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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, First post here 🙂 Getting ready to file our AOS thru marriage paperwork (hopefully by 4/1). My husband's status is "Pending Asylum Interview." He already has EAD, we are not applying for AP. Anyone have a similar background? If so, did you file having to submit I-944?
  2. On February 22nd we sent out our package (concurrent Filing) to the Chicago Lockbox and it was received on February 24th. So far we haven't heard back, is anyone in the same boat or did it also take longer to hear back from them? Due to this virus we are aware that it might take longer but since nothing has been cashed, we are a bit worried. We tried reaching out last week and they couldn't see anything in the system yet. Edit: We are doing I-130, I-131, Adjustment of status and Employment Authorization.
  3. Hello - Newbie to the site and just trying to get my head around all the forms and processes. I'm a US citizen married to a UK citizen. I have permanent residency through a company sponsored visa although we intend to move back to the US next year. I will head back for work prior to my wife's visa being approved so she will move as soon as that is fully completed. I do have a few questions and would appreciate any insight VJers can provide: If we were to apply via DCF in London, can we do the concurrent filing with the I-485 and I-864 being submitted with the I-130? I've seen conflicting information on this and so am a bit unclear if this is possible. If the above is a no and we were to still apply via DCF in London for the I-130, can I be back in the US for the remaining part of the process (i.e. the I-485?) I am looking to apply by end of this month prior to terminating my permanent residence status here in the UK. I've read it can be faster to apply via a DCF so would like to take advantage of that if possible. If that is not the case, then I presume I could do a concurrent filing upon returning to the US in January 2020? Many thanks for any and all responses!
  4. My wife and I got married last year June 2018. Her i94 ended on July 2018. I'm going to file for her this month April 2019. She has overstayed for more than 180 days. My plan was to initially file i130 only then if it's approved followed by i485. But I've read somewhere that since she overstayed I need to file i130 and i485 concurrently. If I didn't it would look suspicious. is this correct? Would it really be better if they were filed together? thanks so much 😀
  5. Hi everybody, Does anyone have an example cover letter for a concurrent filing of the I-485 and I-130 or did people choose to write two cover letters for each form even though the application was filed together. Thanks
  6. Hello Guys, We live in Maryland and did concurrent filing of petition, AOS, and EAD, adjustment from B2, see my signature for my timeline. Just wanted to check if there are any filers from the DMV area with Baltimore as their local office, so that we can help each ther with processing times, medical visits, walk in biometrics, interviews etc.. After looking at the processing times I decided to also send an application for AP, I sent it last week, so I am now waiting for this NOA1 and hoping for any update for my EAD soon. God bless all and good luck!
  7. Hi, I've been in US for 5 years on H1b visa, In 2017 November, I married my many years old girlfriend, who is a US citizen. I'm applying for greencard now. I found out, we need to complete I-130, I-130A & I-485. I've downloaded these form and filled them, But there are not much clear instruction about how to file them. Is there any other form that need to be completed along with these 3 form for concurrent filing ? I read that I need to take printouts of all form and mail them to a filing location ? Is there a specific format, that physical mail should be sent ? like what document need to be attached with these 3. (for example, passport, visa,i94, marriage certificate) 9 to who this mail should be directed to? etc
  8. I came here as J1 student last 2015 and didn't return to the Philippines after my contract. So right now, I'm out of status and last year I decided to get married to a US citizen, december 2018. Now, I want to file for a green card with concurrent filing, just not sure if I still have to submit G-325 or G-325a? I already filled out the forms I-130, I-130A, G-1145, I-485, I-765 and I-131. Am I missing something? or is there something I don't need to submit regarding the forms that I filled out? I have all the requirements that I need including my spouse's birth certificate, copy of passport, our marriage cert, my birth cert. (philippines), copy of my passport and expired J1 visa, I-94, SEVIS, joint tax, house lease, utility bills, bank statements (joint account), pictures, affidavit of support from 3rd parties, invoice from online orders, cert of employment, spouse's pay stubs Also, I'm really not sure how to assemble my packet? can anyone please help me? I watched a lot on youtube on how they prepare their own packets but most of them are K1 visa. not sure if it's going to be the same with my situation. Thanks for all your help!
  9. I'm an F-1 student, married to my US citizen wife about to submit my AOS documents. How did you guys fit your long apartment leases inside the package? Also, how did you guys assemble it? I-130, I-130A and supporting documents go in 1 envelope, and I485, I864, I693 and supporting documents go in 1 envelope and I765 and supporting documents go in another envelope and all of those go in 1 big package? Please let me know if that's correct Thank you!
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