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Found 2 results

  1. My mom is permanent resident and she apply for two kids under age 21 at time of application. Our case is still in uscis and make take another six months or so and once case will be completed one kid will be over 21 and afriad might me uscis will change the category of visa because she will be above 21. What are best available options for us right now to expedite the case so we application will be processed before she turns 21? I would really appreciate if someone can share the procedure how to expedite the case? Thanks in advance
  2. Apparently I posted this in the wrong forum so here it is again! Hey everyone! Not sure if this is on the right forum topic but I’ve only just joined here and still finding my way around! I had my medical today at Knightsbridge for our K-1 Visa. I kept a log of my time there in case anyone thought it useful. If you don’t want to read it all, the main points are: They're adamant they need the patient summary and won’t send the report to the embassy until they have it. Take a book! If you haven’t had all the vaccinations, you only really need 2 (£90 if done there) Everyone is really lovely! I was really nervous last night and didn’t really sleep at all and couldn’t really find any personal experiences that put me at ease. I needn’t have worried, it was all fine! Anyway, here’s the detailed version if you’re interested: 10.30 Arrived and told to sit in the waiting room and come back at the reception at 10.50. (My appointment time) About 10 other people in here waiting too. I want to chat to them but they all look nervous! A girl sat opposite me has a bandage on her arm from bloods so I’m assuming we have to come back in-between tests. They’ve got Christmas decorations up on the mini chandelier. Either someone’s very eager or they’ve been there for years. I wasn’t sure what to wear so I just put a shirt and jeans on. Smart cas. I didn’t want to overdo it but I also wanted them to know I’m taking this seriously. I really want to chat to everyone and ask what their stories are, but I need to remind myself that this isn’t an audition and they might want to keep things private. Totally understand. I won’t be ‘that’ guy. 11.05 After being called to the desk (while I was walking to it) at 10.50, I handed over all my paperwork required. I don’t have my patient summary or vaccination history, but she didn’t seem to mind. She took my passport photos. Passport. And acro to photocopy. Then gave me another questionnaire to fill out as well as a permission form. I was also given a pot to give a urine sample in. I filled out the questionnaire which was pretty personal and I felt a little awkward as I was back in the small waiting room, wish I sat with my back against the wall! After handing it in, I went to the toilet behind me and filled the pot. Now waiting to be called by the nurse. 11.30 Just had my x-ray. Had a lovely chat with the radiologist as we mostly talked about acting! I had to strip down to my waist and stand in front of a black plate. After a few adjustments, she took my x-ray as I took a breath in and out. We waited until it appeared on the screen. I’ve never had an x-ray before so it was fascinating seeing my skeleton and lungs! Back in the waiting room now for the next step. 11.47 Just had my vaccinations! I spoke to a nurse who said she couldn’t find any records and I told her that’s because my doctor couldn’t find any! As I’m on a K Visa, I don’t need it for the visa, but would need it when I do my AOS in America. I could either have my tb and mmr jab now, which totals £90 or have bloods taken (again £90) to show antibodies or wait until I’m there to have them. I told her I’d rather have them done in the UK so she gave me both MMR and TB in both arms and I’ll need to top up at my doctors in 4 weeks time. Phew! That’s one thing I was worried about out of the way! I was given a sheet with info on my jabs and to give to my doctor for the booster in 4 weeks time and will have the sheet in my visa pack confirming I’ve had the required jabs. I’ve got a copy too. Now back in the waiting room. One hour has gone by. I guess the next stage is bloods! 12.29 Still waiting. Had a chat with another actor which broke the silence nicely. I’m guessing the wait is because they’re seeing everyone else who was in here earlier! Lots of waiting here though. I’m glad I’ve got my iPad to do work on, word of warnng: bring a book or something to do! 12.54 I’ve been in for my check up, the nurse applogised for the wait but it’s fine. I then had to sign my photo to confirm it’s me, and so did she. We then went through the medical questionnaire and I had to strip to my boxers and wear a gown. She checked my lungs and blood pressure, took my pulse and took blood and my temperature. We then had a quick chat and I asked for a sticker for being a brave boy. Pleased to say, I’m now wearing said sticker. With regards to the patient summary, they definitely need it. If you’re going to the medical thinking “I’m fit and healthy and haven’t been to the doctors in years, the summary won’t say anything so what’s the point!” like I thought, then you’ll be wrong. They need it to prove you’re not lying. Luckily, my interview isn’t for another 5 weeks, so I’ve got plenty of time to get it. They said I can either email a scanned copy or fax it to them. As long as it’s legible and prints onto A4 paper. I’m now just waiting to get my passport back and then pay the small fortune and I’ll be all done! 1pm Finished! I was given my passport back and all proof of vaccinations. In all, it cost me £420 including vaccinations. But it was worth it for the sticker. I even asked if they took clubcard points. Well that’s it for my experience at the visa medical at Knightsbridge. It took a little bit longer than thought but that’s probably because of the vaccinations. Everyone was lovely and I had a good laugh with them. Good luck for when you go! It’s not as bad as you think! Remember, fear only exists in the mind! Once you’re done, you’re closer to living a whole new life!
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