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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I am writing this post for my mom's F4 case filled by her brother. My mom has 3 kids. one daughter and two sons. DOB of daughter: 4th November 1988 DOB of elder son: 18th May 1992 DOB of younger son (i.e. Me): 30th June 1994 First I would provide timeline of our file processing and then I will raise my doubts. TIMELINE Petition Filled on: 9th April 2004 Petition Approved: 20th November 2009 (also received the letter saying it will take years for them to process file so do not give up your jobs or make any travel arrangement as of now etc.) Welcome Letter Received: 12th January 2016 I have read the definition of child as per USCIS which primarily says a kid has to be younger than 21 years and unmarried from here. By the time we received welcome letter and we logged in to ceac.state.gov the tool had name of only two people i.e. of my parents, that's obvious all of three kids are aged out by that time. Then we came to know about CSPA, which can provide protection to unmarried aged out kids by subtracting the processing time taken from biological age. Since my elder sister is married she is not eligible for CSPA and my dad passed in July of 2013 and as per our local agent both the sons are eligible for CSPA so we sent a request letter to NVC to remove my dad's name and include name of two sons. Sent CSPA request letter with request to remove my dad's name: 1st February 2016 With that letter NVC removed my dad's name but they haven't included name of either of son. Meanwhile we completed all the document work of my mom's case i.e. filled DS-260, paid $325 fees, paid $125 AoS fees and submitted all the civil and financial docs and in July 2016 we received letter from NVC stating all the document work is done and your case is awaiting for visa interview appointment overseas. As per the guidelines of our agent we did not mentioned anything about two sons in AoS forms. In June 2016 files retrograded from July 2003 to January 2001 so all activities stopped for our case I guess. In September 2016 files started moving again and since than it's moving at a decent pace. In between we also sent an email to NVC to know the status of our CSPA application for which they replied on 22nd July 2016 like this..... Although we send query to NVC we receive this reply from Mumbai Consulate office which was strange. And finally on 31st January 2017 we received similar email as we received in July 2016 stating.... We sent another CSPA request in February 2017 for which we neither received any acknowledgement of request letter nor we received any reply for the same. Now here are my doubts, DOUBTS Should we contact NVC again for CSPA?? Should we contact Mumbai Consulate for CSPA? Where is our file currently? Is it in NVC or is it in Mumbai Consulate? As per the last letter we received it says most of appointments are scheduled within 3 months but looking at current speed of file processing, there is time for file of April 2004 to be current So when Mumbai Consulate will arrange interview within 3 months or file will be in queue till April 2004 dose not become current? In ceac.state.gov tool since last several days the status of AoS fees has changed NA which used to be paid earlier so is there anything we have to from our end? Likewise our entire process is complete for my mom yet the status of AoS documents and Civil Documents are never updated as completed they are still NA so should we contact NVC for the same? What are the chances of getting CSPA protection at time of my mom's visa interview? Is it mandatory to mentioned about aged out sons in the forms of AoS to get the benefit of CSPA? Can someone provide some concrete example of CSPA with F4 case? some sort of link would work. Any other suggestion for our case. When I wrote this post the latest visa bulletin i.e. March 2003 says currently they are processing files of 22 July 2003 visa bulletin of April 2003 dues in 7-10 days. Any suggestions/answers would be a great help. Thank you in advance. Thank you for reading so far and sorry for misusing quote box.
  2. Due to Backlog, How will will it take to get interview Date in US Embassy Kathmandu for F22 visa class? If the DQ is on july 17 2022 (guessed) ?
  3. F4 derrivative. Am I still eligible? When my priority date got current my age was 20 a week after its my 21st birthday. Am i still eligible for cspa? Birthday 07 13 1999 Priority date 03 26 2001 Approval date 06 12 2009 Priority date got current 07 01 2020 DQ date: April 2021 Some people say that your real age should be 21 and above when you're PD becomes current on chart A to qualify to CSPA. Is that true? Because my age when my PD became current on chart A visa bulletin is 20. Can I still be given a visa?
  4. My mom (PR holder) filed I-130 for my sister (14 years old then) in December of 2018, with priority date 11/05/2018. Both of them are residing in the US. She is applying through consular processing, she was Documentarily Qualified (DQ) on 02/02/2021. But she hasn't received an interview date yet. My sister will be 18 in March 2022. I am not sure if CSPA protects her from accumulating unlawful presence or not? Will she need to travel to Egypt and stay there before her birthday so she wouldn't accumulate unlawful presence? If CSPA would not help in our case, are there other options? Links to resources for expediting the case would be helpful as well. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys! I would like to ask for your advice. My family recently got our welcome letter thru email since the last March 2021 visa bulletin - dates for filing, our PD got included. PD: Jan 23,2003 Approval date: Aug 25,2009 My concern is that me and my 2 brothers are already in our early twenties and we're just completing the documents and paying for the necessary fees. I would like to know if we're still qualified for the immigration with my parents under CSPA? here are our birthdates: ME: 07/16/1995 - 25 Bro1: 07/10/1994 - 26 Eldest" 04/17/1997 -23 thank you very much!
  6. Hi, my father is a LPR and he filed up a I-130 form for me at 09/25/2020 (I was 20 years and 10 months old). So i was at the F2A category. My priority date is october 1st 2020. At the 18th of october 2021 i became 21 and i was wondering do i still considered to be in the F2A category or did i fall into F2B as the adult child of an LPR?? Because my file is at Nebraska service location and F2A processing time has passed my priority date. When i tried to send uscis a unquiry for outside normal processing time and results said “my application is currently within the posted processing times”. I don’t understand does CSPA work for me or should i do something?
  7. Hello , when i use Official CSPA Calculator This Error showing its this true or Site Bug
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