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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, it's my first post. I'm applying for an IR-1 visa. I'm German, living in France and my wife (Petitioner) is an American citizen. I'm at the stage where I have to upload my civil documents. I'm also uploading my wife's Affidavit of Support (AOS), her tax return, and 1099s. Problem with the website Uploading works, since their tech issues were resolved early May, 2020. The documents show up as "Uploaded" 🙂 But here's the problem: On the main page it says (for a week now) "Not Submitted" 😮 Under supplemental documents I had uploaded additional 1099s. But as required documents they had only requested the tax return and the AOS (form I-864) so in theory nothing should have been missing. The more detailed message reads "At least one required document has not been uploaded to your case and/or has not been submitted for review." Can somebody on this forum enlighten me as to why I'm seeing "Not Submitted" here? Thanks in advance, Martin
  2. So about a week ago, I sent all the I-130 package to my immigration attorney and he then submitted it to the USCIS lock-box in Arizona. Since I got married to my lovely wife last month, we don't have any co-mingling financial resources, a baby that was born to the two of us, property we share together or anything like that. I explained that to my attorney, and he said that we should instead have our friends and family member sign an affidavit to attest our relationship. I provided him with the information about each one, and he then wrote the affidavits which I gave to them to sign & notarize shortly after. My question is: Should I expect any RFE's now because we didn't submit any joint bank account statement, or anything like that to prove that our marriage is bona fide? What do you think? Is it normal that people like us who are newly married don't have this kind of documents?
  3. My Hungarian fiance and I (US Citizen) are planning on getting married in Ireland (where he and his family reside) this September. After that, we plan to apply for the CR-1 Visa. At first, we were thinking we could have him stay on VWP for less than 90 days and then he could go to Mexico for a few days and re-enter. I now realize that could easily constitute border hopping. Anyway, some complications to our situation: 1) I am a full-time student and can't take longer than 2 quarters (about 5 months) off of enrolment to maintain my admission. I am currently on leave for work and will have to return in September just after we get married. 2) He is currently trying to find an EU-based remote working job so he can make money while in the US, which would mean he quits his current job. Is that an ok thing to do? Would that maintain enough of a tie to EU to eliminate issues when entering US on VWP? 4) While he has a well-paying job and mine is decent, we both have student loans and a wedding to pay for (though we're trying to keep costs to a minimum!). 5) While we're very good at long distance, we are looking forward to finally living together. If our only option is to live apart and make short but very few visits, we'll do more than our best. But given it's a marriage, we want to do everything we can to remain physically together. We're now considering the following: - We get married in September in Ireland. - We enter the US a few days/weeks after our wedding, fiance on VWP with a return ticket already purchased for December. I go to school and work for one quarter. Fiance works remotely from EU-based job. While living in the US, we would be staying in a studio apartment rented from my parents. No formal lease to attach him permanently to the address. - While in US, we apply for CR-1. - In December, before his 90 days on VWP are up, we return to Ireland and stay there while fiance continues to work remotely or perhaps at his old job? Not sure yet. I may be able to do some online coursework and care for his family members (non-paid). I may also be able to do research for my degree there (we met while I was studying abroad in Ireland). I could be there for up to 90 days on a tourist visa. - Depending on CR-1 status at this point, we could either 1) live separately for a short time waiting on CR-1 greencard approval, me studying in US, him working in Ireland. Or we could 2) do the switcheroo back to the US so I can study in US while he's here working remotely. - Depending on options we would then: 1) Schedule our interview at the consulate in Dublin and he would enter US on CR-1. Would I need to be at the interview? or 2) Schedule an interview at an embassy in the US. Is it possible to do this for visitors on the VWP? Then have him fly in from Mexico or Canada (or somewhere else with inexpensive flights) on CR-1. It's a little complicated, but is this situation viable? I will so appreciate any advice anyone can give. We already decided after months of back-and-forth that K-1 wasn't going to work for us so we're really trying to make the CR-1 work. And of course this is all dependent on the COVID-19 situation. Sorry if this was a headache to read! Much love
  4. So, after months and months of anxiously waiting, our paper work has been approved by the NVC. I got the email while visiting my husband in Barbados.. We were both very excited to open the email, just to find out that we will STILL be waiting. Anyone on here will be or already interview at the Barbados embassy. How long was your wait till you got an interview date. Me and my husband started the paper work October 2018, I know we are near the finish line but it doesn't feel like it! Best wished to all.
  5. Really need your help on this...hope someone with similar experiences can answer. We are applying for the CR-1 visa from Singapore, and both of us currently live in Singapore, we just submitted all the required civil and financial docs together with the D-260 form on CEAC. And as we want to move back to US, my hubsband (US Citizen) is looking for the job now and want to relocate back to US. So my concern is, if he gets the job and needs to move back to US before my interview, will it have any impact during the interview? The employment information we provided on the D-260 was for his job in Singapore and so if he were to change jobs, that would mean there will be misalignment from the job info that we provided to NVC. Can we just mention this to the embassy consular officer during the interview and will they ask for any additional documentation? If additional documenation is needed, will they issue a 221g or will they accept the documentation on the spot?
  6. I am planning on filing for a K-1 Visa sometime next year, and I am also planning on using a co-sponsor and/or personal assets for the I-864 once the K-1 Visa is approved and my girlfriend and I are actually married and living in the U.S. By then, even if I don't have a co-sponsor, I will have enough assets to satisfy the 3x asset requirement and probably also have a job offer that I can submit with the I-864 as proof of employability (I am currently a full-time student using VA benefits). My biggest concern right now is the 100% poverty-line income requirement of the I-134. From what I have read, my Voc Rehab housing stipend will not be counted as income because it is "temporary" and runs out once I am done with school (the same as if I were using the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill and receiving its housing allowance). I have also read that a co-sponsor doesn't really affect the I-134 because it isn't legally binding like the I-864. If all of this is true, then the only income I will be able to use for either AOS is my VA Disability. Currently I am single with no dependents, so I am paid as such by the VA and my yearly income from VA Disability is ~ $66 short of meeting the 100% poverty-line limit. However, as soon as I get married I will be adding my wife as a dependent on my VA benefits, and then the amount I will be getting from VA Disability will be ~ $1,400/yr higher and thus over the 100% threshold and closer to the 125% line. This will obviously affect my eligibility from the standpoint of the I-134 as well as the amount of assets I will need to have in order to satisfy the 3x requirement of the I-864. So I guess my specific question is: Which VA Disability rate will be accepted for the I-134, the married rate or the single rate? Since the whole purpose of the K-1 Visa is marriage, and since my VA Disability is guaranteed to increase to the higher amount once I am actually married, will USCIS count the higher rate even though I will not be receiving it at the time I file the I-134? Should I submit the VA Disability Rate tables (which show the rate I will be getting paid when married) with my forms? The other option I was considering is getting married to my girl in her country and then applying for a CR-1 Spousal Visa, since I would then be getting paid the higher amount before I submit the visa application and I would also not have to go through all the hassle of having to prove an "existing relationship" and all of that.
  7. For those of you who are wondering what happens to I-129F petition if I-130 gets approved first see attached PDF letter from USCIS 0_I-129F denied.pdf
  8. Hello all! It has been a crazy ride once my husband and I moved to the USA! We are in the process of buying a home, in fact stuck in the underwriting phase of the process for the passed 4 weeks, our closing has been moved up 3 times already. Here in lies the issue, our underwriter can not seem to understand my Husband's status as a conditional resident. He has his green card valid for 2 years until we file our I-751 in June, a valid non-restricted social security card, and driver's license and has filed for Taxes in the USA. The underwriter in the beginning of the process requested our EAD. Sent a LOE explaining we don't have one and do not need one as he is a conditional permanent resident. Waited for a week Requested his I-94 form, again sent a LOE explaining we do not have that form as we came into the country on a CR-1 Visa to get his Conditional Resident Green Card valid for 2 years. Waited another week! Requested a stamp that we do not have at all yet, called the temp I-551 stamp that validates an expired green card for another year until you get your 10 year green card. Send an LOE explaining we are not yet at that part of our process as a conditional permanent resident as we must file 90 days before the expiry of our green card, which is not until June 10th. Explained this can not be done any earlier and the stamp can not be supplied by USCIS unless new green card never arrived in allotted time of 6 to 12 months after filing I-751 form. *much cursing, headaches and calls to our Loan Officer later...* Find out Underwriter has stopped communications, won't give us an update and left us basically at the stage of where they asked for the stamp we can in no way get. Has anyone ever bought a home as a conditional resident before they filed their I-751 ROC form? I have searched the forum and have only found people buying a home while waiting on their new green card, and a few comments stating they bought a home on CR-1 without any problems. My husband is the only one on the loan application as a permanent resident for FHA guidelines, the Loan Officer said we had everything in order as far as documents went and we were approved with conditions until the underwriter suddenly kept adding more conditions that made no sense. We may end up losing about 2k (2 appraisal fees, earnest money, home inspection...) and worse yet losing the home because of this confusion. Any information or even those with the same experience is greatly appreciated!
  9. Our visa process went as smoothly as can be the first year, but it is after our interview last year when everything became extremely frustrating. We had applied for a spousal visa, and we didn't really have any red flags, or so we thought. We are very close in age, same religion, daily conversations dating back to over a year, and I had visited 3 times before (for a few weeks each time). Even in the interview, my husband said that the agent did not seem doubtful of our relationship. We were approved shortly after, and we were told to expect to wait for only 2 weeks. We were overjoyed, obviously. Little did we know, our nightmare was just beginning. We were placed into AP, which we didn't worry too much about since it seems to be common. My husband filled everything out that was asked of him, and in a timely manner. We also went to the Aramex site and filled everything out there. 2 weeks passed - no answer. We sent an email a week later, inquiring about the case. We were then told to expect to wait up to 9 months. 9 months passed and still silence. Within that time, we emailed and phoned the consulate, the State, everybody that we could think of numerous times. We received automated emails from all of them. It will now be a year this month since AP, and we are slowly losing our patience. We've had two senators contact them on our behalf, and we've even personally gone to the consulate in Casa. They wouldn't even let either of us enter, and the woman at the front took our name and number and said that they would be in touch. Guess what - that never happened either. I see so many similar stories, but has anyone recently had success in obtaining their CR-1 visa? I'd love to hear some stories with a positive outcome. Also, has anyone requested their passport back while the case is in AP? My husband and I would love to be able to travel and live life while we are waiting. Excuse my long message :)
  10. Hey Everyone! First time poster!! I am currently in the process of getting my CR-1 Visa approved and I am looking into applying for jobs when I start to move to the US. I am getting a bit confused with some of the terminology used by different companies. For example: You must have a Green Card or US Citizenship to apply for this role This position must meet Export Control compliance requirements, therefore a United States Person as defined by 22 C.F.R. § 120.15 is required. To conform to U.S. Government space technology export regulations, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) you must be a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident of the U.S., protected individual as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3), or eligible to obtain the required authorizations from the U.S. Department of State. Learn more about the ITAR here. Can someone with a CR-1 Visa apply for these positions? Thanks, Avi
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