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  1. Confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ My grandfather petitioned our family year 1993 and got approved 1994 under F3 Philippines, my mother is the principal applicant. Year 2013 my grandfather died so my Auntie in the USA file to be our substitute sponsor 2014 my Auntie was approved to be our Sponsor but suddenly she died 2015 because of cancer then my other Auntie and my Uncle submit again for Humanitarian Consideration for them to be substitute sponsor. Then April 2016 our priority date became current (PD Dec 1993) actually that time we are feeling hopeless and accept the fact that we cannot go to the US anymore. Then I checked Ceac website and I think our account is suspended because of changing the sponsor. Then last September 2017 exactly 2nd death anniversary of my Auntie we recieved an email intructions to submit documents and ds 260. So I checked the Ceac website and our account is back and the sponsor name is already change with my Uncle's name. Then in the IV application the only name that is there was My mother, father, younger brother (10yrs old) and me I'm already 25 now. Then my 3 siblings 31,29,28yrs old are not listed in ceac website and cannot pay ds260. So my question is this is there assurance that I can accompany them, Am I good to go? we submitted all documents and I already submitted and completed my ds 260 and now we are just waiting for appointment interview letter. I'm just confused because I am over aged and I dont want to expect too much. Thank you so much sorry if my story is so long. Our petition was so dramatic 😊
  2. Hello i just want to ask, is there any chance where in you can file an appeal if your kid if he is overage by the the interview takes place? 😔😔 The case was affected when the retrogression happen 2010, but still his visa was paid in feb 2011, when he was still 16, but due to the retrogression the process took longer than expected, we tried the CSPA, but as per consular calculation he was denied, for he is already 24 now. I am hoping if we can file an appeal, and hopefully get a better result, and be able to bring my son with me. 🙏🙏🙏 Thanks for your suggestion and help
  3. Hi everyone, Thank you for the CSPA age calculator. That was extremely helpful. May I further clarify that the ways I retrieve the relevant dates (outlined below) are correct? I would like to make sure that I key in the correct dates for the Excel to work. From I-797 form below: Date immigrant petition filed = 22 June 2005 Date immigrant petition approved = 20 Jul 2009 Priority date = 17 June 2005 Checking out the Visa Bulletin for Feb 2019 Under F4 | All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed (my country's category) The date is 22 June 2005 --> Date immigrant petition became current = 1 Feb 2019 Thank you very much for your assistance in advance.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently 22 years old and my sponsorship process started at the end of 2016 with a priority date in November 2016. My permanent resident mother sponsored me and I am an international student in Germany. In December of 2018 I submitted my DS-260 and all of my documents were accepted, however because I had aged out, the system automatically pushed me into the F2B category. Then I found out about CSPA, and contacted the NVC, as well as the congressman's office of my mother's district in order to make them aware of my situation. My priority date in the F2A category became current in Feb 2018 so that wasn't an issue, nonetheless it still took a few months for me to be returned to the F2A category. The last information I received was from the NVC on May 20th, 2019 saying that I am now in the interview queue awaiting an interview at the consulate in Frankfurt. I would like to hear from other people who have been in similar situations, how long it should take from this point on. I am honestly astonished that it has taken so long to even get into the interview queue given that my date was current in February and that I have been ahead of the deadlines by quite a large margin, and on top of this, my congressman submitted a form for expedition to the NVC. Waiting itself would not be a major issue apart from the fact that I am an international student in Germany, so I can't wait here forever, but I also risk pushing myself back even further if I try and change my address from this point onward and that is assuming it's even possible to do so. If anyone can provide their anecdotal experiences regarding how long it should take from this point on, I would really appreciate it. Thank you
  5. Hello I am in the same boat as you were - Shivani. My PD is Aug 2, 2004 My Approval date was Nov 9th, 2009 My DOB is 10th Nov, 1992 Currently through CSPA i am 21 years 3 months and 15 days old. Can anyone suggest if i will get my GC approved or not? My name is in DS 260 and i have paid the fees last year. Note: I am in the United States on H1B visa from last 5 years. Came on F1B got converted to H1B in 2017. Please advise....
  6. Hello Everyone, The problem i am facing is a bit weird. According to to CSPA calculation i am aged out by 4 months. I am 27 right now. But when NVC sent the welcome letter (F$ Category) their was my name on it with my two siblings and parents. Then we all submiited the DS forms and payed the fees without any problems. As it stands now all the documents have been accepted and we are just waiting for the interview date. My question is that if CSPA age is calculated at the interview? If so can i be denied due to my age at the interview? If that is the case why did they not let me know before hand when i was filling the forms and paying the fees. Thanks i would really appreciate if someone could answer these concerns.
  7. My auntie petitioned my father under F4 ( sister to brother). My mother, brother and I are the derivatives. me and my brother are aged out but our name are still in CEAC and interview letter. and we paid IV and medical was also done. Last 4th of April, we had our interview. My parents was approved but me together with my brother was not eligible for CSPA and reached the maximum aged. My passport and my brothers' didn't return by the consul. What does it means? As I read here in forums, it should returned right after the interview. In CEAC, only two was issued (my parents) and two was still ready (me and my brother). I need to retrieve it as soon as possible because I am working abroad and need my passport back.
  8. Hi, We had an interview in US embassy on 11/19/2018 and my father was principal applicant. At the time of interview my age was 25+. We applied for visa under Child Status Protection Act. D.O.B: 02/03/1993 Priority Date: 01/20/2005 Approval Date: 12/23/2009 Visa Bulletin Current Date: 10/01/2018 According to CSPA calculator, My age was 20 years 08 months 25 days and I was elligible for immigration visa. However, at the time of interview, the counslate returned my passport without any rejection letter. According to counslate, my age is 21 years 08 months 24 days. So, I am not eligible for visa. Embassy probably has confused 2009 with 2008; there is 1 year difference in my age. Our attorney in USA has filed a petition on 11/20/2018 to review my eligibility according to CSPA calculations. It’s 02/15/2019 and we have not received any reply or call for passport submission from US embassy. Is it normal? How much time it will take? Does someone has faced same problem? Seeking for your positive response. Thanks
  9. My aunt filed for F4 visa for her brother (my father).My mom, me and my brother (currently in Canada on his student visa) are derivative candidates. My aunt was asked to pay IV fee for all the derivative even after me and my brother being aged out biologically. Is this CSPA automatically analysed by NVC or do we have to ask them review the case for CSPA? I think me and my brother both qualify as per CSPA age according to CSPA calculator. Is paying visa application fee make us both eligible to fill DS 260 automatically and appear for interview along with my dad and mom or do we have to seek some other ways too? details: *My brother DOB is 30/Sept /1993 and my DOB is 25/Jan/1995. *PD: 26 AUG 2005 *Approval Date: April 27,2010 *21 July 2010: received our letter saying you will be notified when further consideration can be given to processing your application for immigration on * Asked to pay Fee on Dec 2018
  10. My uncle filed for mum in 2005, petition was approved this month 2019 and the link to pay and continue with other processing is available. My name is on the list as a child of the principal applicant. I was 20 at the time. Now I am 34, married to a US citizen but have not filed for adjustment of status. I am currently a medical student in the US. Can some please tell me if have a chance of getting a green card going with the mum deal or filing based in marriage
  11. I am a resident of India. I am currently 23 years old, My Aunt applied for an F4 visa for my father on 7, April 2004. The website currently shows that "On March 19, 2009, we received your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative" I have a few question, I am trying to understand. 1) My question is why is still not the application approved yet? 2) Will I be aged out when the visa will be available or I am eligible for CSPA? 3) What is average time will it take to get my visa? 4) From Visa bulletin which date should I follow, FINAL ACTION DATES or DATES FOR FILING? P.S. Sorry for asking a silly question, not really an expert in this subject.
  12. Hello i need your opinion about something, should i get worried? My mother and stepdad (married) petitioned for me to go to the states when i was 20 years old. the petition was already approved and i am already working on getting my visa. i just turned 21 years old two months ago. my question is was my age frozen when they petitioned for me when i was 20? does this apply for CSPA? should i get worried on my visa getting rejected since i am over 21?
  13. Hi! Does paying AOS (Affidavit of Support) fee fulfill 'sought to acquire within 1-year' condition for CSPA? My friend's PD got current in 2006 but she only paid AOS fee that time and didn't continue the process until now. She was 12 years old at that time. She is a derivative beneficiary under F4 category. Does she qualify for immigration now? Her interview has been scheduled for the next month. Thanks.
  14. Category: F4 INDIA (US citizen brother filed for his sister in INDIA) Priority Date: 27-09-2004 Approval Date: 22-03-2010 Welcome letter received on: 26-04-2018 AOS fees paid on: 01-05-2018 Case Completed on: 15-06-2018 I am a son (derivative beneficiary) of principal applicant (my mother) in this case. My Date of birth: 09-09-1994 Current age: 23 years 9 months Petition pending duration: 5 years 5 months 24 days TIME LINE TILL NOW: After receiving welcome letter, on the CEAC website we were able to pay IV fees for my mother (principal applicant) and father only, my name (Son’s name) was there but I was unable to pay the IV fees as no invoice was generated for me. So we dropped an email to NVC explaining them applicability of CSPA to this case and to generate IV fee invoice for me(Son) and we got following reply from NVC to that email - “We reviewed this petition for eligibility under the CSPA and we determined that applicant does not benefit under CSPA”. After that we paid AOS fees and IV fees for my parents (mother and father) and completed IV application (DS-260) of mother and father. While filing that form; on particular question of WHETHER I AM IMMIGRATING WITH MY PARENTS, we filled YES in both the forms. Following that we mailed NVC all the requested documents of petitioner and applicant (mother and father). We also mailed them my documents along with all other documents. Then we send one more email to NVC insisting them for adjudication with a consular officer then NVC’s preliminary CSPA age assessment for applicability of CSPA to this case. To that email we again got same reply: “We reviewed this petition for eligibility under the CSPA and we determined the applicant is not eligible”. After that we got case completion letter on 15-06-2018. But now when I open CEAC website my name is completely missing from Applicant information and IV application processing fees sections (Name was visible in both the sections before) only the names of my mother and father are there. So my question is “what should we do next for applicability of CSPA? Should we wait until priority date becomes current OR is there anything else we can do? Can any one tell me exact procedure for CSPA with exact timing to do it? What about missing name from CEAC website? Should we hire an attorney?THANKS.
  15. Hello all, I am writing this post for my family's F4 case filled by my mom's brother. My mom has 3 kids. two daughters and one sons. DOB of daughter(Me): 21th June 1990 DOB of elder daughter: 19th July 1993 DOB of younger son : 13th December 1994 First I would provide timeline of our file processing and then I will raise my doubts. TIMELINE Petition Filled on: 10th November 2004 Petition Approved: 11th August 2009 (also received the letter saying it will take years for them to process file so do not give up your jobs or make any travel arrangement as of now etc.) Welcome Letter Received: 9th May 2017 I have read the definition of a child as per USCIS which primarily says a kid has to be younger than 21 years and unmarried. By the time we received a welcome letter and we logged in to ceac.state.gov the tool had the name of only two people i.e. of my parents, that's obvious all of three kids are aged out by that time. Then we came to know about CSPA, which can provide protection to unmarried aged out kids by subtracting the processing time taken from biological age. None of us (the children) have married, so we sent a request letter to NVC to include the name of the three kids and they did it, they add the three of us in the process, so we paid the fees and send all the documents needed. A couple of weeks ago the NVC send the letter for the interview for my parents and my name and my siblings. But yesterday someone from the embassy in our country called us saying the Im out of the proccess and that is better that I dont spend the money on the medical exams. My mom told her that we appeal to the NVC before and that they added me knowing the situation of my age, she told her that I could still go to the interview but that Im actually out for my age. We asked our lawyer and he told us that I could go, but we decided If I take the medical exams now or I go like this and I can present the medical exams after the consuls answer. QUESTIONS What are the chances of still getting the residence? Has someone gone through this situation? can you please share your story to know what to expect or what to do? Should I get the medical exams before or after the interview?
  16. My category F2A priority date 24 Jun 2016 approval data 10 November 2016 birthday data 10 August 1997 I'm worry that I will not get a visa until I'm 21. Please, explain to me how and when I should ask NVC to apply for me the freezing my age. Write me a sample letter that I have to send them. I do not speak English very well. Thanks.
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