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Found 13 results

  1. I need some help understanding if I qualify to be my husband's sole sponsor, or if I would need a co-sponsor. I was employed for many years earning well above the minimum income requirements for the Affidavit of Support. I left my job last year and moved to Brazil to live with my husband. I left in March, so for the effect of 2018's taxes I only made around 9k. I move back to the US this year and got a job three months ago. Considering my yearly income, I would meet the minimum income requirement. However, if I count the total amount that I will make this year alone (until Dec 31st), since I only started working recently, I won't get there. I've read some contrasting opinions so far about it. For some people it seems that all that matters to the people at NVC and the embassy is my yearly income, meaning that if I have a job that pays, say 30k per year, that is sufficient for a household of two. For some other people it seems that I would need to be able to earn in total this year more than the minimum income of $21,137 set by the Poverty Guidelines, which I won't. What do you think? Can I be my husband's sponsor, or do I need to find a co-sponsor, which won't be very easy for us? Thank you for your thoughts!
  2. Hey there, I have been searching the forum but can't find the exact answer to fit my situation. I currently do not meet the income requirements, so I will have my mom be my co-sponsor. The situation at hand is that her and my dad file taxes jointly and they run their own business together. The issue is that business has gone way down and my mom's income at this point is pretty much non-existent. She has all of her tax paperwork for the past four years which is nearly double the 100% mark of the poverty guideline. Do you think this will be sufficient as well as bank statements even though she doesn't have current income? I am definitely worried.
  3. Hi all! Just a quick one.... currently gathering all info I need as my k1 application has just been sent to the London embassy and is now ‘ready’ when I check the status. 1) Do I submit the affidavit of support WITH the online visa application or can I submit them separately? (This is because my partner is currently in the uk with me and doesn’t fly back to the US until next week. He needs to help his family member with the forms to co-sponsor so I can’t submit that info yet). which brings me to my next question.. 2) who can co-sponsor? I know from reading online the basic requirements but would it be possible for my partners father to co-sponsor even though I have never met him and he lives in another state from where we are moving? He works full time and would meet the income requirements. My partner has been studying in the uk for the past 2 years and therefore doesn’t meet the income requirements himself. 3) Is there a specific order to do things in now. Like submit visa application, pay fees, submit affidavit, book medical..? I have done so much reading online but I’m still confused by the process lol. I hope that all makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help!!
  4. Please help me. I got refusal because my fiance didn't meet the requirements. He have assets and receiving monthly social security but they refused us saying i need to give them a tax returns yet we dont have it coz he is disabled . Can we appeal and have dad Co-sponsor us? Please help me i am a k1 visa applicant from Philippines. I feel so down I don't know what to do 😢
  5. USING A FRIEND AS A CO-SPONSOR I am trying to plan in advance. I am the US partner. One of my best friends, who visited my fiance and I twice when we lived in Taiwan, has offered to co-sponsor for her. I have only recently returned to the US after 3+ years abroad and am working freelance/my income won't suffice. While it is entirely possible I will find a job with sufficient income before the interview, a) I might not and b) the income may still be insufficient (also if you have only just started working, what income would you even show??). My friend lives in Chicago, where I lived for 9 years before moving overseas. At the moment, I am in California, although I am looking for work in Chicago and on the East Coast. I've read one case on VJ in which someone was rejected due to the co-sponsor living out of state and am a little panicky now (this site calms some worries and stokes others). Does the fact that the co-sponsor lives in another state matter? Random information that may/not help: I have filed taxes while abroad, but I still won't qualify I can't look for work until after the summer, due to travel My friend does qualify One of the photos we used as evidence when filing has her in it and states that it was taken on her second trip to see us in Taiwan (idk if this will help) My mother (only US domiciled parent) does not qualify-- all other family is overseas NOA1- April 22, 2019 Fiance is from South Africa and will be doing the interview in Johannesburg.
  6. Sorry for the second post in a short time frame. My partner (Spanish citizen) and I (American citizen) are still working on filing the I-129F for him to come to the US as my fiancé, so this isn't relevant yet, but I know that if/when he is approved in a few months time and gets his interview at the US embassy in Madrid, we will have to file an I-134 Affadavit of Support showing that I make enough money to support us. Unfortunately, I am currently a student with only part-time employment so I don't make enough by myself to meet the poverty line requirement. However, my parents do, and they have agreed to be joint sponsors for us on the I-134F. I did some research and it looks like in almost all countries, this is allowed, but that there are a few embassies that don't allow joint sponsors. Does anybody know if the US embassy in Madrid will accept joint sponsors, and if so, what is the process for doing so? Will my parents need to fill out and sign an additional I-134 for us?
  7. My K1-visa interview is a few days away. Does having a co-sponsor lessen my chances of being approved at the embassy in Jamaica? Please advise. I'd love to hear about your experiences.
  8. Hilarious moment of panic last night after I dropped my fiance off at the airport to fly back to America, and having left me with copies of all the forms I will need for my interview next Friday we realised she had mistakenly filled in form I-864 instead of I-134.....! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 I know the I-134 form isn't mandatory for the interview, but I think it would be prudent to have it. My fiancé left me with all of her income/tax evidence along with the income/tax evidence of her parents (they are co-sponsoring me because she has been in and out of work this year so her latest return falls under the income amount guidelines...) so now we have a few questions: 1. How do we fill out the I –134 forms with parental co-sponsors in mind? If my fiancé's income falls under the guideline, should she even bother submitting one alone? Or should we just submit one form for each person (I.e. 3, one for her, one for her mom and one for her dad?) Or can we just count her parents as one person and submit 2 x forms? 2. Will it matter if she fills out the form and then emails it to me as she is now back in America? Will they care that her signature has been printed out? My interview is booked for next week so there's not really enough time to mail real documents over.... 3. Can I assume that I as the alien don't need to take any evidence of my own income/meagre savings along to the interview in the form of a bank statement or my own British tax returns? Given that I am supposed to be the one being sponsored, and will not be able to work for a while until my EAD? Or would they like to see that they at least have a little bit in the bank to get me through this period of unemployment, even if it's only a few thousand pounds? I'm kind of under the impression that, as long as we have these forms explaining what the tax returns/payslips/bank statements are saying, the consulate official will understand what we are trying to prove…?
  9. Good day everyone. I have an inquiry and I need your help and guidance. My fiancee is renting a room at his' family's home. What would be the household size for poverty guidelines? Is it for the household of 2 ( my fiancee and I) or household of 6? thank you!
  10. Hello I am a September filer and I'm assuming we will be getting our NOA2 in the next month - to month and a half. I'm currently in the UK with my fiancee therefore I can't earn any income as of right now (but by AOS I will definitely be earning my own income). I'm going to ask my mom to get the I-134 started so I know we will get it in good timing. What documents are needed for the London interview exactly? I've read that tax transcripts and letter of employment are good enough but is there anything else I could ask for just in case? Also will I only need a birth certificate for proof of citizenship? And I've read that London are very accepting of co-sponsors, is that correct? Thank you
  11. Guys, At the NVC when you upload to CEAC what documents can be uploaded as Proof of Domicile for a Co-Sponsor? Thanks T
  12. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any recent experiences using co-sponsors in the Naples Consulate. From post I've read here, the CO denied visas because of income requirements even though they had co-sponsors that qualified. I'm particularly worried because I'm a senior in college who will graduate this June but will have to wait 6 months before starting school again for my master's, that's another year before I have a (guaranteed) job. My parents (whom we will be living with) will co-sponsor and they make way over the required income for a 5 person household. However, I am deathly scared after reading these threads from people in similar positions but since they are so old I wonder if the experience/tendency has changed. Thank you for any information!
  13. Hello All, My wife interview was on June 19th. The time I was filing for her, 2 years ago, my income was very low. Afterwards, in 2017 I got a better job and had a far higher income. I submitted all my taxes in 2017. My wife took with her the new affidavit of support and all the documents for my taxes, employment letter etc. to prove that currently I have a better job to take care of my family and that I don't need a co-sponsor. Unfortunately, the interviewer did not look at the new income evidence i.e. job offer letter, taxes for 2017 and my W2s and asked my wife that as my income is low (he was looking at my previously documents which I had submitted 2 years before the interview) they asked her that she needs a co-sponsor. As, I did not have a co-sponsor, I sent them my updated Job offer letter, 2017 w2 which has sufficient income listed and taxes filed in 2017. What I did not submit is a co-sponsor which they asked for. Will they consider my new income evidence or will they stick to their co-sponsor requirement. If they stick to their new requirement and decline my produced documents, what next? How long will it take to hear back from them.
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