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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, new on here and have some questions... I recently submitted my I130 for my wife (I'm a US Citizen and resident of mexico, she's Mexican) and we were approved in Mexico City on June 29, including a request for expedition due to job transfer. We received the I130 submission notice through email but have yet to receive it via snail mail... after reading all these forums, it seems like the best thing to do is call the Visa processing center in Ciudad Juarez until we receive a case number. HOWEVER, no one picks up any phones! I must have tried ten different numbers, trying all the dial pad options, but it's always automated or an operator transfers me to a dead line. Anyone in the same position?? This process is so stressful...
  2. Hello VJ family, My dad filed IR2 visa for my sister and I ,we started in febuary 2018 then our cases was approved by USICS and sent to NVC for further processes then we did all the necessary , submitted the needed review forms & documents . On July 3 , 2019 we got a mail from NVC that our case had been approved and sent to Lagos consulate in Nigeria , also a mail that read that our cases would be expedited due to child law act of 2000 US constitution because my sister was turning 18 in October 2019 that our interview date would be known to us soon , but since then we've been waiting and checking the status of the case on CEAC website ( consular Electronic Application center ) now its in January 2020 nothing from the embassy still . I'm scared and want to ask if there's still hope to get an interview date cos we been waiting for so long
  3. Hello guys, I went to US in 2011 on a student visa, worked in a Tech Company there on OPT status for 3 years. I left US once my OPT ended since I didn't get picked in the H1B lottery. I am currently in my country Nepal. My Company has filed for EB3 Immigrant Visa via consular processing and I have an interview at the consulate in a couple weeks. I have a couple questions: 1. Do the interviewer have a concern since I am going from F1 to Immigrant Visa. F1 is a non-immigrant and IV is an immigrant intent visa. 2. What are the types of questions consulars ask for this visa category during the interview?
  4. Hello, I filed an I-130 with my wife in late November 2018, and have not heard anything back yet ( which I know isn't unusual) I recently made a congressional inquiry at my local Congresswoman's office. They have not heard anything back yet and are still awaiting the results. I wanted to know if anyone else on here has experience with Congressional Inquiries as it pertains to the I-130 petition. I am not sure if it was the right choice and if it will even accomplish anything, but I felt that it was better than taking no action, though I certainly hope it helps ( and does not hurt) . Some information; 1.Filed an I-130 petition in November 2018, 2. NOA1 date is 11/28/2017 3. Handled by the Nebraska Service Center 4. Not able to access case on App or old website 5. Am amble to access case on new website where it is marked as "Received" 6. Filed Congressional Inquiry exactly Two weeks and One day ago with my Congresswoman's Office
  5. Hello, I submitted my DS260 in October of 2019 under the F4 Category (my Uncle is a US Citizen and I am a dependent of my father). This month, I got an offer to work as an intern for a tech company in California, that would require me to obtain a J1 visa. I am still an undergraduate student and am planning on returning to Canada to resume my studies after my 4 month internship, which can be easily proved. I have no intentions of adjusting status, and want to do consular processing in Montreal later in 2020. Our immigration lawyer projects that the consular interview date in Montreal for our Green Cards will be scheduled late February, which will already be 2 months into the internship. My question is, is it still possible to obtain a J1 visa after having filed a DS260, on the basis that I am a student wanting to return to my home university in Canada in order to finish my degree? Has anyone ever received a nonimmigrant visa after submitting a DS260?
  6. Hello To All, Iam being sponsored by my mother who is a USC, the petition got approved, and the visa bulletin is current. I'am in the process of sending the paperwork in NVC. I have my court dispositions, and would like to know if this would affect me, my lawyer says "you did not get convicted, but they might not give a decision right away". If anyone knows how to read court dispositions can you please advise me if I will encounter problems when I go. My paid lawyer said I did not get convicted, but I have different feelings. I have 3 charges on the court dispositions. 1. Marijuana 2. Forgery 2nd degree Official Document 3. Obstruct Governmental Administration. Marijuana - Statute - [ Criminal Possession of Marijuana - 5th Degree , In a Public Place ] Counts - [ 1 ] Severity - [ Misdemeanor ] Inchoate Charge [ Completed ] Forgery 2nd Degree Official Document - ( Final Disposition ) Statute - [ Forgery 2nd Degree Official Document ] Counts [ 1 ] Severity [ Felony ] Inchoate Charge [ Completed ] Disposition [ 2007 - 01 - 16 ; Not Arraigned ] Obstruct Governmental Administration - ( Final Disposition ) Statute - [ Obstruct Governmental Administration - 2nd degree ] Counts [ 1 ] Severity [ Misdemeanor ] Inchoate Charge [ Completed ] Disposition [ 2007 - 01 - 16 Convicted Upon Plea Of Guilty ] Sentencing - Statute [ Obstruct Governmental Administration - 2nd degree ] Counts [ 1 ] Severity [ Misdemeanor ] Inchoate Charge [ Completed ] Disposition [ 2007 - 01 - 16 ; ] [ Custody/Fine : 30 days / $100 - Status : Paid In Full ] That was all in the court disposition... I never went to jail for any of the charges, and for the Obstruct Governmental Administration, I just paid a $100 fine. If anyone can help, to let me know if there will be a problem at consular interview please reply back.. Like I said my paid lawyer said I didn't get convicted it should not be a problem, but they will ask questions, and might not make the decision the same day.
  7. Hi all, Our CR1 case has been complete for a couple of a month and we have been waiting get an interview date for ages. 2 days ago, we got two notifications from NVC in our CEAC: (1) Appointment Cancellation Email that says " We previously notified you of the date and time of your immigrant visa interview at the U.S.Embassy/Consulate General in SINGAPORE, SING. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel this interview. We will schedule a new interview appointment as soon as possible and notify you of the date and time. There is no need for you to take action at this time." The weird thing is that we NEVER got a notification for any interview being scheduled for us. (2) We got another notification soon after mentioning that our case has been documentarily qualified - which is the SAME message we got when our case got completed back in February. All our documents have been received and approved for ages. Why this mail again? Has this happened with anyone before? We changed our embassy location from Mumbai to Singapore on 3rd July - could this be because of that? Thoroughly confused. (2)
  8. Hello, My husband and I have an approved I-130 application and are wanting to schedule his interview appointment. But there are NO interviews available according to the website. Does anyone have any information on how long the wait for an interview at the Jordanian Embassy will be? Is the only way to schedule an appointment really through the traveldocs website? It seems like a crapshoot, because whoever happens to be sitting at their computer at the time the interview slots are released gets to schedule their appointment. Any info appreciated!
  9. I just wanted to say that I received my 'Good to go for Consular processing' at the 26 May 2017 after 65 calendar days. I have been searching for this information on the net, as my status at the online status check website says 'At NVC' and does not change. As far as I understand, all cases are processed in order (except for document requests), so the backlog should be 65 days. However, there has not been a '60 days letter'. The letter attached to the email explains that (after the priority date is current) the I am not sure whether they can organise the interview date within the three months period. Any one with experience regarding the London Embassy?
  10. My husband and I are preparing to apply for his greencard. We won't be applying right now because I have to use my passport for other reasons (unless copies of passports are okay too send in, please let me know) but I've been doing some heavy research so that we are prepared. We currently live just outside of London so going to the US Embassy there won't be a problem. I guess my concern is: Will I need to move back to the states for the Consular Processing part as proof that we plan on moving to the US together? If so, about how long did this part take for you and are we allowed to visit each other during this time? Also, a big part of my worries is filing the Affidavit of Support (Form I-485 I believe). I'm worried that my taxes will be thrown off and I have NO idea how to do taxes and all that. Would it be enough to file for a joint sponsor right away? And just so I can keep it in mind, how much proof did you provide to prove your bona fide relationship with your spouse? And if you have lived abroad, how long did you have to wait until your I-130 got approved? Even before we got married we knew that we would have to file for a greencard for him so we have already been stacking up on all the types of proof that we would need. Any further advice on this first step would really help!
  11. Good morning! Does anyone have recent experience with DCF in Santo Domingo? I know there are some older posts but I am seeking current information on processing times and expectations. Thank you! 😊
  12. Hello, I apologize if I'm asking something that's clearly written on 20 posts, but I just want to confirm from people who have actually done this (rather than a lot of hypotheticals.) My wife received her CR1 interview letter today, interview scheduled for May 22, which is very exciting! We have done all the paperwork ourselves, no lawyer, and so far so good. All paperwork has been filled out with her new Married name. The only issue that we didn't notice until just now is that NVC has been referring to her as her Maiden name. I understand now (which I did not before) that the Green Card will be issued only to the name on the passport. So in my mind, here are the possible scenarios: A) Attend interview, hope to present/reference marriage certificate with new name, cross our fingers and hope they put married name on visa? or B) Attend interview content with the fact that they will use her maiden name and we will have to go through all the processes later to change it. **Issues with both of the above: I have read some people have visas denied due to mismatching last name/improper name change documentation. (Ours is a California-issued marriage certificate with the name change on it) or C) Apply for an expedited UK passport with new name which should arrive within a week (lots of time before interview), and take new and old passport to interview **Issue in my mind: New document the NVC had never seen, will this cause an issue that it doesn't match what we've submitted and the name they've been using for her? I hope I've thought this all through and if not, feel free to let me know what I've missed. I'd appreciate if anyone has successfully completed options A or C. We are getting so excited for this incredible milestone and for this process to be over. We don't want to screw it up at the last step. If I tell my wife "I don't know, I've never done this before either" again, she might just call off the whole process 😂 Thanks so much in advance! I wish I had been using this site from the very start of our process! -T
  13. I am a US citizen and my wife entered the US on a tourist Visa. She has had that Visa since she was 15 years old. We met 4 years ago while she was on vacation in the US. We fell in love. She was living in Mexico and visited me in Puerto Rico (US territory) and decided to get married. We initiated the AOS but had to leave to Mexico after Hurricane Maria hit the island. She did not have a travel permit, but having no power, no water and no way to communicate, we decided to stay sometime in Mexico while the situation back home got better. When we tried to come back she was not granted entry. They indicated she is no longer a tourist as she has an immigrant Visa pending. Since then we've lived separately. I had an appointment on January 30 , 2019 for the i-130 and it was approved. I asked if we had to file a waiver and the officer said no because she had never been in the US illegally. She was simply denied entry. I am writing this because I want to make sure a waiver is really not needed. I've read that if people over stay their visas (although her Visa expired on 2020) they could face a 10 year ban. I want no surprises at the Embassy appointment. Anyone had a similar experience that could enlighten me?
  14. Has anyone else noticed that the CEAC website for Immigrant Visa login is not functioning? I tried to log on yesterday to check the status of my DS260 and AOS to see if there have been any changes, even though I know I will recieve an email once NVC has processed the paperwork... I'm just biting my nails and getting antsy. I tried logging on again today, and the same problem persists. (I fill in all the blanks to log in and hit 'continue,' but nothing happens except it looks like the page is waiting to load. It never does, it just gives a new captcha). I hope you are all doing well out there wherever you are in your journeys. ❤️
  15. Hello, up to some months ago, I was on removal proceedings because my asylum case was referred to an immigration judge. Having no money to pay for more lawyers, and after unsuccessfully knocking doors for probono attorneys, I decided to ask for voluntary departure during my first master calendar hearing, which was granted. Now (2 months later) my I-140 just got approved and my employer says I will be scheduled anytime soon for a consular processing interview since the bulletin for B-2 workers is current. I was never in unlawful presence in the U.S. and never worked without an Employment Authorization Card. I'm scared the voluntary departure might affect the interviewers opinion! What do you think? Help!
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