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  1. Do we know if the i130 petitions (spousal visa, etc.) are still being processed? It sounds like only interviews have been cancelled, but am I correct in thinking that they are still doing paperwork for the ones that haven't been approved yet?
  2. I had a few interviews for foot-in-the-door positions that complimented my degree, experience or passions that haven't returned follow up communications, and lots of recruiters saying I'm not the right fit, just feeling a bit down. Had one company come right out and ask about the gap on my resume (June 2019-now) before scheduling an interview, and I explained I was waiting for my work permit and am good to work in the US,, emphasizing I am here for good/on a marriage basis. I fear this is the first thing EVERY hiring manager sees, then my lack of instate/country references, my out of country work experience/education..I think it has put me at a disadvantage in positions I'm qualified for..especially with all the recent news of work permit visas being denied, I think the layman hiring manager will put conditional residents quietly aside. Now I'm applying for positions I'm overqualified for, and in these times a little concerned about (I'd be joining the front-lines of essential workers in a tourist town). Maybe I am looking for excuses why I haven't found a job, but maybe all of us relatively unskilled conditional residents are feeling their non-citizen status harder than usual. I can't apply for many jobs even because they are federal..or require a full drivers license (I got my learners a day before the DMV closed!) It's tough!! I am hoping for the best..and that this is just an extremely hard time for a new immigrant entering the work force. I am trying to be thankful at least some places are hiring lots, but I am also a bit humiliated and sad I can't find a job I will enjoy more/be proud of, after a bachelors degree and 5 rewarding years moving up in a small industry that's shut down for the year. I'm thinking 20-30 hours in a stocking job is about all I can handle for now, after being depressed for so long I miss my friends/fam a lot after my first year in America, and had hoped to dive into a new community, have my old friends come stay with me, make new ones, find a decent job, and hobby groups, but it's been hard. Much love to all of you out there going through these motions!
  3. Hello! I recently got my NOA2 for a K1 visa on April 20, 2020 with a valid date from 4/20 to 8/19. My fiancé is from Colombia. Due to the coronavirus, Colombia is banning all international flights until August 31 (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-latam-airlines/colombia-follows-argentina-in-banning-all-international-flights-through-august-31-idUSKBN22W2T8). Is this going to be an issue on the approval notice validity date? What exactly do I have to do to extend this? I was really hoping to have my fiancé join me as soon as possible but now I'm unsure if it'll even be this year. Thank you for all the help!
  4. I might be able to catch a flight from Lebanon to Germany (transit)to the US. will i be able to do so if i hold an IR1 visa? did anyone try doing this before? TIA
  5. Does anyone have any idea if entry into the U.S. will be allowed on a K1 Visa? The travel ban states that only U.S. permanent residents or immediate family members will be allowed in, and I know a fiance on K1 is technically not an immediate relative yet. However, I have heard a couple cases on WeChat of Chinese fiances being let in at the airport with their K1 Visa in the last few days. We are living in Guangdong together right now, and want to get the hell out, but we don't want to spend all that money, travel all that way, and then have her be denied at the border and sent back to China. Anyone have any insights to share? It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I saw recently on the appointment website that you can schedule an ASC appointment, however you cannot schedule an interview appointment at Ciudad Juarez. Even though the Embassies and Consulates are closed, I kind of want to reserve an "early" ASC appointment now. However, I wonder if Ciudad Juarez will automatically assign priority dates to applicants who had appointments in late March and early April, but were sadly canceled due to COVID-19. I'm up in the air because on the email we all received if your appointment got canceled, it stated that we did not need to take any action on our part and that the Consulate would reach back to us with more information. I sent a contact form to the Consulate today asking if they have any timeline yet on opening back up, since I heard London is opening theirs back up in early May, and then also asked them about priority appointments. Hope to hear back soon! My fiance's K-1 Visa interview date was April 2, 2020.
  7. I assume the consulate is closed (Montreal) the website shows no available appointments. What are the options available presently for US citizens in Montreal to file for CRBA ?
  8. Hello.. I wanted to ask and just want to make sure once, after all the struggles and many things happened. Me and my fiance will send off our visa exactly next week. I wanted to make sure, well he got temporarily laid off from his work for 2 months. So, what should I write on the form for his current employment? I know that silly question. But I just wanted to make sure 🙁😪 FYI : his manager told him that he will back to normally work again probably June or July.
  9. My fiance received his K1 visa on March 4, 2020 in Canada. He needs to move to the US by August 14, 2020 (the expiration date of his visa). I have two questions I'm wondering as we try to figure out a date to get him here. We have not been able to get him here yet for many reasons I won't get into, so please do not comment on what I "should have" done in the past. Here are my questions: Does anyone know if we could get an extension on how long our K1 visa is valid for? Our 6 months started literally at the exact same time as the outbreak. Is there a way to delay the expiration date due to the extenuating circumstances? If that's not possible, then does anyone know if we could get an extension on our 90 day window to get married? If he gets here and the government is still shut down, we will not be able to get a marriage license, let alone file it after we're married. Our local government is currently not processing marriage licenses. Who would I talk to about an extension for the 90 days to get married, due to the extenuating circumstances?
  10. Hello, Just wondering if anyone else in in a similar situation as myself, imagine there are many who are and many more who are in worse situation than me due to everything going on with covid-19. I came over to the US in November on a K1 visa, got married in December and then sent off the I-485 form to adjust my status in February. In March I checked my case status online line and it said "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview." Today it still says the same thing. Now I know that all face to face interviews have been delayed due to the effect of Covid-19 but I have not received any communication in the mail, or online, from USCIS since the case status changed. If you are in a similar situation to myself, have you received anything from USCIS? Does anyone know if they are planing on skipping the interview stage, as I expect there is going to be a considerable backlog, and just issue green cards? I know something such as this hasn't happened in modern history so answers will be purely guess work but I thought I might as well ask...
  11. Hi, Since the pandemic started, my visa situation has gotten complicated. I was applying for j1 visa under the graduate programme that let's me do an internship for a year. I went through the whole process, went for the interview and got my visa. I had my flight booked the 10th of April. Since the pandemic happened, I did not fly. My plan was to wait for this to be all over and contact the company (usit) that helped me get my papers so I can update them. A month ago, Usit has gone into liquidation. They are gone and will not be refunding any money. Here is where my problem lies, I got all my paper done before any of the Covid had taken effect. All I needed to do was fly out. Is my visa still valid? I technically didn't cancel my trip, the US government did. So is it their responsibility to issue me new papers and visa? I've tried to do some research but this is such a new circumstance for everyone, there's not much out there. I would be grateful for any advice, as I feel I'm really stuck right now. I have no idea who to contact. Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice if possible. I’m entering the United States from the UK at the end of May to reunite with my wife who arrived in America in January this year. We have obviously been hampered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and have been waiting for a lot of the chaos to quiet down. Although we are still very much in the throes of this, we now have clarity that spouses of US citizens, and visas that have already been granted will not be impacted. Therefore, we’re going for it! Therefore, I’m really looking for anyone that has been in the same position as me, arriving into the USA from Europe, and therefore has any tips, or information of how it went or what to do when arriving? Thanks very much! B
  13. My fiancee is coming soon and I was planning to go to the Social Security Office to apply for her SSN. Now that the SSN Office are close due to the Corona Virus Scare, how do I apply for a new Social Security number for her? You can't do it online. Any advise will be appreciated.
  14. Me and my husband are currently stuck in Germany. We were in Germany for the visa renewal and once the travel ban for Europe was announced our passports were with the embassy so we could not take the next flight back home to Chicago, where we live and work since 3 years. We already got are passports back but cannot travel back home due to the travel ban. Does anyone know how to handle the situation. We really want to go back home to our place and are not sure what to do. Stuck here since 8th March and were supposed to fly back March 22nd.
  15. Hi all. Like many others, the Coronavirus impacted my stepdaughters (7 yrs old) appointment at the Embassy in Honduras. We were 3 days away before it was cancelled and we received the email stating that it was cancelled and we would be contacted once it has been declared safe. As of today it appears that Honduras is soon to drop the Red Alert and slowly get things up and running. So my questions is if anyone has any experience where an appointment had to be canceled BY THE EMBASSY and later rescheduled? My thinking is once the Red Alert has been dropped and the Embassy catches up and its safe they will resume (we hope). I know of individual rescheduling ON THEIR OWN and then it being months later. However, since this was cancelled by the Embassy, I am optimistic it will be weeks not months once things are back up. A good example was when there is a demonstration like there was earlier this year and individuals threw burning ties at the entrance of the embassy, it had to shut down. My thought the people who had appointments would be rescheduled ASAP since the event. Whether weeks or months, we have set expectations but would good to hear of ACTUAL experiences and not theories . Thank you in advance!
  16. Guysss!! I and my husband are in trouble. Our case is at NVC stage now. Petition just approved 3 days ago and the next day we got the NVC welcome letter. We're not ready yet. So we didn't even pay the AOS/IV bill yet although the CEAC site says we can now. I need to gather docs for i 864 and at the same time my husband's country is on a lock down due to corona virus so he wouldn't be able to collect the required civil docs anytime soon. I wanna know how long can I take until I pay the AOS/IV bill and gather required docs for the process??? Cause I have heard something like that they declare the case dead after sometime. What should I do??
  17. President Donald Trump said Monday that he is temporarily suspending immigration to the United States in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the "need to protect jobs." In a tweet Monday night (April 20th), the president attributed the suspension to an "attack from the Invisible Enemy" and the "need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens." Highlights (updated as of 4/21 28am PT, 2020) President Donald Trump said he will sign an executive order temporarily suspending immigration into the United States. It could come as early as Tuesday. The order will include exemptions for migrant farmworkers and immigrant healthcare workers, particularly those treating coronavirus patients, The Wall Street Journal reported. Immigration into the US has already ground to a near-halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it's unclear what immediate effects Trump's order would have. Anybody have any other news or opinions on this? Do you think it would have an effect on K1 fiance or spouse visas? https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-says-he-suspending-immigration-over-coronavirus-need-protect-jobs-n1188416 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-suspend-immigration-executive-order-coronavirus https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52363852 https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-immigration-order-to-include-farm-healthcare-exceptions-2020-4
  18. Initial immigrant visa appointment cancelled at London Embassy due to Covod19. Managed to reschedule for May 2020 but cancelled on the website again today (April 21 2020) Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  19. Had trouble getting this info so I thought I'd share: As of 4/10/2020, the Canadian/US border is accepting K1 visas at the border crossing and deeming them, "essential travel". Just got off the phone with a border agent stationed at a crossing in New York.
  20. Hi everyone. Strange situation here at the moment. I am currently in the US visiting my fiance. We had our K1 approved a few days before I left. My original flight home was on the 17th of March but as I work in schools, I have been temporarily laid off until the end of the month with my boss saying I will probably be out of work for 12 weeks in total. I entered the states on my esta and was granted the usual 90 day window to stay as a tourist. My question is: as the airline are offering free flight changes, I would love to stay an extra 2 or 3 weeks here. Could that cause an issue?
  21. Hi everyone! I'm married to a U.S. citizen for a few months. Came here in November (k1 visa). We filled for my adjustment of status and work permit. In February I did my fingerprints. My question is am I eligible to get a $1200 stimulus payment? I have a valid SSN. I worked in US in 2018 as a j1 student for 3 months. I also did my taxes for that year with RTTAX. My husband got his payment yesterday. Can I get this payment too?
  22. Hi, I’d like to see if someone could help me with my concerns or if someone shares the same problem. I have a flight booked for May 23rd to move to the US with my K-1 visa and even if the travel restrictions don’t affect me right now the situation with the coronavirus doesn’t seems that is gonna solve any time soon in Europe (I’m from Spain) my visa expires on July 16th and I’d like to know if there is any way I could have a visa extension if I am not allowed to travel before the expiration of my visa due to Coronavirus or if not what’s the process I’d have to follow. I’ve message the embassy of my country and literally their response was “contact the airline” which makes no sense & I’m staring to freak out.
  23. I'm going to be applying for my citizenship online next month, I was wondering how much covid-19 would affect my case, like if USCIS won't send me a receipt until the whole thing is gone. or if bio appointments won't be scheduled, ...etc Should I apply anyways or should I wait for the virus to be gone? I'm a little confused.
  24. Just wanted to let everybody know that as of today, they let my fiance in with her k1 visa, we entered thru land from Mexico.
  25. My case is submitted at NVC and I was waiting for their response. Wondering if they’re still opened or have closed because of corona?
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