-mail the DMV and ask about your state's laws regarding it. Remember: Not all DMV staff are competent. I hope this helps someone out there!
  3. Hey guys! My driver's license is expiring March 1st and I am trying to figure out a way to renew it. On the DMV website it says that I need verification of legal status but I still don't have my EAD card and I don't even have an approval notice yet. The only thing I have is the I-797C receipt. But they don't mention anything about them accepting that as proof. What can I do? Anyone had the same issue before? I live in California. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hello, My husband got his AoS approved and we got his conditional green card in the mail since December 11, 2018. We went to go get his driver's license today and he took and passed the tests but they denied him the license because they said he wasn't in the system!? He already has his EAD, his passport is fine, he has his green card, social security number (they won't send is the dang physical card which maybe this is a part of?) And the woman told is Homeland Security says his status is not updated. I was so pissed because they told us that we need to go back to USCIS which for us is 3 hrs away and we have to rent a car and its a big hassle. I don't understand what us going to an infopass is going to accomplish because it seems like something internal on THEIR end needs to be fixed. Is there someone else we can contact? I tried looking into the SAVE thing, but I don't quite understand it. They won't even tell us what we need to bring to the infopass, we have a giant folder of documents, but I'm just so confused. We are in Florida. 😡🤬 Thank you!
  5. My fiancee and I will be getting married in California, and she'd like to change both her first (she's choosing an English name) and last name (taking my last name). Additionally, she'd like to apply for an EAD while applying for AOS, and apply for a Driver's License as soon as possible, which requires EAD approval from what I've read. It appears that a California Marriage License only allows for middle/last name changes, and a first name change will require a separate name change petition when all is said and done (?). So I was hoping to confirm the following steps that need to be taken. Note: She already has a SSN from when she was a student. Are the following steps correct? Is there a quicker or more optimal way to go about these steps? 1) Get married and she takes my last name. Marriage license shows her original first name + my last name. 2) File for AOS + EAD using her first name + my last name. 3) Go to Social Security Office and show marriage license as proof to have her last name updated. 4) As an aside, assuming her Social Security information is updated to have my last name, can I now add her as an authorized user using her SSN, first name + my last name, her passport for government issued ID, and marriage certificate as proof of her name change? 5) Receive EAD 6) Pass drivers exams and apply for Driver's License using her first name + my last name, showing EAD, passport, and marriage license as identification 7) Receive green card And now, to change her first name: 1) Apply for name change petition 2) Once approved, contact Social Security Office and change name again 3) Follow the steps here to get an updated Driver's License 4) Update banks, credit cards, etc. with new name 5) Finally finished? Also, at this point is it going to be difficult for her to travel as her passport will have a different First and Last names? (her old first name will be her new middle name, FWIW). Any feedback would be appreciated, this is all a little confusing.
  6. Hello everyone, my adjustment of status is already on process, and i already have my social security number. when is the best time to take knowledge test for driving, i mean to get a driver's permit? thank you.
  7. Bladeness

    Switching License to US

    My Fiance has a class 5 GDL license and we were wondering if he needs to get his Class 5 license for it to be able to be transferred to the states or if his class 5 GDL license is enough?
  8. We are in Georgia and my husband was issued a driver's license that expired on the one year anniversary of his NOA1 when he received his extension letter after filing his application for lifting conditions (not his green card expiration). So his GA DL expires 7/10/18 but his green card is extended until 9/29/18. Evidently that's how they do it here. Just wanted GA filers to know "Now, any applicant whose driver’s license will expire within 30 days or has already expired can provide the Georgia Department of Driver Services an original I-797, Receipt Notice, evidencing his or her extension of status request is pending with USCIS to obtain a temporary license valid for 120 days from the date of expiration of the applicant’s current license". So he had to pay $50 and now has a paper GA DL that is valid and expires Oct 29.... not sure how they did that math but it should be enough time to get the 10 year Green Card....applying N-400 tomorrow!
  9. I'm K-1 visa holder waiting for adjustment of status. My I-94 form expired 7 months ago. However, I have NOA1 from USCIS (filed for the new last name I got through marriage) and SSN (for my maiden name). I have been waiting for EAD for 5 months now and still have not gotten it, not mentioning the GC that I might wait up to 2 years to be issued. I know that DMV will not allow me to take 'behind the wheel test' but I wonder if they allow me to take the written driver's test on the base of NOA1, SSN, birth certificate, marriage certificate, proofs of residency. I know that different states have different rules. I wonder if it is possible in California. I have never driven a car, so I don't have any foreign driver's license. Maybe someone has a similar experience... thank you!
  10. Hi everyone! I really need my Massachusetts ID and in the requirements they include document for proof of legal stay quote "you need to provide valid, verifiable immigration documents as well as proof that you've been granted a legal stay in the U.S. for at least 12 months. Your license or ID will expire when your legal stay is over". Could I use an EAD to apply for it? or maybe my NOA? Again, this is for the state of Massachusetts
  11. Hello everyone! So, I am currently removing the conditions on my green card. I sent the application in (it was received) September 8th, 2017. I see on the processing times that it might take longer than 1 year to get a new green card (VSC) I am a student, my driver's license will expire in October 2018 and I intend to change my job in the fall as well. My questions are: In New Jersey, what should I do before the Extension Letter of my Greencard expires? (My GC expired October 2017) I cant find a contact, where I can actually ask a real person in the USCIS website- should I schedule an appointment in a local USCIS office? Do I have to get a 551 stamp? Does the DMV accept those stamps to extend the Greencard in NJ? I want to visit my family over Christmas- can I just normally travel abroad and come back with an expired GC+Extension Letter+Stamp? Thank you
  12. Hi all, I know I've been part of some discussions regarding how and when we're eligible to get the I-551 extension stamp to replace an expiring NOA green card extension letter. My wife (green card holder) and I (US citizen) had an InfoPass appointment yesterday in Portland, OR, and here's what we were able to determine: 1. Immigration officers have a guideline (not a hard-and-fast rule, I think) that an I-551 stamp should only be given if the green card holder will need it within the next month (30 days?). Apparently part of the reason for this guideline is that if they give you a stamp long before you need it, there's a bigger chance that you'll get your 10-year green card in the meantime, which is not ideal because they prefer you to only have one or the other. 2. However, this does not necessarily mean your extension letter must be expiring within the next month. My wife's is expiring in early November, but we were able to get the I-551 stamp yesterday (July 14) because she has to renew her driver's permit on August 5. The stamp is valid for a year from the date it was issued, and my wife had to forfeit her expired 2-year green card because "the stamp counts as a green card, and you can't have two green cards at the same time". 3. What if we're traveling abroad for several months and not coming back until after the extension letter expires? This didn't end up applying to us (though a week ago we thought it would), but here's what the officer said: You do need to get a stamp for this (otherwise there's some kind of special consular permission or something you have to get to re-enter the country, I think she said). She said that you can get the stamp for this reason, even if your letter isn't within a month of expiring, but "I would probably ask you to come back in to get the stamp just a week or two before you leave". 4. What if you're starting a new job that needs to see your papers, and you expect to stay at the job past the expiration date of the extension letter? This actually did apply to us - my wife was just offered a new job the day before our InfoPass appointment. The officer said that you don't need a stamp for this - that the employer will accept your current extension letter, and wait until it's expiring to ask for documentation of continued residency. (But in our case, she gave us the stamp anyway because of the expiring driver's permit.) I imagine all this could vary from officer to officer, and as I said before, it seems that it's ultimately up to their discretion, but I thought others (including people searching this in the future) might find this general information useful.
  13. Hello! I went to the DMV DLPC this week with the intention to take the written test. I was called to the front desk and a lady gathered my documents (foreign passport with the I-551, rental agreement and SS Card) saying it was all in order. However, after trying several times to have my passport's biographical page scanned, their software wouldn't take it as a valid document. At that moment she explained to me that I had 2 options: (1) To wait until I receive the actual (plastic) GC in the mail and come back, or (2) to enter the 'Secondary Review Process' (SRP). Option (2), according to her, was not a very good option bcs, even in the case of the GC arriving within days, the local DMV wouldn't be able to touch the application until the SRP was finished in their HQ in Sacramento. Additionally, she mentioned that the SRP was taking at least three months from now, so as you can imagine the trauma from waiting so long for the IV Process made me decide not to continue with it. My questions are: 1. Does someone recently have tried to get their DL? (Preferably some IR1/CR1 from CA) If so, have you encountered the same situation? 2. I entered the country on March 28th; and I my husband paid for the Immigration Fee on March 23rd. Does anyone have an idea how long is currently taking to receive the GC by mail? I called USCIS recently and the operator said it could take up to 120 days. Passed that timeframe, I could submit an inquiry about it. Thank you!
  14. I want to have a test in DMV for a learner's permit. I have an expired green card but i have the sticker at the back of the card which states it's extension for a year. The dmv didnt accept it because they were looking for an extension letter. WHAT IS AN EXTENSION LETTER? The uscis didnt give me any letter when i files for my renewal, they just put the extension sticker at the back of my green card. So please can someone tell me what an extension letter is and where can i get it?
  15. Hi everyone, I just want to ask if did anyone of you tried to get their driver's license for the first time using their I-797 extension letter? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a DL during my 2-year stay here in the US since I did became busy at work and got pregnant. I'm wondering if I can still get a permit and DL using the extension letter. I've been reading some reviews and said that DMV officers are giving others a hard time even for just renewing their licenses. Any advice and sharing your experience would be really helpful. Thanks!
  16. IR1 Visa. POE will be the MSP airport in April. Any tips? We will be bringing the sealed envelope that came with the visa and the CD from the medical appointment. Should be bring anything else? Has anybody done POE there recently and can shed some light on how long it should take, what they ask, any other documents you should have with you, etc...? How long did it take to get your social security card? We checked 'yes' in the DS-260 applications. Hubby wants to start working ASAP. Can he work with his immigrant visa until the card arrives? How does the drivers license work? Looks like he has to take a written and driven test. https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/dvs/Pages/dvs-content-detail.aspx?pageID=551&pageTitle=Driver's License - Class D – New Resident Can he drive with his foreign license till he gets his new license? For how long? Will he be insured under my insurance? Thanks guys!
  17. Ok folks, I hope someone can help me here. So, I have 4 kids under 21 who are naturally defined as K2's by USCIS. My eldest is now raring to get his DL as he is now 18. It has been 5 months today since our AOS Biometrics were received by VSC. I know that the processing-time is anywhere between 6 to 12 months. Less than a month after our AOS Biometrics, I received the i797 indicating that my expired GC has been extended a year. I am having a hard time with the DMV here in NC that does not understand (I might as well say "refuses" to understand) the fact that it is only the parent who receives the i797. DMV does not understand that whatever conditions/benefits extended to the petitioner will naturally apply to all K2's. When I got routed to the Verification Department on the local DMV hotline, the lady insists that "DMV does not cross-ref aliens". She insisted that my 18 year-old is going to have to produce a current USCIS document in his name to reflect the extension date of his GC. When I rang VSC after that, they said that it was odd DMV should have such a ridiculous request as only petitioners receive the aforementioned extension-letter. Long story short.......I actually made a special request with USCIS online AND on the phone to send us some form of letter to satiate DMV's annoying demand. It being USCIS, I know that it is going to take at LEAST a month to receive that letter. Has anyone gotten around this situation better and speedier? Do you think the local ASC can help produce a document on-the-spot if I were to go in-person? If not, how can I do things differently in the meantime?
  18. So i tried to apply for a new driver license today with my NOA and got denied lol. I'm an out of status F-1 with a social and a state ID already, but i currently have an aos petition pending. The DPS website actually says i should be able to get one with my i-797, but the computer wouldn't let the lady process and verify lawful presence because the 797c doesn't have an expiration date and most likely bc i was out of status on my F-1 too. The lady was actually really nice, and even though she had obviously never had to deal with someone in my case before, she still tried her best to help me figure it out lol. Heck, she made me repeat the eye test like a million times (which means i should probably get glasses or contacts now) haha. Anyway, i have resigned to just try again when i get my EAD. If anyone has any information, or if i was supposed to do things differently, please share. Thanks.
  19. Sharing my experience of getting a Driver's Licence in VA, in hope this may help somebody else here. - Went to the DMV at 4150 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA. - Entered on a K1 visa and my non-expired i-94 still have about 40 days left to go. Some states I hear will not allow you to apply if your i-94 is less than 30 days. - I currently hold an unexpired foreign driver's license. This is my second attempt to apply for my driver's license at this DMV branch. The first attempt was not successful and the staff were a little rude and abrupt. This time, except for the wait when they were doing the verification, the process was smooth, straightforward and the staff were professional and helpful. How it went: Filled out the application form in my married name. They asked to see my passport, marriage certificate, social security card, i-94, AOS NOA1 and proof of residency. Then tthey told me to wait while she does "some verification" (not sure exactly but maybe she was referring to e-verify?). Wait was about an hour. Then once the confirmation came through, they called me back to the counter and asked me to answer some citizenship questions, did my vision test, took my photograph and signature. Then I had to do a two-part written test. You can skip a question and go back to it again later if you need to. Part one was on road signs with 10 questions which you need to ALL correctly or else you'll fail. Part two was on rules and had 30 questions, out of which you need to answer 24 or 80% correctly. After passing the written test, next up will be a road stills test (approx 20 mins they said) and i have to bring my own car for it (no rental cars allowed). I was told I can book an appointment for the road skills test right then and there or through the phone. I chose phone. Walk-ins are possible with the road skills test too, but you could end up waiting 3-4 hours according to them. Will report back once I have finished (and hopefully passed!) my road skills test!
  20. Dear VJ Users -- K-1 holder here. I arrived, married and filed AOS, EAD, & AP (9 Aug 2017) all was done within my 90 days period. As of now I'm still (im)patiently waiting for any update & (please-dear-God) my approval of the AOS / EAD / AP. Here are my questions: SITUATION: I monitored my Case Status at the USCIS website regularly -- partly out of fear that I might miss an update and partly out of anxiety -- and my cases' status hasn't changed since 21 August 2017. QUESTION: When they approved your EAD will you receive an e-notification (text / email) or you'll see changes in your EAD status on the USCIS Website prior to receiving the physical EAD or will the EAD just magically appear in your mailbox?? SITUATION: I was going to apply for CA Driver's Licence and ID. Via phone conversation with DMV call center I was advised that I am eligible to apply for an AB-60 License. So I made the appointment with DMV for a written test. Upon arriving and registering, the lady at the DMV (btw. the first ever rude person I encountered since I arrived here) told me "You will wait for 6 months to 1 year for AB-60 and you're not eligible for CA ID card. But up to you, here's the form." I was going to ask more questions but she told me off by saying, "Sir, we have customers so please fill the form and go queue up on the red carpet line when you're done, NEXT PLEASE!!" And I thought, 'oh well, 6 months to 1 year, It could be 6 months for me and I'm already here anyway let's take a chance'. SO I fill in the form and I was told to wait to be called. Long story short, I was called to the counter and the gentleman who helped me asked me when do I think my Green Card will arrive, I told him 'I am not sure it could be in 1 month it could be in 2 months'. He advised me: NOT to apply for an AB-60 License now with my current status. He explained that without a Green Card / valid visa (my K-1 expired in August) my AB-60 application will have to go through the primary check / verification at the DMV Sacramento Office. And once the application is submitted, my local DMV will have no way to access / monitor the progress. My local DMV won't be able to withdraw the application even if I come with a Green Card and with that application in pending I won't be able to apply for a CA Driver's License. With that explanation, I decided not to proceed with my AB-60 Application. So I went home and wait....... QUESTION: IF my EAD is approved earlier than my AOS, can I apply for CA Driver's License with a valid EAD? QUESTION: When EAD is approved I would have to go to Social Security Office to get a new SSN Card, one that will allow me to accept employment, am I correct?? Is this a long / complicated process?? My experience with SS Office has been wonderful. Quick and efficient. QUESTION: with an EAD / Green Card do I need a California ID? I seem to have forgotten the other questions I wanted to ask.... Oh well, when I popped in my head later I'll update this thread... I hope someone can help me. THANK YOU in advance!!! Best, J/G.
  21. Hey guys! I had a quick question. We went to the DL office yesterday to get my driver's license. Unfortunately I was unable to get it since my german driver's license needs to be translated in english in order for me to be able to surrender it in the state of Texas. I wanted to ask if any of you know how and where I can get my German driver's license translated? We live in South Texas. Thank you!