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Found 11 results

  1. hey guys, new here about to start my aos process. In the meantime though if anyone in the atlanta area can give some info on cheap civil surgeons to get the medical exam done i'd appreciate the help!! thank you in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if someone can recommend me a civil surgeon in Chicago. I have called a few and they’re really expensive. Thanks in advance!
  3. My now wife is here in US on K1. We got married and applying for AOS. Her medical was in her country on July 3 (less than 2 months ago). She has all the vaccinations necessary. I am not sure about I693 necessity and instructions: 1) Does she still need to fill out I693 if she passed medical before K1 issued less than 2 months ago? 2) If she does, do we still have to go to civil surgeon? It states that another examination is not required..
  4. Hi everyone, I didn't get vaccinations when had the medical exam at panel physicians. After reading lots of 'bad' experience in civil surgeon, it looks like lots of people suffer from a second medical exam for K1 visa. Has anyone had any idea about a civil surgeon in Richmond, Virginia that they give vaccinations without requiring a second medical exam? Thanks so much!
  5. Hi all, Could somebody offer me some information on a issue I am having. I completed my Medical Exam in Feb 2018. At the time of the exam I was missing 2 vaccinations. The nurse who was conducting my exam told me I could quite easily get the vaccinations after I enter the US. I wish I had got them done at the time of the medical because it seems incredibly confusing as to the steps I should take now. I have recently received my interview date for green card (june 17th). So now I must get the outstanding vaccinations. Getting the vaccinations isn't a problem but I am confused on the steps I should take after getting my vaccinations. I have read that I will need to visit a civil surgeon to get them to transcribe onto I-693. After looking at form I-693 it seems it asks the doctor to provide all the findings of my medical exam. Obviously I don't want another exam but don't have the details of my previous exam in London. All i have is my vaccination record completed by the doctor at my medical which is missing the 2 outstanding vaccinations. I know not all doctors will transcribe vaccinations and will want to do an entire new medical. I'm sure I can find a doctor that will transcribe but i am clueless on what I will need to provide them or If i have the required information for them. Can anyone advise me on what best I should do? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey everyone, I’m dealing with the I-693 and had some doubts and was hoping for some clarifications. (I understand some of these questions would be better answered by a civil surgeon, but I am really just trying to get ahead and see what the options are now, so all the help is really appreciated) - The USCIS site points out to the CDC for the required immunization. On the CDC site we can find a pdf with age vaccination requirements (https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/pdf/Vaccine-Requirements-According-to-Applicant-Age.pdf). My country’s vaccination bulletin does not have all the CDC required vaccines. Now this is where it gets confusing for me. Certain vaccinations requirements, like Polio and Pneumococcal have an age group. Does this mean I should have taken them when I was kid (which I think I didn’t, at least it’s not pointed in the bulletin) and because I didn't I need to take them now? Or, do I only need to take the vaccines for my indicated age group regardless what I have taken or not? Sorry if this is obvious but my brain decided it was ambiguous and is having a melt down trying to figure this out. - Also, does anyone have any tips on any civil surgeons for South of Florida physical exams + vaccination? I’ve gone through some of the USCIS Dr’s and the package prices have been around $500 for exams + $1500 for vaccines (and that’s not even counting all of them). Am I being ripped off? - Further, has anyone have had any success using their insurance card (my wife has me on Florida Blue Shield) for any part of the exam / vaccination process? Any success of getting required immunizations through local department of health services? Since I am not a citizen is this even an option for me? - Finally, if I understand correctly I can file my AoS package without the I-693. Anyone has insight if doing that and waiting for the request for evidence is the smart way to go? What is the time frame to provide the I-693 once I get said request. Also, could the EAD process be halted due to not providing the I-693? A lot of questions but we appreciate all the help!
  7. I am just now looking over my husband's DS 3025 and I see that at the bottom, they marked the box "K Visa applicant electing not to be vaccinated at this examination" when they should have marked "K Visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements"... He got ALL of his vaccinations at that appointment!!! He needs to get the flu shot so I was thinking.. He can bring the record card of his vaccinations to a civil surgeon here and they can verify that he did indeed receive the required vaccinations and fill the form out correctly. He can also get his flu shot at that time.. Any ideas about this one?
  8. Hello, I have a question regarding vaccinations in the USA, I require 2 vaccinations before I can file for AOS. I spoke with a lady at the civil surgeon's office who informed me I had to have my vaccinations done at the local health clinic and then schedule a physical for $400 with the civil surgeon. I was under the impression that it was the civil surgeon who had to administer my vaccinations and I didn't think I would have to take another physical, what's my next step? Any help is appreciated.
  9. Hi all, I've searched and combed through previous/existing threads where people share information/experiences on civil surgeons in specific areas; however, I've not yet come across any in my area (Charlotte NC area, specifically Rock Hill SC). The closest recommendation we've gotten is a doctor in Winston Salem, which is about 2 hours away, so we have that as a last resort. But I'd prefer not having to drive 4 hours round trip just for someone to sign off on some vaccinations, if we can help it. Some background: My husband completed his immigration physical in Sweden prior to coming in on his K1 visa (physical was in February, POE was May). His vaccination record was filled out, but not marked as Completed by the doctor in Sweden as a result of this doctor recommending he wait and get the one remaining vaccine (TDAP) in the states. My husband got the TDAP vaccine last week with our doctor here in SC. So now we just need a designated civil surgeon to complete his vaccination record to show he's fulfilled his vaccination requirements. I used the Civil Surgeon Locator on the USCIS website, which yielded a plethora of local offices (mostly in Charlotte, one conveniently in Rock Hill). The conundrum - every. single. office. I've called on that list does not pose as a viable option. Half of them didn't seem to understand any of the immigration terms I used, much less made it pretty clear they can't complete any immigration form. Only one office sounded like they had a clue; however, they said my husband had to be seen/complete a full exam with them, including tests he already had done, before they can fill out any form. I'd rather not. I've heard most say some offices will try to charge 100s of dollars, or require unnecessary physicals or exams, but it seems that's ALL we're running into. My question now - anyone in or near the Charlotte NC area who has had to have a vaccination record completed - recommendations would be most helpful!
  10. Hello, Getting around to filling out my wife's AOS paperwork and she needs a MMR shot still looking for anyone that has used a civil surgeon around Fort Wayne Indiana. I called the local health dept but they want to do the whole physical for 500 dollars which she doesn't need. Thanks!
  11. We got a request for a I-693 to be completed by my wife, she came over on a f-1 visa and had her overseas medical given in belgium before she came over and got married. I believe she had to give her medical records at her point of entry and they were in a sealed envelop from the overseas doctor. Now we have been asked to complete an I-693. I don't think this needs to be completed since it says on the directions that it doesn't have to be if it the overseas medical was completed within one year of filing for adjustment of status (overseas medical was in June 2017, Adjustment of Status was filed in October 2017). The civil surgeon here said, he wasn't sure if I needed it but he had many people with the same issue and he didn't have any problem giving the exam (of course because he likes that cash!), I asked him if it was required to do the 693 and he said he didn't know but its better to do it. He charged $925 for everything which I thought was crazy. We were in a bit of a time crunch so we paid. He also said that insurance could not cover any portion, not sure how accurate that was either. When we were in our crunch we read that we could ask our congressman to reach out and he did. I will keep you updated on if he came through, but within 2 days he sent an email to someone at the local USCIS Office.
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