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  1. Hello, I'm looking for advice on questions 28 & 29 on the DS 2029, Section B. Please help! I am the US citizen mother, born and raised, temporarily living in Italy with my Swiss/Italian husband. Applying for a CRBA for my newborn daughter. It says "This section to be completed before/by consular officaer, notary public or other person qualified to administer oath" for Section B, questions 28 & 29. Are these sections that you fill out on your own accord, or do you wait until you have the interview the complete these sections? I'm erring on the side of waiting until we're called for an interview, but I'm also having major postpartum-baby brains right now and just looking to see what others have done! Would hate to fill out/go to a notary public then be completing it the wrong way. Advice would be appreciated! Thank you!:)
  2. The whole process was very professional and straightforward. We brought way too many documents than requested but it turned out that's better than not having enough! We showed everything they wanted on the Chiang Mai CRBA checklist, had a short interview, and was told it was approved! The next week we picked up the CRBA and passport. We had passport stamps showing we were together in the same place at the same time, both names on the birth certificate, Thailand passport was obtained by both of us, we had everything in Thai translated for 300 baht a page, and brought it all to the interview. It was quick and painless. The week before we talked to a married couple that went and they said it was a breeze, but we were still nervous! Haha, it turns out we didn't have to be! Next step is the K-1 visa interview and hopefully to America! Whoa! What a process!
  3. Question about dna testing. We did the testing and results are 99.9999. We are waiting for the embassy to cantact us. How long after dna results does it take for them to contact us? I've also been reading that dna test does not guarantee crba and passport. Has anyone ever heard of that. Denying crba even with proven paternity. I'm freaking out because it's been a couple days since I and them received results and they still have not contacted me.
  4. Hello! I am currently waiting for my fiance visa and was not clear if they're gonna issue me a fiance visa already or if I need to go to another interview Our story goes like this. I went to my fiance visa interview last December 6 at the US Embasssy in Manila, I was already having my interview then I mentioned that my fiance and I have a baby together, so the consul said that I should get a CRBA and passport for my child before we continue on with my interview. So the consul directed me to the releasing window and the staff there directed me on what to do, after directing me on what to do, he mentioned that if my child gets approved for a CRBA and passport, they will issue me a visa right away but if not then I would have to show them the notice that I got denied and we will continue on with the visa interview. January 7, 2019 we had our CRBA and passport interview and was asked to send additional documents that my fiance has been living in the US for at least 5 years (they did not state that it has to be 5 years on the list of requirements they gave me), so after like a month of giving evidences and my fiance talking to the embassy to prove that he has lived for more than 5 years, we finally got approved on February. A few days after the CRBA and passport got approved, a representative of the US Embassy (or visa center, I'm not really sure because I forgot to ask) said that I should send my passport to the Embassy for visa issuance. I know the representative said issuance because I asked how many days it would take to have my passport returned back to me after I send it, she just said as soon as I send them my passport, the sooner it will get returned. I sent my passport to them the next day and got a call the next day after that to confirm if I have sent them the passport already and they also asked for the tracking number so they can forward it to the consul, but the caller also said that it will be forwarded so that the consul can review my papers for the fiance visa. So I'm really confused because I know they said that they'll issue me a visa right after my child gets approved for a CRBA and passport but then the last call I had said the consul will still review my papers. Has anyone had this same situation? Did they still require you to have another fiance interview or did they issue a fiance visa without interview after approval of the CRBA and passport (like one of the staff and the first call I had said). Please inform me because the waiting is killing me and my fiance
  5. Hello I am us citizen through naturalization living in india since 5 years .. my wife is indian citizen and my kids become indian citizen because i was short of few days for us stay while they born in india ... I would like to get my children us citizenship so what can be procedure?
  6. Hi, I'm new here so please excuse if i did not follow any forum rules. Here's to my question: We are 2 US citizen parents living in canada (father is us born, mother has a CRBA) our child was born in canada in wedlock, now I know every us citizen should file for a CRBA however going to the embassy is no easy feat so if there's an alternative to getting a US passport & SSN without going for a CRBA we will definitely explore it, we will still be applying for a CRBA for several children together before our oldest will turn 18, going for several children at once makes it a lot less complicated. Now, quoting from this link: now if we were to visit the embassy for the passport application we can as well do the CRBA, but since we travel to the US often we can do a passport application at any local passport office, and a ssn app at the social security office (in the past the embassy would submit the ssn app together with the CRBA but that's no longer the case meaning I will always have to travel to a social security office to apply CMIIW) Quoting from this link that we can apply for a US passport for our child without a CRBA: Now, are all my assumptions correct? did I miss anything? what would the experts suggest? TIA
  7. I'm a US citizen and should have no problem proving residency. My child was born in Argentina out-of-wedlock to my girlfriend (Argentinian and Italian citizenship). However, my divorce to my ex (which has been pending and taking forever) was still not finalized when my child was born. Am I still eligible to go through the CRBA process? The eligibility requirements from Argentinian embassy website seem to indicate I must be "unmarried" to qualify... BOTH of the child’s biological parents are U.S. citizens and one of the parents has resided in the United States at some point. Only ONE of the child’s biological parents is a U.S. citizen, the child’s parents are MARRIED at the time of birth, and the U.S. citizen parent has been physically present in the U.S. for a period of at least five years, two of which must have been after the age of 14. The child was born to an UNMARRIED, MALE U.S. citizen who has been physically present in the U.S. for a period of at least five years, two of which must have been after the age of 14. In this case, the U.S. father must agree in writing to support his child until the child reaches the age of 18 years. The child was born on or before June 11, 2017 to an UNMARRIED, FEMALE U.S. citizen who has spent at least 365 days of uninterrupted physical presence in the U.S. at any time prior to birth. The child was born after June 11, 2017 to an UNMARRIED, FEMALE U.S. citizen who has been physically present in the U.S. for a period of at least five years, two of which must have been after the age of 14.
  8. Hi! We plan to file for CRBA and passport for our baby soon. When scheduling an appointment for CRBA, we need to mail in the required documents, along with DS-11 passport application form, since we would like to apply at the same time too. My question is, do I also need to mail different set of required documents for the passport application? Or do I just submit the DS-11 form along with the crba requirements? And during the actual CRBA appointment, do I need to bring two sets of requirements for crba and passport? Based from what I read from people's experiences, they dont mention bringing another set of requirements for the passport, aside from the ds-11 form. I'm confused. Thanks in advance.
  9. I would like to take a personal survey of how many CRBA applicants in the Philippines were asked to get a DNA test to prove blood relationship because their evidence provided was not sufficient. It's rumored that in the Philippines, they ask EVERYONE to get a DNA test and I would like to know if that's true or close to the truth. Philippines CRBA applicants!!! : Please comment here on whether you had to get a DNA test or not, and what proofs did you provide for blood relationship, and evidence of parents' relationship prior to conception? Other countries -- can comment too! Why not? Let's try to get some statistics going on.
  10. Hi! We’re filing CR-1 this November and I have few questions. Do i need to change my signature to a new one reflecting my married name? Our marriage certificate, my driver’s license and the birth certificate of our daughter have my maiden signature. I wonder if this will affect our visa application and CRBA for our daughter if i still use my maiden signature. If I change it, they might question inconsistency regarding signatures in the said documents. Also, do i need to sign the i-130a even if im outside the US? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi! May i know if some documents, such as copy of naturalization certificate, copy of unexpired passport, etc., needs to be notarized? Also, my american husband is filing i-130 for me and we have a 3-month old baby. Does he still need to include our baby in the petition since we’re gonna file for CRBA for her anyway? Thanks in advance!
  12. my wife is US citizen and to make CRBA for our new baby ,but my wife didn't meet the Physical Presence so we rely on grandparent Physical Presence based on USCIS policy manual (Volume 12 – Citizenship & Naturalization, Part H – Children of U.S. Citizens) https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume12-PartH-Chapter5.html#S-C but when i am trying to fill in form DS-2029 i found no space to write grandparent Physical Presence and all spaces for parents only Kindly help
  13. I'm looking to file the K1 petition soon. Me and my fiancé have 1 newborn child together. Child is entitled to US Citizenship at birth, CRBA and DS11 I'm about to file this week. Question is, the i129F asks if we have children, of course we will answer yes, however the concern is this will trigger USCIS to send request for K2 for the child. I intend to explain in my packet in detail that the child will already have a passport and does not require a K2, but I"m not sure if it will get overlooked and still cause delays. Parts on forms: Part 1 48 part 2 39 Part 2 43 especially Anyone have experience with this and can comment? I am trying to prevent having to wait until the CRBA/Passport for the child is done before starting the long K1 process.
  14. Hi folks, im doing my wifes AOS and on I-485 it ask of child is applying. My son has US Passport, CRBA , SSN (applying this week). He's good to go right? Or do i need to include him in anyway on I-485? We are all in US they came from Philippines.
  15. I am a Permanent Resident and my ex-husband is a USC. We are applying for CRBA for our two sons (aged 2 and 3) in the Philippines. The problem is I'm a little confused about which particular rule should we follow. Our sons were born before we got married but were legitimized a few months after the marriage. It looks like the guidelines are more complicated if the conditions are for children born out of wedlock. Are they still considered children born out of wedlock?
  16. Has anyone gone through the CRBA procedure and getting US passport for a baby? Is the DNA test 100% required? The US parent name will be listed on the birth certificate issued in my home country.
  17. Hi, I am applying for my kid's CRBA. I have gathered required support documents except for my naturalization card which I have lost. The check list (for those applying for CRBA from Canada) says the US citizen parent was naturalized that they MUST bring their naturalization card. In absence of my naturalization card, will my expired passport plus current passport suffice? These show my citizenship status since October 1996. My son was born November 21 2000. My concern is do I need to prove citizenship for 5 years prior to his birth to coincide with the 5 years I need to prove I was physically present in the US prior to his birth? My expired passport only proves I was a citizen 4 years prior to my son's birth. Will the US consulate in Canada insist I show my naturalization card and reject my CRBA application if I don't do this? I know I can replace my naturalization card but it will take time and a very expensive application fee which I'd like to avoid as in the thirty over years I had lost my naturalization card I never had a need for it. Thank you for your help.
  18. Going to get our son a CRBA It is extremely difficult for us both parents to attend, I understand from here I can present myself by having Form DS-3053 signed by my wife and notarized. Is that the right form? My questions are: I know any US citizen should have a US Passport, however question is if the embassy will force me to apply for a passport at the time of the appointment or can I apply for that later on a visit to USA? I do see the form DS-3053 title is "STATEMENT OF CONSENT: ISSUANCE OF A U.S. PASSPORT TO A MINOR UNDER AGE 16" if we do not plan to apply for the passport do we still need the notarized form? In the case we do not apply for a passport, and BOTH parents are US citizens does the baby still need to be present for the appointment? Is there anyway at all for the baby not to be present at all? Can the notary be outside of the US or it must be a US notary? Thanks
  19. Trying to fill out form DS 2029... there were two occasions when I entered the US from abroad and then traveled around within the US for a week to a couple of cities in hotels before eventually going to my city of residence. Do I need to list out those two one week stays with locations as well? Can I just leave the one-week stays out?
  20. Hello, we applied for CRBA for our little girl 4months ago and they requested for my Husband’s divorce certificate and he’s a US citizen. After the submission we were told they would be reviewing the documents. It’s been 4 months now and no response from the embassy in nig for pick up. And I have my interview coming up May 3rd at the US embassy for CR1 Visa. I hope they don’t bother me with my child’s proof of U.S citizenship
  21. Hi, Just filling out DS2029 question 24 on US entry exit. On two of my trips outside the US (one in 2001 and one in 2002), both to India, I am not sure of my exact departure date since the US does not have an exit stamp, however I am sure of my India arrival date based on my entry stamp (so the US departure was most likely 1 or 2 days before my arrival date in India, I am not sure), do I need to put a note stating that I am not sure of the exact departure date from the US or something on those lines,or will a date with an error likelihood of -1 or -2 of my actual departure do?
  22. Hello!, I am a US citizen, previously an Indian citizen. I entered the US on Apr 1 2006 and the homeland security stamp of my entry is half-faded, and kind of semi-illegible. I never exited (traveled outside) the US until I got citizenship, so I still have the I-94 that was also stamped when I entered the US. Fast forward to today, I have to go to the US consulate for a CRBA (Report of Birth Abroad) interview for my newborn daughter. Just in case the officer has trouble reading my US immigration entry stamp in my passport, is it ok to present the original I-94 that was stamped on my entry in 2006 as well, or would I run into any trouble as to why I did not hand it in when I traveled outside the US (even though the first time I traveled outside the US was as a US citizen). Apologies if this is a silly or wierd question, in advance. Thanks!
  23. My wife is in the Philippines (Philippine citizen) and our children are eligible for CRBA as I am a US citizen. We have the CRBA in a few weeks. The question is should I wait for my children's CRBA process to be completed before sending in my wife's I-130. application Will a completed CRBA for my children be beneficial to the I-130 application process for my wife? thanks
  24. Hi I am a naturalized US citizen. I completed my naturalization last year. Prior to that I was living and working in the US first on an H1 visa and then on a green card since 2006. EDIT: Just wanted to mention that I got married last year in India and my wife is an Indian citizen. We were blessed with a baby girl last month and I want to apply for the CRBA for her. To prove cumulative physical presence, I have the following documents currently: 1) Social Security statement which mentions my annual earnings record from 2006 to 2017 2) W-2's I have received while employed in the US since 2006 3) IRS Tax transcripts from 2011 to 2017 4) Salary slips for 2015-2017 5) All my passports with entry-exit stamps (I have been living in the US continuously since 2006 and only traveled outside after I became a citizen last year). 6) Bank statements from 2011 onwards showing regular salary deposits and rent payments 7) I have various immigration documents such as I-94s recieved when I changed employers while on H1, and my green card approval documents. Do I need more evidence of physical presence? I am especially concerned if I need to contact previous employers to get letters of employment since I am not able to locate salary slips older than 2015 (they were all online and have been purged from ADPs database, or if they were paper, I may have discarded them).
  25. Jullian Oribello


    Hi! Please can you help me about what to send for CRBA appointment. I am just confused if ill mail everything even the passport photo, son's growing photo and other evidences of relationship or just the important docs and forms only! Please enlighten me. Thank you!