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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, My interview is on the 19th of march, i still have recieved my FULL DISCLOSURE check, i only have a current name check that lists 2 offences. i have been in trouble for fighting and mostly driving eg speeding drive unregistered and failure to pay tolls. I recived community service 20 years ago. Can anyone let me know if they have had or heard of a similar situation being approved the VISA? Any HELP is appriciated. 2017 static driver testing - driving with a prescribed drug : fined $700 (i was driving with serequol in my system - i take this medication daily for bi-polar and didn't travel with my script that day, received fine only was allowed to drive home I am allowed to drive with this medication. This medication gives false roadside drug test readings which is why it states – Driving with a PRESCRIBED drug.) EXCEED SPEED BY LESS THAN 10KM/H (CODE:1926) Offence date 05/03/2015 fined $350.20 EXCEED SPEED BY LESS THAN 10KM/H (CODE:1926) Offence date 06/03/2015 $290.40 FAIL TO OBEY TRAFFIC LIGHTS (CODE:2101) Offence date 12/11/2014 $530.50 EXCEED SPEED BY 15K BUT LESS THAN 25K (CODE:1928) Offence date 06/03/2015 $400.40 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) Offence date 01/12/2014 $313.20 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 26/11/2014 $311 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 23/11/2014 $311 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 06/12/2014 $313.20 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 23/01/2015 $313.90 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 09/02/2015 $254.10 USE HAND HELD MOBILE PHONE WHILE DRIVING (CODE:2078) 14/11/2014 29/11/2013 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN SPEED ZONE BY 1 PTS 01/04/2014 FINALISED INTERSTATE LESS THAN 13 KM/H 06/01/2012 A 5964804 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 3 PTS SPEED ZONE BY AT LEAST 13 KM/H NOT MORE 20 KM/H SPER MC 05/03/2012 $200.00 05/01/2012 200121245 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 3 PTS SPEED ZONE BY AT LEAST 13KM NOT MORE 20KM/H SPER MC 16/04/2012 $200.00 30/12/2011 200120275 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 4 PTS SPEED ZONE BY MORE THAN 20km/hr $333 14/12/2011 200116899 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 1 PTS SPEED ZONE BY LESS THAN 13 K/HR SPER MC 07/04/2012 $133.00 04/10/2010 14482064 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN SPEED 1 PTS ZONE BY LESS THAN 13 KM/H $133 2008 driving whilst suspended fine $600 (due to moving around i didnt recieve notice or fines in mail) 2007 licensed suspend from state debt recovery non payment fines (was out of work) 2007 H 33245122: FINE: $600 costs- court :$70 Disqualification :12 months :(LC38794) 2005 driving over speed limit less than 15km/hr fined $225 2004 not display P plates fined $76 12/04/2002 negligent Driving fined $175 2001 was charged with affray for fighting outside a pub – received fine was charged between 1999 – 2003 I was charged with destruction of a light and given community service of washing police cars and mowing a church – I do not have the exact details of this at the time of writing and apologise about that fact. I have had my license suspended and then lifted a lot of times over the years due to non payment of fines which went to state debt recovery, the suspensions were lifted when i paid my fines. All my fines are now paid. This is due to working away and not receiving any mail and fines going to debt recovery, all the suspensions were lifted when I paid my fines. Suspensions due to non payment of fines dates (these are for all states to the best of my knowledge: 30/07/2002 04/04/2006 23/10/2007 03/06/2008 25/09/2011 22/04/2012 30/08/2013 09/01/2016 21/09/2018 I have no Current drivers license due to not only not requiring it as i work at sea but after being pulled over in 2017 and being fined for driving on my required daily medication i decided not to drive anymore as to not experience the incident ever again. I am deeply ashamed of my charge of affray in 2001, negligent driving in 2002 and every fine i have ever received. i have always paid my fines as soon as i have been able. Due to my working lifestyle and contracts all over the country and at sea i have struggled to get my mail and subsequent driving and speeding fines were increased due to non payment and my non receiving of the information. I realise all this is my fault due to my work life and not keeping up with my legal priorities. I have since remedied this lifestyle and have accepted and remedied the consequences regarding them. If i have missed anything off my federal police check i sincerely have not done this purposely as at the time of writing this i am still waiting for it.
  2. Does anyone know of any instances where couples were previously denied but reapplied later on and got approved? This is regarding marriage based green card. My husband is a us army soldier idk if this helps. And we’re married for 3 years currently
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