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  1. Hi, I'm a permanent resident of the US. My wife is Canadian (She’s born in Taiwan). We got married in the US last year, and our baby was born in the US last year, too. My wife entered the US with her Canadian passport every time, based on agreement between the US and Canada, she can stay up to 6 months per visit. Currently, my wife would like to apply for the green card. Based on our investigation, there are two options: Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing. Currently, we prefer Adjustment of Status since my wife can work in the US after getting the EAD card and the Advance Parole document can allow her to travel back to Canada. Consular processing does not support EAD card or travel document. If we choose Adjustment of Status, is it OK for my wife to stay in the US when the application is in pending status? (Our concern is that she entered the US with her Canadian passport, there is no valid visa) If we choose Consular Processing, can my wife enter the US when the application is still in pending status? We know it might take more than 1 year to get the marriage based green card approved nowadays, which one option will take shorter time? Thanks, Kevin
  2. I wondered if anyone knows a group or anything (Google Spreadsheet shared somewhere) from which I can get some data on the immigration visa interview wait time for EB applicants (or actually even other applicants) in Yerevan CO. I couldn't even find a discussion or a post on this on VJ. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, My approval notice for the J1 waiver is lost. Department of State never took into account my address change. As a result, USCIS used an old address to send the notice. Luckily, the USPS redirect that I've arranged worked for redirecting the receipt of the case, but looks like it failed for the actual approval. As a result, I have my case number with USCIS and I can see on their website that it was approved (mid November 2021), but I don't have the physical approval notice nor a digital copy of the approval notice. I tried obtaining a physical copy by: 1. inquiring at USCIS to resend the physical copy because it was lost (actually I have no proof that it was send). They replied saying that they indeed approved the case and that they sent an approval which was never returned USPS. I did this twice and got the same answer. 2. using FOIA (Freedom of Infromation Act) which resulted in a similar answer. As my next step is consular processing for obtaining the green card (I-140 based on EB2-NIW approved), I'm asking if either of you had any experience with providing alternative evidence (during the interview I guess) for the waiver. I was considering the following evidence: (a) copy of the receipt notice with USCIS, (b) various screenshots from the DoS portal (waiver was based on 'No Objection') and from USCIS portal with my case status (c) e-mails from USCIS confirming that the case was approve (resulted from interactions 1. an 2. above) Ultimately, I know I can try filling I-824 and wait between 2 and 23 months (and only for a mere $465) to get a copy of the approval. I find this solution the ultimate definition of red-tape -- at the end of USCIS will be the one consuming the document that they issued (unclear if they mailed it or not) and that is lost. So far, I asked 3 attorneys and two of them suggested that I should get a physical copy and another one suggested that it might be enough with the evidence above. Thanks
  4. Need guidance: my case is EB1 with priority date in 2020 and is currently with NVC to schedule an interview at Montreal consulate for over 18 months now, is this normal? I also submitted a public inquiry for update in August, did not get any reply, again submitted one more inquiry and waiting for a response. Any suggestions on how I can get in touch with NVC and get a reply?
  5. Hi, How long is the wait time for EB3 applicant who are waiting for interview at Montreal embassy? is there and priority for health care workers and nurses at this time?
  6. Hi does anyone have an experience with IB1 immigrant visa for Self-petition Spouse of U.S. Citizen.. anyone knows any info about the process of this visa or the interview questions I should expect, any info will be helpful thank you in advance
  7. Hello! So, my husband and I have a few questions regarding how interviews work. We're still at the beginning of this process but we thought we'd get this cleared up early on. For background, he is Russian living in Armenia. He only really has 6 months to stay in Armenia before he has to probably go back to Russia for a bit, although it's all really uncertain. There's a chance he could get his passport and go to Georgia for a bit and then reenter armenia later, but he doesn't have a passport and if he tries to get one while in Russia, he will no doubt be dragged into the war, since he hasn't done his required military conscription yet anyway, and if he tries to get one from armenia, we're completely unsure if they'd issue him one. But I guess that's a separate issue. Basically, we have no idea where he will be in the future. Maybe still in Armenia, maybe Georgia, maybe Russia in the worst case scenario. We're hoping to get an expedite since he's displaced due to the war but i've heard its unlikely, since he's russian and not ukrainian. If we start this process now and he has to leave Armenia after he submits his greencard app, then where is the interview located? Is it just whatever US embassy or consulate is near him, or would he need to reschedule the interview to match where he currently is? I've also seen conflicting information about where russian citizens are getting processed. I heard that he would have to do everything in Poland but I've also seen that he just needs to use whatever embassy is closest to him. Is it that if he's physically in russia he needs to go to poland and if he's still in armenia he goes to the US embassy in armenia? It's a really confusing situation, so any thoughts or information to help us out would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Hi My attorney is asking me to pay 5000 to submit form i824 and go through consular processing. Can I use my foreign address with USCIS and NVC so I can work on my application myself instead of depending on my attorney that is depleting me financially with no real help. How can I receive my USCIS and NVC mail on my address outside the US instead of my attorney U.S address?
  9. Hi everyone sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong section. I need to submit the form i824 on approved petition so my file gets transferred to the NVC and then start the process of the immigration visa and consular processing. since my i360 vawa petition fees were waived, can I also request the fee for i824 to be waived as well? I also just read that I have to submit a fee for an immigration visa application to NVC and another fee to USCIS before departing to the US for green card to be issued and mailed? Can these be waived as well? I don’t mind paying the immigration visa fees, but I honestly hope I can at least get the I824 fee to be waived. if anyone has any information regarding these fees or can direct me to the correct discussion section, your help is highly appreciated 🙏 thank you
  10. Hello everyone. I've been trying to contact Mumbai embassy to check how are they conducting interviews on marriage based visas nowadays. But unfortunately I'm not able to connect to them. I'm very anxious and want to know if they've restarted interviewing candidates again after pandemic impediments. If yes, what's the current timeline. Is there a huge backlog ? I hope I get scheduled soon for the interview. I've F2A visa and my NVC documents were reviewed last month only. But I don't know when will they forward my case now and how long will it take for scheduling interview. Any clues ??
  11. please don’t close this topic till I get the proper help or at least I get a chance to respond referring to the old topic that was closed members replied that you cannot apply for vawa from abroad which is not correct. Actually you can submit i360 through the US embassy and go through consular processing. Some history, I’m married to an abusive USC and submitted a form of i360 with all required documents and have received a prima facie back in 2020. no i485 my attorney told me that I cannot get an advance parole till the i360 is approved so waiting till 2021 I had to leave the States and go back to home country to see my dying parents without an AP because it wasn’t easy just staying in the US knowing you might lose both your parents before seeing them forever. Many people leave the states and apply for vawa through consular processing at the US embassy, so if you don’t have the knowledge please to response with false information. my question is just about the legal residency being on a student\work visa Not really looking for help with vawa illegibility because I am illegible and I have already applied 2 years ago and still pending. so again my question Regarding “legal residency” is: Plz help if you have any info, it’s urgent, I read that a petitioner can submit the vawa petition or do the interview and immigration visa through the U.S embassy in the home country or the U.S embassy in the country where the petitioner have a “legal residency” Is being on a visa (such as a student/work visa) in a third country that isn’t the home country considered a legal residencywhere I can do my interview at or receive my vawa based immigration visa? if anyone can advise with any helpful info or knows who I can ask such questions or if there’s another thread to help me answer this question because I might need to move outta the original country Thanks in advance
  12. Plz help if you have any info, it’s urgent, I read that a petitioner can submit the vawa petition or do the interview and immigration visa through the U.S embassy in the home country or the U.S embassy in the country where the petitioner have a “legal residency” Is being on a visa (such as a student/work visa) in a third country that isn’t the home country considered a legal residencywhere I can do my interview at or receive my vawa based immigration visa? if anyone can advise with any helpful info or knows who I can ask such questions or if there’s another thread to help me answer this question because I might need to move outta the original country Thanks in advance
  13. Hi all, I am currently a holder of DACA. My mom just became a Permanent Resident and is getting ready to file an I-130 to petition me. We are filing the form online and there is a question that we don't know how to answer. The question asks to provide either a USCIS office that the beneficiary will apply for AOS or a US Consulate/Embassy at which the beneficiary will apply for a visa. A little context to my situation: I came to the United States in 2002 on a B-2 visitor visa. I overstayed my visa and my status lapsed so therefore I currently have unlawful status which would prevent me from adjusting in the US once my I-130 is approved and my priority date is current. I did however receive DACA before I turned 18 and have continuously maintained it without interruptions, which clears me from having any unlawful presence. So for the question asking to provide either a USCIS office or US Consulate/Embassy, which shall I put since I am already in the U.S. but will not be able to apply for AOS once my priority date is current and will most likely have to go to my home country to complete the process? I hope this makes sense and I appreciate feedback!
  14. Hello everyone! I'm the intending immigrant and I'm being sponsored by my husband. We submitted all the documents last year to the NVC and they were DQ in November 2020. So we're currently awaiting the interview date. I didn't notice until now but from I-864a was submitted when it wasn't required since I was the intending immigrant. What do I do? I'm planning to update the financial documents and forms on the NVC so they're current, will the new updated I-864 form cancel out the original i-864 and i-864a form? Any help appreciated
  15. Hello everyone I sent an expedite for my child IR2visa catagory nvc sent me an inquiry to add her case # so how long will it take to reply the inquiry and expedite?pls any information nvc qualified the documents too
  16. Hi all, I'm a spouse of a green card holder with approved i130 petition. We planned to go with Consular Processing so currently our case is at NVC with pending decision. I visited my husband on May 2021 with a tourist visa and got pregnant. And due to the increase in the Covid Delta Variant in my country my husband is afraid to send me back home and wants to apply for i485. And we are in the middle of filling i485. And don't know what to answer for these questions. Please someone help us. 1. Have you ever applied for an immigrant visa to obtain permanent resident status at a US Embassy or US Consulate abroad? Yes / No (My case is pending at NVC Stage. And still not sent to Embassy. But, since it was consular processing do I need to fill it as YES.) 2. If I answered "Yes" I did not get the decision on that case yet. And they ask for the decision date? 3. For my present address question - should I need to give my current address in USA (I'm here for less than 6 months now, with tourist visa)? And since we are new to this process, can anyone let us know what forms and supporting documents we need to submit for this Adjustment of status? Thank you.
  17. I'm planning to apply for I-130 through DCF for my wife from India. - I have been residing here for over the past 6 months and am a USC. - I have received a job offer from the US and would like to go there asap along with my wife, and would like to apply for the green card for her at the consulate in Mumbai. - I understand that I need permission from the consulate in order to be able to apply at the consulate. I'm planning to attach my job offer letter in my email requesting for consular processing. Do I need to include any other documents? Thanks in advance, s
  18. Hello All, I'm US citizen and my wife is Canadian PR and i am filing form I-130A on her behalf as she is not living with me in US. We have never lived to-gether but have visited each other several times, that being said when filing up I-130A form Address history she does not have any US address so should i keep 4a , 6a blank or write Not applicable and fill her address from 8a , which says ( Last Physical Address outside the United States).? Same question goes to Her information about Employment, should i start with Part 2, or Part 3 ( Information about your employment outside the United States) ? Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  19. Background: I (US citizen) applied for husband's I-130/AOS petition in 2018 and interview was scheduled in May 2019. We withdrew the application prior to interview with written notice to USCIS. Husband and I moved to his home country and re-applied I-130 online with consular processing in May 2020. I am in husband's home country on a spouse visa and unable to work, therefore I have been unemployed for over 1 year. I filed 2019 tax returns with half year employment and every year prior. My husband and I have sufficient funds in savings/ CD's to meet the requirement. Questions: 1. When do we explain the reason for I-130 application withdrawal. Should it be during the interview or should we write an explanation and attach it to our online application? 2. With USC petitioner being unemployed, will it be necessary to obtain a joint sponsor, or can savings/ CD funds from husband and wife be used to prove financials? 3. Which I-864 form would we submit with our situation? We were thinking EZ, but wanted to ask. If anyone has gone through a similar situation of I-130 withdrawal and reapplication, we would love to hear your story. Thanks!
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