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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I will be filing N-400 in mid-July using the 3 year rule of being married to U.S. citizen while being a permanent resident. I still have pending the removal of conditions (I-751) but since it may take a while I will go ahead to start gathering documents and apply. Please feel free to start the discussion of what documents to gather, tips, etc. Thanks!
  2. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for California Service Center Filers.
  3. Hello everyone! It seems like there isn't a May 2018 I-130 thread for U.S. Citizens applying for parents through consular processing. I will be sending mom's application 5/24/18, right after I leave my Naturalization Ceremony everything is ready to go, just waiting on that certificate! From what I have been reading from last year threads, the whole process is taking around a year, give or take. I-130 approval seems to be around 6-8 months (it can be more or less, of course). Please share your input! Hope to talk to you all soon! Good luck to all of us!
  4. Hey, if your sibling is being jailed and not proven guilty until now. Can you get your visa? My case is filed under f2A but I want to know if they could deny my visa cuz of my brothers criminal record? I’ve nothing to do about this case! But I’m worried if it could affect my process. Please let me know.
  5. Hi Everyone!!!! I had a combined N 400 and I 751 interview today in Dallas Office. I posted my interview experience here for those who contemplate filing N400 while I 751 pending or if you have already filed N400 while your I 751 was pending.. My husband and I arrived early at the Dallas FO. Within 5 mins, an officer called my name. I asked her if it will be just me and she responded both of us. She mentioned that she is glad we came early because she came early hoping we would be there! In her office, I can see lots of stacks with labels N400 and I751 ( guess a lot of people have done the same thing I did ). She explained that I will have 2 interview. She will do the I751 interview and then another officer will conduct the N400. She asked for both our IDs. Questions for my I751 : how long we have been married, how we met, where we work, when we purchased house together, did we have kids, have we lived separately longer than 2 weeks. That's it. I asked if she will need anything else. She said "I don't". Then she said I will not receive my 10 years GC if I pass the N400 test. So during the oath ceremony, I just have to hand over the 2 years GC. The interview lasted for 10 mins tops. Then I did my N400 interview and passed. If you want to read details of my N400 interview, please visit N400 July 2017 Forum. My status in egov.uscis.do/casestatus now said I am in line for the oath ceremony. However my I 751 still said my case was received. At this point, I know a lot of people are saying that filing N 400 will delay your I 751. I guess it just depends on when you filed the I 751 and where you file your N400. In my case, I filed I751 in Sep 2016 CSC. If I had not filed N400, most likely I would still wait for my I 751 until next year. Since my main goal is citizenship, I would say that filing N 400 has helped expediting my I 751. Again, this is my personal experience so I can't say the same for your cases. Good luck to you all!!!!
  6. I have sent my I751 on September 8th to the California service center and it was delivered on September 10th. Its been 3 weeks since than, neither the cash was checked nor did I receive a receipt. My Green card expires in 4 days, I have already scheduled for an infopass appt on the 11th of this month. Is there anyone who is also facing similar delays? Also I checked that eversince I sent my application, the address has changed from Cali to TX. And they updated the address on the same day as my package was delivered. Can someone please advice me what to do? Should I refile and send to the new address?
  7. Our NOA1 is November 14, 2017 We had a RFE, sent the document needed, got approved and the case was sent to NVC, NVC issued us a number, however two days later the case was sent back to USCIS. The website states The department of stste sent it back to USCIS for further review. I never had any mail from embassy, our lawyaer has even contacted the embassy and they said they have not received our case. And now we receive such a letter. What can I do? Any advice?
  8. My USC wife and I got married in good faith (arranged marriage) in Jan 2015 and I received my conditional GC in Jan 2016. I moved to the US on a student visa in 2010 and was on a work visa (H1B) when i got married. We jointly filed my i751 petition in nov 2017 to CSC. When i submitted the joint i751 i had included joint mortgage contracts, financial statements (credit and savings account), photos from marriage in US and India, vacations, family visits etc., air tickets, joint phone bills, joint car insurance, affidavits from friends and neighbors, my insurance showing her name as beneficiary, joint tax filing documents. We have been having issues since the last few months and have been going for counseling to see whether we can work it out. However, my wife let me know today that she'll be moving out next week back home (different state) and filing divorce right after that. Even after the counseling sessions, we couldn't reconcile our issues. The processing times at CSC is taking 18-20 months and my application was filed a little over 8 months ago. The last update I received was in May notifying biometric appointment is not required since they have past records and haven't seen any movement on my case since then. I'm not sure what the next steps are - some forums say no action is required until divorce is finalized, however others say to notify USCIS about the situation. In addition to evidences I had provided already I can also provide report from the counselor, 2017 joint tax, photos and itineraries from trips made in 2018, bank statements until next week etc. Any help will be highly appreciated. Also, is there a forum for i751 divorce waivers for 2017/2018 I can follow?
  9. pinetime

    Processing Centers

    Hello, I have been trying to figure out the answer to my question, but unfortunately haven't had any success via google. :/ I am about to file my CR1 package and am wondering about processing centers. I know that I initially send my petition to the lockbox, but am not sure how the processing center is chosen after that. I have seen that there are different processing centers with varying amounts of time. I would be filing from Portland, OR, I am wondering if I can choose a processing center, or will it just be the closest processing center to my location. I.E. California looks like it takes the longest so I'd like to avoid that processing center. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you
  10. Hey folks, my pd is june 30th, 17. And my case is under F2A category. Help me regarding noa2, please. I think i couldnt find right dates about whose getting noa2 rn. Uscis website says; sept'2016 filers getting their noa2. But I'm very confused I saw people talking about getting their noa2 and their pd is really not sept 16. They were the filers of the end of the year'16! Please guide me and if anyone could tell me whose getting noa2 these days itd help a lot! And please check that chart for me. And lemme know! And yessss don't forget to share your timelines. <3
  11. Just noted that the processing time at California Service Center for I-751 is Jan 23, 2016 now, it was 2017 last week, and VSC is the same as it was last week
  12. I am us permanent resident and i had applied i-130 for my wife and USCIS received my case on 17-feb-17. So, how long does it take i-130 to be approved and can anyone help me with estimate time that will take after i-130 approval.
  13. Hey; I’ve got a job offer from Qatar and my f2a is on pending. Me and my husband is thinking to stay there temporarily until f2a get approved is it possible to get another country’s visa while f2a is on pending? Or should i refuse the offer? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi any updates for california service center processing time for i 130 (perminant resident applying for spouse) My petition was recieved in october 17 and i'm waiting for approval. Thank you
  15. I filed I-130 for my spouse in Mar 2017 as an LPR. I turned USC in Nov 2017, and my application was upgraded to spouse of USC from spouse of LPR on Dec 6, 2017. The application is pending at CSC. Based on forums, the I-130 for spouse of USC is getting approved with May 2017 priority dates, but my application is not yet approved. I went to an infopass appt last week, and they told me that my application was "touched" on Dec 13, and they dont know what happened with that touch. They were unable to provide any other info, and asked me to just wait. Can someone please advise what can I do to expedite this in any way given other applications with the same category are getting approved.
  16. The processing time at CSC was updated on March 16. It shows that processing time for US Citizens to sponsor a spouse is 1 year behind than Permanent Resident in the same category. Does anyone know what the reason for this delay? Is it supposed to be faster for US Citizens?
  17. My NOA1 date is March 20 and I noticed that most of the earlier March dates haven't even been processed yet (aside from a couple who had earlier dates than I do and were already approved). Anyone know if they are going really slow or something? It says they are processing March 21 dates so I'm wondering I should be receiving my NOA2 soon?
  18. Hello! I checked visa processing time 2 days ago for California Service Center was currently being processed on June 19, 2017 and today I checked again why it back forward to May 13??? But other Service Center went forward to the next day (they look worked well) what does this mean???
  19. Hi everyone. I know everyone who r waiting for their approval, interview are already very concern.. but it's getting frustrating everyday.. my husband applied for me in 27th janaury 2017.. its gonna be year almost after sometime.. can anybody guide me when i will get my approval..
  20. Hi Folks, I am a GC holder living in California, I sent in my I130 for my Brazilian wife on March 27 2017 to the California Service Center. The CSC processing times have been stuck at August 23, 2016 for months and months. Does anyone know what is going on with the CSC? Have any post August 2016 CSC filers been approved? All other Service Centers are moving on, some are into April 2017...Frustration!!
  21. any approve for i 130?( permanent resident filling for spouse at California service center) my pd is October 17 2016 please reply with any updates or helpful informations