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Found 34 results

  1. Hi guys! I have to update the timelines later today. So far I have submitted my I-129 to USCIS, I got the notification that it was received, approved, and sent to the consulate. I received emails from the NVC that we can start the visa process. I followed the instructions and filled out the DS-160 online. When I go to the traveldocs website to make our first appointment I keep getting errors and it won’t give me an appointment. Has anyone else had this problem? Also do I have to be present for the visa interview or can my fiancé go alone? Please help!!
  2. Hey guys, i have a question regarding the birth certificate specifically the one from Dominican Republic, I would like to know if for the adjustment of status is required the certified version or it doesn't matter?
  3. logisticamente

    K1 After NOA2 Dominican Republic.

    Hello! K1 petition hoping to get NOA2 sometime next month (September), I've been trying to prepare for the next steps to make but the Dominican websites are very confusing so I have some doubts on what is supposed to happen post-NOA2 when you are dealing with the Dominican Republic. If someone who has already been through this could answer please! Im not going to bore you with a list of the steps I already know.. here is what I am not sure of: 1- after NVC assigns you a number and they forward your case to the embassy, do you submit the form DS-160? or you have to wait until you have an interview date? 2- do you get an assigned interview date and time or you choose it? 3- do you also have to make a separate appointment at the VAC for Biometrics? 4- This Famous Packet 4... Do I really need it? and what should I do if I don't ever receive it? 5- Do I have to send any documents to the NVC or the embassy prior to the interview? 6- my fiance is not planning on attending the interview at the embassy, is it really necessary for him to do so? he is a USC. 7- Is the Police Certificate the same as an: Acta de Buena conducta or Cartificado de No Antecedentes Judiciales?? Sorry for all the questions but I've ready many other posts and the wiki page and these items were a bit unclear for me. Thanks!
  4. Good afternoon, all! We are about to finally finish our I-129F and I have attached our 57 or so pictures with double sided tape to white paper, then labeled the pictures clearly with names of all in the pictures, what is happening in the picture and where the picture was taken. I also put a heading at the top of the page and wrote my (petiitoner's) name and that it is I-129F. This way it's easier to see which ones go together; ie "Family retreat" etc. I did this because I read it on visajourney somewhere, but I've now read that others have submitted the pictures in a clear plastic bag. Can I leave my pictures as they are or should I change the format? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  5. Good morning guys i start This topic for share our experiences after the interview in Dominican republic consulate and the visa issuance that commonly is really fast... But I got approved in Jan 8, no more documents needed but they haven't touch my case at all in CEAC or any other track... similar expiriences??? I haven't pass for AP or other state this ready is when is "in transit" to "ready" from nvc.
  6. Alright, here goes: I am a US citizen (and UK), with US residency. My husband (as of 10/01/18) is a Dominican & Greek Citizen with DR residency. I'm in the DR with him now, but am going stateside next week. We wanted to start his green card process, but I'm a little intimidated. Husband came to US on ESTA Program 5 years ago, and overstayed 1.5 years. He wasn't deported, he bought a plane ticket and left. He was arrested when he was in US, but has no charges on record. He also had cancer, which I'm being told may impact Visa? My understanding is we have to apply for the Visa we know will be denied, and THEN file a waiver? Why can't we just jump to the waiver? We have spoken to: one useless Dominican attorney who told us the waiver is just an apology and no big deal, one Catholic charities representative who has said everything will suck for us, and I can't apply til I have health insurance for him (?) and that's it. That's literally as far in the process as we have gotten. Any help?
  7. Hello everyone, this isn't the first time on here but now I am here because I am very desperate for help. Let me tell you guys my story, I fell in love with my current BF who is also my ex husband in 2015, we were together but because of distance and other problems we broke up in 2016, we had gotten married that year. Filed divorced in 2017. Recently we have rekindled our relationship and want to get back together... the distance is a problem. He is in DR and I am in the USA. He has gone to apply for B1/B2 visa but was denied. I am a US citizen and want him to come stay with me. What is the best and route you guys reccomend me taking. We were already married, should we get married again and go for an I-130, or go for K-1? Will him applying for B2 and also us being divorced affect either of these processes? We do not have any kids... but want to get pregnant very soon.
  8. So...has anyone been placed on Administrative Review in the embassy in the Dominican Republic? If so, how long was the wait before receiving update in status?
  9. Is the Santo Domingo embassy PIVOT? Will documents be uploaded through CEAC?
  10. My fiancé’s visa was finally issued today (11/01). How long does it usually take for them to notify us that his passport is ready for pick up?
  11. How long does the embassy typically return a passport with the visa? We had our interview on September 14, but my fiancé had to turn in two additional documents. It has been removed from administrative processing and is at the embassy again. Any ideas how long the Santo Domingo embassy takes?
  12. We are FINALLY just waiting for consulate interview. After the interview how many days does it take for the visa to come? What is the process like? Also, my husband wants to get straight to work when he gets here. How long will it take for his social security card to get in? We are dealing with the office in Santo Domingo. What was your experience like? What questions did they ask? Thanks!
  13. I live in Houston and my fiance lives in the dominican republic, we are looking to start the k1 visa process. I have no idea where to start and i am going crazy because it seems almost impossible. my instagram is mikharrison if anybody has advice or help to offer. thank you in advance
  14. Hi! New here and patiently waiting on our interview notification. I am eager to hear from those who have completed successfully their spousal consulate interview, especially those in the Dominican Republic. My husband and I have just celebrated our first year wedding anniversary, June 3rd. Since we met in September of 2016 I have traveled to the island almost every other month and stayed on average 30 days at a time. I do have photos from my first visit, the visit where we met while both were on vacation but I do not have my travel documents. Year One: Feb '17, June 17, Aug 17, Oct 17 and Dec 17-Jan 18 Year Two: Feb '18, Apr 18-June 18 My question is how much proof of relationship do I need to bring? I have photos from each visit with my husbands family and friends in addition to photos with my friends who traveled with me to the island. Our wedding was there on the island and we have photos, resort contract and communication. I did not print our conversations from the beginning and I am worried I will not be able to download them via IMO. We speak daily, throughout the day and I wonder how much of our conversation via WhatsApp do I need to print? What am I missing?????
  15. I am a UK citizen living in the Dominican Republic applying for K1 visa for US. My residency card is up to date but my Dominican cedula has expired by a few months. For my interview do I need to have a current cedula up to date? I don't want to pay to renew it for only being here a few weeks if I get approved at my interview. Of course I have my passport and other documents all with correct date. Thank you.
  16. So my interview is coming up in about a week and I had a few question to those that already went through the process, if anyone can shed light to these question I will appreciate it. 1. How early can I arrive to the interview? I was thinking of arriving as soon as the embassy opened is that allowed? I read somewhere that we can arrive the earliest 15 minutes before the interview, is that correct? 2. Are there any fees that need to be paid prior to the interview? I though I had to paid a fee after my wife got her fingerprints taken but it doesn't seem that way. 3. And do you guys have any tips or suggestions? Any help with these doubts will be appreciate it, thanks.
  17. C&AH

    Police Clearance DR

    We are at the NVC stage and, of course, we are preparing our documents for the next step. Here are my questions (Dominican Republic) 1. Does a police clearance need to be translated in English for NVC? 2. When should we obtain the document in order to have things ready for NVC? (Case was sent from USCIS on July 11) We want to be diligent and be ready so as to not create any delays.
  18. It's now a year and 1/2 since we first applied for our AOS and we are at a standstill. Now the EAD is held up as well (filed in February 2018 to renew). Two weeks ago, I requested a status on the UCIS site. They said they will not respond until June 8th. Since our interview (July 2017), I have visited UCIS offices and called to inquire on our status countless times. No one is able to give us a status and although many folks are suffering over the same issue, I just can't rest easy until we receive his green card. Wouldn't we receive an RFE by now if there was anything missing? I have pondered up at least 8 to 9 scenarios as to why we're having to wait this long. One being simply being because we interviewed in New York and NY offices are overwhelmed with cases. Anyway, just thought I'd share a bit of what my husband and I are experiencing should anyone be in the same predicament. Thanks
  19. Good Morning! Question on my situation, I sent out my I-130 about 2 weeks before my sister August 31, 2017 and she as already received her NOA 2 stating they have accepted her case about 2 weeks ago. Both of our husbands are from Dominican Republic. The only difference is she has a step son involved and that case was accepted as well. I am still waiting, should I be concerned? We are both at the Nebraska location. Thanks, Ashley
  20. I filed my I129F petition for my fiancé who’s a Cuban national. Because interviews were being conducted in Bogota, I entered Bogota as the US embassy location for our interview. However- we just found out that all cases will be processed to the US embassy in Guyana. But we want to try and have our interview in Dominican Republic. Does anyone know how I can request to transfer our case once approved from the US embassy in Bogota to the US embassy in Dominican Republic? I think it might be automatically transferred once it’s approved and sent to the NVC.. but is there any specific request? My fiancé and I are already working on applying for a visa for him to travel to the Dominican Republic. Any information or ideas will be highly appreciated!
  21. Hi Everyone, So I've been working very hard putting our package together. Honestly, we waited till last minute to do this and I regret it with all of my heart. I don't know why I thought this would be easy. It's been hard putting evidence together (financially) because: 1. Where we first lived, we never made a contract because it was an efficiency. I do have the checks we made out and I printed those out as evidence. We did not have to pay for gas or light. Everything was included in the rent. 2. My husband did not have a driver license till like 6 months later after arriving. So we were not able to add him to my bank account immediately. After he did get his DL, he took out his own bank account to take advantage of an offer on opening a new bank account. We were struggling at the time and $300 upon opening a bank account was pretty nice. But previously to that, all of his checks were deposited to my account. I printed those out too as evidence. 3. We moved back with my parents, and so, we are right now not paying any utilities or rent. 4. I have a few credit card (which I rarely use because they are all to their limit for a while), but just recently added him to one of them because I was unaware I can add him from the beginning ( yes, I am that naive) So here's my list of evidence that I will be including in our package and what my cover letter says in part: I-751 Form and Check for $680: includes $595 the I-751 filling fee and $85 biometric service fee Copy of green card: front and back sides Copy of birth certificate of our son, born to our marriage Copy of our bank account statement from the last two months. *Prior that, we had separate bank account due to the fact that initially we decided to take an offer to open a new bank account and it was under <husband> name. But the main account has always been the one above, <wife's> account. We will include proof all of direct deposits and check deposits from both of our jobs since we have arrived to the United States Copy of Bank Account Activities showing direct deposits and check deposits of <husband> to <wife> account. Copy of letters for <husband> and <wife> to same address. Copies of driver licenses showing our previous same address *We have not updated our driver license to our new address Copy of our Joint US Tax Return for 2016 and 2017 Copy of Car Insurance showing coverage for both Copy of our health insurance policy showing a joint policy Phone Bill showing Family Plan together and <wife> Family *<husband> initially had his own plan since I was not able to add him to my family plan but T-Mobile allowed me to add him as of July 2017 Pictures of us together with our family and friends A copy of our airline reservations for a vacation that we enjoyed together in March 2017 Copy of our airline itinerary coming from Dominican Republic to NJ Copies of our checks to pay rent in our first efficiency home in Florida (No contract was made) Letter of <wife's> parent’s stating we are living with them as of July 2017 Please let me know what are your thoughts and if we should be ok with this!! I appreciate any honest and helpful advices!! Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
  22. Hello Everyone, I am at the NVC stage and will be sending the I-864EZ. Do I need to submit any documents of US Status?
  23. We received notice from the NVC (March 9th) that the embassy approved our expedite request, for our application which was originally sent May 2017. We requested because our daughter is aging out in weeks, and from what we understand, has to be "feet on soil" in the US no later than her 18th birthday to qualify for citizenship (I am a US citizen petitioning for her). My questions are: 1 - Am I correct in that she HAS to be feet on US soil by her 18th birthday to automatically qualify for US Citizenship, or is there some type of "exemption" or other that I don't know about yet? 2 - Any ideas as far as timeframes for the documents to be received by the embassy from the NVC? And embassy processing times - as I am quickly running out of time (see point 1) 3 - When and where do I get notice (now that this has been expedited, and I am only supposed to deal with the embassy as the NVC has told me) for fees to be paid - and how do I pay them? At the embassy at the time of interview, will the embassy send me an email (or something) to pay online or elsewhere before the interview, or what - as the NVC/embassy has expedited the case prior to me submitting any other docs (Aff of support, 260, etc)? They have just told me that the case is being forwarded to the embassy "immediately." 4 - Should I still submit required docs to the NVC, or will they be sent to the embassy, or do I bring all to the interview appointment - or...will the embassy direct me to do something totally different. 5 - I created a profile with Do I bring all documents with me to the embassy at the time of the interview, or do I somehow submit them before? 6 - Are there any fees for the medical exam and biometrics? When and where are those paid? 7 - Does the embassy in Dominican Republic set up the interview appointment, or do I do it somehow/somewhere? Thanks for your help clearing up this confusion.
  24. Hi everyone, I’m new here and I wanted to see if there’s anyone who is in the process of filing for there fiancé from the Dominican Republic. If there’s a thread already on here can someone send it to me. Thanks in advance
  25. e-l-l-e

    Advice for B1/B2 visa

    Hello, My sister in-law has an interview tmorrow at the US embassy in Dominican Republic for a B2 visa. We want her to come visit for a couple of months. She has 2 kids and works as a hairdresser at home. does anyone have any advice for helping her pass the interview? Any suggestions? Thanks so much!