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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone. Petitioning my wife and daughter in the Philippines. Question for AoS. Were in the process of submitting AoS and IV fee. I made almost $37000 last year 2019. I live with my parents and sister. Do i need to count them for the affidavit of support which will be total of 6. Or just 3 of us with my wife and daughter? Next is the DS-260. There is a delay on passport processing in the philippines for 2 months. And one of the question is Passport number. Do we have to wait for their passport to arrive before we fill up DS-260? Thank you! 🙏
  2. Hello, Is anyone else having problems with the CEAC website when submitting a NVC payment? I submitted my IV payment and it was with drawn from my bank account the next day but the status still shows as "PROCESSING" and does not allow me to submit any documents. My AOS payment processed with out any issues.
  3. Hello Guys! So I am filing for the I-485 again... since I got denied the first time, the reason was my mom has to file for I-751 removal of conditions but she did not include me so I figure I filed by myself for another petition with my husband now. I got approved for my I-130 but got denied for the I-485. Talked to 4 lawyers today and we decided that I file for the I-485 with my husband's petition since my 2 year conditional already expired last August 2019 and they said it is very hard to file for the waiver and late submission. so my question is, for the I-485 part 1 question 24: for my current status do I put "no status" since my cr2 visa already expired last year? and as well as do I put in my Alien numbers frm my visa before? What should I do? anything would help. Thank you so much
  4. Does anyone know how long is the current wait for a green card interview in Honduras ?(based on your experience) I have been waiting for 2 weeks
  5. Hi everybody. My case is CR2, stepmom is petitioner. She is an US citizen. I have interviewed at 14 Dec 2017, and the result is the blue paper with 8 request additional. At 27 Mar 2018. After prepared all document necessary. I came back to the US consulate and after 2hr waiting, they still answer by the blue paper OF-194. It write that my case requires additional, necessary administrative processing in our office. You don't need to summit further documents. We will contact you when we have finished processing your case. and to now was 3 month waiting and i don't have any notice from them. I want to ask Does have anybody like me ? and what should i do now? Thank you very much.
  6. Let’s everyone write their NOA1 & NOA2 date for CR1, CR2 applications at TEXAS SERVICE CENTER. So we know who are waiting - Mine 1.CR1 - NOA1 - Nov 19th 2018 NOA2 - waiting! 2.CR2 - NOA1 - Nov 18th 2018 NOA2 - June 28th 2019 NVC DONE, WAITING FOR INTERVIEW DATE.
  7. I got email from NVC and login to CEAC account where NVC updated my all documents from "SUBMITTED" to "ACCEPTED" . Also I got two msg in inbox says "NEED DOCUMENT" but when I click those msg there has nothing inside! What I should do ? DO I wait for interview letter or anything else they need ? Please need help
  8. Hi guys! So I have a CR2 visa when I came here in US, but I have to adjust my status due to being married to a US citizen because I wont be able to remove my conditions because my parents don't want me to include in theirs anymore. I was just wondering if I still have to fill out part 3 no. 1-4 since my parents applied my visa before? TIA!
  9. Hey guys! I'm needing facts and wisdom for our situation. Our situation started simple, but now has drama mixed in, so I apologize for that in advance. I am a US citizen. My husband and 11-year-old (step)daughter "R" came on CR1/CR2 visas in November of 2016. R's biological mother signed paperwork to give my husband sole custody of her, with visiting permitted during vacations and summers. She initially hesitated in allowing R to move with us based mainly on emotional reasons, but eventually decided it would be a move for the best. The transition has had its hard days, but R has done excellently at adjusting and in integrating herself. Sadly, her mother has not done well with R's absence. After 20 months, R's mother is now insisting that R will not be returning to us from her summer vacation there. We are needing to file for lifting restrictions (CR1/CR2 to IR1/IR2) for November of this year, and are unsure how this situation will pan out. This could potentially be a situation of kidnapping, but more likely that R is being convinced by her mother that things might be better for both of them if she were to stay there, unable to see the implications of such a huge decision (she is only 11...). R's mom has a poor track record of being a fit guardian, and is not prone to consider the logical pro's and con's of any situation, including this one. My questions are these: 1.) Will filing with her mother (who as far as we know only has a B1 visa and is apparently now "married" to a Puerto Rican citizen) in a US territory affect her process? 2.) If my daughter does not end up moving back with us, and does NOT complete the CR2 to IR2 process in November of 2018, she will can't continue the process later, right? 3.) Also, if she forfeits seeking residency at this point, how much will it affect any potential future applications for my daughter, even with my daughter is over 18? I couldn't find any clear answers from others who might have had to go through a similar situation. If this topic has already been touched on, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance for any clarity.
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