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  1. Hi all! First time posting here but have followed along for a while. My wife and I received notice from the NVC in early June that we are "documentarily qualified". So as I understand it, we now wait for the interview date. My only concern is what impact the coronavirus has had on scheduling in China, and at Guangzhou in particular. I've read a few things online that people's interviews were cancelled earlier this year and still have not been rescheduled. Has anyone done their interview recently? Has anyone who needed to be rescheduled successfully done so? With a lot of the restrictions in China having been lifted I would assume embassy operations should be a bit smoother, but I'm anxious to know how long we might have to wait. I'm also here on a visitor's visa and am applying for my second extension in hopes I can be here for the interview. I usually do visa runs to Hong Kong but with the border closure, I can't do that. If I don't get an extension I'll have to go back to the US with no idea if or when I can come back due to COVID restrictions, which is something we never planned for. Hope to hear about your experiences.
  2. Hi, I have gained my Lawful Permanent Resident status in the US on April 2019, last year, on that time I was serving in the army under mandatory law for military service in my home country. I have been serving since November 2017 and until July 2020. I have already had flight tickets in my hands into the US that were planned for April 2020- so I shall not remain outside of the US for a period longer than 1 year. Unfortunately, Covid-19 pandemic has shown up and I could not have come to the US on times because the airline has cancelled my tickets. because of that, I have exceeded 1 year outside of US borders and now I need to apply for SB-1 Returning Resident visa in order to come back to the US. this upcoming process is exhausting and complicated in order to issue me a new immigrant visa and may hurt my naturalisation process. my green card was only issued last year and is valid until 2029, my question is if would you recommend for me to just take a flight now into the US and deal with the immigration officer at the port of entry or start this visa process with the embassy in my home country?
  3. I was outside of the country for 6 months and 1 week during covid-19 (my flight was cancelled 4x). How can I overcome this disrupted Continuous Residency?
  4. I am going to Spain on a student type D visa in a few weeks. I'll be there for 6 mo ths but I won't be considered a resident of Spain. Anyone know how I can get the vaccine while I'm there?
  5. I assume the consulate is closed (Montreal) the website shows no available appointments. What are the options available presently for US citizens in Montreal to file for CRBA ?
  6. TL;DR Timeline for Los Angeles,CA at the bottom of the post. My husband (Nigerian) and I (female U.S. Citizen) met in mid-2019, and began dating in Los Angeles, while he was in the US for the 4th time on a Business Visitor Visa (B1). After a whirlwind romance, and basically being inseparable, we married at a Chapel (in a mall) in Las Vegas in late November 2019. We used https://simplecitizen.com/, instead of a lawyer, to file our initial Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status Petition (I-485), Petition For Alien Relative (I-130), Application for Travel Document (I-131), and Application for Employment Authorization (I-765) in Los Angeles, CA on February 3rd, 2020 (we filed on paper, not electronically, and sent it using UPS to receive tracking). Simple Citizen was an inexpensive and very thorough alternative to a traditional filing with a lawyer. They also easily included our information about using a joint sponsor. They had all of our documents quickly prepared and we experienced no requests for information or delays from USCIS. The Chicago lockbox received our petition on February 5th and we received our receipt numbers via text on February 13th (the physical receipt followed soon after). My husband went in for his biometrics on March 3rd, 2020; a few weeks before the COVID closures began (were also reused for a later biometrics notice that was canceled due to COVID from USCIS). The Case Tracker App updated to “Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview” sometime in April 2020. My husband was approved for his Employment Authorization Document (EAD I-765)/Advance Parole (AP I-131) Combo Card, 5 months after filing on June 29th and received it on July 22nd. We also moved to another apartment in LA during the petition process and promptly informed them of our new address by filling out form AR-11 online. USCIS confirmed our new address through email about a week later. Our interview was scheduled for February 3rd, 2021 (informed it was scheduled via Case Tracker on December 24, 2020 and notice received January 4th, 2021) at the USCIS Field Office in Los Angeles (300 N Los Angeles St rm 7631, Los Angeles, CA 90012). We woke up bright and early at 4:30 AM and left for the Field Office at 6:00 AM. A few days prior, we chose business casual attire to wear. My husband wore a plaid burgundy button-down shirt, black dress pants, his wedding band, and black dress shoes. I wore a pretty blue and gray floral sleeveless blouse, black dress pants, and black flats. I also wore short, dangly silver earrings, my wedding ring, a silver bracelet, and I brought a black blazer just in case I got cold. I didn’t wear any makeup because I never wear it anyway. We had a straightforward and enjoyable interview that was scheduled for 7:15 am (one of the first ones of the day). We received the interview notice about a month prior to the scheduled appointment, but I was notified that it was scheduled 42 days before the actual appointment through the case tracker app. I couldn’t see the actual interview date in the app or on the USCIS system. Case Tracker App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/case-tracker-for-uscis/id921827126 We parked in the garage (221 N Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90012) across from the Field Office but it was early in the day, parking was not hard at all. When we left the interview and returned to our car the garage was almost completely full, so plan accordingly for parking. We arrived about 20 or 30 minutes late to the interview office due to the long line to enter USCIS Los Angeles in DTLA. We arrived at 6:40 am in the parking garage and had some trouble finding the correct building because we mistakenly went all around the courthouse looking for USCIS, so that delayed us some. This happened because we foolishly followed behind a different couple and lost track of where they walked. This caused us to go to the courthouse instead. Luckily, we still had our phones, which are allowed as long as they are turned off during the interview, and found our way using google maps. Once we found the Field Office the line to enter the building from the right was super long and slow-moving (this was the only line we could see at the time). Later, after already waiting in the slow line, we learned that there was another line on the left, if looking directly at the building, which was faster according to a man we thought was an Officer. I later learned that he was just a good samaritan who wanted to help people with early appointments get in on time (he was in the fast line and had been to this Field Office numerous times). We tested this theory by splitting up to see who would get near the front of the line first and periodically speaking on the phone to keep each other updated on our progress. I also called my mom to distract myself from the growing anxiety about being late (which could lead to a canceled interview/denied petition which then could lead to the deportation of my husband or restarting the whole tedious Petition process-as you could see I was getting frantic). Luckily I was able to stay calm. Soon, my husband called and said he was near the front and I came back to the slow line. As I walked back to join my husband in the other line an Officer in the front of the building also confirmed that the other line was faster (the Officer wanted to know why I was leaving the fast line). The slow line/fast line theory seemed true based on my experience but I went back to join my husband in the slow line because he mistakenly thought he was closer than me. Thankfully, we had absolutely no problems as a result of being late (we both were worried while waiting outside in the line. I was probably more worried though). As you can see the anxiety of being late is no fun. I would recommend you arrive really early to be on the safe side. While going through the metal detectors and having our belongings x-rayed; I asked the Officer what was the fastest way to the USCIS Field Office. He let us know the way and once we got to the office, on the 8th floor, we were called into the interview soon after being checked in. In the interview room, we were sworn in and then started the interview. The Officer (who was a very kind and chatty Latinx woman) wanted to see our passports and original birth certificates, our certified marriage certificate, my husband's EAD and DMV real ID application, my California driver’s license, and evidence of our relationship. Some of the questions she asked were: how we met, describe our first few dates, when we met each other’s parents, when we got married, questions about our siblings, what my husband does for work, what I do for work, when my husband entered the U.S. and on what visa, and when we moved in together. We were able to answer these questions together or she directed them to my husband. In all, she directed most of the questions at my husband and asked us our respective verification questions (SSN, mailing address, residential address, phone number, our parent’s names, and date of birth). I barely had to say anything the entire interview and all of the questions directed at us were easy as pie. We also brought a photo album and the Officer looked through it. I definitely over-prepared for the interview with all the documents and evidence (I started prepping as soon as we got the interview notice on January 4th, 2021). We also brought our joint sponsor’s tax returns and W-2’s from 2018 and 2019, employment letters from 2020 and 2021, and his last 2 month’s pay stubs. The Officer didn’t ask for any of those documents, which made up the bulk of all the things I printed (around 1200 pages). For some of the printing, Staples print services came in handy and I used CVS to print the pictures. The only thing the Officer asked us about our sponsor was how we knew him (he is a friend of my husband; they met through a previous contracting job). I also re-printed our entire Adjustment of Status application, but better to be too prepared than under right? The Officer looked at/kept roughly 100 pages of the stuff I brought. The Officer kept the evidence of our relationship (bank statements, health insurance, trips, our pandemic puppy’s AKC and ICA registration which showed both of our last names, leases for the 2 apartments we rented in our time together, SoCal Gas and LADWP utility bills for the past 3 months, renters insurance for both apartments, couples therapy bill and video call screenshots, and about 30 photos of us with descriptions and dates on the back of them. We also provided pictures of our 2 apartments. The Officer said she wanted to copy our passports, my husband’s EAD and DMV Real ID application, and my driver’s license. Then she came back with our approval letter! We are so happy and had a really simple Adjustment of status overall! The main issue was delays due to COVID closures but everyone has been dealing with that. Overall the waiting process has been, coincidentally, exactly a year (we sent in the petition on February 3rd, 2020 and we were approved Feb 3rd, 2021)! My husband sent in his medical exam (I-693) with our original petition in 2020 so that most likely allowed us to be approved during the interview. We are getting the conditional Green Card so we will apply for the 10-year green card (I-751 Petition) 3 months before the 2 year Green Card expires in November 2022. my thoughts to you is not to worry (easier said than done, I was worrying basically the entire process). As long as you are in a real, loving marriage everything will be fine. Just be sure to have all the documents, evidence, and original (non-expired) identification (follow the interview notice carefully). Don't be afraid to over-prepare (start preparing as soon as or before you get the interview notice so that you won’t get overwhelmed) and don't try to rehearse your answers, as that may send red flags. Also, take a ton of pictures of you and your spouse with family, friends, pets, in your home, on trips, and doing activities and print them (you can’t use any digital methods to show the pictures). Be sure to keep the pictures sorted so that you can use them in an album, with dates and descriptions. I got my album from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003WSUYOY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_itW1xSYVBpCqo) Wait patiently for the slow process to progress and eventually the interview notice will appear (make sure you have a secure location to receive the notices, we have a PO Box at UPS). Using https://www.visajourney.com/ was an especially helpful and reliable way to see when you may have petition milestones as everyone updates their timelines depending on the type of petition they are filing. Be sure to update your timeline on visajourney too so that you can help others. The subreddits r/USCIS and r/immigration were also good resources to read about other people's experiences and keep up with the latest immigration news. In the interview, just act natural and look at it like a conversation/sharing the journey of your relationship/marriage with the Officer. I hope this post helped to ease some of your anxiety about this process and I wish you all the best! TL;DR Timeline for Los Angeles,CA: Married in Las Vegas: 11/22/19 Sent in Petition via UPS (I-485, I-130, I-131, I-765 and included Medical Exam I-693): 2/3/20 Petition Received at Chicago Lockbox (notified via Case Tracker App): 2/5/20 Receipt Numbers Texted to Us : 2/13/20 Receipt Numbers Received by Mail: 2/20/20 Biometrics Appointment Notice Received: 2/25/20 Biometrics (also reused for later biometrics notice that was canceled due to COVID): 3/3/20 Case Tracker App Updated to "Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview": Sometime in April 2020 EAD (I-765)/AP Combo Card (I-131) Approved, notified via Case tracker App: 6/29/20 EAD/AP Combo Card Received: 7/22/20 Case Tracker App Updated to Interview Scheduled: 12/24/20 Interview Date Notice Received in Mail: 1/4/21 Interview/Approval of I-485 (approved in interview, coincidentally, exactly a year later): 2/3/21 Conditional Green Card Received: I will update when it arrives
  7. I am a U.S citizen who is married to a Russian citizen. I am currently living in Russia with him but we plan to go to Spain next year, as he will be doing an exchange program in his university. He is getting a type D student visa since he needs to be there for over 90 days. Do I need the same visa to enter Spain, due to Covid-19 restrictions? Or can I just enter with our proof of relationship? Also, if that is all I need to enter, can I apply for the same visa as him while in Spain, so that I am also allowed to stay that long as well?
  8. I requested an infopass because my residency expires 11/30/20. Shortly an email response advising me that my case was at the atl field office, in response to my case inquiry. I called USCIS and the agent advised me that my case was at vermont, i asked her if she could not see the email that was sent to me earlier that day 11/19/20. I then told her about the email, and she stuttered and her response was that it is still in vermont but they requested an interview at the Atl field office. I was told when I got the temporary I-551 stamp 11/20/20, yesterday, that my case is indeed at the Atlanta field office. I did indeed do an AOS interview. But my question is for anyone else who has had the samething or is going through the same thing right now. They were unable to tell me how long it has been at the ATL field office and how much longer to expect to hear something. What I was advised however that I would never get mail that it transferred to the field office only when an interview is scheduled. Can anyone who has had this experience share?
  9. Does anyone have any idea if entry into the U.S. will be allowed on a K1 Visa? The travel ban states that only U.S. permanent residents or immediate family members will be allowed in, and I know a fiance on K1 is technically not an immediate relative yet. However, I have heard a couple cases on WeChat of Chinese fiances being let in at the airport with their K1 Visa in the last few days. We are living in Guangdong together right now, and want to get the hell out, but we don't want to spend all that money, travel all that way, and then have her be denied at the border and sent back to China. Anyone have any insights to share? It would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello! I recently got my NOA2 for a K1 visa on April 20, 2020 with a valid date from 4/20 to 8/19. My fiancé is from Colombia. Due to the coronavirus, Colombia is banning all international flights until August 31 (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-latam-airlines/colombia-follows-argentina-in-banning-all-international-flights-through-august-31-idUSKBN22W2T8). Is this going to be an issue on the approval notice validity date? What exactly do I have to do to extend this? I was really hoping to have my fiancé join me as soon as possible but now I'm unsure if it'll even be this year. Thank you for all the help!
  11. I had a few interviews for foot-in-the-door positions that complimented my degree, experience or passions that haven't returned follow up communications, and lots of recruiters saying I'm not the right fit, just feeling a bit down. Had one company come right out and ask about the gap on my resume (June 2019-now) before scheduling an interview, and I explained I was waiting for my work permit and am good to work in the US,, emphasizing I am here for good/on a marriage basis. I fear this is the first thing EVERY hiring manager sees, then my lack of instate/country references, my out of country work experience/education..I think it has put me at a disadvantage in positions I'm qualified for..especially with all the recent news of work permit visas being denied, I think the layman hiring manager will put conditional residents quietly aside. Now I'm applying for positions I'm overqualified for, and in these times a little concerned about (I'd be joining the front-lines of essential workers in a tourist town). Maybe I am looking for excuses why I haven't found a job, but maybe all of us relatively unskilled conditional residents are feeling their non-citizen status harder than usual. I can't apply for many jobs even because they are federal..or require a full drivers license (I got my learners a day before the DMV closed!) It's tough!! I am hoping for the best..and that this is just an extremely hard time for a new immigrant entering the work force. I am trying to be thankful at least some places are hiring lots, but I am also a bit humiliated and sad I can't find a job I will enjoy more/be proud of, after a bachelors degree and 5 rewarding years moving up in a small industry that's shut down for the year. I'm thinking 20-30 hours in a stocking job is about all I can handle for now, after being depressed for so long I miss my friends/fam a lot after my first year in America, and had hoped to dive into a new community, have my old friends come stay with me, make new ones, find a decent job, and hobby groups, but it's been hard. Much love to all of you out there going through these motions!
  12. Hi guys, I'm in a bit of pickle right now...I have a return flight booked to visit my LPR husband from 4th Aug - 6th Oct, i will be travelling under ESTA. I'm currently out of work and we filed for I-130 back in end of April. And my last visit lasted 2.5 months ending in Mid April. I understand that i will have to bring marriage certificate and copy of husband's passport and green card scan with me, I have no plan to overstay or apply for AOS, we are doing everything by the books and hopefully one day we will be able to live together in the US. But I have some concerns regarding whether i will be granted entry: - Will CBP cancel my ESTA prior to departure? - How likely will I be turned away at POE? Please help, thank you all.
  13. How to know if a us embassy is open is this helpful ? https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/wait-times.html if it is what is 26 calendar days ??? Appointment Wait Time 26 Calendar Days
  14. I am within window of N400 filing in Philadelphia. However, I am moving out of state by Aug 6 (lease expired). I will be traveling + working remotely in middle America for a couple of months. During this period, I can use my family address in Georgia. Ultimately, I will move to NYC for work by October or whenever my opens back up (we are remote for now). My dilemma is because of the long ambiguous wait time that filers are waiting, I want to start my process now to get on queue. Given my travel plans and 3 months residence requirement, I will not be eligible for filing in Georgia until Nov 2020 or in NYC until Jan 2021. I am hoping that I can file for N400 now, the ASC office in Philadelphia opens on July 27 according to USCIS website, get biometrics appt, then I walk in for biometrics on July 28 - Aug 6. Then, move out of Philadelphia and file the AR-11 (change of address to Georgia first and NYC next, when needed). Does this make sense? Should I just wait till Jan 2021 to file in NYC? Bottom line, I want to get the U.S. passport as soon as possible because my current one is useless (no visa-free travel privilege).
  15. Hello everyone, I am at a loss with several questions and I am not sure where to find these answers anymore. I hope someone can help. I am French, living in China. My wife is US citizen, we got married in 2017 in China, where we met. Planned for CR1 visa through DCF filing and then hoped to move together to the US last year. I had first interview in May 2019 in Guangzhou embassy but my case was denied with a 221g slip because of missing document. Our work visa and contract in China ended in July 2019. So I would have had to leave and go to France and she to the USA. But DCF is only when both spouses are living overseas; so we would have had to start over with normal process filing CR1. So instead, we renewed our contract in China for 1 more year and went on vacation abroad in summer. As the CR1 visa is only valid for 6 months, I couldnt get the interview too soon after, so we decided to schedule a new appointment in January - to then move to the USA together in July. But all appointments were cancelled for months due to COVID 19. We couldn't even send the requested missing documents by mail because their services were closed and they never officially agreed for us to use email. In May 2020 - 1 year after interview - my case status says REFUSED. Although it appears this happened for all cases delayed after Covid, as per July 15th, my status has still not changed After months of waiting, our 1 year contract ended again and this time my wife decided to leave China for good anyways because of prior commitments in the USA. As for me, I had the choice of going back to France or stay longer in China. As backlog of cases has increased immensely after all embassies were closed, I thought it would be help our case if I stayed in China to do the follow up interview. So I decided to stay for 6 more months on my own - new contract ends in January - and redo the appointment in August 2020 in Guangzhou. Here are my questions 1. According to instructions, I have to complete form DS 260 - again ? - but now my status has changed. Since my wife no longer lives overseas with me, are we still allowed to follow up on the same DCF filing or will my case automatically be denied, now that she is back in the USA ? 2. I had to renew my passport because no more visa pages available. Do I simply add new info on DS 260 form or should I provide the new data somewhere else ? Is this going to impact my case with more delays ? 3. The email states that if I fail to act within 1 year after first denial, my case will be terminated. The reason I failed is obviously due to the embassy being closed. But even after asking them so many times, I still don't know if my case is still valid. Anyone else in the same situation ? 4. Last year, we applied for CR1, but now we have been technically married for more than 2 years, so we should be entitled to IR 1 instead. Is there any change in the process ? Should I provide any new document not mentioned in the email due to this change of status ? 5. If I manage to get the interview in August in Guangzhou, I'll have to leave the passport at the embassy. I need to fly there as I live in a different province. How do I fly back without my passport ? Do they provide any receipt or identity proof that I can use in China in the meantime ? Or can I mail them my passport a few days after once I'm back home ? If anyone could provide any information on the subject, I'd be very grateful This is the EMAIL I received Dear Applicants, /尊敬的申请人, Under the section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Consulate General is unable to issue you an immigrant visa (IV) at this time. If you have already submitted your passport to the Consulate General, we will keep your passport with your file pending the issuance of your visa. Please return to the Consulate for further consideration to your visa application. 根据移民国籍法案221(g)条款,本馆目前不能批准你的移民签证。如果你的护照已经提交至本馆,本馆将会保留你的护照及档案,直至签证批准。请回领事馆以便我们对你的签证申请作进一步的考虑。 NOTICE FOR APPLICANTS RETURNING TO THE CONSULATE: /回馆通知: • Please follow these steps to schedule your follow up visa interview: □ Once you receive this notice, please visit the ustraveldocs.com website and register your chosen delivery location. If you have already registered, you do not need to register again. Failure to register prior to your visa interview will result in delay of your visa application. □ Once registered, visit ustraveldocs.com and go to “New Application/ Schedule Appointment", select "Immigrant Visa", then select "Follow up appointment" to schedule your visa interview appointment. Please note that Tuesday afternoon is the only eligible day for follow up visa interviews. Appointments scheduled on any time other than Tuesday afternoon will be cancelled and the applicants will not be allowed to enter the Consulate. • For All Applicants: Please return to the Consulate General for a second interview. • For All Applicants: Please complete FORM DS-260 (Online Immigrant Visa Application & Registration) at https://ceac.state.gov/IV. For instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on completing the DS-260, please visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/forms/online-immigrant-visa-forms/ds-260-faqs.html. Once you have completed FORM DS-260, return to the Consulate General on the date/time designated above to submit the printed DS-260 confirmation page and have your oath taken in front of a consular officer. PLEASE BRING DOCUMENT(S) BELOW TO THE CONSULATE: /请回馆时带以下材料: • For All Applicants: Please submit a passport (with at least 8 months validity), all old passports which have valid USA visas, and two new visa photos taken within the past 6 months. Colored/eye altering contact lenses or eyeglasses is not allowed in visa photos. For further details on photo requirements please visit: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/photos.html • For All Applicants: Please submit a notarized Police Certificate. • For All Applicants: Please return to the panel physician for a new medical examination and medical report and then submit the medical report. Please do not submit the chest X-ray • Please submit 1 complete set(s) of 2019 IRS Tax Transcripts and W-2s, from the joint sponsor. NOTICE FOR RETURNING TO THE CONSULATE: /回馆须知: WARNING: IF YOU FAIL TO TAKE THE ACTION REQUESTED WITHIN ONE YEAR FOLLOWING VISA DENIAL UNDER SECTION 221(g) OF THE IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT, SECTION 203(g) OF THE ACT REQUIRES THAT YOUR APPLICATION BE TERMINATED. IN ADDITION, APPLICANTS WHO WAIT MORE THAN A YEAR TO PURSUE THEIR CASE AFTER A 221(G) REFUSAL MUST REPAY THE IV APPLICATION FEE BEFORE PROCESSING OF THE APPLICATION MAY RESUME. 警告:如果你是根据移民国籍法221条(g)项被拒签,在拒签之日起一年之内没有按要求办理,根据203条(g)项,你的移民申请将会被终止。另外,在被拒签超过一年后才打算继续办理申请的签证申请人,必须重新缴纳移民申请费。
  16. Had trouble getting this info so I thought I'd share: As of 4/10/2020, the Canadian/US border is accepting K1 visas at the border crossing and deeming them, "essential travel". Just got off the phone with a border agent stationed at a crossing in New York.
  17. hey all, I've seen some helpful advice on this forum so posting for thoughts. I am a UK citizen and boyfriend is a US citizen. I visited him in early March on the Visa Waiver Program just before the US banned travel from the UK. I was only intending to stay here for 1.5 weeks but all my flights (6 to date) had been cancelled. I've now been in the US (California) for over 90 days and was granted satisfactory departure recently (so now 27 days into the 30 day satisfactory departure extension). We decided we wanted to get married and applied for a marriage license and appointment. The County office are due to get back to us this week to confirm an appointment - so not legally married yet. But I have a flight booked on the day of admission expiry (in 4 days) but it can be moved back if needed. I do not intend to stay or move to the US immediately, my goal is maybe move in the next 6-12 months (if permitted). So plan was always for me to go back to UK after marriage if it were to happen here. However, it is now looking unlikely that we'll get married before I return home to the UK due to the County office not responding, so I was wondering what my best options are. I really want to marry him before I return home so that we can start applying for the relevant visa as I know it can take a long time but also so that I can visit him if the covid-19 ban were to be extended for a lot longer (assuming those on spousal visas are exempt from travel ban?). - Do I stay here a little longer and overstay by a couple of weeks (assuming marriage appointment isn't too far into future)? I'm not sure how this would look to USCIS when I get around to applying for a marriage based visa and how it would impact my next visit to the US. - Do I just go home and get married on my next visit to the US - can I next visit on a visa waiver programme, get married and go home to UK? WOuld that be allowed, or do I need some sort of marriage based visa before I get married even if I was returning to the UK? -Marry in the UK then apply for relevant visa? There's a US ban to visitors from the UK so we are considering option of getting married in the UK but there's a long waiting list, and no remote option and more costly so this option isn't ideal. If we do this, can I apply for the relevant marriage visa from abroad and enter the US without issues? -Any other options I've missed? thanks
  18. I might be able to catch a flight from Lebanon to Germany (transit)to the US. will i be able to do so if i hold an IR1 visa? did anyone try doing this before? TIA
  19. UPDATE JUNE 17th: Routine visas services have been suspended at U.S. posts worldwide, but as resources allow, embassies and consulates will continue to provide emergency and mission critical visa services. Mission-critical immigrant visa categories may include applicants who may be eligible for an exception under this presidential proclamation, such as: IR/CR1, IR/CR2, IR/IH-3, IR/IH-4, SQ, SI, and certain employment-based medical professionals, as well as cases involving an applicant who may age out. While embassies and consulates may process these types of cases, their ability to do so may be limited by local government restrictions and available resources. In addition, an applicant’s ability to travel may be impacted by local laws, regulations, and travel restrictions So it seems visa services will resume for these visa categories. US Embassy in Jamaica has already confirmed they will be scheduling interviews for IR1/IR2 and CR1/CR2 beginning next week. Source is their official Facebook page. sources: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/Proclamation-Suspending-Entry-of-Immigrants-Who-Present-Risk-to-the-US-labor-market.html https://m.facebook.com/USEmbassyJamaica/
  20. Hello, Asking for my significant other. He is from Africa and his home country is closed due to COVID-19. He was on F1/OPT and his grace period 60 days is coming to an end on July 15th. He can’t go back to Africa (Mauritania) because they have the borders closed. can someone please advise on what can be done. Your help is very very appreciated! Thankyou
  21. My fiancee is coming soon and I was planning to go to the Social Security Office to apply for her SSN. Now that the SSN Office are close due to the Corona Virus Scare, how do I apply for a new Social Security number for her? You can't do it online. Any advise will be appreciated.
  22. Hi Family, I am a green card holder married to an American citizen for 13 years. Me and my wife were working on a projection in another country. We were just about to move to US in July. And were in US in February sorted my social security, filed my taxes got a house on rent and came back to compete the project and to close our accounts sell our assets and were ready to make the big move. However I'm afraid that my 180 days out of the country will be over in August and I am not sure when the flights will open due to Covid19. Should I contact the embassy? Can anyone please advise.
  23. So many people are suffering in so many ways since past few months due to coronavirus. I’m 5 months pregnant now and in March my mom suffered a bad stroke which has left her completely paralyzed on the left side. It’s 3 months now and she is still in hospital, still unable to talk or swallow. My family warned me not to see her on video as I am very close to my mom and will not be able to see her in that condition. But today I missed her a lot and insisted on seeing her on video. I was shocked to see her with tubes running through her nose, mouth. I started trembling, yet I gathered some courage and tried to talk to her. I could see her eyes move rapidly as though trying to say something. I showed her my bump. I could see a little tear in her eye. That’s it. I can’t stop thinking about her. I don’t even know if she coukd recognize me or understand whatever I told her. She can’t even say something is painful or she needs something as she can’t talk. She used to believe in god so much! I don’t know where that god is right now. I’ve been sleeping on a comfortable bed, eating all 3 meals and my mom is on hospital bed. Worst part is we are unable to travel to India to see her/ be with her in these rough times. And the hospital bills are just shooting and somehow we are trying to pool in some money. I know there are people who are suffering even more, losing lives and what not! Hope all this will settle soon and people can live their normal life. I’m only hoping my mom will be fine by the time my baby is born. I don’t expect anything.. I just want her back normal and I have so many things to share with her, ask sorry and tell her how much she means to us. Just one more chance! Sending lots of good vibes to all!
  24. Do we know if the i130 petitions (spousal visa, etc.) are still being processed? It sounds like only interviews have been cancelled, but am I correct in thinking that they are still doing paperwork for the ones that haven't been approved yet?
  25. I saw recently on the appointment website that you can schedule an ASC appointment, however you cannot schedule an interview appointment at Ciudad Juarez. Even though the Embassies and Consulates are closed, I kind of want to reserve an "early" ASC appointment now. However, I wonder if Ciudad Juarez will automatically assign priority dates to applicants who had appointments in late March and early April, but were sadly canceled due to COVID-19. I'm up in the air because on the email we all received if your appointment got canceled, it stated that we did not need to take any action on our part and that the Consulate would reach back to us with more information. I sent a contact form to the Consulate today asking if they have any timeline yet on opening back up, since I heard London is opening theirs back up in early May, and then also asked them about priority appointments. Hope to hear back soon! My fiance's K-1 Visa interview date was April 2, 2020.
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