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  1. Hello Guys, We live in Maryland and did concurrent filing of petition, AOS, and EAD, adjustment from B2, see my signature for my timeline. Just wanted to check if there are any filers from the DMV area with Baltimore as their local office, so that we can help each ther with processing times, medical visits, walk in biometrics, interviews etc.. After looking at the processing times I decided to also send an application for AP, I sent it last week, so I am now waiting for this NOA1 and hoping for any update for my EAD soon. God bless all and good luck!
  2. Hello! I just read a question about the 2 year GC and the 10 year GC and it never crossed my mind that when my husband gets approved for his GC, we might be married for over 2 years, married April 2018 (based on processing times) and according to the other thread, he will get a 10 year GC and no more ROC. I always thought we will go through ROC no matter what. I also filed 130 for my 2 step daughters(11 and 16 years old) (all filed in may 2018, 485, 130, 131 and 765 for hubby, 130 for kids). According to VJ and everybody that has a pending/approved 130, My 130 may be approved(hopefully) within next year, 2019. If I have the steps clear, the kids will be here by late next year and upon entering, will have their 2 year GC, the older daughter will turn 17 on September 2018. So, the questions are: 1.) IF my husband does get approved AFTER our 2 year anniversary, do we still do ROC for the kids? 2.) IF my husband gets approved BEFORE our 2 year anniversary, all of them does ROC but only 1 payment, right? 3.) the older daughter will not age out until she is 21, so if it makes sense, we can postpone their entry until after April 2020 to make sure they get 10year GC, just clarifying. 4.) after 130 is approved, about how long is the process from them going to medical and interview? ( I remember when my grandma petitioned my dad, our 130 was approved December, didn't get medical until june, interview was july and entry to US was November, I was young so I didn't know what they did back then) I know they need to enter US within 6 months of the medical, so what are things we can do to postpone, if needed, the process without any complications. of course, we want them here, but the hassle of ROC right now maybe worth waiting a tad bit longer. thanks
  3. I just received an online update to my case, my interview is ready to be scheduled, how long does that take? Are we looking at anytime soon or that's just another waiting game. I want to be excited but I really don't want to plan anything since I 485 is still at 1-2 years waiting.. And I haven't heard anything about my AP and EAD, aren't those supposed to be processed first? PD is may 11 2018, bio at june 15, rfe for birth cert at july 11, uscis got it back july 31. Today, aug 6, i got that update ready to be scheduled.. Can I be excited already????
  4. hello! so, update on my case, I have submitted my AOS package from an H2A visa for my husband last May 2018. PD is 5-11-2018. His biometrics was June 15, 2018. Yesterday, I just got a notification that an RFE is sent out. I know for sure I had everything they had asked for EXCEPT the medical that he needs to do. SO, since we were just 2 months into this, could it already be the medical? Any guesses what it could be? Waiting for the notice, waiting for anything, is sooooo nerve wracking. other than that, we haven't heard anything for his AP/EAD. hopefully we get those soon..
  5. I have applied to adjust my status based on my marriage to my US Citizen spouse. Currently reside in Northern California. Here's my timeline: Entire packet (I-130, I-485, I-864, I-765 ------ I am waiting to submit I-693, because I do not want to risk having to repeat the medical exam) received by the USCIS: April 27, 2018. E-Notifications: Sun, May 6, 2018 at 8:53 PM(interesting notification time lol!) Paper receipts: May 11, 2018 Biometrics Appt Notice: May 12, 2018 Biometrics Appt: May 25, 2018 I did most of the work by myself so feel free to ask me questions
  6. My husband is an LPR and he filed i-130 for me. FILING DATE: January 18, 2018 PRIORITY DATE: January 19, 2018 I-797c RECEIPT (NOA1): January 23, 2018 I am quite worried since we haven’t gotten the approval notice (NOA2) yet and the priority date for July 2018 for my country is already 01-Dec-2017. My question is, if my priority date is current but the i-130 is not yet approved. Can concurrent Filing be an option for us? Please advise. Thank you! https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/concurrent-filing-form-i-485
  7. Hi Everyone, So a big day this week, My wife and I finally submitted for my AOS from F-1. Short Background - Came to USA to study abroad in 2013, met my now wife. I transferred from J1 > F1 (No 2 year requirement). Have been on F1 and F1 OPT for both my Undergraduate and Masters, my current OPT expires in August, 2018. I also recently renewed my passport, so that is a little confusing too, but we got through it and luckily by I-94 record stayed the same. With the help of everyone on here, I was able to complete the application without a lawyer, but did consult for specific questions, and with the help of VJ and Reddit, we felt comfortable that we covered all corners. I put together a Cheat-Sheet that would help me gather all the information, and among the craziness, it really did help me. The cheat sheet is below After following a follow user on here - @ColoradoBeauty with their Application here. I decided to do something very similar, and hopefully it will help in the long run. I put together folders. - I-485 (with i-693 medical inside) - I-130/130A - I-864 - I-765 & I-131 - Evidence of Bona Fide Marriage In each folder, I put on one side, the forms needed and the supporting documentation beside it. For the Bona fide, I actually put a checklist with Numbers and added them as "Tabs" so the officer could quickly see the specific evidence on the cover sheet and locate it quickly visa the tabs. Inside I-485 Inside I-130 Inside I-765 & I-131 Bona Fide Evidence Cover Sheet (Note the tabs hanging out the side) Fingers crossed and hopefully this can help those, who are in a similar position. Thanks,
  8. Hi, I've been in US for 5 years on H1b visa, In 2017 November, I married my many years old girlfriend, who is a US citizen. I'm applying for greencard now. I found out, we need to complete I-130, I-130A & I-485. I've downloaded these form and filled them, But there are not much clear instruction about how to file them. Is there any other form that need to be completed along with these 3 form for concurrent filing ? I read that I need to take printouts of all form and mail them to a filing location ? Is there a specific format, that physical mail should be sent ? like what document need to be attached with these 3. (for example, passport, visa,i94, marriage certificate) 9 to who this mail should be directed to? etc
  9. Getting papers organize for concurrent filing. Whats best to use acco fastener or clips? What kind of tabs use to identify forms? Sorry for short info. On a double here to finished everything. Appreciate your help. Lisa
  10. Hi everyone! Filing I864 and I864A for both my parents. I864 by me and I864A by my husband as I am still in school and not in earning. Q1: Should I mention my dad on my mom's(principal immigrant) I864 form and vice versa? I think I should but then it says do not include any relative listed on a separate visa petition. Q2: While filing for one of the parents should I the other one as dependent when they are calculating the household size in I864? Q3: Similarly in I864A in Part 5, we need to mention the number and names of intending immigrants. Should I mention 2 and mention both my parents or just 1 for each in separate forms and put in their respective files? Appreciate any help!
  11. We are finally, finally getting married after 2 years of him trying to be divorced. My husband, (so happy to call him that) overstayed his h1b visa for 9 years, he works at dennys illegally and we cant afford for him to not work when we file the papers, is that going to be a problem? I am usc. We will file his 130 and 485 together with the AP and EAD. With my 864, sponsor agreement. We will also file for my step daughters, 130 and did dcf. So, my husband is worried and he really wants us to consult a lawyer with our case, i told him our case is straightforward and it should be fine without a lawyer. He said because of his overstay and illegal work and not being able to really stop illegally working, it's bad for our case. Any advise?
  12. There Visa Journeyers! Im new here and I have read lots of your post while researching. Because of your kind replies and help I decided to sign up to be a member. As I print out forms and started reading jnstructions, theres some questions I would like to ask. Short info. Im married to a US citizen for 18years and we have charity works/NGOs overseas. We have 2teens and 1 kid. Only now were back in states. For now: As principal immigrant, do I need to prepare my own I 864? From tips in filing I 864: The principal immigrant must submit one original Form I-864 for his or her file along with supporting financial evidence of the sponsor’s income.