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Found 12 results

  1. I need your advice. I got a letter from USCIS stating that the termination of the I-90 due to the green card was produced and mailed and card was returned to USCIS by USPS as undeliverable. And I don't know how to get USCIS to provide my mom's green card as we weren't able to appeal this decision within the 33 days window. In 2018, I filed a petition to bring my mom to US. In January 2019 I filed a change of address and then ordered her green card. We waited for months for her card but we didn't receive it. In September 2019 my mom and I went to the local USCIS office to inquire about her card, and we told them that we never received it, but we were told it was delivered to my old address and they also advised us to file a lost card and a replacement. So we did that and USCIS received the I-90 on October 25, 2019. In September 2020, we got a letter of denial of the card replacement and terminating the I-90 application. This is what stated in the letter: "USCIS records show that a Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card, for receipt number IOxxxxxxx was produced and mailed on March 26, 2019 and that this card was returned to USCIS by the United States Postal Service as undeliverable. USCIS retained your card on file for one year and later destroyed it after not receiving any contact from you. Approving this Form I-90 will result in a duplication of this benefit. Therefore, USCIS must terminate this application." If they said they retained the card for a year, why didn't just mail the card again when my mom and I went the local USCIS office to communicate with them that we didn't receive the card 5 months after they produced and mailed the card to the wrong address and declared undeliverable. I believe this decision is in error. What should I do? My mom misses her grandchildren and she would like to visit them this coming Christmas. Please help me. Thank you so much in advance.
  2. Dear all, Hope you are having a good day! I need urgent advice on this very complicated situation I am in right now. If anyone already went through this or has experience with the topic, I would be happy to have your feedbacks! Long story short. I was living in the US and got my permanent Green Card in 2019. In 2021, I filed for the reentry permit (I-131) because me, my American husband, and our daughter, we came to my home country, Switzerland, and I anticipated staying more than 12 months. We didn't exactly know how long we would stay because of various reasons. So, to be on the safe side, I applied for the permit. I knew I had to physically be in the US to file for the reentry permit that is why I sent my application while in the US. I sent it on October 28, 2021 (I have the USPS receipt) and USCIS cashed my check on November 2, 2021. I left the US on October 29, 2021. Just two weeks after, I received the letter from USCIS saying I don't have to give my biometrics because they already have it. Just wait for the decision. In my application, I indicated that I wanted my permit to be sent to the local embassy in Switzerland because that is one of the option when you are abroad. I knew it woud take quite some time to receive a decision because of the backlog at USCIS. So, I waited 17 long months and yesterday, I got their letter saying my case was denied. I'm in disbelief! The reason is: "USCIS records indicate you departed the United states on October 29, 2021 and you have not returned. USCIS records further indicate that you filed your application for reentry permit on November 2, 2021." Why do they mention that I filed on November 2? I sent everything on October 28. Is the date of reception at USCIS the date of filing? I'm lost. I want to appeal because there must be a way out of this. Also, how many times can one file for this permit? If I appeal and it gets denied, can I file again next time I'm in the US? Thank you in advance!
  3. So my husband and I had our interview October 6, 2021 for adjustment I-485 from K1. We thought everything went great until: - The officer handed us a "file being held for review" letter. - On November 16, 2021 we received an RFE and started preparing - On December 13th uploaded everything onto the USCIS portal and met the deadline which was December 21st - I waited 60 days as told then I called USCIS in January to check on things and agent confirmed he saw all evidence and send a notice to the interviewing officer to review and get back to us within 30 days - I went to my post office and opened a letter today which was dated March 7th and it was a denial stating we never submitted the documents required by December 21st and therefore we are considered ABANDONED. (#######!!!) - Letter also stated we can not appeal but can file a motion to reconsider I-290b. What would you all do in this case besides the obvious which is file an I-290b. Should I create an infopass and go down to the USCIS office, hire a lawyer or?? Thanks,
  4. Hi; Our family applied i-131, Travel Document, re-entry permit based on permanent resident applying for a re-entry permit on October 2021. And then, last week February 21, 2023, I-131 Case Was Denied. What can we do? Can we reopen and USCIS reconsider our I-131, again? We did not revive a denial notice by letter yet. We had greencard since March 2021, and applied I-131 on October 2021. USCIS revived a fee on December 2021. We received I-797C, and had finger print on April, 2022. Best Regards; -H. Yasu
  5. Hello friends. Sorry to sound pessimistic, but life is not always fair... I want to ask a question and I've asked a similar question already in different words, but for some reason it was immediately deleted: I was told because I was not serious and was trolling.. But I wasn't and I am serious. Maybe I am just not a good story teller... So please consider: As far as I understand I get from USCIS only 3 chances in a lifetime to bring a fiancé into this country. I've already used one many years ago. After about 15 years the marriage is over. At this time, for a very long time I am getting through an ongoing I-29F process to get K-1 for my second attempt, but it doesn't look promising (USCIS is not being good/fair in this case at all, to say the least, even though my first case was superfast and simple: this time they are asking for more and more paperwork from decades ago that is not easy to get, I suppose because of the Russian origin of my fiancé), it looks like I need to hire an attorney, more process time, or... just give up. I tried to use search on this site and I tried googling in general, but I cannot find answers to what seems to be the simplest questions: - Actually, is this really true that I have only 3 chances in my lifetime to apply for a fiancé visa? (sorry, I am not an SME, I only heard that this is the case) - If a fiancé visa is denied, does this mean that you "loose 1 life"? (meaning you have 1 less attempt available left out of 3 for your lifetime allotment of the number of times to apply for fiancé visas) My fiancé is in Russia, and BTW, we've met years ago, way way before any "Russian agenda". But she doesn't speak English and it is superhard in the modern times to arrange for an interview in Russian language, even if the K-1 interview is approved (when the time comes for a K-1 interview for Russians: embassies are closed for Russians that had K-1 interviews available in Russian language, travel for Russian nationals is quite restricted, and so forth). All this makes me think that if by fiancé visa being denied I do not in fact "loose 1 attempt" out of 3 (and I still will have that attempt saved), I should just give up and try my chances somewhere else.. Life is short, to fight USCIS for even longer time at the end not even having a relatively humane way to interview is just an overkill... My main question is what do I loose by having an application (I-29F) denied automatically just by not providing to the USINS some old documents from decades ago? Will I still preserve my 2 lifetime chances to get fiancé visas? Please help with advise.. Sorry for a wordy message. I just wanted to explain clearly my concerns.
  6. My sons aos was denied (letter will be added) I don’t know what to do from here. I forgot to give in a form in a rfe so they denied. I have the form it is just my genuine mistake. I’m being told to file a i290b for motion to reopen and reconsider And then being told to refile. Someone please help me. (it won’t let me post the picture of the paper)
  7. Hi, so my wife and I moved from NY to MD last summer and when we filed our 751 we were still in NY. When we moved, we did a changed of address that was NEVER picked up by USCIS and by the time my wife finally got her interview letter (back in April), they scheduled it for for 4/8/22 IN NY instead of MD. We were not able to take off of work to go. We called USCIS and they told her not to go and someone will call back to schedule a new appointment and also get her an appointment in MD to get a stamp renewal allowing her to work since that was expiring too. Now, because she didn't show up, by way of the USCIS officers instructions, the visa has been DENIED and we have to spend money to appeal (Form I-290B) when it wasn't our fault. What can we do? The letter states that we have to provide evidence that it is LEGALLY their fault. They also sent us a letter saying the address has finally been changed and yet the sent the denial letter to the NY address AGAIN. This is insane. Change of address sent last year July. They never picked it up. USCIS officer told us not to attend and someone will get back to us with a new date The letter they sent is not even dated AND it was sent to the old address even after getting a letter stating the address was updated. Please HELP!!
  8. Hello, we have submitted the CR1 to the USCIS this Sunday on May 29th 2022. We only now noticed that we did not photograph the back of my birth certificate. Because of that I wanted to ask if this could be a reason for the CR1 to be denied for us or to be sent back? Is there any way to submit it now so we don't have to wait 2 months to be potentially denied? Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone, My bf (US citizen) and I (Saudi Arabian) are about to send in our I-129f petition and have some questions first that we’d appreciate getting pointers on. Bear with me a little because I’d like to explain the whole situation to better inform your answers. We are in a gay relationship, we met our second year of college in 2017 (I was on an F-1 visa) and have been together since. I returned to Saudi during the pandemic in 2020 after graduating and started working there. A few months later I decided to apply for a tourist visa to be able to visit my boyfriend. It got accepted but I never used it since I got accepted into some master’s programs in california and thought it might be best to pursue that path. We never talked about marriage or where our relationship was going (we both assumed it was going to end when I had to return to Saudi but we still talked to each other everyday). So it seemed like a good idea for me to come back for my master’s and we can pick up where we left off, hitting two birds with one stone. The trouble though is when I did my interview for the F-1 visa, the consul officer didn’t think I had strong ties to Saudi, and in hindsight she was right. She asked me who my bf is (I listed him as my US contact point under “friend”) and I told her he’s just a friend. That visa got denied, and we were crushed to think we weren’t gonna see each other soon. A month later we met in Mexico and decided to apply for a K-1 as we realized we really want to be together and are ready to get married. And we have lots of evidence proving a bona fide relationship from our time in college. Now I reazlied that in my tourist visa application I also listed him as a friend. So I’m worried it’s gonna look like I lied about my relationship with him for immigration benefits. The reason I never disclosed my relationship with him was 1) i never really understood the significance from an immigration point of view and 2) both my interviews were in Saudi and I didnt want them to know my sexuality for fear of safety, and it is second nature to me to tell all strangers that he’s just my friend and hide my sexuality. TLDR: i listed my boyfriend as a “friend” in two different non-immigrant visa applications and worried that will affect K-1 visa chances. So I would like your advice on the following: 1) Will the 214(b) F-1 denial arouse suspicions of misrepresentation if we file the I-129F shortly after? Does it matter if we wait longer? 2) Will the officers be understanding of why I lied about the relationship due to fear of safety or use that against us in the K-1 application? 3) Any information on the US embassy in Saudi would also be appreciated. How tough are they and how likely is denial/acceptance? Thank you.
  10. Hi fellas! I’m facing a very very bad situation right now. filed for I-751 on June 2019. After waiting for 2 years and 2 months my interview was scheduled. Got the letter in mail, like 4 days before the interview I had symptoms of COVID but I was really sure it wasn’t and called to see if I can go anyways but they told me NO! You need to reschedule, they did it but I never received the second letter with the new appointment, instead I received a decline letter stating I didn’t go to the interview! Which of course I didn’t go because I didn’t receive the letter. Five days after the decline letter was received, I received an NTA with date for may 03 2022. I’m really pissed off since I waited to damn much just to be denied due a mistake of USCIS or even USPS. I’m very confident that the judge will give me the approval since my case was rock solid and never had any problem at all with it. Just “missed” the interview. The thing is I need to travel overseas URGENTLY since I need to make a major surgery on my face or I will be facing major health problems. My main doctor is not in the US and is the one who knows the cae very well, so doing it here in the US is not an option. I don’t know what to do at this point, any advice will be really appreciated.
  11. Hello, I really need some advise on my case. Please no comments on lawyers i'm fully aware that a option. So, I've applied for an adjustment of status and my issue start after my interview was completed. Me and my wife both got one question wrong during the interview which was what was her previous address before this current one. We have been living in the same house for 2years and have since forgotten our previous address. That interview was on Feb 11. My EAD/AP card was about to expire so i applied for a renewal March 16. I received no updates from uscis. My case was also not updated on the website. On April 6, I called USCIS and was told my i485 is waiting to be reviewed. On May 25, I contacted uscis about the EAD/AP and i was told to send an email to lockbox support. and my AOS is still pending. JULY 29, i finally get a response saying a notice was sent to me. I never received it. So i Decide to call and talk to tier 2 officer. I was sent a NOID on February 19. I didnt receieve this. and because i did not respond to the NOID both the i130 and i485 was denied. the denial letter was issued May 26. see image. After talking to USCIS officer they advised my to file i230b before August 26. They also was unable to email the NOID because the deadline has already passed... My question is 1) how do i effectively submit a i230b? 2) what documents should i provide? 3) I never saw the denial letter, so do i address the question we answered incorrectly in the interview? 4) what other evidence do i submit to show bonfide relationship? 5) what do i include in the brief? 6) Do i file two motions to reopen? one for i130 and one for i485 and pay two fees? And any other advice would be appreciated. I'm soo nervous and anxious.
  12. Hello, I am writing for a friend and I'm not sure where to place this topic or if there's any other topic that talks about this specific issue so please feel free to transfer this to somewhere else. My friend really needs help right now. She applied for naturalization in 2020 and had her interview last June 1 2021. However the officer did not approve nor deny her application. Please see attached detailed file. Is she in danger of deportation? She is now married to another person but according to her, when she got interviewed for the removal of conditions in 2013, she was already pregnant with her first child to her 2nd husband, who she only married 2 years ago. She came here through K1 visa, got her conditional GC in 2010, applied for removal of conditions in 2012, got interviewed for removal of conditions in 2013. I dont know when they got divorced but i think she mentioned after 3 years of marriage so i think in 2013 also? Im not sure. So, will she get deported guys? What can she do on her end if she is unable to give what uscis has asked of her (evidence of marital union from 2010-2013)? Thank you for your time.
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