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Found 8 results

  1. Has any one experienced delay with their RCMP police certificate? It should take like 10 business days at most (2 weeks), but mine has been taking more than three weeks, and every time I call they it's in processing (I am pretty sure I got no criminal records btw ). I am kind of in a hurry ! Is there anything I can do to expedite this? I'd appreciate if people could share their experience in case they have had the same issue (and share when they applied for the police certificate and when they received it). Thanks !
  2. Hello, Hoping for guidance. I submitted my n400 application in March 2021. I was invited to show up for my interview scheduled for Feb 2022. When I showed up, the officer mentioned my a-file was not at field office so a reschedule letter will be sent to me once a-file shows up. I have called USCIS customer service line and they show a-file has been at office since Aug 2022. My case is now outside processing time and I have filed online request but it's not been successful. I contacted my senator Aug 2022 and they told my senator that my interview is in queue to be scheduled. It has been over two years since I submitted my n400 application, over one year since I was told my interview could not proceed because a-file was not at the office at the time, over 9 months since they told my senator the interview was in queue. What do I do next to get my n400 interview scheduled? I have filed multiple online request since my case is now outside processing time but nothing has been helpful. I feel stuck
  3. Hello, My mother has received her interview date however she is out of the country and cannot return in time for the interview as she is getting her apartment there renovated. She has lined up the contractors, ordered the material etc which she cannot leave unattended. I am posting to see if anyone has requested to reschedule their interview because they were out of the country, and if being out of the country was accepted as "good cause". Is the above reason enough of a "good cause" in your opinion? I've heard they can cancel the N400 application if they determine it to not be "good cause". Is this true? Also, has anyone had any success delaying the Oath Taking Ceremony due to travel plans? Can they cancel the application because of a delay request in that? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi guys, I really need your advice. I'm currently waiting for my work authorization and adjustment of status petitions, I filed both of them in May, there was barely any progress on both cases. We moved to a different town in July, changed the address straight away, even got the CONFORMATION that it has been changed. In the end of September I suddenly get a message that i missed my biometrics appointment, and the notice has been returned back to USCIS because USPS "could not deliver it". I obviously called USCIS right after, I've been told that the address has not been changed at all and that I have to do it all over again in order to get my bio rescheduled. I did change it, with a conformation on the phone, after that I've been promised by several different USCIS representatives that I will be given a new biometrics date within a month. So, I did everything right on my part, but they still messed it up, and now I have to deal with this. I'm waiting for that reschedule since September. I call them like 10 times a month, constantly asking what the hell is going on, I always get the same response - "you have to wait for 30 days in order for us to schedule it. Can't help you right now, you have to wait" I really don't know what to do. I cannot get my biometrics rescheduled since the end of September, and every single time i call USCIS they basically tell me to piss off. Have any of you guys had the same problem before? Is it even possible that I will get it rescheduled eventually or do I have to hire a lawyer or something to make these idiots do their job?
  5. Does anyone have a clue as to why NOA2 estimated dates keep getting pushed back further and further? We received our NOA1 back in July and the original estimate was early March. Now it's mid May. The average time between NOA1 and NOA2 last year (at least for Ukraine) was about 7-8 months and now those who received their NOA1 back in Feb-March 2021 are still waiting for NOA2s. What is the bottleneck? This doesn't appear to just be a Ukraine thing but something going on for couples from all different countries. I see like 1-2 NOA2s received each day on the immigration timeline tracker, which seems awfully low given the amount of people who are on this site. Any news or updates that I may have missed involving staff shortages, delays caused by covid, etc. on this front are greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, I need some help with a query that I am sure has been posted before but one I cannot find an answer to. I completed my DS260 and uploaded all necessary documents for the second stage of my IR1 visa process in April. However, my husband (USC) has not yet completed his side of the application which is the I864 and the required tax returns. There are valid reasons for his delay in submitting it but I just wanted to know if our case will expire because he hasn't completed his part of it yet? and if it does not expire, will this be brought up in the interview and will I be questioned about why my husband took so long to submit his part of the application? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  7. My parents I-130 application were approved but they don't feel ready to move to the US yet. We would prefer, if possible, to not abandon the application and start over later. Someone mentioned it may be possible to keep the case "alive" by "contacting NVC at least once a year". My questions are: Is this rule correct Is this a good idea What does "contacting NVC" mean Would paying the "IV fee" or "Affidavit of Support fee" help prevent the case from getting abandoned Does NVC email a warning before an approved I-130 application expires Any thoughts on stalling an approved I-130 application for a few years would be really appreciated
  8. How long was your delay in getting the I-751 and what country is your spouse from? Our delay is going on three years and my husband is from Mexico. Trying to get a sense if the slowdown was deliberate and based on country. We have an N-400 interview coming up and I believe the I-751 will be addressed then but trying to get a sense of how widespread this was and if people who were impacted were from similar countries. I see many cases of lengthy delays on here but don’t know just how many.
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