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Found 7 results

  1. Got my passport with the visa back today. To give everyone an idea or the waiting time post interview; Interview Date was Dec 18, 2018 My visa was issued on Thursday Dec 20, 2018. I got the notice of the tracking # and that package was picked up by Canada post on Thursday, Dec 27, 2018 (it sounds like a long time but, there was the weekend in between as well as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day, which were all weekdays, and offices r closed, so i lost 3 business days) The delivery date kept getting delayed, first it was Dec 28, 2018 and then changed to Dec 31, 2018. During both those days the status updates were very slow. Again, I had weekends and New Year's Holiday in the way. On Dec 31, 2018, I was getting concerned about my package since I had a flight booked for Jan 3, 2019, from before my interview date. So, I called Canada Post customer service, created a service ticket and talked to the supervisor about my situation. She put the package on high priority got on its case. I was still stressed because the tracking service was not updating and it was at huge Gateway distribution centre since Dec 30, 2018, and with all the back log due to the strike i was concerned on delivery delays. I called back on Jan 2, 2018 to talk to the supervisor again, and I was gonna ask if I can go pick it up myself (Ur still not allowed to), but then she said, I have good news, your package has arrived in your city as of this morning and should be at the post office for pick up at 11am. I was so happy, so much stress during this past week. As an overview, XpressPost is 2-5 business days Excluding all the interruptions (holidays), my package did arrive in that time frame. It may be beneficial to speak to a supervisor to expedite ur process if u have a flight booked from b4. So happy now to be going and seeing my husband. New Year, new chapter! All the best to everyone!
  2. Hello everybody My I-140 was approved on 14 June 2018, got the I-797 in the mail, but still no change to status (approved ---> sent to nvc) on the USCIS site. Called them a few times, the operator declined to answer whether the case was or was not sent to nvc, but kept repeating that it takes up to 90 days for the NVC to receive the documents. Now, more than 6 weeks have passed and still no change to the process. Did you have the same experience? Any advice? Thanks Victor
  3. I am noticing that some of the various visa assistant/processing consultants & services online saying that the because of the current (Trump) administration's "crackdown on immigrants" (not my words), that if there are errors on the forms a higher percentage of immediate denials will be issued by USCIS and they will not bother with sending any RFE (Request for Evidence) and NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) notices to allow these corrections to be made. My first thought is that this is merely a sales tactic to "scare" us into paying for their services; I actually had one of these consultants tell me this on the phone and they then made an me immediate offer & discount to "act before things get worse". Is this truly the case or am I right? Please, I am not looking for comments about Trump or politics as this is not the place for that, only sincere replies to my question... Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, its been close to 5 months since I received my NOA1 and still my case number shows and invalid in the case status field. Based on the data of other users for this site, our case should be adjudicated between June 13- June 20. Is this happening to others waiting for NOA2?. thank you for your help.
  5. I'd like to hear from other delayed L visa holders. We are based in NY. We are Oxford graduates PhD level with work in NY and kids in school. We renewed visa in Dublin and have been delayed by more than 3 months on a spurious DS 5535 form.Both UK citizens with zero reason for this. We are working with immigration lawyers. I've seen many people delayed in starting their courses/jobs etc, but are there others out there who have come 'home' to renew? And if so, have you found yourself with commitments in America such as leases, jobs that you are unable to return to?
  6. Hello everyone! I am a newbie. My sis went through the K1 process and I am yet to receive NOA 1 after over 2 months of filing via an Immigration Lawyer. Believe the secretary and/or lawyer has duped us. Forgive the length of my story. PD-9th August, 2017 Lawyer - Dated our PD - 15th, August, 2017 Location: I am within the US 8/08/2017 I94-02/07/2018 USCIS - Should be Vermont Service Center NOA1-Never received to date. Its now over 2 months (Highly unusual) Bankers check: Outstanding Good day, my husband (US Petitioner) and I submitted our I130/I485/ Work Authorization/SonsI130 (via consular) and several other forms for myself and my oldest son (11yrs old, from previous unmarried relationship) from the Caribbean on August, 9th, 2017 via an immigration lawyer in NY. We never lived together. We dated for 7 years long distance traveling to see one another via Caribbean islands as I had no travel visa and got married in Trinidad 3rd August, 2016. We had a son together in Trinidad 26th September, 2016. I am in US on a B1/B2 visa (3rd travel in for 2017) with baby who got US Passport and CRBA since January 2017. My eldest son unfortunately has no visa so he is in the Caribbean. Upon filling out forms and filing taxes inclusive of our youngest son and I (with us of ITIN #), we gave them (The Immigration Lawyer) two bankers cheques for the Homeland Security same day we completed the forms which the lawyer did not date that day but my husband signed. During the end of month of August, 2017 I notice that no NOA 1 was forthcoming. So I called the lawyers office to inquire and was told by the secretary it takes a while as the new administration has made changes which contradicts the processing times outlined. I also kept telling my husband I am concerned about the handling thus far as from research her responses do not align with the experiences of others. I have become annoyed with the process since I kept getting on to the secretary who kept saying yes its filed but would not email the copies of the filed papers. On insisting to go into the office directly to them she forwarded 2 form on 27th September, 2017- My husband G325 form and only my I130 form. She (secretary) also said that she meant to call me because the USCIS called their office and requested my I94 and Visa which was already submitted. I was shocked she said she was called and not emailed an outline of missing documents On it I have discovered there is info that is incorrect such as that my husband lived at my home in Trinidad for a period 2015 to 2016. He has never resided with me. This years is the longest periods we have ever spent together which I am thankful for. My husband works at 2 hospitals and she has only one correct and the other as an old one. He only started the main one this year so the taxes filed inclusive of this is next year. We called the bank today to inquire if the bankers check was cashed and they stated both were "outstanding". That has to mean its not cashed which means it was never submitted. There is no way that an NOA of receipt would take so long and that the secretary is dishonest. Since if she was contacted it means it was received and should have been waiting on our NOA 2 at the moment. Am I getting it wrong? Its all not adding up. I called the lawyer immediately and asked to speak to him directly about an emergency meeting tomorrow. I am not discussing anything with his secretary who is responsible for the paper work prep and mailing. Please help me clarify if I missed anything.
  7. Hello everyone, it seems like Potomac service center is moving faster on LPR on I-130 by 2 months. I thought US Citizens had preference. Am I seeing something wrong! Any input appreciated. Good luck with Potomac!!!!