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Found 16 results

  1. I had a CRBA interview one month ago for my two little daughter. The officier give a asked me to send my old US passport to check my entry/ exit history via DHL. I had already sent it one day after the interview. One month had passed and i didn't receive any notification about my status. Do you how long it takes to get any notification from them?.
  2. Hello, everyone newbie here. I would really like to know your opinion on this matter. First off I'm a 29 year old US citizen living in Ecuador. I'm also ecuadorian as I was born here and got US citizenship through my father as a kid. I lived in the US since I was 6 and came back to Ecuador when I was 19. While here I went to university and became a dentist, I also met my future wife and we have a 6 year old daughter together. Things are becoming really tough in Ecuador are we are seriously considering moving to the US permanently. My daughter has US citizenship through a CRBA and also has a US passport. We haven't gotten married yet but have been living together for 2 years. I'm really indecisive about whether or not applying for K1 visa or getting married and applying for CR1 instead. What would you recommend in my case? I really want an option with the less waiting time possible, can't really stand the thought of being away from my partner and daughter for so long. I'm planning on filing for k1 visa then travel to the US to reestablish domicile and get a job. I also have an aunt who could possibly be a co-sponsor. I'm aware of the different costs each option implies. Which option would be the surest way to get approved and have all 3 of us travel together to start a new life in the states? Would really appreciate any insight. TIA
  3. Hello, I'm looking for advice on questions 28 & 29 on the DS 2029, Section B. Please help! I am the US citizen mother, born and raised, temporarily living in Italy with my Swiss/Italian husband. Applying for a CRBA for my newborn daughter. It says "This section to be completed before/by consular officaer, notary public or other person qualified to administer oath" for Section B, questions 28 & 29. Are these sections that you fill out on your own accord, or do you wait until you have the interview the complete these sections? I'm erring on the side of waiting until we're called for an interview, but I'm also having major postpartum-baby brains right now and just looking to see what others have done! Would hate to fill out/go to a notary public then be completing it the wrong way. Advice would be appreciated! Thank you!:)
  4. Hello all - I'm waiting for my husband's CR1 interview (DQ'd in August), but had a question for our 17 month old daughter who still needs to apply for her US citizenship and passport. It seems as if those appointments for CRBA fill up very quickly. Just wondering if anyone on here has a similar situation and what your game plan is for your children who are eligible for US citizenship. Thanks in advance!
  5. Background: my daughter was born in Colombia but was given citizenship by me through a CRBA. My wife is traveling to the US for the first time as well on an IR1 visa. My wife is supposed to travel with my daughter to the states on Tuesday. Today we found out that supposedly for my daughter to leave Colombia with my wife she has to have a notarized and apostilled "permission slip" from me saying that it's ok. The only issue is that this permission slip is supposed to be apostilled and approved by the Colombian Consulate which for me is in Atlanta. My question is: Is there any way that I can get this done by Tuesday so that my wife can travel here without going to the consulate? If anyone has already gone through this process and could lend some advice that'd be great!!
  6. Hello, we applied for CRBA for our little girl 4months ago and they requested for my Husband’s divorce certificate and he’s a US citizen. After the submission we were told they would be reviewing the documents. It’s been 4 months now and no response from the embassy in nig for pick up. And I have my interview coming up May 3rd at the US embassy for CR1 Visa. I hope they don’t bother me with my child’s proof of U.S citizenship
  7. We received an email from NVC last week that they are transferring our paperwork to the US embassy in Cario The problem is that i have a baby that can’t get an Egyptian passport and the only way to take the baby after my interview is a CRBA and an American passport We called the embassy several times and applied all the needed documents for the CRBA as promised in their website that we should receive a reply within 5 working days but all we received was an auto reply we call the embassy to check how this can work but they also tell us that they’re not processing any CRBA now I’m too concerned if i have to start my paperwork all over again until they start processing CRBA because we’ve been waiting for my paperwork 2 years now and we’ve been through a lot of trouble Is there any legal solution for my situation?
  8. My husband is in the process of trying to get his IR-1 and green card. We are waiting for an appointment in Montreal for the interview. I just had a baby in Canada, but currently have her in the states with me. My question: Can I file a consular record of birth abroad (CRBA) from the states, or does it have to be done in Canada? Otherwise, what are my options for getting her USA passport and social security card?
  9. So while waiting for our K-1 visa, my fiancee had our daughter in Manila. My fiancee has her visa now, but we are preparing our daughter's paperwork so she can travel on a US passport. I'm not exactly clear on some of the details. I was quoted at city hall that it would take 6 mo to a year to get her NSO birth certificate in hand. That seems insane even for the Philippines. Doing the K-1 I've learned to always ask twice because you get two answers and just go with the better one. Well after a lot of questions, fees, and receipts at city hall, I'm waiting to get the SECPA in a couple days. They seem adamant that this is what I need for her US passport application. I asked about everyone I could. I'm not so sure because the embassy is clear about needing the NSO birth certificate, while the folks at city hall are telling me this is the same thing. Has anyone done this or can anyone verify this for me? Is the "SECPA" the same as the NSO birth certificate? Does it meet the the requirements for the USEM?
  10. Hi there, I have applyed for my newborns CRBA. Im am the biological father and the USC, mother is myanmar citizen biological mother. I have 5 years and 1 month phyiscal presence in the USA all after age 14, but I dont have any physical proof under age 14. Will this be a problem for my childs CRBA? Or 5 years of physical presence at any given time is good enough? thank you.
  11. Hello all, I am US citizen and today the IR2 for my children was denied. The CO explanation was that my children was eligible for a CRBA. I lived as legal resident more than 5 years in the USA but not as US citizen. As US citizen I was in the USA no more than 3 months. Reading the requirements my case could fit on the option number 3 of the below image. My question is, the 5 years period of time living in the USA, had to be as US citizen?
  12. Hi guys, I have a pending K1 visa, we just recently submitted our k1 last month. So meaning it will take so long (considering backlogs) for it to even get processed. We have a 6 month old baby together. (USC). Now, we wanted to visit him and in the grandparents (first baby in the family) for a month or two. Since they can't travel to the Philippines because of Covid. My fiance also cant travel because he was on probation. I already have tourist visa (been in the states 3 times, 2 of those to visit my fiance *last one when i was 4 month pregnant, i just went for a 2 week trip). I have good job from a reputable company that agreed I can WFH from the US during those two or three months. I'm a little nervous about travelling because I can be denied entry. But the thing is, we really want to meet again and for my daughter to finally meet her father. i was hoping my last trip can help my case, Like obviously i have no intention to overstay. I could have given birth there (for my child to become USC right away instead of applying for tedious CRBA) and overstay on my last trip. But i choose not to because I don't want to violate my tourist visa. has anyone ever travelled on B1/B2 visa with your USC child?
  13. I assume the consulate is closed (Montreal) the website shows no available appointments. What are the options available presently for US citizens in Montreal to file for CRBA ?
  14. Hello All, I am going through a very complicated situation. I am a US citizen by birth and living abroad most of my life due to my fathers work (he is also a US citizen). I got married to my wife and she holds a foreign passport. She is currently pregnant and we were planning for her to give birth in LA. A day before her Visa appointment, the embassy canceled all appointments due to Covid 19. So we are currently can’t fly to the US because she doesn’t have a valid Visa and will not be able to give birth in the US. I am just short of meeting the 5 years for the child to get the CRBA. My wife also can not pass her foreign nationality to the new born. So what it means, the child will be born without a nationality, which is inhuman and will destroy my child’s future. Anyone can help with this unfortunate situation? Covid 19 changed everything and a new born will pay the price for something we can’t control.
  15. Hello All, I am starting a job in the USA on January 11th. Currently, I’m in Colombia. I’d like to do my child's CRBA appointment and renew my expired passport before then (it expired because we weren’t able to travel and the embassy shut down because of COVID). Question 1: what are the steps for me to be the one present during the CRBA interview in lieu of my wife and child? (Paperwork, etc) We’re trying to avoid them traveling if possible because of the virus and I have to go to bogota for my passport anyways. Question 2: How long does it take to renew a passport completely? And is this possible for me considering I need to be in the states on the 11th of January 2021? Question 3: How long does it take to get an emergency passport from the Bogota embassy so that I can travel back to the states on time? I’m trying to choose the best option for me in order to make it to my job on time. I've emailed and called the embassy but keep getting very vague answers that don't help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Walt
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