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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, As we prepare to apply for my wife’s naturalization, we have to prove strong ties to the U.S. during an 11-month window within the three years for naturalization based on marriage. Situation: I had a research grant to country X, which is not the country my wife is from; the grant was jointly sponsored by the US and Country X The grant was for a temporary, specific time period (10 months), plus a little travel we did immediately before and after She accompanied me during this time; as she is a national of a country with an agreement with Country X, she did not need a foreign residence permit or any other official paperwork to join me We filed US taxes (married, jointly) She maintained her enrollment at a US university (writing dissertation), and we have tuition bills & confirmation of payment statements During these 11 months, she returned to the US three times for school-related reasons and a job interview, 4 to 14 days each time (see details on # of days below) She received US university reimbursements for two of the US trips, paid to our US bank account, as they were for her research and some consulting she did through a university-sponsored program She had US health insurance through the university We used and paid off our joint US-based credit cards each month and made occasional withdrawals from our US bank account (my grant was paid to an account in my name only in Country X, but it certainly did not cover all of our living expenses!) We paid her US cell phone contract monthly We continued to jointly insure our car in the US, pay registration, etc. She attended an official event with me at the US Embassy in country X, and we have paperwork to show this She had a re-entry permit on the off chance our stay ended up being extended (it didn’t, but better to be safe than sorry) Within a period of just over 11 months, here’s her schedule. 66 days out of US 11 days in US 99 days out of US 14 days in US 24 days out of US 4 days in US 119 days out of US The longest continuous chunk of time abroad was just under four months, right at the end of my grant period. Any other ideas on how we might show close ties to the US? We had to give up our lease & put belongings in storage (could not afford to pay rent in two countries on the grant stipend) We had a US PO box, which a friend checked periodically We know we could just wait until most of this time away drops off the three-year radar, but as a same-sex couple, we're at the mercy of politics, and we'd like to get her citizenship as soon as possible, before anything changes. (If the whole ROC backlog at CSC ever gets through, but that's another matter...) Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Hi, I’m looking for some help here -:) Here is my situation: Married to a US citizen since 2006 in Houston, Tx. My 10 year green card will expire in 2020. We were living in China from 2007 to 2012, in Australia from 2012 to Dec 2016 due to my husband’s job. He was working for a US company during that time. Yes, i could have applied for naturalization while we were abroad based on 319b, but missed that opportunity. -:(. We moved back to Houston early Dec of 2016 and sent out my naturalization application on Feb 17, 2017. Since i did not find any information of continuous residency for living overseas with US citizen spouse who worked abroad then moved back to the States.... i just thought the time we spent overseas with my US citizen spouses could count toward the residency since we were qualified for the application under 319b. I had my naturalization interview this May during which i was told that the time i spent in the States might not be long enough for the qualification.. and i was told that they’d send me the decision. I have not received their decision yet as of today. I know i have little chance to get the positive answer from USCIS as i was told by the officer that my residency would start from the day we moved back to the states. My questions are: 1. from when i can apply for naturalization again? I have taken a few trips abroad since last Jan as my father-in-law passed away in mid Jan 2017 and my mother-in-law decided to live in Thailand after one month trip to Houston last April. My inlaws are US citizens they moved back to Thailand for their retirement. 2. If We fly back to US in the following months, did I break the continuous residency ( let’s count my residency from Dec 2016)? And can we use the 2 year and 1 day rule which means i would be eligible to apply from Dec 2018 if we could use the rule? Here are my trips: 1, we moved back to Houston on Dec 7, 2016. 2. Trip to thailand: Jan 13 - Feb 3, 2017 3. Trip to Thailand & China: April 20 - May 31, 2017 4. Trip to Thailand & China: Jan 1 - May 23, 2018 5. Trip to Mexico: June 7 - 10, 2018 6. Trip to Thailand: June 19 - now Our Thailand trips are for caring for my mother-in-law who’s 83 yr old and with limited mobility. We hope to find a long term solution for my mother-in-law then permanently back to US. Thanks so much Kristin
  3. Hey everyone, Does anyone know if working in Canada for couple months break continuous residency requirements? I used to live in Canada till May 2015. In may 2015 I went through POE to endorse my CR1 visa and came back to Canada for about 7 weeks before permanently moving to USA in July 2015. I continued my Canadian Job during that 7 weeks, and reported my 2015 Canadian income as foreign income on my US 2015 taxes. My green card says resident since May 2015 and I filed both my US and Canadian taxes as a US resident since May 2015. Since I am married to US citizen, am I eligible to apply in Feb 2018 with 3 years-90 days rule? Or does working in Canada for 7 weeks after my POE break my continuous residency?