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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am the beneficiary and my case has been DQ'D at NVC and I am waiting for interview at Mumbai Embassy. My daughter who is a step child of my husband, her case has been approved at USCIS, but we decided to put it on hold before applying at NVC as they're documents we are awaiting for her to be DQ'D. My question is will it be okay at the interview if I say that my daughter will be joining later on and that she lives with my parents here in India, while I will be travelling back and forth for her. I read somewhere that if the dependent's case is pending at uscis or nvc, the embassy refuses the visa stating that it'll approve once the child's case is approved. Does the embassy takes interviews together of parents and kids in CR1 category or is it separate? Thank you in advance.
  2. Please does anyone have an idea of the duration for children of a permanent resident I130 will be approved. Her kids are four children in total and 2 are below 21 years of age and unmarried and 2 children just over 21 unmarried. And with their approval all come together if they were all filed the same time.
  3. Hello everyone, im applying for the K1, I have to enter my child’s name and details, however I don’t know how exactly the details of child are written in English in the passport because I don’t have a copy of his passport, the mother of the child doesn’t cooperate. I’m not going to take the child with me, I never lived with the child, and never paid any support because the mother doesn’t want anything and she doesn’t want me to contact them. I only have a copy of the birth certificate, and I don’t possess the original. Since I’m not going to take the child with me, and I’m not able to reach to the mother regarding any documents, will that affect me in anyway of getting the K-1? And what documents they can ask for?
  4. My fiancée, her daughters, and I are in a state of uncertainty. We filed a K1 Application with USCIS and it was sent to the US Consulate In Frankfurt Germany. The application was approved, but we have some concerns about the oldest daughter. She has a noncommunicable mental/emotional/physical illness (not a danger to others) from abuse and possible genetic defect that has left her totally dependent on my fiancée for her care and well being. The problem is, while waiting for the K1 Application to be approved her oldest daughter turned 21. I contacted USCIS to inform them of my fiancée's daughter's condition and our situation and made requests to expedite our case due to Humanitarian Concerns since a human life was involved, but we were denied each time. I spoke to USCIS about what our options were, but didn't receive any answers if she would be allowed to enter the U.S. with her family under the K1/K2 Visa. I've looked all over and can't seem to find anything that helps our circumstances. I came across the "Child Protection Act" but our situation doesn't seem to be covered be that either. We have doctors letters stating the importance of her remaining in my fiancée care and immigrating with the rest of her younger siblings to the United States - as well medical records validating her condition. Has anyone been in a similar situation or know if the oldest daughter will be allowed to travel so we can be together as a family?
  5. Hi All, The situation for one of my relatives is like this. The US citizen has sponsored for her sister and as part of that application, the children are also present. My understanding is that when the application was filed, the children were below 18 years of age. Now, they are 25 and above. When the turn arrives for the primary applicant (i.e. sister of the US citizen), are the children still eligible to immigrate as PR's or is there a cut-off? I am not clear based on what I've read on the USCIS website. According to the website, it appears that a US citizen can sponsor a child who is above 21 years provided they are not married, or something along those lines. Could someone who has experience with this help me understand the nuances and what is currently applicable? Also, can a US citizen still file for their immediate relatives i.e. Parents and Siblings? I heard this option was terminated but I am not sure. Please advise.
  6. Hello, I'm US Citizen and my wife is on conditional greencard, expires 12/30/21, we're about to file the paperwork for I-751 to remove conditions question in 2020, our son was born, and in the I-751 form, there is a section, in page3, part 5, information about child. do we include our son information and check, "is this child applying with you" as NO? we're confused. thank you
  7. Background: my daughter was born in Colombia but was given citizenship by me through a CRBA. My wife is traveling to the US for the first time as well on an IR1 visa. My wife is supposed to travel with my daughter to the states on Tuesday. Today we found out that supposedly for my daughter to leave Colombia with my wife she has to have a notarized and apostilled "permission slip" from me saying that it's ok. The only issue is that this permission slip is supposed to be apostilled and approved by the Colombian Consulate which for me is in Atlanta. My question is: Is there any way that I can get this done by Tuesday so that my wife can travel here without going to the consulate? If anyone has already gone through this process and could lend some advice that'd be great!!
  8. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? My fiance was approved on her first interview. During a second interview with the two children a different interviewer told her that I lied on my paper work and that I was a violent man ( I got in a street fight at 21 years of age and went to jail at 23 years of age for driving with a suspended license , I am 45 years old now and I wrote all that down. I did not hide anything ). He said he needs me to write down why I got in a fight, why was I driving with a suspended license and he wants word for word transcripts of my court hearing ( over 20 years ago). Is this common? Why would my fiance be approved only to have some guy reject the kids? Id there anything I can do other than o what he ask ( Which I am doing anyway) Thank you Jesse
  9. Guys I need help I had RFE ask for 1- SUBMIT BIRTH CERTIFICATE AFFIDAVITS for my child 2- SUBMIT MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE AFFIDAVITS for my wife they already have the birth certificate and marriage certificate but they need sworn Affidavits I need help how to write those affidavits country is Somalia 🇸🇴
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