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Found 15 results

  1. My situation is a bit unusual. I found a couple of posts here for people going through something similar but not exactly the same, that's why I'm starting a new post. Here is the story: I filed I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence in January 2018. I received an I-797 Notice of Action which extends my conditional resident status for an additional 18 months. My conditional green card (permanent resident card) expired in March 2018. I lost my wallet with the expired conditional green card in it last month. So now, I have the I-797 Notice of Action documents that extend my conditional permanent residency status but I do not have the expired conditional green card itself (The physical, original card itself). Now, I'm eligible to submit my N-400, Application for Naturalization to get my citizenship Now, given the above context, here are my questions: What happens if the N-400 application is approved, the biometrics and interview are done, and it's the oath ceremony when I'm supposed to be getting my naturalization certificate, but by that time, I still don't have my 10-year green card and I don't have my old expired green card? I read somewhere that they wouldn't give me my naturalization certificate if I don't hand them my green card on that day! Should I file an I-90 application? Does it even apply for my case? I already have an I-751 going. Also, does it even work to file an I-90 to replace a lost green card that also happens to be expired? I'd really appreciate your input here. Thank you!
  2. My apologies if this is posted under the wrong category, but I just wanted to ask if USCIS officers ever visit you at your place without any notice to find out if your marriage is bona fide? I have read in multiple pages that it is possible that a USCIS officer sometimes visit your place without any prior notice if they suspect that your marriage was entered into solely for immigration benefit purposes. And this unannounced visit can occur before or even after you pass the AOS interview. Some websites say some people got their conditional green card after passing the AOS interview, but a USCIS still visited their place to do the bed check to make sure their initial decision was correct. I guess my questions are, <1> How often does this USCIS officer visiting your place thing occur? <2> Could this happen long after you got your conditional green card? Or normally just right after? I am married in true love and I received my conditional green card about 5 months ago. However, we are going through a rough patch now and we are not sharing the same bedroom. It's been like this for 2 weeks. We still live in the same apartment, but I sleep in our bedroom and he sleeps in the living room. We are not thinking about a divorce at this point, but we are not on good terms either. I just started worrying that if a USCIS officer ever pays a sudden, unannounced visit when we are like this, it might look so bad and they might take my conditional green card away because we are not sleeping in the same bedroom? Like we might not look like a married couple? Could they still visit you 5 months after they made a decision? I just want to concentrate on fixing our problem, but this thought has been stressing me out.
  3. Hello guys, I'm 19 years old and I have a CR2 visa. I moved out of my parents house and live by my own. I'm still a conditional permanent resident and my green card expires next year. And I'm still not sure if my parents are going to file the petition to remove the condition next year because we don't talk anymore. Is there anyway that I could just remove the conditions myself? Thank you for your help.
  4. I am unsure how to best phrase this post, especially as I am unsure what to actually *do* but I suppose there's no harm in asking first. I am a British person, currently a holder of a conditional green card awarded to me on the basis of marriage to an American citizen. We married in July of 2016. However, as of 12th of February of this year, we divorced (the wonders of her thinking I earned too little money). I flew back to the UK to live with family as of the 7th of May this year. Lately however, I realised my card expires in April of next year. Whilst at first I was hoping to try and renew this card and remove the restrictions by filing a waiver on the spousal based forms, I realised this may be an impossibility due to no longer having a place to stay in the US (the place I lived with friends is no longer available), an income if I were to move back, (I may have a job available were I to return, but I closed my US bank account upon leaving) and insufficient evidence to support my waiver (I destroyed much of the evidence for instance, that would prove the legitimacy of my marriage, plus additionally we never made joint financially decisions, such as bank cards or bills) Whilst I would still love to renew my green card, without an effective series of miracles happening I’m not sure if it would happen. This leads me to my questions. If I wanted to re-enter the US after my green card expires in April 2019, am I clear to do so on an ESTA tourist visa up to the period of 90 days? I have tried to find an answer to this question online and have met with answers from ‘not being allowed into the country’ to ‘it being perfectly fine.’ I was wondering if this also ties with my green card. Should I surrender my provisional card to the US Embassy in London or anyone to help expedite any future re-entry into the U.S? Secondly, I now have a new partner, who is also American. We are eventually planning for him to move to the U.K to live with me. But hypothetically speaking, if we were to ever to decide to move back to the U.S, (provided we were married, perhaps over two years) would there be any possibility of myself getting a second, *different* green card?
  5. I am a conditional green card holder (applied through k1 visa). I will be traveling back to the Philippines with my husband for a month in less than two weeks. Green card will expire in Jan 2019. I have not had my passport changed to reflect my married name. Is just bringing our marriage contract enough for verifying my identity upon re entry to the US? I will of course have my green card with me on top of that. Will really appreciate your help!
  6. Submitted I-751 December 2016. Conditional green card expired February 2017. Went to USCIS in October 2017 to get an I-551 stamp in passport since 1 year extension letter was set to expire. I got the stamp but they took the expired green card. Is this normal???
  7. Hey VJ'ers. First of all, I apologise for posting this if the answer is out there! I have searched but can't really find a definitive answer. Anyway, I have my 2 year conditional, it expires March 2019. ROC is a process I haven't even BEGAN to look into.. it has been nice to not have to worry about immigration for the last year!! With ROC soon approaching, I need to ensure my address is all good. I moved from OH to AZ in December. I filed the AR11 ONLINE in Jan. I have NOT had anything back. I have since MOVED AGAIN after buying a home, so this is now permanent and hopefully no more moves, but now i don't know what to do about the address. I seem to not even know what address they have. If i call i told to F-off (well not quite that, but it may as well be). I get told to not file my address change again, and make an infopass app. Yet info pass i check every day for 2 weeks now and I can't get an appointment. It's very frustrating. What is your experience? What happens about this address if i just leave it until ROC? I really don't know to do ! Any advice appreciated.
  8. hello everyone, so recently, I filed removal of conditions feb 16, 2018... i havent received my NOA 1 yet but coming next week we are going to canada and I'm a bit worried that I might not be allowed to enter the US, my card is expiring in May. However, I already called USCIS(before booking the flight)and ask a cpb officer (we had a trip outside the US december 2017) if there is going to be a problem and they both said to me that it's not a problem. I just want to know if any of you here have experienced this and how did you go about this. thanks
  9. Hi, when my husband and I filed I-485 for me we added his last name (Stott) to my last name (Liao), so when I received my green card the last name is Liao Stott. I'm worried because the last name on my green card and my passport issued from my home country is different I'll have trouble return to the States after traveling. I'd like to know how I can change the last name back to my own last name. I remembered when we were at USCIS green card interview, I was told I can go to court to change my last name. ( $25 in California) But that doesn't change the name on my green card. Also according to USCIS's website I-90 is not for conditional permanent resident. Anyone can advise what I can do now?? Thanks! Liao
  10. Hello Hoping someone else had this experience or can help me out.. So I filed my i751 February 2017, my card expired April 27th 2017. I received the one year extension letter which I have traveled with several times with out any problems. Here is the issue though, I will be leaving the country with my husband February 27th and come back end of May.... and I pray i get my new card BEFORE i leave but if I dont then my letter will be expired will I not be able to get back in the country? I understand I could get the 551 stamp to extend another year BUT the lady at uscis told me they ONLY give it 30 days before expiration and i wont be here at that time.... That would be march 27th... We have to leave march 19th. Please help. Also what if I get my new card mailed to me while im out of the country? Will i have issues getting in? There is really no way i could be denied while away, because my marriage is legit (5 years) and I moved from Canada (Canadian citizen) , my case and interview everything has been pretty easy this far. Thanks sooo much for all your help I appreciate it!
  11. Hello, me and my wife (US citizen) has two daughter within this two year marriage life. She file divorce when my 2 years conditional green card about to expired. What can I do? The divorce takes time to finalised . I have four month before it expired. What kind of action shall I suppose to take. this marriage fall apart due to her family involvement ( her mom and her niece used to live in our apartment ). for all valuable suggestion and recommendation I will be great full!!!
  12. Hello my question is when a k1 adjust to permanent resident does the green card expire at 2 year anniversary of the marriage or two years after the date the green card is issued? Later on how does that affect the citizenship process? Is the k1 able to apply for citizenship 3 years after marriage, or 3 years after the conditional green card is issued, or 3 years after they receive the permanent green card?
  13. I timely filed the I-751 when my conditional green card was expiring and was sent the 1 year extension letter. It's taken so long to process the I-751 that the 1 year letter is set to expire soon. At an InfoPass appointment, I obtained a I-551 stamp in my passport, which states, "serves as tempoaray I-551 evidencing permanent residency for 1 year". To get the I-551 stamp, USCIS took my expired green card. To evidence my status, I have the I-551 stamp and the expired 1 year letter. Will there be issues returning to the US? The USCIS agent said it would be no problem and I understand that in theory, the I-551 stamp is equivalent to an actual green card; however, the current state of US politics has me worried.
  14. Hello, Currently I am a Canadian Citizen dating an American Citizen. I have a 3 yo child as well. We have come to a decision to live in the US while my bf finishes his master's degree. I would like to work while I am there. My son will not be living with me perminantly, however his father and I have agreed to continue 50/50 shared custody while I am abroad. I have to return to Canada when my son turns 6 so he can begin school, as I will no longer be able to see him on his travel visa to and from the US 50% of the time. At the same time my US boyfriend will be done his master's and will attempt to move to Canada to reside there. Is this possible. I know a K1 Visa is an option and if he asks me to marry him, we will try this. Once I enter the US I will need to work. But once I receive the conditional green card, as it lasts 3 years, if I return to Canada, will I ever be allowed to move back to the US in the future if my bf(husband) wishes to return? I'm sorry this seems very confusing and I've done a lot of research on visas so far but am coming short with answers.
  15. Hi, I got married last Febuary 2016 and got my 2 year green card november of 2016. I entered the marriage with good faith and had a real relationship with my husband. June of 2016 i caught him cheating on me and even admitted to me that he hooked up with a girl he met online. Fast forward, we talked about it and moved on with our lives and i just forgave him. I got a job moved in to our own place and lived as normal couple. Fast forward to April of 2017 I caught him cheating again when i was checking our phone records and this time he did not admit it, and i again I gave him another chance until, One day it finally ended when i personally caught him red handed and confronted him. Since he was caught red handed he never came home and he stayed with the other woman. So now we've been living separately, trying to make ends meet since he had the nerve to close our bank accounts, cut me off from the phone plan and i car insurance. I had to start over again. Can someone help me what to do? Can i still get my permanent green card? Thanks