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  1. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/open-us-embassies-around-world-family-sponsored-immigrant-visa-interviews
  2. hey all, I've seen some helpful advice on this forum so posting for thoughts. I am a UK citizen and boyfriend is a US citizen. I visited him in early March on the Visa Waiver Program just before the US banned travel from the UK. I was only intending to stay here for 1.5 weeks but all my flights (6 to date) had been cancelled. I've now been in the US (California) for over 90 days and was granted satisfactory departure recently (so now 27 days into the 30 day satisfactory departure extension). We decided we wanted to get married and applied for a marriage license and appointment. The County office are due to get back to us this week to confirm an appointment - so not legally married yet. But I have a flight booked on the day of admission expiry (in 4 days) but it can be moved back if needed. I do not intend to stay or move to the US immediately, my goal is maybe move in the next 6-12 months (if permitted). So plan was always for me to go back to UK after marriage if it were to happen here. However, it is now looking unlikely that we'll get married before I return home to the UK due to the County office not responding, so I was wondering what my best options are. I really want to marry him before I return home so that we can start applying for the relevant visa as I know it can take a long time but also so that I can visit him if the covid-19 ban were to be extended for a lot longer (assuming those on spousal visas are exempt from travel ban?). - Do I stay here a little longer and overstay by a couple of weeks (assuming marriage appointment isn't too far into future)? I'm not sure how this would look to USCIS when I get around to applying for a marriage based visa and how it would impact my next visit to the US. - Do I just go home and get married on my next visit to the US - can I next visit on a visa waiver programme, get married and go home to UK? WOuld that be allowed, or do I need some sort of marriage based visa before I get married even if I was returning to the UK? -Marry in the UK then apply for relevant visa? There's a US ban to visitors from the UK so we are considering option of getting married in the UK but there's a long waiting list, and no remote option and more costly so this option isn't ideal. If we do this, can I apply for the relevant marriage visa from abroad and enter the US without issues? -Any other options I've missed? thanks
  3. Hi all, I am visiting Barbados for 3 weeks at the end of the month. I then have a funeral to attend in USA in September. I have a valid ESTA, so I am wondering if it is possible to fly to the USA from barbados as I have not been "Physically Present" within the UK or restricted areas within the past 14 days. It is not clear on the government websites if this is possible or not. As it just says "All aliens who were physically present within the United Kingdom, excluding overseas territories outside of Europe, or the Republic of Ireland during the 14-day period preceding their entry or attempted entry into the United States" Any advice would be greatly appreciate as x2 very close family members within the USA passed away and I would love to attend their funeral.
  4. First, a little background. Or if you just want to skip to the details of my main question, jump down to the third paragraph My wife came here on a K1 in September 2019. We got married in October 2019. She's homesick and sick and tired of being under the American lockdown (our county has had the longest lockdown anywhere in the United States...we are still locked down today), wants to go back to China to see her friends and family, eat her favorite foods, and enjoy the freedom of not being under American lockdown. We know that the price of this trip won't be cheap. Plane tickets are expensive and hard to come by. She will have to quarantine in a dingy hotel in Guangzhou for 14 days and eat hotel meals. We know all that, but still she wants to go. Now we know that the Trump administration put a travel ban on Chinese citizens entering the US back in February. But our understanding is that spouses of US citizens are exempt from this ban. So theoretically, my wife should be allowed back into the US. All I'm trying to do here is see if anyone else has actually done this, so I can confirm that it actually works. That is, a Chinese citizen, already married to a US citizen and begun the AOS process in the US, who travels back to China for whatever reason, and then back to the US, during the pandemic. I'm just a little nervous that if something goes wrong at the POE, I won't be there to help her translate like I did when we flew to the US together on her K1 (since China currently has a ban on all US citizens entering China, I can't go with her).
  5. Hello all! OK so my husband and I just got married in November, and have yet to apply for AOS due to financial hardships. He entered the US legally and did his OPT so he DOES have an SSN. He is not authorized to work anymore though because his visa expired so he is currently out of status until we apply for AOS. He is a nonresident since he does not meet the substantial presence or green card tests for taxation, so we made the election for him to be treated as a resident for taxation purposes and filed jointly for 2019. We make much less than the required AGI for the stimulus check. Will we be eligible to receive the $2400 the CARE act delegates to married couples? Does it matter that he has a SSN if he can't work with it right now? I would hope they would view us as a married couple and send the $2400, but I can totally imagine them being cheap and declaring that because my spouse is a nonresident in an immigration and not tax context, or because his SSN is attached to an expired visa and he can't work right now, I only get the $1200 and he gets excluded. I was hoping so much to get the $2400 so we could put it towards filing for AOS, it would break my heart if he was not eligible THANK YOU everyone!
  6. Hi I have a unique situation. I am Canadian and I lived in the us for 10 years. During that time I obtained my green card. I met my American Fiancé there and we had a child together. Due to health issues with our daughter, we had to move to Canada before I obtained my citizenship. Since that time I have been on a travel visa but can not obtain a new one as I am not able to travel back to the US due to COVID. My fiancé and I had planned our wedding, but it has been postponed due to travel restrictions and having family in both countries. Would getting married in Canada, change anything for my green card? I need a solution or my green card will be pulled due to being out of the country. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all! First time posting here but have followed along for a while. My wife and I received notice from the NVC in early June that we are "documentarily qualified". So as I understand it, we now wait for the interview date. My only concern is what impact the coronavirus has had on scheduling in China, and at Guangzhou in particular. I've read a few things online that people's interviews were cancelled earlier this year and still have not been rescheduled. Has anyone done their interview recently? Has anyone who needed to be rescheduled successfully done so? With a lot of the restrictions in China having been lifted I would assume embassy operations should be a bit smoother, but I'm anxious to know how long we might have to wait. I'm also here on a visitor's visa and am applying for my second extension in hopes I can be here for the interview. I usually do visa runs to Hong Kong but with the border closure, I can't do that. If I don't get an extension I'll have to go back to the US with no idea if or when I can come back due to COVID restrictions, which is something we never planned for. Hope to hear about your experiences.
  8. Hi, all! So, my wife and I have married and sent off the application for AOS and the EAD, after acquiring a K-1 visa and whatnot. Initially, I was given a biometrics appointment for March 23rd. The kicker is that all the offices closed on March 18th, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Do we know if appointments will just be routinely rescheduled without my doing anything, or will I need to call them to re-arrange it? I honestly can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kind regards
  9. Hello everybody. Has anyone sent this form lastly or will do in the next couple of weeks? Has anyone stopped working during the last couple of months (I mean since the pandemic started) What are you sending attached to your I-864 form (Affidavit of Support)? Because I have read that I need to send the paystubs of "THE LAST 6 MONTHS" and an employee letter as well. My husband and I haven't worked for over 3 months. We don't know either when we will be called to return. Have you experienced the same issues filling out that form? We are supposed to send our documents for a family menber we don't have any current paychecks 😔
  10. Hello everyone. I applied for naturalization in MA, and still waiting for some information from USCIS. Can you share your COVID naturalization situation, please? My timeline: Boston, MA - January 2020 applied - February 2020 got biometrics And now is still waiting for interview. I hope everyone is healthy and safe! I know, that in some states waiting time a year or so, but in general in New England it took about 5 months before COVID.
  11. Hello, I am a US citizen trying to file for a marriage-based green card with my (non-US citizen) spouse who currently is residing within the USA. We have no dependents. We have completed the "full I-130 package", and the "full I-485 package" EXCEPT for one single item: my IRS tax transcripts required for the hellish I-944 supporting document requirements (a subset of the I-485 package). My spouse successfully used the online IRS website to instantly get her tax transcripts. However, this website has so far been a dead end for me. The reason? In order for the IRS to verify my identity and order the transcripts instantly through their online website, I must to provide one of the following identifiers: The last 8 digits of one of my credit cards (which is NOT an American Express card) A student loan account number An auto loan account number A mortgage or home equity loan account number A home equity line of credit account number The problem? I do not have ANY of these. I have never taken out a loan or mortgage at any point in my life, and my one credit card that I've used all my life is an Amex, which they do not recognize for some reason. So it looks like the instant IRS transcript access is off the table, what other options are present? I can fill out and mail Form 4506-T to an IRS office and have them mail me back the forms in 3-5 weeks, which is a painfully long delay for my entire green card application process. EXCEPT, according to the IRS helpline, the IRS offices which process these are closed due to COVID-19, so even if I send it, who knows how incredibly long it will take to get back to me. I filled out an application and mailed it last week, but don't expect to see anything come from it anytime soon, especially with how there has been a recent uptick in COVID-19. I can call the IRS Transcript Order phone line [800-908-9946] and place an order over the phone for my IRS tax transcripts, which would then take 7-10 days to be mailed to me (an annoying, but tolerable delay in my application) EXCEPT, if anyone calls this number, you'll see that it does not work! Presumably due to COVID-19, the phone order system is just unusable -- and, again, who knows how long it will remain that way?? Currently I have included my last 3 years of 1040 tax return forms, in my I-485 application as a sort of substitute for the tax transcripts even though I know that the transcripts are what they are asking for. I do know that this is not what they want in the application. ****************************** I really, really want to get this application submitted as soon as possible as my spouse and I really need her to obtain employment authorization + ability to travel back to her home country as soon as possible. So, here are my main questions: Is anyone else stuck in a similar situation? How are you handling it? Could I ... (1) mail in my I-130 package by itself, and then mail in my I-485 package later once I get my transcripts? (2) mail in BOTH my I-130 and I-485 packages with an explanation in my cover letters stating my current situation and stating that I will mail them my IRS tax transcripts as soon as it is possible for me to actually do so? Side Question: Is online I-130/I-485 package filing a thing? Is it smarter to file online given all the COVID business? It would save me some $$$ for shipping since the I-944 supporting documents make the application into a huge pile of papers... In the hopes of being able to get my transcripts online, I ordered a new VISA credit card from my bank which arrived today. I activated it and used it to purchase one thing, but when I tried to use it to get through the IRS website it (unsurprisingly) did not work. Does anyone know roughly how long it might take the IRS to "recognize" a new credit card? Thank you so much for any help or feedback, --Zach
  12. Considering the hardship family members, fiancés included, have been enduring during the last months due to COVID-19, we have decided to start a petition to provide equality and solidarity to family members that haven't been considered and therefore excluded from the Coronavirus related bans. Please, sign so we can make the difference! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/process-k1-visas-immediate-family-visas-are-exempt-covid-related-travel-bans
  13. Hello! So my fiance and I have known each other for 9 years. I went to Ecuador on a service trip in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively. I have not seen him person since. We have always had a relationship in the background and back in November we decided to recommit to each other. We have since gotten engaged (again lol) and I will be going back there in September for a week. The original plan was to go down in September and then again in November for 20 days and then when I get back in November get all the paperwork in to USCIS. My question is, what do you all think about us applying when I get back in September and totally bypassing the November trip? We still have Corona Virus going on and Ecuador is one of the countries hit the worst. Also, with the upcoming expenses of the Visa, plane tickets and green card I am not sure if spending an extra 20 days in Ecuador in November is financially feasible and because of the virus . I know our chances of getting approved will be better if I make both trips but do you all think chances of denial are super high if we just go for it in September? Thank you very much for any and all advice, Ashley and Manuel
  14. I was in AP since march 5 and my visa was issued on CEAC at 25 March but i got my passport on 12 June. I have just been issued with B1/B2 visa this month from #IslamabadEmbassyUSA, Now i am thinking on what to do as i have issued with one year validity which is quite astonishing and will expire in March 2021. Can you answer me as below: 1: Why i was issued one year visa? What could be reasons? Any particular reasons to it? 2: Should i travel in August with it? What you suggest would be issue on Immigration during #Covid19 Yes i have few meeting scheduled there but would that work in such pandemic? If you've traveled to US recently how was immigration response? Do they look for priority? 3: if you've traveled from Pakistan, Did you experienced any issue with immigration in Pakistan? How was your experience? Which visa category? Please share your experiences. Looking for answers.
  15. Hi All, My fiancee's visa was approved at her interview on February 26th this year, and she received the physical visa in the first week of March. However, as we are all aware, most countries were shut down within a week or two afterwards due to the pandemic. Now, after several bouts of rescheduling plan tickets, her home country is *currently* planning to reopen international travel August 1st. Considering her visa expires August 19th, the possibility of her not being able to use her visa concerns me. I have read online that a visa's expiration date can be extended due to unforeseeable circumstances (such as a natural disaster), but I can't find any information beyond that. I plan on calling the embassy as soon as they reopen, but in the meantime, does anyone know the process of requesting a visa extension?
  16. Hi Family, I am a green card holder married to an American citizen for 13 years. Me and my wife were working on a projection in another country. We were just about to move to US in July. And were in US in February sorted my social security, filed my taxes got a house on rent and came back to compete the project and to close our accounts sell our assets and were ready to make the big move. However I'm afraid that my 180 days out of the country will be over in August and I am not sure when the flights will open due to Covid19. Should I contact the embassy? Can anyone please advise.
  17. Hello, Has anyone used Fred, the visa coach before? We are considering hiring him.
  18. I have received an RFE for my Venezuelan Fiance to prove that she is divorced from her ex per commond law statute. The recept date is 4/17/200 and the due date is 7/13/2020. She sent me official documents in Spanish and I had them translated by a certified translation service. Her documents clearly show that she is within the common law statues of her state to be considered divorced. My question is, since everything is closed in Venezuela, including the office that appostilles, should I send copies of the original documents and the translations to the USCIS, with an explanation that because of COVID, we could not get the documents appostilled? Or should I wait until the offices open? I don't think the latter is an option. thank you for any and all comments
  19. Greetings! Apologies if this is not the right forum. This question concerns a K-1 situation and the US consulate in Naples, Italy. My fiancee has a K-1 visa that is about to expire (tomorrow, on June 5). She intended to enter the US on March 21, but of course due to the travel ban from Schengen's countries going into effect on March 11, she hasn't been able to travel. Communication with the consulate in Naples is difficult to say the least (they don't pick up the phone, and only respond to emails with half sentences after many days), nonetheless we've been told that although K-1 visas cannot be extended, this will be re-issued after getting another medical visit, paying the fee (and presumably) making another appointment. What we don't know is: 1. how do we even schedule another appointment at the consulate (which is a necessary condition to get a medical appointment), since the website does not offer the option 2. how do we pay the fee (same problem as (1)) Looking to collect information/first hand experiences on this forum from people who are possibly in the same situation. Thanks! Daniel
  20. Hi, My wife's extension letter is expiring in Nov. Her last USCIS case status has been that they are ready to schedule for an interview and will send notice. It's been the same status since early April but we haven't actually received a letter or appointment for the interview. I checked the USCIS site for information about extension due to COVID19 but such extensions (EOS or COS) seem to only apply to visa holders (work or k3 etc). I didn't see anything mentioned on those currently waiting to remove conditions (I751). USCIS says the offices are supposed to reopen on 6/4. We live in NJ and so far NJ gov't is slowly reopening. I know there is still a bit of time. At what point do you think we need to reach out to an attorney to get involved? I read some have suggested contacting local congressman or senators but not sure how much help elected officials can lend at this juncture. Does anyone know if there is a form to fill out to get the extension letter extended? Thanks in advance for any suggestion and help. Hope everyone is safe and well. Regards, JK
  21. USCIS is Suspending In-Person Services at all local offices effective March 18 to (at least) April 1st 7th May 3rd June 4th Due to Covid-19. This includes all scheduled interviews. Processing at USCIS offices not requiring face time will continue as normal. Full details from USCIS are here: https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-response-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19 Latest: source: https://www.uscis.gov/
  22. Hi All. i sent my i-751 packet last Nov 11,2019 to Dallas Texas and got the NOA Nov 18,2019. today, May 26,2020 : I got an email update that my new card is being produced for my I751 application. This seems bizarre because of the USCIS policy change where they will almost always require an interview before card can be produced. Does anybody have similar experience? Also, im so surprised how fast it has been processed (6 months) given the covid situation. Should i call USCIS to confirm? i will keep you all updated if i receive the physical card. thank you
  23. I’m sure there are many people on here impacted by the US - Canada border closure. I am a permanent resident living in the US however I am only 30 minutes from the Canadian border and prior to the border closure I went up to Canada very frequently to visit my family. The border being closed to non essential travel for the forseable future has really taken a negative toll on my mental health what with being separated from family until who knows when. What Makes the situation more frustrating is I live in a very very rural area and am currently seeing hardly anyone and my family who I would visit is also in a very rural area (on a farm) and so we are at a low risk of spreading the virus. I am wondering if anyone is in a similar situation? I wish there were exceptions to the rules. I understand they don’t want a huge influx of travelers, shoppers and tourists but I don’t feel like I’m a threat when I would only visit my family and be quarantined there. Is there anything I can do about this?
  24. Hi there! I received my Advanced Parole EAD and travel permit November 28th 2019 after filing in June 2019. My husband's sister (both are USC) co-signed his petition since his tax return for 2018 did not put his earnings above the required amount to support me. He is a bartender and at the time received all his income (tips) in cash. His sister co-signed and the EAD was successful and now the only thing to wait for is our interview. His current employer taxes his income fully and that is reflected on our most recent joint tax return. I have also been paying into Unemployment insurance (UI) since I came to the US on a J1 graduate work visa in January 2018. I am also a bartender and due to COVID-19, we are both unemployed since March 13th. My husband is claiming his unemployment insurance since April. I applied in mid April and received notice of my claim being approved today May 18th. Background info aside, 1. Is it a problem for me to be claiming UI even if I am no longer receiving benefits at the time of my interview and the only reason that I claimed it was as a result of the pandemic? 2. Is it potentially damaging to my sister in law for me and/or my husband to be claiming since she is meant to be our financial sponsor? 3. Am I actually entitled to UI if I am being financially sponsored? TLDR; as a EAD holder waiting on my interview for GC, should I avoid claiming unemployment in case it causes a problem for my application? Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  25. I saw recently on the appointment website that you can schedule an ASC appointment, however you cannot schedule an interview appointment at Ciudad Juarez. Even though the Embassies and Consulates are closed, I kind of want to reserve an "early" ASC appointment now. However, I wonder if Ciudad Juarez will automatically assign priority dates to applicants who had appointments in late March and early April, but were sadly canceled due to COVID-19. I'm up in the air because on the email we all received if your appointment got canceled, it stated that we did not need to take any action on our part and that the Consulate would reach back to us with more information. I sent a contact form to the Consulate today asking if they have any timeline yet on opening back up, since I heard London is opening theirs back up in early May, and then also asked them about priority appointments. Hope to hear back soon! My fiance's K-1 Visa interview date was April 2, 2020.
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