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  1. Hello All, Thanks to all who are here in answering the questions. Back in 2015 when I was in college in Louisiana, a cop pulled me over because ONE of my car's headlight is out, he asked me if I lived in the same address as on my Drivers License, I said no (I was very new to US and didn't know that I'm supposed to change the address on DL). He gave me 2 tickets One for not changing the address and other for one of my headlight, a total of $300 approx for both tickets (Long time ago I don't remember exactly but it is less than $300). I went to the court and the person in the court understood that the cop should have let me go with a warning but gave me 2 tickets, so, he CANCELED the Headlights ticket saying that it counts as MOVING violation and asked me to just pay for the ticket for not changing the address in DL(NON-MOVING VIOLATION). Now my question is : 1. I already filed my N-400 online and in the citation section I answered NO for any citations, as one of my ticket is canceled and other is non moving violation. Do I have to mention about this to IO? 2. This was back in 2015, I have no paperwork/info regarding the tickets and I don't live in the state where I got this tickets. How can I get any info that this ticket is paid off? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, Hoping for guidance. I submitted my n400 application in March 2021. I was invited to show up for my interview scheduled for Feb 2022. When I showed up, the officer mentioned my a-file was not at field office so a reschedule letter will be sent to me once a-file shows up. I have called USCIS customer service line and they show a-file has been at office since Aug 2022. My case is now outside processing time and I have filed online request but it's not been successful. I contacted my senator Aug 2022 and they told my senator that my interview is in queue to be scheduled. It has been over two years since I submitted my n400 application, over one year since I was told my interview could not proceed because a-file was not at the office at the time, over 9 months since they told my senator the interview was in queue. What do I do next to get my n400 interview scheduled? I have filed multiple online request since my case is now outside processing time but nothing has been helpful. I feel stuck
  3. Hello everyone. Im posting this to share my experience and as reference for others First i was scheduled today 6/7/21 at 9:15am (in San Bernardino, California) 9:05am- went inside the uscis building (they wouldnt allow you in earlier than 15mins from your appointment time); 9:10am- reception check in (i wish i brought my phone with me inside i thought it wasnt allowed but everyone has their phone with them) 9:40am- i was finally called for my interview Officer, asked for my passport (if i had one he said), driver’s license and green card Started with reading test , “today is columbus day” Followed by writing test, “ Columbus day is in October” Then the civic test; 2 rights in the declaration of independence Number of voting members of house of representatives 2 parts of congress what does the judicial branch do who is the chief justice 1 war fought in the 1900s trick question; he asked if i voted before i said no then asked again if i already registered to vote and again i said no Review of what is in your n400form asked for my first name, last name, middle name, then my ssn asked where i live, who i live with; (i had to give my other child’s birth certificate since she wasn’t included in the application initially) Asked if i was working, he then asked a follow up question of what i have been doing for the past 5 years since i just started working recently asked what and where my spouse is working Asked if this is my only marriage, and then if this is my spouse’s only marriage No other additional documents needed Final questions, where the standard if you were in a terrorist org, committed genocide, if convicted, if evaded tax etc he said he will approved my application and to proceed downstairs for my certificate 10:00am - proceeded to the oath ceremony room on the ground floor to fill up form that said nothing change from the time of interview to the oath taking ceremony (questions on the form where the same as the final questions above); they will give your oath taking packet (basically some pamphlets about citizenship and passport, small flag and copy of oath of allegiance) 10:15am - Oath taking; Got my Certificate of Naturalization 😁 documents i brought with me for the interview are; Original documents: Marriage Certificate CRBA and Birth Certificate of my children Spouse’s Certificate of Naturalization and passport My passport; green card ( both my 10 yr green card and my 2 yr expired green card from when i was in a cr1 visa) Copies of documents: copy of green card copy of the original documents above tax transcripts (4 years including 2020) car insurance mortgage; previous rental lease life insurance utility bills Joint credit card statements copy of passport pages with entry and exit stamps (if you went outside the us), visa page note: they didn’t ask me anything but i brought everything just in case. That office used to not conduct same day oath taking but probably due to covid they do now, Which is more convenient for everyone. Good luck everyone!! Thank you to everyone here for guiding me through my immigration process by posting their experiences. And now to pay it forward, i hope i might help someone who wanted an updated interview experience.
  4. Hi can anyone advice me. I was married 3 1/2 years ago on k1 visa. Got my green card almost 3 years ago . I applied a year ago for i-765 to remove restrictions on it. Received response from Uscis giving me 24 months extension. My question is can or should I apply for citizenship on i-400 now. Thanks
  5. Hello, I have the citizenship interview that's coming up soon and I'm not sure what documents I need to bring with me in person. I already submitted the following documents along with my online application: 1. Photo of green card 2. marriage certificate 3. Child's birth certificate 4. Spouse's citizenship certificate. The interview letter asks that I bring the following: 1. The interview letter 2. Green card 3. Evidence of Selective Service 4. Passport and/or any other documents used in connection with any entries into US 5. Marriage certificate 6. Spouse's certificate of citizenship Do I need to bring any other documents that's not being requested? For example, do I need to bring tax transcripts? I wasn't sure if I would get penalized if I don't bring documents that they are not requiring. If I do bring the tax transcripts, do I need to bring the actual tax returns as well or tax transcripts should be sufficient? Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, we can apply for my N-400 in late September/Early October, our I-751 has been pending since October. We will file at our local office in SLC, UT. Has anyone seen the timelines shifting for N-400 at all? I am BEYOND homesick and really need to go home to Australia for a year or so once we get my dual citizenship. I am seeing 13-18 months from filing on the current tracker. Obviously this is SUCH a first world problem, but it would be so great to see everyone's experiences of late with their citizenship timelines, so I can have a 'home time' date to look forward to. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!
  7. Before the pandemic started I filed n400 through a lawyer and paid all filing fees/did biometrics. Interview is yet to be scheduled/pending. I have to move out of my apartment and relocate to LA, but my application was filed in SF by the lawyer located in SF. if I file AR-11 to LA address, appointment will get scheduled in the LA district, and my lawyer won't be able to accompany me. He also doesn't do refunds. How do I go about this situation? 1) Would it be wise to file AR-11 to a cousin's address in the Bay and fly back to the Bay from LA once the interview gets scheduled? (I'm noticing there is a section residential/mailing address on AR-11, maybe for that purpose?) 2) or just file AR-11 to the actual LA address and hire another attorney in the LA area just to accompany me to the interview (and spend more on that other one...), since the initial filing was done and signed by another attorney as legal representative? Would this cause any problems? Advice appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone, I hope I am posting this in the right category. I came to New York in October 2015 as an LPR. In September 2016, I went through the NY State of Health Marketplace (and they forwarded my case to the Local Social Services Department) for health insurance coverage and was found to be eligible for the Essential Plan. I never used my benefits to seek services. In January 2017, I was added to my father's health insurance plan and used that for all health benefits until I turned 26 this year. Now, I went through the marketplace again and was found eligible for Medicaid which I have starting this month December 2020. I have read that green card holders have to be in the US for 5 years before qualifying for Medicaid. I became qualified for benefits in September 2016 which is less than a year since I have been admitted as an LPR. Is that going to be a problem? Does New York State have different laws regarding Medicaid? How do I know if what I have is state funded or federally funded medicaid? Please attach some resources that I can review. I applied for naturalization earlier this year in July and have read about the public charge ruling. Is that going to affect me since I received Medicaid in 2016 (but never used it) and am receiving Medicaid currently (have not used it yet)? I would really just like to make sure that I won't encounter any problems. Thanks!
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